2022 4th International Ingot Casting Rolling Forging Conference

A Real-Time Measurement System for In-Situ Ingot Quality Evaluation During Vacuum Arc Remelting

ATS - Advanced Teeming System - Design Considerations, Equipment and Operational Experience From Recent Installations

Enhanced Steels by Ingot Casting: A Personal View

Examination of Effect of Uncertainty in Accommodation Coefficient on Modeling of Helium-based Heat Transfer in VAR

Findings From a Decarbonization Study of a Forging Furnace at Universal Stainless North Jackson

Improving Operator Safety, Increasing Productivity and Enhancing Ingot Quality by Installation of Two 100-Ton Ingot Casting Cars at Ovako

Manufacture of Large Superalloy Ingots and Extruded Pipes

Overview of Different Casting and Remelting Processes for the Production of High-Quality Ingots

Process Design for Induction Hardening of a Steel Work Roll Using Simulation

Remote Melt Support of Consarc Customers During the Pandemic -- Chances and Challenges

The Benefits of a Meltshop Management System Incorporating Least Cost Optimizations and Inventory Control Working With ERP and SCADA Systems Within an Organization

Thermomechanical Study of H13 Hot Forged Bars

Thermostructural Numerical Modeling of Pre-Forging Heating of Steel Input Stocks: Productivity Improvement vs. Internal Cracking Susceptibility