PR-DT0821-1 - 2021 Digital Transformations, August

Achieving Successful Laser Velocimeter Measurements for Unguided Products Using New Innovative Technology for Tension Control of Wire Rod in Hot Rolling

J. Depore, D.R. Parra Solis, H. Santoyo Aviles, I. Chavez Mendoza, et al.

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Laser doppler velocimetry (LDV) technology is a well-proven method for accurately measuring speed and length. However, several applications, including those involving long cylindrical products, contain measurement difficulties that need to be overcome to achieve reliable measurements. For example, lack of guidance systems, high vibration levels and movements outside the range of the gauge make it difficult to use traditional LDV gauging methods, which require the laser to stay pointed at a certain area of the surface of the product. This issue is particularly challenging on round or cylindrical products. For this reason, for certain applications, it is difficult to gauge the speed of the material in a continuous and reliable way 100% of the time with traditional LDV systems.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0