PR-SF1121-1 - 2021 Safety First, November

Beyond Safety: Integration of Health Promotion Into Occupational Safety and Health

C. Johnson, S. Shinn

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Protecting employees from workplace hazards is critical to the health of the workforce and fundamental for operational effectiveness. There is growing recognition in the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profession that risk factors in the workplace can contribute to physical and mental health problems that can affect worker well-being and that may have historically been considered unrelated to work. Additionally, behaviors and well-being outside of work can also impact worker performance on the job and affect operational outcomes. Therefore, shifting to an approach that integrates OSH with health promotion, and addresses both workplace and non-workplace risk factors that may compromise worker well-being, is essential for a sustainable workforce as work organization and the nature of work continue to change globally in modern industry.

Keywords: safety, health