PR-366-012 - 2014 AISTech Conference Proceedings

Novel Recycling of Automotive Waste Glass and Plastics Through Their Chemical Transformation Into Ferrosilicon

R. Farzana, R. Rajarao and V. Sahajwalla

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Automotive shredder residue (ASR) is landfilled and has remained critical issue due to rising trend of landfilling cost. This research opens window to recycle ASR-waste as a resource of carbon, silicon to produce ferrosilicon alloy. Ferrosilicon is used as an alloying and deoxidizing additive in steel industries. This study reports the synthesis of ferrosilicon from waste automotive glass, bakelite and iron-oxide. Optimized mixture of input raw materials and influence of time were determined to maximize silicon recovery, minimizing amount of slag. Experiments were carried out at 1550C under inert condition. Ferrosilicon and slag were characterized by XRD, EDS, SEM, LECO and ICP analysis.

Keywords: Ferrosilicon, waste glass, bakelite