PR-DT0421-1 - 2021 Digital Transformations, April

Smart Ladle: AI-Based Tool for Optimizing Caster Temperature

N.J. Walla, Z. Luo, B. Chen, Y. Krotov, C.Q. Zhou

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The development of the Smart Ladle focuses on taking data collected from the ladle process and creating history-based predictions for ladle heat loss and tundish temperature behavior, then providing these predictions to operators so that they can make process decisions with better information. There are varying approaches to solving this issue, including the approach of this work. Operators can only react on information they know; the ladle metallurgy furnace (LMF) operator knows to expect additional heat loss in the first few heats of a ladle’s campaign, but they may not know about the long wait at the tap car that allowed a well-used ladle to cool. Data collection and presentation gives the operator more knowledge to work with, but hidden correlations still exist between the data.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0