PR-SF0622-1 - 2022 Safety First, June

Fall Protection Standards -- A Global Snapshot

R. Mann

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The hazards of occupational workers performing tasks at height is a globally recognized concern. In every region around the globe, workers are often required to perform tasks while at height, exposing them to the inherent risks and dangers of falling while performing their assigned work tasks. While many regions around the world have some level of regulations in place to address these hazards, data collected on injuries and fatalities indicate that there is room for improvement. This fact is certainly not lost on the steel industry as the World Steel Association has identified working at height as one of the top 5 causes of safety incidents and has suggested preventive measures to address this. According to the World Health Organization, falls are one of the leading causes of death in the world - second only to traffic accidents - and accounting for more than 684,000 fatalities each year. Many of these fatalities are as a result of falls from a height.

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