PR-SF0721-1 - 2021 Safety First, July

Side Pulling a Crane Hoist: Safety Implications and Remedies

S. Lubeck

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Crane hoists of various types are commonly found in industrial material handling applications. In the steel industry, hoists are a common tool of the trade. Side pulling, also known as side loading, can create an unsafe condition for an operator and is present when a standard hoist is used in a manner other than a vertical lift. Improper use of a hoist due to side pulling poses a significant hazard to operators in more than one way. Injuries from side load events have been known to result in serious injury and even death. A large number of crane-mounted hoists are not equipped with side pull protection. However, methods exist to mitigate this hazard. Hoists are relied upon to lift coil, plate, bar, beams, ingots, scrap metal and equipment, and each application can present a different safety challenge.

Keywords: safety