PR-RU2019-4 - 2019 AIST Industry Roundups

2019 AIST Cokemaking Byproducts Roundup

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Roundup includes Company and location, Date of construction/update, COG temp. in main collector (F), Total liquor flowrate (gpm), Primary Colors (Contact, Inlet temp. (F), Outlet temp (F), Tar injection (% or gpm), Heat exchanger type), Tar Decanters (Type, Tar production goal (gal/ton coal), Tar production avg. (gal/ton coal), Tar quinoline insolubles goal (%), Tar quinoline insolubles avg. (%), Tar moisture goal (%), Tar moisture avg. (%), Tar/ash goal, Tar/ash avg., Secondary tar removal (storage tanks for decanting)), Company and location, Exhauster Type (type, brand, no. stages, tar precipitators before/after exhauster, drive type, point control location, gas outlet temp. (F), gas outlet pressure (in water column)), Tar Precipitator (brand, type of controls, efficiency measured), NH3 absorbers (type, absorber structure, byproduct chemical, pressure drop in absorber (in water column), Company and location, Ammonia Stills (type, caustic addition, outlet NH3 concentration goal (mg/L or other), outlet NH3 concentration avg. (mg/L or other), outlet HCN concentration goal (mg/L or other), outlet HCN concentration avg.. (mg/L or other)), Secondary cooler/final cooler (Type, Contacting media, Pressure drop in absorber (in water column), Tar injection to final coolers rate (gal/ton coal or % tar)), Light oil recovery (Type Wash oil type Type of heat exchangers, rich Type of heat exchangers, lean, Other typeof light oil/ wash oil heat exchanger, Purifier, Light oil production goal (gal/ton coal) Light oil production avg. (gal/ton coal) Wash oil recirculation rate (gal/min) Naphthalene removal or 2nd stripper % benzene toluene xylene (BTX) in final product goal % (BTX) in final product avg.), Coke oven gas desulfurization (Absorption type (front end) Desorption type (back end) Sulfur product produced Removal efficiency goal (%) Removal efficiency avg. (%) Outlet grains H2S goal (grains/100 scf COG) Outlet grains H2S avg. (grains/100 scf COG), Booster (Type Location in gas train Control method Outlet pressure PSIG), Cooling tower/wet surface air (COG consumer Design Cooling water medium, Water treatment/bioplant (Type Designer Outflows (design) (gpm) Sludge dewatering method Pre-treatment/polishing steps Clarifiers Treatment waste water for metals), COG distribution system (Gas holder Gas holder location in byproduct gas train Bleeder location in byproduct gas train Bleeder and pressure relief design system COG condensate recovery Natural gas mixing station), COG quality to customers (Target byproduct gas flowrate (SCF/hr) Energy value of clean COG (BTU/scf) Equipment used to measure energy value Concentration of ammonia in clean gas (grains/100 scf) Concentration of HCN in clean gas (grains/100 scf) Concentration of naphthalene in clean gas (grains/100 scf) Concentration of H2S in clean gas (grains/100 scf) Concentration of tar in clean gas (tar fog)), Byproducts plant control systems (Gas blanketing in BP If yes, gas blanketing medium Data systems)

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