2021 International Conference on Advances in Metallurgy of Long & Forged Products

Alloy Design and Processing Strategies for Grain Coarsening-Resistant Carburizing Steels

An Application of Nb-Ti Microalloying for Carburizing Steels

Characteristics of Precipitates in an Al- and N-Added Steel and Mo- and Nb-Added Steels for High-Temperature Vacuum Carburizing

Design of High-Strength and High-Toughness Quench and Low-Temperature Tempered Steels Using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

Development of a High-Strength, Ultra-Tough Alloy Steel for Powertrain, Energy and Aerospace Applications

Development of an Advanced Stainless Carburizing Steel

Different Functions of Nb in Medium Carbon Long Products During Hot Rolling

Direct Quench Steel for Forged Parts

Effect of B Addition and Cooling Rate on Charpy Impact Properties in Medium-Carbon Steels

Effect of Compressive Stress on Diffusional Transformation in 0.5 %C Spring Steels With Different Austenite Grain Sizes

Effects of Nickel and Microstructure on Rolling-Sliding Contact Fatigue in Carburized Steels

Future Developments of Surface Heat Treatment Techniques Using Nitrogen for Powertrain Gears Required for Next-Generation Automobiles

Global Process and Physical Metallurgy Technological Developments in Niobium-Containing Long Products and Forgings

Hydrogen Embrittlement of 4340 With Martensitic and Bainitic Microstructures for Fastener Applications

Investigation of Coarse Boron Nitride Formation Window in Creep-Resistant Martensitic Forged Products

Modeling of Austenite Evolution During Hot Rolling of Medium-High C Long Products

Optimization of Spherodizing Annealing Cycle in Hot Rolled SCM435 Steel Wire

Optimizing Metallurgical and Mechanical Properties of High-Carbon Steel Wire Rod by Controlling Steelmaking and Rolling Parameters

Residual Stresses and Hardness Development in Annealed, Cold-Rolled and Stress-Relieved Flat Steel Wires

Root-Cause Analysis of Rotary Crop Shear Lower Drum Failure

Tailored Steel Microstructures for Fatigue Applications