2022 8th International Conference on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking

A Chemical Reaction-Fluid Dynamics Coupled Model for Al Reoxidation in Tundish by Open Eye Formation

A Kintetic Model for Reaction Between Two Different Types of Inclusions in Liquid Steel

A New Approach for Recovery of Phosphorus From Mixture of Dephosphorization Slag and Sewage Sludge Through High-Temperature Phase Separation

A Possible Reason Why Ti-SULC Grades Are More Prone to CC Clogging Issues Than Other Al-Killed Grades

Analysis of the Melting Behavior in a CaO-MnO-SiO2 Slag With Al2O3 Additions as a Welding Flux for Low-Carbon Steel

CFD Flow Modeling and Mixing in an Elliptical Ladle

Characterization of Rare-Earth-Elements-Traced Non-Metallic Inclusions by Different Methods

Controlling Oxidation Loss of Boron in Large 9CrMoCoB Electroslag Remelting Ingot

Decarbonization Priorities for Electric Furnace Steelmaking

Degradation Behavior of MgO-C Refractory in Contact With Molten Iron: With/Without Ar Blowing

Delayed Melt Crystallization of Cuspidine by Addition of Li2O

Dephosphorization at Low Temperature and Low Basicity in the Double Slag Converter Steelmaking Process With Low CO2 Emission

Development of a Quartic Formalism for a Ternary System

Development of Electroslag Remelting (ESR) Simulator to Predict Chemical Reaction During the ESR Process

Development of Simulator to Predict the Formation Behavior of Non-Metallic Inclusion During Steelmaking and Casting

Different Approaches to Trace the Source of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel

Dissolution Behavior of Metallic Al in Molten Steel by Addition of Al-Dross Powder

Effect of Al2O3/B2O3 Ratio on Crystallization, Structure and Properties of CaO-Al2O3-Based Mold Fluxes

Effect of B2O3 on Volatilization Behavior of CaO-Al2O3-CaF2-Based Mold Flux

Effect of Particle Shape on the Attraction Between Ce2O3 Inclusions at the Ar Gas/Liquid Steel Interface

Equilibrium Relationship Between Titanium and Oxygen in Molten Fe-Ti Alloy With High Concentration of Titanium

Experimental Study on the Phase Relations of the CaO-SiO2-Ce2O3-5 wt.% Al2O3 System at 1,673 K

Heat Transfer in a BOF Converter

Horizontal Single-Belt Casting of TRIP Steels

Hot Ductility Characterization of Low- and Medium-Carbon Steels

Impact of Internal Carbothermic Reaction in SEN Refractory for Interfacial Reaction Between SEN and Liquid Steel

Impact of Mold Taper on Thermal Stress and Solidification During Continuous Casting of Steel

Improvement of Dephosphorization Efficiency of Electric Arc Furnace Slag by Addition of Various Fluxing Agents for High Input of Direct Reduced Iron

In-Situ Measurement on the Dissolution Kinetics of Alumina Particle in CaO-Al2O3-SiO2-MgO Refining Slags

Influence of Physicochemical Properties of FeO-Bearing RH-Type Refining Slags on Cleanliness of Ultralow-Carbon Al-Killed Steels

Influence of Traveling Mold Level Setpoint on Local Hot Face Temperature in a Thin-Slab Caster Using Fiber Optical Sensors

Key Issues for Near-Net-Shape Casting Technology

Measuring and Controlling System of Mold Flux Thickness for Continuous Casting of Slabs

Method of Reducing the Unplanned Achieved Slab Inventory in Caster Using Machine Learning Techniques

Mg(Mn)S Inclusion Stringers in High-Al AHSS

Microstructure Evolution and Strengthening Mechanism of 0.2C-1.8Si-2Mn Low-Alloy Steel During Quenching and Partitioning Treatment

Modeling of Non-Metallic Inclusion Removal at the Steel-Slag Interface With Consideration of the Marangoni Effect

Modeling of the Influence of Hot Top Design on Microporosity and Shrinkage Cavity in Large-Size Cast Steel Ingots

Numerical Study on the Mixing Characteristics in the Argon Oxygen Decarburization Process

On the Inference of Inclusion Flotation Efficiency in Steelmaking Tundish Systems From RTD Measurements

Optical Emission Spectroscopy as a Tool for Process Control of Steelmaking Burners

Optimization of Casting Praxis Using Swerim's Digital Twin

Physical Chemistry of Dissolution of Nutrients From Steelmaking Slag Into Aqueous Solution Containing Organic Acids

Physical Chemistry of FeO Reduction in Electric Arc Furnace Slag by Secondary Aluminum Source as Reducing Agent

Post-Mortem Study of Magnesia-Carbon Refractory Bricks Exposed to Thermal Radiation in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

Pressure Evolution in Ceramic Stopper in a Liquid Metal Continuous Casting Simulator

Reduction of Caster Downtime Caused Due to Slab Stuck Up Using Machine Learning

Relationship Between Thermal Conductivity and Structure for the CaO-BO1.5-AlO1.5 Melts

Rheological Behavior of Simulated Foaming Slag Generated by Interfacial Reaction

Self-Protecting Mechanism of Magnesia Refractory in Electric Arc Furnace Operation Conditions: Challenges of Active Use of Direct Reduced Iron

Simulation and Performance Results for Electromagnetic Stirring Technology on Arvedi 450-ton Consteel® Furnace

Successful Consolidation of Inoculant Alloy by Controlling Brazil Nut Effect and Capillary Force

The Development of Multi-Zone Model for Refining Dynamics of Decarburization and Dephosphorization in BOF Oxygen Steelmaking

The Evolution of Heterogeneous Microstructure During Reheating of Strip-Cast Medium-Manganese Duplex Steel

Thermodynamic Investigation in the Liquid Fe-C-X Alloys (X = As, Pb, Sb, Sn): Tramp Element Refining for Molten Ferrous Scrap

Transient Steel Flow Studies in Ladle Shrouds During Start-Up Operations With or Without Air Infiltration

Understanding Behavior of Ti in Ultralow-C Liquid Steel

Visualization of Roll Data and Digital Twin Development for Continuous Casting