PR-DT0720-1 - 2020 Digital Transformations, July

An Automated Quantitative Assessment of Slab Centerline Segregation Using Image Analysis

J.C. Somasundaram, S. Biswas, D. Hennessy, A. De

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Oil and gas pipeline companies are seeking stricter internal quality control for steel pipelines transporting oil and natural gas due to a recent spur in pipeline leaks and accidents and loss of human lives. Line pipe material properties are increasingly under more scrutiny. Not only line pipe, but steels for drilling tubes, collecting lines, crude pressure vessels or storage containers are also subjected to enhanced quality assurance measures for the same safety concerns. While there are quality assurance indicators specified by steel specifications dictated by standardization bodies, pipe and tube manufacturers are additionally incorporating more quality checks in the material specifications. Currently, steels for energy sectors have to guarantee internal cleanliness through quantitative indicators for centerline segregation, inclusion composition and distribution, soundness, inclusion treatment and shape modification, control of dissolved gases, etc.

Keywords: Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0