Intl. Symposium on Recent Developments in Plate Steels

Comparison of Image Analysis and SEM-Based Cleanliness Rating Systems for Clean Steel Process Improvement

Controlled Rolling in Lab Scale — Relationship, Microstructure, Chemical Composition and Processing

Controlled Thermomechanical Processing of Higher Strength (?500 MPa) High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor and Study of Microstructure Development

Development of Discrete X80 Line Pipe at SSAB Americas

Development of X70 Line Pipe Grade Plates at Welspun Corp. Ltd.

Development of YP47 Steel Plates and Their Crack Arrest Characteristics for Large Container Ships

Effect of Austenitizing Conditions on Hardenability of Boron-Added Microalloyed Steel

Effect of Cooling Rate on the Crystallographic Effective Grain Size of Ferrite in Low-Carbon Microalloy Steels

Effect of Microstructures on Low-Stress Abrasive Wear of Steel Plates

Evaluation of Low- and Medium-Carbon Nb-Microalloyed Plate Steels for Wind Tower Applications

Evaluation of the Energy Absorbed in Charpy Tests at 100 J Versus 300 J

Experimental Investigation of Submerged Jets During Accelerated Cooling of Plates

Fundamentals of the Generation of Fine Grain As-Rolled Structural Steels

Heavy QT Plate Cold Leveling and Tools for Flatness Control

High-Performance Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plates with Excellent Low-Temperature Toughness

Improved Level 2 Draft Scheduling for Good Plate Shape and Properties

Improvement in Resistance of Ultrahigh-Strength Steel Plates to Hydrogen Embrittlement by Refinement of Cementite

Improving Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Steel Plate by Optimizing the Direct Quenching Process

Key Operational and Metallurgical Parameters for Production of Structural Plate Steels

Low-Carbon Cu Precipitation-Strengthened Steel

Microstructural Effects on Fatigue Performance of Advanced Line Pipe and Plate Steels

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heavy Plate Optimized for Low-Temperature Service

Mo and Nb Alloying in Plate Steels for High-Performance Applications

Modeling Heat Extraction During Accelerated Cooling of Plates

Modeling the Effect of Nb on Austenite Decomposition in Advanced Steels

New Wear-Resistant Steel Creusabro® Dual

Niobium-Bearing Plate Steels for the 21st Century

Nitrogen and Hydrogen Refining During Vacuum Treatment of Liquid Steel

Physical Modeling on the Level Fluctuation in a Wide-Slab Continuous Casting Mold

Progress in Thermomechanical Control Process Steel Plates

Recent Developments and Applications of TMCP Steel Plates

S700MC/Grade 100 in Heavy Gauges: Industrialization at ArcelorMittal Europe

Studies on Softening Kinetics of Low-Manganese Steel Microalloyed With Niobium for High-Strength Sour Service ERW Pipe

Thermal Modeling of the Quench at Burns Harbor Utilizing On-Line Characterization of Cooling

TMCP Implications as a Result of Substandard Yield Strength Pipe for Large Diameter Oil and Gas Pipelines

Tools for Continuous Improvement of the Plate Quenching Process

Welding System Design Approach for Weldable Pipeline Steels