2019 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3D Thermal-Mechanical Model of Solidifying Steel Strand

A Buyer’s Guide to Cranes

A Case Study: Engineering Solutions to Production-Stifling Issues at a Steel Mill

A Comparison Between Tuyere Core Types – Cooling Efficiency and Manufacturability

A Holistic Approach to Ironmaking Digitalization

A Novel Approach to Self-Start Open-Stream Casting

A Raceway Model Based on Open-Source Software

A Recent Application of Advanced Cooling Technology to Improve High-Strength Plate Steel Production

A Revised Concept of Quality Performance Measurement

A Revolution in Blast Furnace Cooling

A Study of High-Temperature Imperfections Detected on Light-Gauge Coated Sheet Steel

A Way to Produce Higher Steel Grades by Retrofitting Existing Syngas Production Plants

Achieving Optimal Energy Savings in Hot Strip Mills With Predictive Solution

Active Personnel Monitoring and Access Control in Steel Manufacturing Environments

Adding Life to Water-Cooled Power Cables Through Innovation in Core Construction

Advanced Cold Isostatic Press MgO-C Brick

Advanced Continuous Annealing Technology and Application for High-Strength Steel

Advanced Control for the Threading of a Tandem Cold Metal Sheet Mill

Advanced Engineering Maximizes Efficiency and MTBR of Descaling Pumps

Advanced Equipment Tracking in High-Temperature Production Environments at voestalpine and Dillinger

Advanced Profile Control: Model – Optimization – Contour

Advanced Thickness and Flatness Control System for Sendzimir Mill

Advances in Cooling Water Treatment for the Steel Industry

An Automated Quantitative Assessment of Slab Centerline Segregation Using Image Analysis

An Early Warning System for Scrap Radioactivity

An Environment-Friendly Replacement for Hard Chrome Coating of Work Rolls in Cold Rolling Mills and Continuous Casting Molds

An Innovative Approach for Utilization of Iron Ore Microfines (-150 microns) in Sintering

An Optimization Model for Making Alloy Additions During Steelmaking at SSAB Iowa

Analysis of Phosphorus Band in Interstitial-Free High-Strength Steel

Analysis of the Effects of Oxygen Enrichment in a Reheating Furnace

Anisotropy Evaluation of Steel Plates for Large-Diameter Pipeline Application

Annealing and Galvanizing of Third-Generation AHSS Grades

AOD Process Control: From Slide Rule to Factory Automation

Application of a Man-Less, On-Demand Immersion Optical Temperature Measurement Device at the EAF

Application of Big Data in Optimization of Blast Furnace Operation

Application of Heat Transfer Regularities to Control Wind Rate Among Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Application of On-line Laser Detector of Burden Surface Profile on Chaoyang No.1 Blast Furnace at AnSteel

Applications for Portable XRF, OES and LIBS Analyzers in Steel and Metals Industries: A Guide for Selection

ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor East No. 7 Blast Furnace Casthouse Tapping Equipment Upgrades

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Production Planning at the Big River Steel Self-Learning Factory

Arvedi ESP: Reaching Maturity in Endless Casting and Rolling Technology

Assessment of the Impact of Rising Levels of Residuals in Scrap

Automated Coil Trimming System for Wire Rod Mills in the Digital Era

Automatic Cranes Into the Process: Reducing Bottlenecks by Empowering Logistics

Behavior of Carbon in a Blast Furnace and the Use of Carbon Content in Hot Metal for the Monitoring and Control of the Ironmaking Process

Biocarbon Materials in EAF Steelmaking

Blast Furnace Campaign Extension at JSW BF#3

Blast Furnace Operation Improvement With Simultaneous Injection of Natural Gas and PCI

BOF Oxygen Lance Tip Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling for Wear Evaluation

BOF Process Optimization and Technology Improvements at Ternium Brazil

BOF Processing by a Static and Dynamic Model With Automatic EOB Detection: Recent Results

BOF Slag: Turning Waste Into Value

Building the First Prototype IIoT Solution for Your Power System

Carbon and Oxygen Usage in the EAF — Is More Always Better?

Carbonaceous Materials Transformation in Pulverized Coal Injection

CFD Simulation of Dry Density Separation of Iron Ore Fines

Changes to the Characteristics of Inclusions Upon Solidification in AHSS Steels

Chatter Management at Cold Rolling Mills Today

China’s Bayi Steel Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill

CISDI’s Blast Furnace Overhaul Technology and Practice

Cloud-Based Process Management of Inspection Instruments

Coal Rheology – A Practical Approach for Industry

Collaborative Project Management Methodology Between Major Stakeholders — A Key Success Factor

Comparative Analysis of Arc Flash Solutions – A Case Study

Complete Package for Cokemaking Stamping Technology

Comprehensive Condition Monitoring for the Metals Industry

Condition Monitoring System for Steam Ejector Vacuum Pumps

Controlling Equipment Failures Caused by Petroleum-Based Fluid Degradation

Copper Stave Bending: Challenges, Management and Solutions

Crane Remote Control From Ground Pulpit

Crystallization Behavior Evaluations of the Mold Powder by DTA

Crystallization Behavior of CaO-SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-Based Slags and Its Potential Application in P-Bearing Steelmaking Slags

Danieli Equipment Boosts Uptime in Bars Peeling

Data Post-Processing for Above-Burden Infrared Camera (ABirC) System

Data-Driven Dynamic Feedforward Compensation Method for Coiling Temperature Control in Hot Strip Mills

Deciphering Coke Blends by Log-probability (Rosin-Rammler) Analyses of Coke Microtextures and Modeling Anisotropy-Quotients (AQ’s)

Demystifying the CC Mold at the University of Toronto: The First Full-Scale Mold Water Model in North American Academia

Design of a Pilot Plant Using the Flash Ironmaking Process: The Path to Commercially Developing a New Form of Ironmaking Using Hydrogen

Designing a Graphitic White Iron: Microstructures and Properties

Development and Application of Intelligent Optimal Scheduling System for the Byproduct Gas in Steel Plants

Development and Application of “Green,” Environmentally Friendly Refractory Materials for the High-Temperature Technologies in Iron and Steel Production

Development and Industrial Validation of a New Lime-Based Slag Conditioner in the BOF Process at Dillinger

Development of a Powder Metallurgy Technique for Introducing Synthetic Oxide Inclusions Into Liquid Steel

Development of a Predictive Model for Minimizing Ladle Desulfurization Cycle Time and Associated Costs

Development of a Predictive Tundish Open Eye Model Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

Development of Alternative Flux for Liquid Steel Desulphurization

Development of Basic Gunning Mixes: Comparison of Laboratory Trials, Thermochemical Calculations and Steel Plant Trials

Development of Oxygen-Enriched Burner Suitable for Tundish Pre-Heating: “Innova-Jet Swing”

Development of Ti-Nb Microalloyed HSLA and UHSS on a Thin-Slab Casting and Rolling Mill

Diagnostics, Optimization and Mathematical Models of Coke-Sinter-Hot Metal Production Process

Differences of CO2 and Solid-State Laser Welding in Industrial Flat Steel Production

Digital Assistance Tools and Remote Service Solutions for Electric Arc Furnaces

Digital Solutions for Modern and Efficient Ironmaking

Digital Transformation: The Edge Analytics Approach to Industry 4.0

Digitally Transforming Knowledge With Augmented Reality Tools

Dramatically Increasing Tension Leveler Capacity on an Existing Pickler Without Increasing Line Length

Driving Business Value in Industry 4.0: Big Data and Analytics for the Improvement of Steel Processes

Effect of Allotriomorphic Ferrite Thickness on Advanced High-Strength Steel Toughness

Effect of Bubble Behavior for a Stopper Rod With Multiple Side-Channel Injection on Bubble Size Distributions in Nozzle and Mold During Continuous Casting of Steel

Effect of Carbon Bonding State and Concentration on Melting of Direct Reduced Iron

Effect of Coal Mineral Type and Size on Coke Strength After Reaction

Effect of Different Types of Nozzles on Swirling Flow Development and Shell Growth Behavior in a Bloom Casting Mold

Effect of Inclusions on the Magnetic Properties of High-Grade Cold-Rolled Non-Oriented Silicon Steel

Effect of M-EMS on Steel Solidification Behavior of a Round Billet Casting

Effect of Physical State of Non-Metallic Inclusions on the Accumulation Within Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia Foam Filters

Effect of Rolling Conditions on Ductile Fracture During Piercing

Effect of Slag on Arc Characteristics in the EAF

Effect of Snorkel Shape on Refining Efficiency of RH Treatment

Effect of Solution Treatment on Grain Size and Toughness of Lightweight Fe-Mn-Al-C Steel

Effect of Top and Bottom Blowing Conditions on Spitting Phenomenon in the Converter

Effects of Furnace Atmosphere on the Post-Anneal Adhesion Capability of Insulation Coating to Electrical Steel Substrates

Efficient Determination of Misalignment of Ladle Shroud Using Machine Vision

Electrical Oscillation Drive With Adjustable Stroke and Frequency During Operation

Eliminating Red Rust and Improving Customer Satisfaction

Endless Casting and Rolling of Long Products: The Competitive Substitute of Conventional Mini-Mills

Energy, Exergetic and Experimental Analysis in a Motor of Internal Combustion Using as Fuel the Fluids Process of Pyrolysis Assisted by Microwave

Enhancement of RH Refractory Performance for Electrical Steel Processing

Environmental and Personnel Safety Advantages of On-Line Robotic Water Tower Cleaning

Evaluation of Mixing and Mass Transfer at Ternium Brazil’s BOF Through Cold Model Experiments

Evaluation of Techno-Economic Viability of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCU&S) With Carbon Credits for Steel Plants

Evolution of Inclusions in High-Sulfur and Low-Oxygen Steels After Calcium Treatment

Evolution of Oxide Inclusions in 304 Stainless Steel Treated by Rare Earth During Isothermal Heating at 1,473 K (1,200°C)

Experimental Investigation of Hydrochar Injection to the Blast Furnace

Experimental Research on Effect of Unburned Pulverized Coal on Coke Gasification Performance in Blast Furnace

Extension of Stainless Steel Refining Complex by Twin Tank VOD Unit

Failure Analysis of Feed Gas Tubes Used in Direct Reduction Plants

Feedback Control for Hook, Camber, Wedge and Strip Steering in a Hot Strip Mill

First Movable KR in India Has Successfully Started Up in JSW Steel at Vijayanagar

First Steps Toward the Fully Automated Steel Mill: From the Planning of Ladles to the Transport

Fluid Flow Turbulence in the Proximities of the Metal-Slag Interface in Ladle Stirring Operations

Fuel Cost Cut by Installing Heat Transfer Enhancement Unit for RT Recuperator

Getting the Most From Raw Materials: Iron Unit Yield From Ore to Liquid Steel via the Direct Reduction/EAF Route

Gigantic Steel Structures to Cover and Seal Large Shipyards and Dry-Docks for Ship Repairing, Dismantling and New Shipbuilding Operations

Grindability of Solid Biocarbon

Growth Mechanism of Clog Materials in SEN During Continuous Casting of Ti-Added ULC Steel

Gunning Manipulators for Hot Repair

Hear the Difference: Acoustic Plant Monitoring

Hearth Temperature Control at USS Blast Furnace No. 14

Heat Transfer Modeling of an Industrial Quenching Device

High-Performance Waterbox Stripper Nozzle Type W5

High-Quality Wire Rod and Bar Production at YongXing Special Stainless Steel

High-Speed Drawing of Wire Coils With Chain Track Technology

Holistic Approach of Real-Time Product Quality Management at New Integrated Steel Plant, Shandong Iron & Steel, Rizhao, China

Hot Skin Pass Mill and Tension Leveler Line for Ultrahigh-Strength Steel

How Furnace Model Predictive Control Forecasts Transitions to Enhance Strip Quality and Productivity

Hydrogen Control of Large Bottom Poured Forging Ingots at Ellwood Quality Steels

Impact Zone Solutions for an Improved Flow Performance in the Tundish

Implementation of a Tuyere Leak Detection Soft Sensor on USS Blast Furnace No. 14

Improved Material Yield and Operation Stability in Cold Rolling Mills

Improvement of Vacuum Degasser Cover

Improving an EAF Air Pollution Control System Using New Filter Technologies

Improving Periodic Defect Detection in Hot-Rolled Long Products by Means of Combination Between Eddy Current and Vision

In-Situ Observation and Formation Mechanism of Iron Surface Oxidation in the Initial Stages at 1,150 °C

Inclusion Classification by Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Incorporation of Biocarbon in Cokemaking via Partial Briquetting

Increasing Safety, Operation Efficiency and Process Reliability: Implementation of Robotized Tundish Operations at Ternium Brasil

Increasing the Safety and Reliability of the EAF: Installation of the EAF Roof Designed and Manufactured With Spray-Cooled Technology

Induction Bar and Edge Heating Technology in the Hot Strip Mill

Industrial and High-Capacity Production of Granulated Pig Iron

Industrial Change: Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Steel Industry

Industry 4.0 Technologies Applied to Casting Machines

Industry 4.0 Technologies Applied to the Meltshop

Influence of Electromagnetic Stirring Position on Liquid Level Fluctuation in Billet Mold

Influence of Fluxes in Steel Desulfurization

Influence of Oscillator on Operation Stability in Mini-Mill Caster

Influence of the Normalizing Rolling Parameters on the Toughness of a Nb, V and Ti Microalloyed Steel Processed in the Gerdau Plate Mill

Inhibition Effect of CaO-ZrO2-C Nozzles on Alumina Deposition in Continuous Casting of Al-Killed Steel

Innovation Cooling Model: The Future Starts Now

Innovation in the Analysis of Ultrasonic Cleanliness Test Data for Hot-Rolled Steels

Innovative Top Combustion Hot Stoves of Kalugin Design for High Technical and Environmental Performance

Installation of the Coating Equipment for Chromate-Free Products in JFE Fukuyama No.2 CGL

Intelligent BOF Steelmaking System — Research and Application of Intelligent BOF Steelmaking

Intelligent Melting System at Kroman Çelik EAF: Performance Results During One Year of Operation

Intelligent Steelmaking Based on Advanced Analytics: Reducing Operational Costs of a BOF

Interactive VR Video for Mobile Equipment Safety Training

Investigating Centerline Bridging in Continuous Casting During Speed Drops With ConOffline

Investigation of High-Rate and Pre-Heated Natural Gas Injection in the Blast Furnace

Investigation of Water Droplet Impingement Under Conditions of the Secondary Cooling Zone of a Continuous Slab Caster

Kinetic Study of the Nitrogen Reaction With Liquid Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels: Experimental Design and Industrial Significance

Latest Development and Application of ECIA Material Handling Technologies

Life Extension of Motor Control Centers: When to Maintain and When to Replace

Lime Dissolution in the BOF Process

Lime-Magnetite Pellets (LMPs) for Ironmaking

Load-Bearing Structural ‘Assembly’

Lubricant Development for Hard Steel Rolling: From Design to Validation

Machine Learning Approaches for the Analysis of Non-Metallic Inclusion Data Sets

Maintenance Practices of Gas Analyzers in the Steel Industry

Managing Titania-Bearing Products in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Mathematical Model of Static and Dynamic Recrystallization, Roll Force and Mean Flow Stress of the Nb-Microalloyed Steels for Plain Steel Hot Roughing Mill

Metallurgical Strategy for Optimized Production of QT High-Strength and Abrasion-Resistant Plate Steels

Micropelletization of Ironmaking and Steelmaking Dust and Recycling of the Micropellets

Minimization of the N2 Dilution When Wiping in Air

Modeling of Multiphase Flow and Argon Bubble Entrapment in Continuous Slab Casting of Steel

Modernization of Continuous Casting Machine in the Era of Intelligent Manufacturing

Modernization of MG Set and DC Drives to AC Drives-Based Solutions — A PowerDistribution and Quality Perspective

Modernization of Shandong Steel 1,700-mm Hot Strip Mill

Monitoring Blast Furnaces and Other Process Vessels by Acoustic Emission (AE) Monitoring Technique

Multi-Lance Probe for In-Blow and End-Blow Applications: A Fast Converter Sample Analysis

Nailed It! Measurement of Steel Surface Velocity in the Tundish With Open Eyes

New Advancements in Condition Monitoring Technology to Enhance Steel Mill Productivity and Profitability

New Constructed Hot Strip Mill for Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Co. in Vietnam

New Control Concept for ESP Thin-Gauge Rolling Improves Thickness Quality

New Developments on Pressure Drops’ Reduction of the APC for EAF to Decrease the OpEx

New Finishing Mill Technology for the Production of Thin Hot Band

New High-Performance Oil-Lubricated Gear Spindles for Algoma’s DSPC

New Pathways Toward Safe and Effective Cooling Systems

New Thermoplasticity and Adhesiveness Measurement of Coal Based on Permeation Behavior and Wettability of the Softened Grains

Non-Destructive Magnetic Measurements and Thermodynamics Calculations for Evaluation of Carburization of Tubes During Pyrolysis

Non-Metallic Inclusion Change in the Third-Generation AHSS With High Manganese, Aluminum and Silicon Contents

Numerical Investigation of Decarburization Reaction Characteristics in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Process

Numerical Investigation of Spray Cooling at Various Operation Conditions During Continuous Casting of Steel

Operating Experiences of Post-Combustion Lances at Liberty OneSteel - Whyalla Steel Works

Operation of Coal-Based Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln to Reduce Accretion Formation and Optimize Quality and Power Generation

Operation of the First HIsmelt Plant in China

Operational Results of the Inteco Burner System at Nucor Steel–B

Optical Strip Flatness and Shape Measurement in Hot Strip Mills

Optimization of Ca Additions for Inclusion Modification

Optimization of Hot Rolling Roughing Mill Rolls to Prevent Premature Contact Fatigue Damages Occurrence

Optimized Heating of Steel Slabs With Radar Measurements

Optimizing Application of Chlorine to Continuous Caster Spray Water System

Optimizing Coating Weight at U. S. Steel Midwest Plant No. 3 Continuous Galvanizing Line

Optimizing Production Efficiency and Quality With Digitalization

Optimizing Sinter Chemistry to Counter Alumina Effect

Oxide Stability Analysis and Characterization in a Galvannealed Dual-Phase Steel Exhibiting Coating Defects

Performance Improvements of the Reheat Furnace Level 2 Control System at AM/NS Calvert LLC

Performance of the Electromagnetic Stirring System Applied to the Flat Bath Consteel ® Operation

Potential Use of Agricultural Waste as Injecting Material in the Blast Furnace

Power Profile Optimization in TenarisTamsa’s Electric Arc Furnace

Practical Mitigation Procedures to Control Hydrogen-Related Damage During Production of Structural Steels

Pre-Fused vs. Blended Fluxes: Their Impact on Cleanliness of Low-Carbon Low-Alloy Steel

Precise Localization of Torpedo Transport Cars Through the Aid of Differential GPS

Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Medium-Carbon Wire Rods And Bars

Predictive Process Control – The Next Step to Quality Assurance

Predictive Tools and Innovations in the Ventilation of Cooling Beds

Process Improvements at a Continuous Caster Using CasTemp SuperHeat

Process Optimization and Product Metallurgy in Long Products

Production of AHSS at Nucor Steel–Arkansas: Innovative Technology for the New Cold Mill Complex

Production of Ultra??ow??Phosphorus Steels in the BOF: Meeting the Technical and Operational Challenges

Production Quality Secured by New Real-Time Plant Condition KPI Approach at Big River Steel’s CSP® Mill

Pulverized Coal Feeding Vessels – Characterization and Optimization

Pyrophoric Dust Formation During Vacuum Degassing: Uncovering the Determining Factors

Quality Prediction and Control in Coal-Fired Rotary Kilns at Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.

Quantifying the Effect of Coke Layer Thickness on Permeability of the Cohesive Zone in the Blast Furnace by Using a New Simulator

Recent Development to Control Nitrogen Content of High-Alloy Steel by Optimization Treatment Conditions at Secondary Refining Process

Reduce Oxide Dust Without Compromising Product Quality

Reduction Behavior of DRI Pellets

Reduction of Maintenance Costs and Improved MTBR of Boiler Steam Drum and Superheat Safety Valves

Reduction of Operational Cost and Zero Water Consumption by Meltshop Cooling System Upgrade

Reduction of Severe Erosion in the Basic Oxygen Furnace Vessel at Tata Steel, India

Refractory Condition Monitoring and Lifetime Prognosis for RH Degasser

Reheat Furnace Efficiency at Laverton Rod Mill

Reparation of Trusses in the Steel Plant Environment

Revamping of Existing RCM to “Hyper UC-Mill”

Revamping of GL#4 at Hoa Sen Phú M? Plant (Vietnam)

Robotic Tagging Applications

Sample Preparation Methods for Total Hydrogen Testing

Slag Capacity on Inclusion Removal: An Experimental and Thermodynamic Investigation

Slag Engineering for Phosphorus Removal in the EAF and Sulfur Removal in the Ladle

Slag Splashing: Blow Parameters Equationing

Smart Crane Control Helps the Steel and Metals Industry Compete in IIoT Age

Solutions for Long Products Lubrication to Avoid Long Maintenance Stops

Some Sources of Variation in the Strength of Hot-Rolled Strip

State of the Art in Magnetic Drum Separators for Scrap

Static and Dynamic Control Model of BOF Steelmaking Process and Its Validation With Steel Plant Data

Steel Dynamics’ New Continuous Coil Coating Line for Steel Strip

Steeled for Safety: Human Impact of Visual Aid Technologies With Steel Facilities

Strengthening Effects and Processing Optimization of Niobium on High-Strength Rebars

Structural and Textural Characterization of Coke With Optical Image Analysis Software

Structural Change of Coke Structure During the Burden Descend in an Experimental Blast Furnace

Study of Comprehensive Reutilization of Iron-Bearing Dusts

Study of Vaporized Water as a Root Cause for Undermining BF Hearth’s Heat Transfer System

Study on Instantaneous Transport Phenomena Along the Full Continuous Casting Slab Strand

Study on Phase Transition and Precipitation Behavior of FeCrAl Stainless Steel During Equilibrium Solidification

Study On Removal Of Brittle Phases By Optimizing The Process Parameters Of Welding Wire Rod Grade For Gas-Metal Arc Welding Applications

Sub-Arctic Toughness From API Coiled Plate on a Steckel Mill

Successful Use Case Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Steel Industry

Systematic Development of a Rotary Descaling Device

Systematic Optimization Creates Higher Competitiveness

Technical Research and Application of Smart Logistics for Steel Enterprises

Technical Solutions for Safe Handling of High-Strength Steel Coils

Temperature Setpoint Optimization in Steel Reheat Furnaces Using Open Architecture Neural Network and Modeling Software

Tenaris Tamsa’s Ladle Furnace Electrode Consumption Reduction

Texture and Mechanical Behavior of UNS S32205 Duplex Stainless Steel Processed by Warm, Cold Rolling and Annealing

The Building Blocks of EHS Leadership

The Case for the Eriez Separator Process

The Causes and Effects of the Keys Missed in the Main Hoist Gear Reducer on the Ladle Cranes

The Digital Twin in Continuous Casting ?? A New Dimension in Automation Technology

The Effect of Heat Treatment on the HAZ Microhardness and Fracture Resistance of Weld Joints of ABS EH36 150-mm Heavy Plates for Monopiles of Offshore Wind Generators

The Effect of Standoff Distance on the Cooling Efficiency of Air Mist and Hydraulic Nozzles

The Effect of Upper Nozzle Refractory in Bubble Behavior Inside the SEN and Slab Mold in Continuous Casting: Physical and Mathematical Model

The Evolution of Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Technologies

The Most Advanced Thin-Slab Technology for Coil-to-Coil Production

The New Generation of Thin-Slab Casting and Rolling Plant for No Production and Market Limitations

The Next Generation of Mill Roll Inspection Systems: A Case Study of a New Inspection System

The Road to Digitalization Is Paved With Intelligent Solutions

The Use of Advanced Refractory Technology to Improve Energy and Environmental Efficiency in Steel Applications

Thermal Stains Improvements at Reversing Cold Mills

Tokyo Steel CCM4: A New Danieli Technology

Tundish Open Eye Formation: Integrated Troubleshooting Using Computational Modeling, Physical Modeling, and Plant Trials

Twisting Towers to Couple Processes in a Non-Linear Way

U. S. Steel – Gary Works’ No. 14 Blast Furnace SOMA Installation

Understanding Blast Furnace Hearth Wall Temperatures to Support Operational/Maintenance Decisions

Understanding the Role of Nb in Hot-Rolled Rebars: Influence of Final Geometry and Process Parameters

Unsteady Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Development for the Investigation of the Gas Jet Wiping Process on the Flow Behaviors Near the Galvanizing Bath Surface

Upgrade of ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor #2 Galvanizing Line Making 2CGL Great Again

Use of Multivariate Analysis Data in the Study of Slag Slopping of BOF

Use of Sound Signals in Analyzing Flow Behavior in Steel Vessels

Use of Synthetic Slags to Control the Level of Inclusions in Steels

Using Laser Gauges in Hot Rolling Mills

Using Thyristor-Controlled Series Reactors To Improve EAF Productivity and Lower Operating Costs at North Star BlueScope Steel LLC

Vibration Analysis on Electrode Column in AC EAF Based on Local Force Densities Developed by Rapid Change of Current and Arc Stability

voestalpine Stahl GmbH — CC8 Caster for High-Quality Grades and Exposed Automotive Steel Using Danieli Technology

VSB Blast Furnace Operation With High Productivity Using High Oxygen Enrichment

What Have We Learnt About the Corrosion of Stainless Steel Since 1934?

Zinc Production From EAF Dust at Cape Gate — A Case Study

Zoom-Mill for Reversible Cold Rolling