PR-DT0420-1 - 2020 Digital Transformations, April

Intelligent Steelmaking Based on Advanced Analytics: Reducing Operational Costs of a BOF

M. Luccini, V. Scipolo, N. Giso, G. Bavestrelli

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Modern manufacturing is characterized by the availability of large sets of data (e.g., sensor data) of different formats, quality and semantics, which is often referred to as big data. The abundance of data creates a vast potential for production process improvement, as well as for increasing product quality and sustainability. The steel manufacturing industry is changing with the introduction of on-line data analysis and the possibilities made available by cloud computing technology. Tenova understands that, in order to maintain a competitive role in the steel business, it needs advanced online monitoring and analysis tools, developed on state-of-the-art detection algorithms.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0