PR-RU2019-2 - 2019 AIST Industry Roundups

2019 AIST Electric Arc Furnace Roundup

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Roundup includes company and location, no. furnaces, start-up year, original furnace manufacturer, furnace type, tap-to-tap time (min.), avg. heat size (metric tons). Equipped with: sidewall; refractory, panel spray; Roof: refractory, panel, spray: Oxy-fuel burners. Shell diameter (m), Transformer max. operating capacity (MVA), electrode nominal diameter (mm), Charge Materials (% of charge): Scrap; alternative iron. Power (kWh/metric ton), Consumptions: Oxygen (Nm3/metric ton: Natrual Gas (Nm3/metric ton). Type of fume collection system, types of steel produced, total nominal capacity of each EAF ('000 metric tons/year), hot heel (% of the heat size)

Keywords: EAF, electric, arc, furnace, electric steelmaking, electric arc furnace