PR-DT1222-1 - 2022 Digital Transformations, December

Autonomous Trimming and Sampling of Wire Rod Coil Head and Tail

J.P. Nylander, A. Ambra

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This paper presents a novel, patentpending, autonomous trimming and sampling station, which has been introduced on the market as the TRIMBOT. Conventional trimming and sampling stations are typically located within the confines of the coilhandling system. It is predominantly a manual activity where at least one operator identifies, separates, cuts and removes anything ranging from a short piece of a ring to several rings from the exposed end of a wire rod coil. This manual activity offers a very poor work environment and is a frequent source of different types of injury for operators. There is also a negative impact to both yield and product quality as individual operators may interpret and implement trimming instruction differently than their coworkers. The manual activity described here is also expensive to operate, without adding any particular value to the finished product. When summarizing the total cost of the labor, and the cost associated with a reduction in yield, together with increased scrap and the negative impact on quality, the total cost is significant.

Keywords: industry 4.0, digital transformation