PR-DT0320-1 - 2020 Digital Transformations, March

Digital Solutions for Modern and Efficient Ironmaking

S. Weyer, J-P. Simoes, Y. Reuter, F. Hansen, et al

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Since the beginning of industrialization, technological leaps have led to paradigm shifts, which today are known as industrial revolutions. Nowadays, the emergence and prevalence of new information and communication technologies (ICT) are heralding a new digital age, known as the fourth industrial revolution -- in short, Industry 4.0. Such technologies will find their way to and will have a substantial influence on all industrial sectors. Itís the transformation of todayís factories into smart factories. These technologies are intended to overcome current challenges on the way to an efficient, resource-saving production in order to meet the continuously growing worldwide demand by simultaneously ensuring a sustainable evolvement of human existence in its social, environmental and economic dimensions.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0