PR-DT0820-1 - 2020 Digital Transformations, August

Improving Periodic Defect Detection in Hot-Rolled Long Products by Means of Combination Between Eddy Current and Vision

B. Chedal-Anglay, J. Ignacio Lucas Fuentes, et al

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Periodic defect roller marks (PDRM) are still an important problem for hot-rolled long products, affecting all grades; among them is the high-margin engineering steel production with specific lower T rolling conditions, increasing roll crack occurrences due to fatigue stress. Most PDRMs are caused by groove cracks (GCs). An early detection of GCs as well as their identification is of paramount importance to improve the profitability of steel plants, and in many cases their survival. This paper will discuss the benefits of a new solution called EDDYeyes, synchronizing eddy current (EC) testing and Vision in real time. This is a complex solution that includes digital EC signals acquisition with on-time treatment and high-speed Vision systems, with high-quality LED lighting and complex math algorithms to give faster and more accurate defect information.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0