2019 STEELSIM Conference Proceedings

A Review of Data Mining Techniques for Failure Prediction in Continuous Casting

A Study on the Effect of Fluid Flow Into Non-Metallic Inclusion Changes

An Assessment of Numerical Approaches Toward Multi-Phase Hydrodynamic Modelling of Inert Gas Stirred Ladle Systems

Analysis of Transport and Removal of Inclusions in an Industrial Gas-Stirred Ladle

Application of a Mixed Fluid/Structure Model for Ingot Casting Simulation and Macro-Segregation Prediction

Applications of FEM Simulation to Roll Pass Design and Rolls Stresses Analysis

Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill Shipping Simulation: Optimized Material Handling Using FlexSim Simulation Software

Calculation of the Skull Inner Profile in the Belly Section of a Blast Furnace Based on Element Birth and Death Technology in ANSYS

Cellular Automata Modeling of Plastic Deformation in Ferrite during Martensite Formation in Dual-Phase Steels

CFD Optimization Tools Applied to Tundish Refractory Design

CFD Validation of Mixing in Pilot-Scale Ladle

Classification of Drainage Patterns of the Blast Furnace Hearth

Detailed Modeling of Radiative Heat Transfer in Electric Arc Furnaces Using Monte Carlo Techniques

Development and Application of Mathematical Models to Simulate Liquid Phase Accumulation, Drainage and Heat Transfer in Blast Furnace Hearth

Development and Application of Performance Prediction Model for Cold-Rolled Products

Development of a Combined Fluid Flow, Solidification and Particle Dynamics Model in OpenFOAM for Prediction of Particle Entrapment in Continuous Casting Slabs

Development of HSLA Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet (Yield Strength Higher Than 420 MPa, Tensile Strength Higher Than 590 Mpa) at JISCO Steelmaking Plant

Dynamic Downstream Processing of Steel

Dynamic EAF Process Model Thermochemistry and Further Development

Dynamic Optimization of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Operation

Effect of an Angled Runner on the Fluid Flow in the Ingot Casting Process

Effect of Slag Composition on the Formation of MgO?Al2O3 Spinel Inclusions During Ladle Treatment Using a Coupled Reaction Model

Effects of Ca, Mg and Ti Additions on the Microstructures of Offshore Steels for High-Heat-Input Welding

Effects of Lance Configuration on the Flow and Combustion Behavior of a Pulverized Coal Plume in the Tuyere

Evaluating Methods of Approximating Arcs Within CFD Models

Extending Application of Variable Selection Using Random Forest (VSURF) Technique in the Prediction of Mechanical Properties in Investment Casting

Fluid Flow and Solidification Behavior in Slab Continuous Casting With Secondary Electromagnetic Stirring

Full-Field Approach for Modeling of Microstructural Evolutions During Forming Processes

Importance of Emulsion Zone in Oxygen Steelmaking

Influence of Non-Uniform Temperature Distribution of the Mold on Solidification Behavior in Large-Size Steel Ingots

Influence of Vanadium and Niobium Addition on Mechanical Properties in Structural Shape Steels

Interface-Resolved Simulations of Transient Behavior of the Slag Eye and Entrainment of Slag Droplets

Investigation of a Novel Horizontal Induction Stirring in the Ladle Process

Investigation of Flow and Solidification in a Continuously Cast Bloom With Chamfering Mold

Investigation of High-Rate and Pre-Heated Natural Gas Injection in the Blast Furnace

Investigation on the Weldability of High-Strength Steels Used for Low-Temperature Environment

Large Eddy Simulation on the Fluid Flow Inside a Conventional Ladle Shroud System

Lifetime Improvement of Radiant Tubes Using Structured Steel Sheets

Liquid Metal Model Experiments for Continuous Casting of Steel Under the Influence of Magnetic Fields

Mathematical Simulation of Blast Furnace Operation With Natural Gas Injection

Modeling Approach of the Slab Handling Between Casting and Hot Rolling

Modeling of Bubble Behavior in a Slab Continuous Casting Strand Using Multiple Size Group Approach

Modeling of Continuous Scrap Pre-Heating

Modeling of Heat Transfer During Controlled Cooling of Thermomechanically Treated Rebars Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach

Modeling of Inclusion Motion Across Steel-Slag Interface

Modeling of Pilemaking Process Using On-Line Process Data

Modeling of Transient Behavior of Top-Surface Slag/Molten Steel Interface in Continuous Slab Casting

Modeling the Microstructure-Dependent Fracture Toughness of Quenched and Tempered Steels

Modeling Tundish Heat Loss Under Different Slag Behaviors With Gas Bubbling

Numerical Analysis of Slag Transfer in the IronArc Process

Numerical and Experimental Studies on Fluid Flow and Microbubble Entrapment During Continuous Casting With a Curved Mold Design

Numerical Modeling of the Flow Field in a Bloom Caster Under the Influence of an In-Mold Electromagnetic Stirrer

Numerical Simulation of Oxy-Natural Gas Combustion in an Electric Arc Furnace

Numerical Simulation of Temperature and Stress Distributions Inside the Furnace Tuyere

Numerical Study on the Dynamics of Puddle Using VOF and Solidification Models in the Planar Flow Casting Process

On-Line Estimation of Liquid Levels and Local Drainage Characteristics in the Blast Furnace Process

Optimizing the Flow Conditions in the Thin-Slab Casting Mold Using Electromagnetic Brake

Physical Simulation and State-of-the-Art Visualization of Complex Continuous Casting Flows Using a Full-Scale Water Model System

Potential of Energy Savings by Simulation and Optimization of an Integrated Iron and Steel Plant

Prediction of Inclusion BSE Image Grayscale Value From Chemical Composition

Prediction of Mass Transfer in Hot Metal Reactors

Redefining Warm Charging Rules at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Review on Modeling and Simulation of Agglomeration in Ironmaking Process

Simulation and Experimental Studies on Radial Porosity Distribution (RPD) of Coke Layer in Blast Furnace Throat

Simulation of Crack Initiation on the Slab in Continuous Casting Machine by FEM

Simulation of Steelmaking Processes: An Assessment of Reduced and Full Scale Water Modelling, Numerical Simulation vis a vis Plant Scale Measurements

Simulation of the Heat Transfer Within the Ladle Furnace

Simulation on Scrap Melting in Steelmaking Process

Static Holdup of Hot Metal and Slag in Packed Bed of Coke A Fundamental Study

Study of Water Droplet Behavior at Air-Water Atomized Nozzle With Acceleration Ring in Continuous Casting

Study on Numerical Simulation Strategy for Spray Cooling During Continuous Casting Process

Study on the Effect of Alloying Element for Microstructure Control With Excellent Fire Resistance and Anti-Earthquake Performance

Technical Limitations for Developing a Practicable LMF Desulfurization Model

The Influence of Different Turbulence Models on the Fluid Flow Characteristics in Gas-Stirred Ladles

The Influence of Thermo-Physical Properties on Slag Entrainment During Continuous Casting of Steel in Billets and Slabs

Theory of Formation and Growth of Argon Bubbles in Upper Nozzle of Tundish During the Argon Blowing Process

Thermal Tracking of Ladles

Understanding Dephosphorization in Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs) From a Data Science Perspective

Using a Numerical Model to Study the Transient Clogging Phenomena in SEN During Continuous Casting of Steel

Validation Techniques to Determine the State of Accuracy of Numerical Multiphase Modeling