PR-SF1221-1 - 2021 Safety First, December

Wearable Sensing Devices and the Internet of Things for Worker Safety and Health Management in the Steel Manufacturing Industry

I. Awolusi, B. Campbell, J. Mondragon, A. Akinsemoyin

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The steel manufacturing industry is one of the most hazardous industrial sectors characterized by a wide range of risks and extreme working conditions that could cause injury, illness or fatalities to employees. These extreme workplace conditions can result in poor productivity and safety performance. Through the effective identification of environmental conditions that can lead to worker injury, illness or fatality, safety and production managers can anticipate and mitigate working conditions that could reduce safety performance and productivity. More improvements in safety and health management in steel manufacturing can be achieved by deploying emerging technologies such as wearable sensing devices (WSD) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to detect potential hazards, sense dangerous working conditions, and provide warning alerts to workers to predict and prevent illnesses, injuries or fatalities.

Keywords: safety