2021 AISTech Conference Proceedings

100% In-Process Compositional Testing Using X-Ray Fluorescence

30+ Year Campaign of IJmuiden Blast Furnace No. 6

A Comparison of the Dynamics, Mixing Efficiency and Ladle Wall Wear in Gas-Stirred Ladles

A Comparison Study on the Characterization of Bubbles Formed in a Ladle and a Continuous Casting Mold During Gas Injection Using Advanced Imaging Techniques

A Fiber-Optic-Distributed Temperature Mapping Technique to Characterize Shell Solidification in Peritectic-Grade Steels

A Holistic Approach Toward the Next Level of Safe EAF Operation

A Machine-Learning Approach for Steel Grade Detection in Hot Rolling Mills

A Metallurgy-Based Real-Time Quality Certification System

A Potential Application for Utilizing Adaptive Mesh Refinement in a Continuous Caster Simulation

A Review of the Economic and Environmental Fundamentals of Selecting Heat Recovery for Combustion Systems in the Steel Industry

A Thermomechanical-Microstructural Model of a Hot Strip Mill

Achieving Successful Laser Velocimeter Measurements for Unguided Products Using New Innovative Technology for Tension Control of Wire Rod in Hot Rolling

Addition of Scrap and DRI/HBI to the Blast Furnace -- Technology to Overcome Top Temperature Limits and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Advanced Cooling Technology to Improve High-Strength Plate-Steckel Mill Steel Production

AI Application to Front-End Bending Prediction

An Accelerated Installation and Commissioning Plan to Upgrade an Aging Static VAR Compensator for an Electric Arc Furnace Application

An Assessment of State-of-the-Art Offgas Sensor Technology for Process Control in Steel Combustion Furnaces

An Assessment of Ultralow-NOx Combustion Technology for the Steel Industry

Analysis of Heat Loss in Oxygen Steelmaking

Analysis of Inclusion Clusters Using Machine-Learning Tools

Application of JetBurner Technology for a Small-Sized EAF

Application of Oxygen-Enriched Combustion in an Industrial Reheating Furnace Using CFD

Applying Several AI Approaches to Improve the LF Steel Quality by Sulfide Capacity Estimation and Slag Chemical Composition Prediction

Approach to Successful Production of Very-Low-Carbon High-Strength Galvanized Dual-Phase Steels Through a CSP Flex Mill

Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Modeling in Ironmaking — Potential and Limitations

Assessment of a Methodology to Measure Carbon Footprint and Support Decision-Making Process in a Company’s Supply Chain

Automatic Pilot For Strip Processing Lines

Basic Actions to Prevent Continuous Casting Defects of Billets

Bath Level Management in the Consteel DC Electric Arc Furnace

Best Practices for Conducting Factory Acceptance Tests on Major Capital Projects

Big River Steel Expansion and Modernization of Substation and Power Distribution for Phase 2

Blast Furnace Data Validation Using Deep Learning as an Enabler for Autonomous Blast Furnace

Blast Furnace Energy Balance -- A Sensible Heat Approach

Blast Furnace Flame Temperature Calculation Improvements

Blast Furnace Operation Improvement by Forming Uniform Circular Distribution of Raceway's Thermal Mode

Building a Scalable Intelligent System to Advise Predictive Maintenance Operations in a Steel Mill

Case Study: System Modifications Enhance Overall Ventilation Systems

Characteristics and Thermodynamics of Nozzle Clogging in Ti-Stabilized Ultra-Pure Stainless Steels

Choosing an Electrical Supplier

Clean Steel for New Environmental Opportunities: A Very Important Role for the Steel Industry in the New Industrialized Era

Coal Rheology -- The Effect of Rank and Sample Preparation on Test Results

Cold Rolling Mill Technologies for Electrical Steel

Cold-Bonded Briquette Testing Methodology and Standards Used for Traditional Furnace Feedstocks

Comprehensive Process Optimization for Electric Steelmaking Route

Computational Studies and Optimization of Inclusion Removal in a Steel Ladle

Corrosion Behavior of Tundish Refractories by Molten Steel and Tundish Flux

Cost Savings and Advanced Equipment Availability While Utilizing Modern Lubrication Technology

Crane Girder Deformation Mapping Using Image Processing and Template Matching of Laser Scanner Point Cloud

Crane Rail Alignment Mapping Using Laser Scanner Point Cloud

Crane Remote Driving: Applications in Meltshop Area

Cutting-Edge Process Technologies to Enhance Electrical Steel Performances

Data-Driven Study of Desulfurization During Ladle Treatment and Its Impact on Steel Cleanliness

Descaling of Medium C and High Si, Mn Steels

Design and Application of an Optimum Roughing Mill Backup Roll Contour in a Hot Strip Mill

Design and Evaluation of a Lab Size Vacuum Sampling Method for Simulating the Twin-Roll Strip Casting Process

Developing a Framework for a Process Digital Twin Using Unity 3D

Development and Successful Evaluation of an Atmosphere-Controlled Furnace for Direct Reduction Feedstock Studies

Development of ARMSS: Augmented Reality Maintenance and Safety System

Development of ASTM A709-50WF Heavy Plate for Fracture Critical Bridge Applications

Development of Electrical Discharge Coating for Extended Textured Roll Campaigns

Development of Quantitative Indices and Machine Learning-Based Predictive Models for SEN Clogging

Digital Optimization of Refractory Maintenance

Digital Technologies for Continuous Casting

Dolime-Based EAF Hot Repair Material -- Successful Product Improvements

Dynamic EAF Energy and Material Balance Model for On-Line Process Optimization

Effect of RE Master Alloys on AISI 1030 Steel

Effect of Through-Thickness Microstructural Homogeneity on Fatigue Performance of Structural Steels in Air and Hydrogen Environments

Effective Utilization Techniques for Coal Having High Maximum Fluidity Based on Unique Permeation Distance Evaluation

Effects of Steel Composition and Reheating Temperature on Prior Austenite Grain Size

Environment Defines Productivity: Emission Control System Modifications Using Fluid Dynamic Study of Building Ventilation at Sinobras Meltshop, Brazil

Evaluation of Brush Holder Coatings for Resistance to Acid Fume Exposure

Evaluation of Mechanical Behavior Shifting of API 5L X70M Skelp Through Accelerated Cooling and Spiral Forming Processes

Experience of Blowing-In and Production Ramp-Up of the Largest Blast Furnace of India

Fine-Scale Details Within the Roll Clusters of 20-High/Sendzimir Mills, Part 1: Micro-Static Interactions

Fine-Scale Details Within the Roll Clusters of 20-High/Sendzimir Mills, Part 2: Micro-Dynamic Interactions

From Refractory to Tubular to Spray-Cooled LMF Roofs

Full Hydraulic Solution — The Advanced Fourth-Generation Pair Cross Mill

Functionalization of Supersonic Oxygen Lance for EAF

Fundamentals of Alloy and Processing Design for the Successful Production of Ferritic, TiC-Strengthened Ultrahigh-Strength 100-ksi (Yield Strength) Hot-Rolled Steel With Low-Temperature Toughness Through a Flex Mill

Gas Bubble Digital Data Generation by Image Analysis Using Reduced-Scale Water Modeling of a Slab Continuous Caster Mold

Gas Cleaning and Waste Heat Recovery Solutions for Integrated Steel Plants and Mini Mills -- State-of-the-Art Technologies and Latest References

Heat Transfer Modeling and Adjustment From Radar Measurements in Reheating Steel Furnaces

High-Throughput Casting Technology -- Challenges and Solutions

HIsarna: Benefits of a New Developed Smelting-Reduction Option for Ironmaking

History and Latest Technology of Castables for Steel Ladles of Japanese Integrated Steel Mills

Hot Ductility Behavior of V-N Microalloyed Steels

Hot Rolling Coil Technology Development for Pipes Intended for Extraction and Transportation of Petroleum Products

How Artificial Intelligence Simplifies Automated Optical Surface Inspection Deployment and Operation in the Metals Industry

How to Eliminate Missed Problems and False Alarms Using Machine Learning for Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

How to Improve the Quality of Inbound Scrap

How U.S. Steelmaking Became a Green Industry and What Lies Ahead

Hydrogen-Based DRI EAF Steelmaking -- Fact or Fiction?

Impact of Flushing in High-Manganese Re-Phosphorized IF Steel With Change in Addition Pattern and Slag Killing in RH Process

Implementation of the Tiltable Sidewall Burner at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.: Dynamically Adjustable Burner Angle to Optimize Scrap Melting and Reduce Refractory Wear

Importance of Simulation and Modern Logistics in Project Management

Improvement of Centerline Segregation at United States Steel Corporation’s Gary Works No. 2 C Line Continuous Caster

Improving Roll Neck Bearing Lubrication

In-Plant Observations and Thermomechanical Modeling of Different Vessel Types Applying an Insulation Layer

Inclusion Shape Control Through Ca Treatment

Increased Safety and Performance of BOF Relining at Ternium Brasil

Influence of Mold Powder Slag Composition on Formation of Oxide Particles in Steel

Innovating Solutions for No-Touch Lifting for Common Down Day Tasks

Innovative Roll Profile Design for Thin-Strip Cold Rolling Mills

Innovative Surface Inspection System Deployment

Inspection of Rolled Heavy Plate by 3D Inspection

Installation of Vaicon Slag Stopper at U. S. Steel -- Great Lakes Works

Investigation of Carbon Deposition During Natural Gas and Oxygen Injection for the Direct Reduction Ironmaking Process

Investigation of Grounding Failures in Transformers and Evaluation of Best Practices

Investigation of High-Rate and Pre-Heated Natural Gas Injection in the Blast Furnace

Investigation of Optimal Continuous Casting Condition for Superior Steel Cleanliness

Investigation on Flying Tundish Change and Separation Plate Using Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's No. 1 Continuous Caster

Investigation on Softening/Hardening Mechanisms Occurring During the Hot Rolling Process by Means of Advanced, Self-Training Virtual Smart Sensors

IR Temperature Measurement to Monitor Induction Hardening Processes

Ironmaking in Russia

Key Challenges for Efficient Descaling

Key Technologies Supporting the Production of NGO Electrical Steels

Ladle Bottom Design for Optimized Steel Flow and Metallic Yield

Ladle Hot Spot Detection -- A Novel and Robust Approach to Eliminate False Positives in Infrared Thermal Image Analysis

Lightweight Work Roll Flattening Model for Severe Rolling Conditions

Limiting Bainite Formation by Refinement in Nb-Microalloyed Hot-Rolled Sections

Machine Learning for Blast Furnace Productivity Improvement at Jindal Steel and Power Angul

Maintenance for Ironmaking Becomes Smart: The Power of Digitizing, Sharing and Linking Valuable, Empirical Knowledge

Managing Heat Stress-Related Injuries and Illness in the Iron and Steel Industry

Managing the Impact, Assessment and Application of Solutions for Combustible Dust Mitigation and Control in Modern Manufacturing Environments

Mastering Fully Automated Steelmaking

Material Flow How Concept for Steel Plants and Warehouses

Material Flow How® Concept for Wire Rod Coils

Mathematical Modeling of Residence Time Distribution in a Twin-Strand Slab Caster Tundish

Measuring Flatness of Rolled Strips Under Tension in Hot Rolling Mills

Methodology for Fatigue Life Assessment of a Converter ID Fan Impeller Using the Finite Element Analysis Method: A Case Study

Microstructural and Plastic Deformation Study of a Multi-Phase Advanced High-Strength Steel

Microstructure and Property Investigations for Heavy-Gauge Line Pipe Development

MIDREX H2 -- The Road to CO2-Free Iron and Steelmaking

Modeling of Air-Mist Spray in Continuous Casting of Steel

Modeling of the Dynamic-Bulging-Induced Surface Level Fluctuations in Continuous Casting

Modern Blast Furnace Top Gas Cleaning: Wet Separation Improvements at U. S. Steel – Great Lakes Works B2 Blast Furnace

Modernization and Customization of a Copper Plate Mill Descale System

Modernization of DRI Shaft Furnaces to Improve Performance and Product Quality

New EAF Dust Treatment Process for Co-Production of Metallic Zinc and Calcium-Ferrite

New High-Performance X-Ray Coating Weight Gauge for Metals

New System for Highly Efficient Power Input to Arc Furnaces Causing Minimum Network Disturbances

Non-Linear Bending Control for Temper Mills

Novel Method for Stirring BOF Melts in Conjunction With Slag Splashing

Numerical Investigation of DC Electric Arc Behavior Under the Consideration of Electrode Movement

Numerical Study of Heat Transfer for Microwave-Assisted Reduction of Hematite

On-Line Monitoring System to Detect Anomaly of Rolls in Rolling Mills

Optimization of Electrode Consumption in EAF for Different Operating Conditions

Optimization of Parameters of Blast Furnace Smelting Under Conditions of Plant Operation With Limited Supply of Coke, Natural Gas or Iron-Bearing Materials

Physical Modeling for Product Development and Performance Optimization in Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines

Planning for Success: Operational Readiness Planning and Change Management for Major Capital Projects

Power Cooling -- Advanced Strip Cooling Technology for Hot Strip Mills for Maximum Metallurgical Flexibility, High Cooling Rates and for Saving of Alloying Elements

Prediction of Damage During Different Hot Rolling Schedules of Medium-Carbon V-Microalloyed Steel

Prediction of Inclusion GSV: A Quality Control Tool for Inclusion SEM Analysis

Process and Physical Metallurgical Developments for High-Performance Niobium-Containing Pressure Vessel Steel Plates

Production of X70 Discrete Plate Using MULPIC

Q3-Premium — DIGI&MET Solution for Decision Intelligence in Quality Management

R-Factor Control Using Advanced Data Analytics at New Bar Mill

Real Intelligence -- A Novel Approach to EAF Optimization

Real-Time Ordinary Differential Equation Solver in Digital Twin Environments

Recovering Fines in Direct Reduction Plants

Reducing Corner Cracks With a New Strategy for Secondary Cooling

Reduction of Transverse Corner Cracks During Continuous Casting of Slabs

Revamp of BOF Converters at AK Steel-Middletown Works Using Vaicon Link 2.0 Converter Vessel Suspension System

Review of Centrifugal Fan Design Decisions Over the Past 25 Years of Operation

Revolutionary Endless Strip Production up to 20 mm -- Precise and Uniform HSLA Steel

Rising and Failure of Gas-Based Direct Reduction Processes

Robotic Workstation for Safe Ladle Sliding Gate Maintenance

Rolling Mill Bearing Lubrication Improvement Using Vacuum Dehydrators

Safe, Fast and Cost-Effective Caster Roll Change at SDI Butler

Safety-Certified Positioning and Anti-Collision System at Steel Mill Cranes

SDI Heartland Temper Mill Stand Motor and Drive Replacement

Searching New Horizons: The Hydrogen Revolution in Steelmaking

Shooter 4.0 -- A Prototype for Intelligent and Autonomous Gunning Maintenance

Smart Ladle: AI-Based Tool for Optimizing Casting Temperature

Smart Safety Guard -- Improving Safety Through Real-Time People Localization

Software-as-a-Service in the Metals Industry: Challenges, Requirements and Opportunities

Spray-Cooled BOF Hoods at U. S. Steel -- Gary Works: 28 Years

State-of-the-Art Converter Technology: Proven Features for Longest BOF Lifetime

Steel Continuous Annealing Line Simulation Improvements

Steel Rolling Mill Crop Cobble Shear Operation Improvement — Time Tail Cut

Steeled for Safety: Visual Aid Technologies to Increase Safety With Material Handling

Study on Production Technology of Clean Steel in Phase II of Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co.

Surface Characteristics of High-Manganese TRIP (Fe39Mn20Co20Cr15Si5Al1) Steel

Systematic Application of AI to Quality Optimization From Steelmaking to Galvanizing

Techno-Commercial Reasons to Invest in Hot Blast Stoves

The EAF for Integrated Plants

The Effect of Alloy and Flux Addition Practices on Inclusion Composition in Si-Mn Killed Low-C Steel

The Effects of Non-Metallic Inclusions on Charpy V-Notch Toughness

The Influence of Coke Reactivity on the Raceway Size -- A Case Study

The Next-Generation Surface Quality Management System

The State of the Art in Magnetic Drum Separators for Scrap

The Widest ESP Line for U. S. Steel -- Full Digitalization Possibilities

Top Gas Recycling Revisited to Reduce Blast Furnace CO2 Emissions

Transforming Metal Production by Maximizing Revenue Generation With Operational AI

Transverse Flux Induction Heating Technology and High Flux Inductors

Understanding Interaction Between Residual Stress in Backup Rolls and Modern Mill Loading Conditions

Use of Discrete-Event Simulation for Production Expansion Planning at NLMK Indiana LLC

Use of Insight Data Management Software to Improve Reliability at NLMK Indiana

Using Mathematical Modeling to Develop the Indexes Indicating Dependency of Arc Stability in the EAF on Charge Material Quality and Electrode Regulation Effectiveness

Utilization of 6- to 20-mm Waste Metallic Scrap as a Charge Material and Reduction of Carbon Rate and HM Silicon at E Blast Furnace of Tata Steel Ltd. Jamshedpur

Value Creation of Dolime Compared to MgO Alternatives for EAF Application

Vastly Better Maintenance Results, Management Style and International Steel Group

Virtual Reality Simulator for Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

Wearable Sensing Devices and the Internet of Things for Worker Safety and Health Management in the Steel Manufacturing Industry

Wet Flash Cooling: A Flexible and High-Performance Quenching Technology for Gen3 AHSS

Why Both Hydrogen and Carbon are Key for Net Zero Steelmaking

Work Roll Bearing Grease Selection -- Going Beyond the Data Sheets

Yield Stress in Ferritic Steels Influenced by Grain Boundary Walls