PR-DT0222-1 - 2022 Digital Transformations, February

Automatic Pilot For Strip Processing Lines

E. Menigault, P. Rocabois, M. Monnoyer, A. Ollagnier, et al.

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Steel grade targets are defined by norms or customer specifications: mechanical properties, chemical analysis, tolerance of dimensions, surface aspect and coating properties; final treatments such as roughness, flatness, oiling or passivation are also specified with the order. The usual way to reach these targets during production on a specific continuous annealing line or a galvanizing line is to define the metallurgical road map per steel grade. These maps are usually identified as quality assurance documents and contain the chemical composition and all the process parameters from slab production to annealing time and temperature as well as skinpass elongation. These parameters are defined as validity ranges and/or as targets.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0