PR-DT0220-1 - 2020 Digital Transformations, February

Advanced Profile Control: Model - Optimization - Contour

M. Kurz, M. Miele, A. Thekale, J. Frenzel, et al.

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For profile and flatness control, on-line process models provide a detailed and validated description of roll stack deflection and material flow, i.e., pressure distribution in the roll gap. With a collection of process data included in the model-based profile setup, the on-line calculations can be completely reproduced off-line. Combining this feature with standard mathematical optimization allows for model parameter optimization. Here internal model parameters can be optimized along with externally supplied data such as roll properties. This minimizes the deviation between calculated and measured strip contour. Besides faster commissioning, optimized models allow for simple profile control to highly sophisticated contour control.

Keywords: digital transformation, industry 4.0