PR-SF0722-1 - 2022 Safety First, July

Radar-Based Collision Avoidance Between Multiple Levels of Cranes in a Meltshop

F. La Bruna

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Overhead cranes are a critical part of the operation of a meltshop. They are necessary for moving ladles of molten steel from the furnace to the caster, and they are also needed for maintenance, such as changing out refractory, moving furnaces shells, and more. Due to their mass, however, overhead cranes have the potential to impact one another or against their end stops, which can cause significant structural damage to the crane, its rails or the building itself, a potentially massively expensive situation in both repair and productivity costs. Therefore, a reliable collision avoidance system is needed to help keep this situation from happening by slowing and stopping the cranes before they hit.

Keywords: safety