2022 AISTech Conference Proceedings

70 Years of LD Steelmaking -- Quo Vadis?

A Foundation for Data Analytics in Manufacturing Using ibaPDA and Open-Source Machine Learning Tools

A New All-In-One Acid Regeneration Plant Dedicated to Small-Scale HCl Waste Streams

A Practical Analysis of Benefits of AC Drives Over DC Drives in Cold Rolling Mills

A Statistical Approach to Understand and Control of BOF Slopping by Using Dynamic Model and Process Measurements

A Winning Combination to Enhance Rolling Speed, Stability and Tolerance

Addressing Operating Cost, Productivity and Emissions Challenges Associated with Dirty, Oily Scrap at Metalfer Steel Mill, Serbia

Advances in Cored Wire Injection and Calcium Treatment in Steelmaking

Advances in Slag Detection Help Steel Mills Increase Yield While Reducing Environmental Impact

AI Application to Detect Product and Process Anomalies in a Hot Roll Mill

Aligning Production to Available Energy With an Energy Consumption Forecast

Alternative Caster Mold Water Treatment for Leaky Closed System

An Application of Performance-Based Design Techniques for the Fire Protection of a Batch Annealing Process

An Examination of the Underlying Physics and Mechanics of Herringbone and Diagonal/Cross-Buckle Flatness Distortions Part 1: Basic Principles and Organization of Analysis

Analysis of Deviations During Blast Furnace Smelting in the Blow-In Period and Measures to Prevent and Eliminate Them

Anomaly Detection of the Continuous Casting Strand Guide by Monitoring the Withdrawal Force Using Machine Learning

Anti-Vortexing One-Piece EBT Tap Tube Improves Steel Cleanliness, Yield and Productivity

Application Bottleneck and Optimization of Big Data Technology in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Application of Virtual Reality Simulation as a Tool for Safety-Related Training in the Steel Industry

Artificial Vision Measures for BOF Mouth and Lance Skulls -- LanceSkullMeVi

Aspects of Boundary Lubrication in Advanced High-Strength Steel Rolling

Asset Tracking: Choosing the Correct Technology

Automatic High-Bay Warehouse for Wire Rod Coils at ABS QWR4.0

Automatic Scrap Bucket Handling by Charging Crane at ABS Meltshop

Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous Trimming and Sampling of Wire Rod Coil Head and Tail

Best Practices for Planning and Executing Complex Brownfield Outages

Best Practices to Reduce the Iron and Steel Industry’s CO2 Emissions by 2030

Blast Furnace Tuyere Monitoring Powered by Artificial Intelligence

BOF Lance and Functions

Building Sustainable Mini Cold Rolling Complexes

Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor Stove Repairs Using Monolithic Materials

CO2 Reduction Options for High-Temperature Heating in the Iron and Steel Industry

Combining Time Series and Chemical Composition Data for Early Longitudinal Crack Detection at the Continuous Caster

Commencing and Improving the Production of IF Steel Slabs at Chengsteel, HBIS

Computational Analysis of Surface Wave Fluctuation Utilizing Electromagnetic Braking in a Continuous Caster

Configuration of Charging and Teeming Cranes: The Features That Make the Difference

Continuous Developments of Usiminas Ipatinga Steel Works 1 Through Slagless Clean Up Technology

Control of the Tundish Superheat by Modeling the Temperature Loss After the Final Secondary Refining Process Step Using a Machine Learning Approach

Cr Plating Alternative for Improved Surface Reliability on Cold Rolling Mill Work Rolls

Danieli Centro Combustion Hydrogen Burners: Effective Green Solutions for Reheating and Heat Treatment Furnaces

Danieli’s Latest Dynamic Soft-Reduction Technology for Continuous Bloom Casting at Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.

Danieli’s Leveler: The Latest Generation for Extended Capability Range

Danieli’s Modular Design Concept

Danieli’s Way to Decarbonization: An Opportunity for the American Steel Industry

Decarbonization at Nucor Steel Seattle Inc. Using Tallman Supersonic Carbon Injectors

Design Features and Innovations of Modern Electric Arc Furnaces

Design, Construction and Start-Up of the Continuous Galvanizing Line #3 at Steel Dynamics Inc. - Flat Roll Group Columbus Division -- The 10th Galvanizing Line of Steel Dynamics Inc.

Detection of Stirring at Low Flowrates Using Acoustic Sensors

Development and Application of Waste Gas Model on 210-Ton Converter

Development of a New Sustainable Tundish-to-Mold Shroud

Development of a Portable System to Evaluate Work Roll Degradation (ISYROLL)

Development of Exothermic Granule Mold Powder With Improved Thermal Insulation by Adding Metallic Material

Development of High-Toughness Steel Plates for Offshore Pipelines

Development of Highly Efficient Fluidized Lime for Hot Metal Desulfurization Based on Thermodynamic Calculations and Industrial Validation

Development of Nanoprecipitation-Strengthened Cold-Rolled Batch Annealed HSLA Sheet Steels (>490MPa Yield Strength) With Superior Formability

Digital Scrap Yard

Direct Reduction: Dealing With an Uncertain Future

Direct Rolling Scheduling Is Like Tightrope Walking Between Casting and Rolling

Diversified Mechanical Vacuum Pump Solutions for VD/VOD

Dry Furnace: A Step Toward Decarbonization

Dynamic Control of Top-Blowing Gas Jet Velocity by Applying Actuation Gas

Earthing, Grounding and Bonding Systems for Large Campus Environments With High-Voltage Supplies

Effect of Adding Calcined Dolomite and Mill Scale to Sinter Mix on the Formation of NO and SO2

Effect of Adding Calcium Ferrites to the Sinter Mix on the Sintering Temperature and Sinter Quality

Effect of Basicity on the Phase Composition and Recycling of Steel Slag

Effect of Mold Powder Residue on Thin-Cast Slab Scale Structure Evolution During Reheating and Descaling

Effect of Plate Rolling Strategy and Nb Microalloying in the HAZ Performance After Welding

Efficiency of Washing Blast Furnace Hearth in Case of Pulverized Coal Injection

Efficient and Reliable Method to Upgrade Static Var Compensator (SVC) Control Reusing the Solid-State Valves

Electrical Energy Reduction for Air Pollution Control Systems: Further Improvements on Two American Plants With Smooth Fluid-Dynamic Solutions From the Quenching Tower to the New Patented Stack

Eliminating CO2, Energy, and Quality Inefficiencies Through Application of AI

Energy Savings and Quality Reliability by Superheat Control Prediction to the Continuous Casting Through Machine Learning

Enhanced Blast Furnace Through Syngas Injection From Natural Gas: A New Era For Blast Furnace Technology Enabling Reduced GHG Emissions, OPEX Improvements, Efficient Carbon Capture and Lean Gas Valorization

Enhanced Digital Twin Solution for Continuous Casting

Enhanced Dynamic Response to Impact for Hot Rolling Mills

Environmental and Production Improvements in Plate Production by Digitalization of Cooling Technologies

Evaluating the Onset of Hot Tearing in High-Strength and Lightweight Steels Using Controlled Deformation Testing

Evaluation of Grease Technology Used in Continuous Casters

Evaluation of Stirring and Flux Type Influence on Hot Metal Desulfurization Efficiency

Evaluation of Thermo-Calc and FactSage Predictions in Liquid Steelmaking Processes

Evolution of Steel Chemistry and Cleanliness During RH Degassing Process

Experience in Casting and Rolling an Octagonal Section at CMC Steel Arizona

Experience With Operation and Maintenance of the Spray-Cooled EAF Roof at Ovako Hofors

Exploring the Factors Impacting the Implementation Success of IoT-Based Wearable Sensing Devices for Safety and Health Management in Steel Manufacturing

Facilitating the Integration of Machine Learning Into Condition Monitoring Systems Using DataXpert

Flexible Tundish Configuration for Stainless Steel Producers

Forward Dressing: Toward a More Dynamic and Effective Material Allocation and Production Process

Fully Automated In-Line Strand Condition Monitoring for Enhanced Roll Gap Measurement and Control in Continuous Casting

Fundamentals for Developing Nanoprecipitation-Strengthened Thick-Gauge HSLA 550 Steel Through a Flex CSP Mill

H2-Change: Refractory Technologies to Master the Challenge of H2 Atmospheres

High Phosphorus Content Control Technology at the End of the Converter Blowing: Principle and Application

High-Performance Plate Production at the New Steckel Plate Mill at Shandong Iron & Steel in Rizhao, China

High-Performance Roll End Hubs for Maximum Rolling Mill Availability

High-Temperature Compression Behavior and Phase Transformations During Continuous Cooling of a Low-Alloy Cr-Ni-Mo Ultrahigh-Strength Steel

Highest Yields and Lowest Conversion Costs for Stainless Steel Operations

Hot Repairing MgO-C Self-Flow Castable for BOF Converter With Zero Fume Emission

How 3D Laser Scan Is Adding Value and Performance to Refractory Lining Inside the Steel Industry

Hydrogen-Based Annealing Technologies for High-Alloyed Steel Strips Open Various Market Segments

Hydrogen-Ready Energiron: The Way to Zero GHG Emissions

Identification of Microstructural Constituents Based on Hardness Measurements Results

Importance of Roll Oxide to Increase Roll Life in a Hot Rolling Mill

Improve Blast Furnace Safety, Operational Stability and Hearth Wall Preservation With Tailored Taphole Clay Technologies

Improved API X80 Heavy-Gauge Large-Diameter Pipe Mechanical Property Stability Through Cost-Effective Optimized Niobium Metallurgy Performance

Improved Stability in Control of Sinter Feed Basicity by Using GEOSCAN Real-Time On-Belt Analysis

Improvement of Performances of Cold Heading Quality Wire Rod Produced by HBIS Chengsteel Works

Improvement of Work Safety and Reduction of Environmental Issues With Fire-Resistant Lubricants in Steel Plants

Improvements in the Process of Steel Dephosphorization in the Basic Oxygen Furnace

Improving Blast Furnace Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions With Blast Furnace Oxygen Pulsing Technology

Improving Combustion Heating Energy and Emissions via Retrofit Ceramic Inserts

Improving Consistency and Safety of Electric Arc Furnaces by Incorporating a Refractory Lining on the Water Panels

Improving Gearbox Service Life

Improving Metallurgical Vessels Efficiency Using Coating Technology

Improving Safety Conditions in the EAF

Increased Dependability in Mechanical Conveying of Hot DRI Charge

Increasing Furnaces’ Overall Efficiency With Various Heat Recovery Systems

Industry 4.0 Operator Training: TrainLab Provides 3D Self-Education and Improves Learning Retention

Influence of Raceway Shape on Species Concentration

Injecting Metallic Calcium Into Steels: Is It a Massive Solution?

Integration of Green Steel Production in Renewable Energy-Dominated Grids

Interpretable Deep Learning Techniques and Meta Information for Automated Decision Making in Ironmaking Plants

Investigation on the Cleanliness Control Technology of Martensitic Gas Valve Steel

Key Attributes to Consider for Optimum Fracture and Fatigue Performance of API Grade Pipeline Steels in Gaseous Hydrogen Applications

Ladle Steelmaking Processes Using FactSage and Its Macro Facility

Ladle-to-Mold Refractory Design Optimization for the New Caster at Nucor Steel Gallatin

Lances for Vacuum Degassing -- Applications and Failure Analysis

Latest Developments in Digital Printing Technology for Coil Coating Business

Latest Solutions for Slab Surface Defect Detection: Combining Laser Sectioning, Machine Vision and Machine Learning for Best Results

Level Control: Performance Module for Quality Improvement

Lifetime-Extended Steel Mill Rollers Produced by Laser Cladding

Linde’s Innovative Method to Improve Energy Efficiency in the EAF

Line Pipe Material Consideration for Transport of High-Pressure Hydrogen

Lubrication Technology and Selection for High-Temperature Applications in the Steel Industry

Machine-Learning Model for Hydrogen Content Estimation During the Vacuum Degassing Process

Making the Most of Investments -- Using Existing Asset Data to Power Predictive Maintenance

Melting Behavior of Hydrogen-Reduced DRI in a Simulated EAF Steel Bath

Microstructural Evolution During Normalizing Rolling of Niobium-Microalloyed Steels and Its Correlation With Toughness

Modeling of Isothermal Reduction of Hematite Pellets Using Hydrogen

Modeling the Impacts of Nuisance Elements on Blast Furnace Operation

Modern Tools for Steelmaking Research and Optimization

Multiple-Reactor Approach Dynamic Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Process

New BOF Solution -- Ternium Brazil

New Breakthroughs in the Modeling of Tundish Stopper Rods

New Cold Mill Complex in Ukraine -- Technologies and Achieved Performances

New Field Results on Ultrasonic Mold Thermal Mapping for Quality Improvement and Initial Solidification Diagnostics

New Heavy Plate Mill Project at Nucor Steel Brandenburg

New Laminar Cooling Technology Enables Baosteel HSM 2,050 to Produce New High-Quality Steel Grades and Formats

New Process for Hazardous Contaminated Steel Scrap to Produce Clean EAF Feedstock

Next Generation of Electric Furnace Bottom Technology

Next-Generation Eddy Current Testing With Expandable and Configurable Instruments and Multi-Segment Sensors

Next-Generation Electrical Discharge Roll Texturing

NOx Emission From the Hot Blast System: Formation, Effects, and the Possibilities for Its Reduction

Nucor Steel-Decatur Pickle Line #2 Drive and Motor Replacement

Numerical Investigation of EAF Arc Exposure and Water Panel Overheating

Numerical Modeling of Hydrogen Application in a Reheating Furnace

Numerical Simulation of Desulfurization in a Steel Ladle

Numerical Simulation of Flow Modifier Effect on Fluid Flow Pattern, Wall Shear Stress and Inclusion Removal in a Two-Strand Tundish

Operational Results and Experience of Burners/Oxygen Injectors With Moving Flame and Oxygen Jets Installed in the Electric Arc Furnace of Stahl und Walzwerk Marienhütte

Operational Results of Hot Charging DRI

Optimized Tool Use of Saw Blades on Cold Circular Saws Through the Use of a Condition Monitoring System

Optimizing Blast Furnace Stoves with Fast Stoichiometric Combustion Control

Pathway to Green Steel in the U.S. By 2027

Performance and Results of Linde CoJet Technology at Gerdau Long Steel North America Midlothian Mill

Phenol-Free Magnesia Carbon/Alumina Magnesia Carbon Refractories for Ladle Lining

Porosity in Iron Ore Sintering

Potential for Increased Scrap Melting in a BOF

Practical Overview of Augmented Reality for Worker Development, Safety and Skills Retention

Prediction Model of Hot-Rolled Coil Temperature and Phase Transformation Applied Local Heat Flux Considering Coil Shape

Process Guidance: Process Optimization, Condition Monitoring, Quality Evaluation, Metallurgical Parameter Administration and Operator Guidance Integrated in One System

ProcessXpert: A New Generation of Knowledge-Based Blast Furnace Expert System

Production of Steel Heavy Plates up to 100 mm by TMCP With Accelerated Cooling at NLMK DanSteel

Quality Optimization of Hot-Dip Galvanized Strip Using Model Predictive Control

Raw Material and Technology Consideration for Low C EAF Steelmaking

Real-Time Slopping Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks

Regenerative Burner Systems With Hydrogen Fuel for Decarbonization of High-Temperature Processes

Research on Tundish Capacity Expansion and Process Optimization of Single-Strand Slab Caster

Role of Microstructure and Texture Synergy on Low-Temperature Toughness of Heavy-Gauge Line Pipe Steels

Rotating Lance Tip -- An Evolution and Revolution in the Blowing Process for Steel Refining in BOF

Safer, More Efficient Water-Cooled Power Cable Changeout

Selective Slag Systems for Steel Inclusion Cleanliness

Slab and Billet Grinding and Deburring Solutions

Slag-Based Nitrogen Removal From Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel

Smooth Cold Rolling of AHSS Steels by Microstructure Conditioning of Hot-Rolled Coils

Software of Dimensional and Wear Control of Lance Tip Face and Nozzles -- WRL

Steel Production Assistance System (SPAS) That Uses Measurement Data From an Ultrafast Laser Scanner to Optimize Safety, Yield and Refractory Performance of the Metallurgical Vessel

Steel Production Experience in Using Pig Iron and Hot Briquetted Iron in the Electric Arc Furnace at Steel Dynamics

Strip Steering Control - A Cutting-Edge Technology for Hot Strip Mills

Structural Analysis and Failure Prediction of Direct Reduced Iron

Study of the Temperature and of the Slag Properties Effects on Hot Metal Dephosphorization Efficiency

Studying the Flow and Thermal Dynamics in a Small Single-Strand Tundish

Sublances: New Conceptions for Best Performances

Successful Operation of an Anti-Chatter Solution at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s Tandem Cold Mill

Super Strong Babbit

Sustainable Steel Production by Integration of Induction Furnaces

Taken Fom the Field -- Metallurgical Results and Equipment Technology by the Example of a Recently Commissioned 120 Short Ton VD Plant

Targeting Superheat in Thin-Slab Casters to Improve Productivity and Quality

The Evolution of Continuous Annealing and Processing Lines for the Production of Electrical Steel

The New Age of HBI

The New Generation of Q-Level+: Advanced Steel Level Combined With Flux Level Control

The Roadmap From BOF Toward EAF Operation -- A Concept Study For An Exemplary European Integrated Plant

The Role of Ti(C,N) in Retarding Dissolution of Graphite Refractory

The Tenova Hydrogen SmartBurner for Reheating: Analysis of the Industrial Results in TenarisDalmine

Thermodynamic Simulation of Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel

Thermodynamic Simulations to Predict the Susceptibility of the Inclusion Formation in Steel Production Process

Time Series AI for Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis in Steel Production

Titanium Nitride Nucleation and Growth During Steel Solidification

Toward Lights-Out Factory: Improved Roughing Mill Operation by Camber-Free Rolling Reduces Strip Steering Challenge in the Finishing Mill of SSAB Borlänge, Sweden, and Paves Way to Fully Automatic Flat Rolling

Transient Analysis of Flow in a Multi-Strand Delta-Shaped Tundish

Turn-Up and Turn Down Analysis at Roughing Mill Vertical Scalebreaker

Upgrading Steel Dynamics Inc. - Flat Roll Group Columbus Division’s Continuous Pickling and Cold Rolling Operation for Increased Throughput and Production of Advanced High-Strength Steels

Utilizing Advanced Simulation Techniques to Improve Hood Design

Utilizing SCR Power Controllers to Improve the Industrial Heat Treat Process Through Predictive Maintenance and Intelligent Power Control

Variety of Technologies Applied for Anti-Clogging Submerged-Entry Nozzle

Various Strategies for the Distribution of Reductions in the Finishing Stands of a Hot Rolling Mill

Water Detection and Process Optimization Using Intelligent EAF Technology at SDI Pittsboro

Wear Resistant Copper Staves -- An Update

World Premiere for a New Type of Mold Level Control to Reach a New Degree of Mold Level Stability

Zero Liquid Discharge Technology for TMZ’s 500-ktpy Cold Mill Complex

Zero-Carbon Emission Hot Rolling of Direct Application Sheet With Real Endless Strip Production