2018 AISTech Conference Proceedings

25-Year Study of EOT Crane Hoist Wire Rope Drum Failures

A 3D Meso-Scale Solidification Model for Steels

A Chemical Method to Decrease Oxide Scale Generation in Hot Rolling

A Comparative Analysis of Various Types of EAFs Based on Flexibility and Operational Performance

A Harbor Abuse

A Major Step Forward in Improving Internal Slab Quality – Development and First Implementation of the Single Roll DynaGap (SRD) Segment at Ternium

A New Chapter in Roll Surface Texturing: The Pomini Digital Texturing Technology

A New Dimension of Continuous Casting: Dillinger’s Vertical Caster No. 6

A New Top-Fired Stove Opening New Possibilities in Hot Blast Generation

A Novel Platform for Monitoring Fluid Health and Filter Life

A Numerical Model to Predict Scale Formation in an Industrial Reheat Furnace

A Quick Modeling Analysis Tool for Estimating the Desulfurization Efficiency in the Ladle Metallurgical Furnac

A Review of Available Measures and Methods for Determining Fugitive Emissions from Mini-Mill Meltshops

A Review on Recycling of Refractories for the Iron and Steel Industry

A Sensor-Based Automation Solution to Improve the Coke Oven Battery Operation

A Step Ahead Toward Green Metals

A Study on Cracking Mechanism of Third Generation of Advanced High-Strength Steel Slabs

A Thermodynamic Prediction Model for Calculating Manganese Distribution Ratio Between Ironmaking or Steelmaking Slags and Iron-Based Melts Based on the IMCT

Accelerated Heat Treatment of High-Mn TRIPLEX Steels for Armor Applications

Accurate Mold Powder Thickness Measuring and Mold Level Measuring With One Radiometric Sensor

Advanced Methods to Characterize Steelmaking and Casting Defects

Advanced Modeling to Optimize and Visualize Strip Flatness

Advanced Processing of High-Carbon Steels

Advanced Project Feasibility Analysis on Modern Material Handling System for a Steel Plant in the U.S.: A Typical Case Study

Advanced Technological Packages for Continuous Casting: A Modular Solution for a Smarter Machine

Advancements in Crane Control Technology Available to Steel and Metal Industries

Algoma’s Thin-Slab Caster Breakout Rate Reduction

Alloy Cost Optimization Through Proper Metallurgical Development of Strength and Ductility Properties in Structural Steels

Alternative Processing Routes for Magnetite Ores

Alternative Treatment for Critical Closed Systems

An Improved Double Hot Thermocouple Technique for Mold Slag Investigation

An Innovative TCO-Based Bid Tabulation Method for Major Capital Equipment

Analysis and Prospect of H2 Impact on Coke in Blast Furnace

Analysis of Rolled-Plates’ Mechanical Properties With a Machine-Learning Software

Analysis of Surface Crack Initiation and Growth During Continuous Casting

Analysis of the Fluid Flow Behavior Within a Beam Blank Mold Using Submerged-Entry Nozzle With Three Exit Ports

Analysis of Thermal Homogenization in a Steel Refining Ladle Using Bottom Gas Injection

Analysis on Operating Results of ENERGIRON Plants and Focus on the Emirates Steel Case

APO - Automated Process Optimization

Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Mechanical Properties of Steel Tubes

Application Results of the Refractory Technologies Developed for Continuous Casting

Arvedi ESP Proves Its Flexibility at Rizhao Steel

Automatic Cranes and Yards: Technological Basis and Why to Move to This Technology

Automatic Surface Inspection in Steel Products Ensures Safe, Cost-Efficient and Timely Defect Detection in Production

Big Data in the Steel Industry: Data Science to Improve Pipe Design and Predict Pipes' Collapse Pressure

Biomass Utilization in Iron and Steelmaking Processes

Blast Furnace Campaign Extension at CherMK – Severstal

Blowdown and End of Campaign of Port Talbot No. 4 Blast Furnace

Bringing Innovative Technology to the DRI-Fed EAF Process at Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel Company

Building a Bigger DRI Plant: Expanding Operational Flexibility With Responsible and Reliable Scale-Up of New 2.5 Mtpy MIDREX® CDRI/HDRI Plants in Algeria

Bundle Bar Tagging Robotic Solutions With a Counting System

Burn Loss and Losses Project

Bypassing Problems Related to Water Cooling: Case Study for Applying ILTEC in a 100-ton EAF

Calcium Injection Optimization at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.’s LMF 2

Campaign Extension Technology of Blast Furnace Based on Self-Organization Theory

Carbon Loss Calculation Model of Blast Furnace Based on Engineering Method

Casting Sequence Optimization Considering Intermixing of Different Steel Grades

CEM® : POSCO’s Innovative High-Speed Casting and Endless Rolling Process

CFD Model for the Simulation of the ENERGIRON DRP Shaft Reactors

CFD Simulations of a Large-Scale Bench Reactor Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Process

Challenges of Hot Rolling of Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades

Changing Unsafe Attitudes and Behaviors

Characteristics of Scrap Motion and Melting During Converter Steelmaking Process

Characterization of AHSS Internal Oxidation by Serial Sectioning

Characterization of Coal Blends and Coke ??ith Waste Tire Addition

Characterization of Coarse and Fine Residues From a Sludge Site of an Integrated Steel Plant in Peru

Characterization of Gas Phase Reaction Regime in the Raceway Zone

Characterization of Inclusions in Air-Melt Stainless Steel

Characterization of Inclusions in High-Mn Steel Using Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Methods

Characterization of Ironmaking Raw Materials Using Computed Tomography

CISDI’s Intelligent Stockyard Expertise

Clean Steel Assessment

Comparative Study of Hot Metal Desulfurization Mixtures

Comparison of Pelletizing Technologies

Complete Control of Edge Technology: How Current Tools Help Metallurgists and Operators Control Trimmed Edge Quality

Compressed Air Upgrades for Energy Efficiency and Reliability at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor

Compressive Strength of Bonding Phase and Its Effect on Strength of Sinter During Sintering Process

Considerations for Safe Handling of Roll Neck??Bearings

Considerations for Use of Multiple Fuels in a Combustion System

Continuous Addition of BOF Slag Into the Blast Furnace Burden

Continuous Casting Control of Equiaxed-Columnar Transition Zone to Minimize Hot Ductility-Induced Cracks

Continuous Improvement of Taphole Sleeve Lifetime for BOF

Continuous Measuring of Strip Temperature Distribution of Cold Strip

Contribution to the Cleanliness Improvement of Aluminum Killed Steels

Control Technology of Raw Automobile Steel Slab Inclusion and Cleanliness

Controlling the Threats of Steelmaking by Integrated Material Balance Analysis

Creating Machine Learning Datasets With Process Data in Steel Plants

Cross Lighting - Technology That Allows for Improved Surface Defect Inspection

Design and Management of a Makeup Water Plant: Technologies Selection Based on OPEX/CAPEX Analysis

Design Considerations for Various Automatic Load Transfer Schemes in Industrial Power Distribution Systems

Design Thinking - A Silicon Valley Methodology to Develop an Intelligent Alarm and Maintenance System

Detection Control Against Shelf Life Guarantee of Bake-Hardened Steel by Mechanical Property Evaluation

Detection, Measurement and Characterization of Inclusions Using Automated SEM Techniques, Part 2: Multiple Threshold Analysis

Determination of Synthetic Desulfurizing Slags for Secondary Steelmaking

Development of ??ew ??hermal ??ndices in Heat-Recovery Cokemaking to ??nsure ??ompletion of the Carbonization Process

Development of a Model to Calculate Extra Coke Requirement During Blast Furnace Wind-Off Condition

Development of a Predictive Sulphide Capacity Model for Ladle Desulphurization

Development of a Real-Time Program for Leveling Hot-Rolled Strip

Development of a Safety Training Simulator for Lockout??Tagout

Direct Tapping Model Based on Artificial Neural Network

Dissolution Rate of Various MgO Materials in Steel and Secondary Metallurgy Slags

Dry Slag Granulation – The Future Way to Granulate Blast Furnace Slag

Dynamic EAF Operation to React on Changing Raw Materials When Producing a Variety of High-Alloyed and Stainless Steel Grades via Different Process Routes

Dynamic Modeling of BOF Process: Comparison of Model Performance With Plant Data

Dynamic Modeling of Projects for Managing Integrated Steel Plant Construction

Dynamic Superheat Determination: A Fresh Approach

EAF Slag Characteristics and Inert Gas Stirring for High-Alloyed and Stainless Steelmaking

EAF Water Detection at Nucor Steel Seattle Inc. Using Tenova’s NextGen® Off-Gas Analysis Technology

Effect of Al2O3 on Low-Temperature Reduction Degradation of Iron Ore Sinter

Effect of Aluminum Occurrence State on the Formation of Calcium Ferrites in the Sintering Process of Iron Ore Fines

Effect of Calcium Treatment on the Inclusions of 20CrMnTi Steel During the Refining Process

Effect of Different Alloying Elements on the Weld Metals Properties of C-Mn Steels During Submerged-Arc Welding

Effect of Hood Pressure on Nitrogen Pick-up in the LD Steelmaking Process

Effect of In-Situ Spinels on Al2O3-MgO-C Ladle Bricks Properties and Slag Corrosion Resistance

Effect of Microsegregation on Non-Metallic Inclusions in Si-Mn Killed Steels

Effect of MnS Inclusions on the Formation of Intragranular Ferrite in Non-Quenched and Tempered Steel

Effect of Nb on As-cast Solidification Structure Refinement of Ferritic Stainless Steel Dual Stabilized by Ti and Nb

Effect of Pass Schedule on Deformation Penetration in Plate Rolling

Effect of Phase Solidification Sequence in Stainless Steel on Grain Refining Efficiency

Effect of Time and Coke Amount in Briquette Made of EAF Dust and Coke

Effects of Industry 4.0 in BOF Steel Plants

Efficient and Clean – Big River Steel’s New PL-TCM Sets a World Record in Exhaust Air Purity

Energy Efficiency in Secondary Cooling – New Generation of Air-Mist Nozzles With Reduced Air Consumption and High Cooling Efficiency

Energy-Saving Efforts in a Rolling Mill

Enhancement of Width Draft Capability for Thin-Slab Hot Strip Mill

Evaluation of Fluid Performance for Thread Cutting of Premium Pipe Connections Using a Cut Tapping Operation on AISI 4140 Steel Using a Vertical Machining Center

Evaluation of Residual Fatigue Life of the Main Reduction Gears at Hot Strip Mill

Evolution and Control of Non-Metallic Inclusions in Line Pipe Steels

Evolution and Formation of CaS Inclusions During Calcium Treatment in Oil Casting Steels

Evolution of Oxide Inclusions in Non-??riented Electrical Steel

Examination of Injected Fuel Combustion in a Generic Blast Furnace Test Rig

Experience With the New Visual Guidance Concept

Experimental Investigation of Inclusion Formation in High-Manganese Steel Production

EZDK – Follow Up: Stage Two of CSP® Revamp Enhancement in Ultrathin Gauge and Total Quality Approach

Failure Analysis and Countermeasure of a Cracked Spline Gear Used in Main Reducer of a Hot Strip Mill

fine Briquetting - Improving the Economics and Closing the Material Loop at Direct Reduction Plants

Fire and Water: The New Advanced Quench and Temper Facility at TimkenSteel Transforms the World of High-Quality Bar and Tube

First Results of Slab Surface Inspection and Dimension Measuring in Stainless Steel Production

First-Class Quality Plates With Minimum CAPEX at New 3.4 m Plate Mill at Shagang Steel, China

Flash Ironmaking From Magnetite Concentrate Using a Large-Scale Bench Reactor: Experimental and CFD Work

Flash® Bainite: Room Temp Stamping 1500 to 1800MPa Structural and Energy Absorbing Components to <2T Bend Radii and the Coil-to-Coil Production Equipment

Flexible Slab Caster Technology: Where Operational Agility Meets Prime Slab Quality Production

Flow and Thermal Stress Analysis of a Blast Furnace Blowpipe

Flow Behavior of Molten Steel During VOD Refining Process for Stainless Steel

Fluidic CoJet® Injector

Fluxing SiO2-Free Binder for Iron Ore Pellets

Future-Oriented Modernization Concepts With Proven Technology for Continuous Casting Plants

Gas-Based Direct Reduction of Manganese Ore Pellets

General Design Considerations for Low-Voltage Power Distribution Infrastructure for Steel Plants

Generation of Stable Optimized Through-Thickness Mechanical Properties in Wide, Heavy-Gauge Structural Steel Plate

Give Water a Second Life: Municipal Wastewater for Industrial Applications

Grade Verification and Compositional Analysis Using On-Line XRF as Part of 100% Inspection

Gyro Nozzle – An Innovative Submerged-Entry Nozzle Design for Billet and Bloom Casting

Heat Cycle Reduction in EDD Coils Through Batch Annealing Furnace With Better Properties

Heat Size Increase in BOF Shop – A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Production

Heavy Industrial Equipment Motion Control: Minimizing Engineering Time Using Built-In Virtual Axis Motion Control

Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.’s Successfully Commissioned Continuous Slab Caster

High-Carbon HBI and the Analysis of Formation of Iron Carbide and Behavior in the ENERGIRON ZR Process

High-Speed Casting: A New Concept in Billet Shape for Rebar Production

High-Speed Shear: An OpEx-Reducing Solution for Manpower Saving

High-Temperature Conveyor Belt Technology

High-Temperature Top-Combustion Stoves of Kalugin Design for Blast Furnaces

Holistic Approach of High-Quality Flat Steel Production – Dynamic Production Scheduling in Respect to Process Quality, Control System and Plant Condition

Hot Briquetting Trials With Variable-Carbon DRI

Hot Surface Defect Detection Synchronizing Eddy Current + Vision: A New Reliable Technology for Consistent Continuous Improvements on Time in the Long Product Metal Industry

Hot Vision – A Video Analysis Tool to Quantify and Control Gunning Quality

i Consteel® - A Top Charge EAF Revamping Strategy for Reducing Operating Costs, Energy & Particulate Emissions while Increasing Yield & Productivity

Impact of Different Injection Coals on Process and Performance at Tata Steel Blast Furnaces

Impact of Transition From Dry to Wet Quenching on Coke Properties and Blast Furnace Performance

Impact of Transition From Dry to Wet Quenching on Coke Properties and Blast Furnace Performance

Impact of Tundish Open Eye Size on Reoxidation during Trials at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Continuous Caster

Imperatives for a Project Leadership in the Hyperdynamic Business Environment

Improved Advanced Control for Operation of a Tandem Cold Rolling Mill

Improved Materials and Design of Pot Roll Bearings

Improvement and Finite Element Analysis of Edge Seam Defect on the Hot-Rolled IF Steel Strip by Chamfered Slab

Improvement of Cast Steel Surface Quality With Very High Basicity (Over 1.5) Mold Powders

Improvement of MgO-C Bricks for Thermal Cycling Behavior in Steel Ladle Operation

Improvements Achieved From Tenova's Upgrade of the Reheat Furnace Combustion System at Nucor Steel–Hertford County

Improvements in Energy Efficiency of Blast Furnace Operation at NLMK, Russia

Improvements in PCI System for Higher Pulverized Coal Injection Rates in the Blast Furnaces

Improving an EAF Air Pollution Control System Using New Filter Technologies

Improving Energy Efficiency of EAF With Optimum Setting of Arc Stability

Improving Mill Efficiency With New Advanced HSS Grades

Improving Pickling Line Production by Means of Sensor-Based Automation Solution

Improving Sulfide Shape Control in High-Quality Heavy Plate Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Coatesville

In-Line Straightness Measurements of Tubes and Pipes for Process and Quality Control

In-Situ Dissolution of Aluminum Titanate Inclusion Into Al2O3-CaO-SiO2-Type Slag

Inclusion Evolution Comparison of Aluminum Killed Silicon Bearing and Silicon Restricted Grades

Inclusion Formation in Si-Mn Killed Steel Exposed to Al-containing MgO–C Refractory Under Vacuum Conditions

Inclusion Size Changes After Calcium Treatment of Alumina and Spinels

Increasing the Billet Productivity on a Multi-Section Continuous Casting Machine: Internal Development Case at Emirates Steel

India’s Oldest Operating RH Degasser at Tata Steel Doubles Throughput Capacity

Inductive Strip Heating

Industry 4.0 Leading to the Evolution of Intelligent EAF Steelmaking

Infiltration Mechanism of Mold Flux by Measurement of Friction Force

Influence of Coal Tar Addition on Coke Quality

Influence of H2O Content on Properties of Coke in Gas-Injection Blast Furnace

Innovative Direct Quenching Application at Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa Inc.

Innovative Utilization of Ladle Furnace Slags at Tata Steel

Installation and Functional Differences Between Split SAF Plummer Blocks With Open Bearings and Unitized Plummer Blocks With Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

Integrated Treatment of Offgas, Wastewater and Solid Wastes for Minimization of Environmental Footprints

Integration of Lining and Cooling System Diagnostics Methods Into the Expert System to Reduce Hot Metal Production Cost and Increase Blast Furnace Productivity

Introduction of Centrifugally Spun Cast High-Speed Steel Work Rolls in Hot Mills: A Tata Steel India Perspective

Introduction to Rolling Mill Monitoring System

Investigation of Crystallization, Roughness and Porosity of Mold Powder Slag Films Used for Casting Medium-Carbon Steel Billets and Slabs

JSW Improvements in BOF Lance by Slagless Clean Up® Technology

Laser Profile Measurement System That Immerses a Laser Into a Hot Ladle to Evaluate the Entire Condition and Optimize Treatment and Maintenance of the Ladle

Latest Results in EAF Optimization of Scrap-Based Melting Process: Q-Melt Installation in Kroman Celik

Liberty Speciality Steels Produces Ultraclean Specialty Steels With a VIM X-eed® Unit From SMS Mevac GmbH / SMS Group: The Success Story of a Development Contract

Lowering of CO2 Emissions at the BF by Using Biocoal - Theoretical and Practical Possibilities and Limitations

LOWNOX-MELTSHOP™: An Innovative Process Approach for NOx Emissions Reduction

Lubrication Strategies for Rolling Hard Steel Types

Maintenance-Free Bearings in Steel Mill Applications

Managing Water Contamination in Hot Rolling Mills to Improve Productivity

Material Handling: The Handling of Coils Rolls and Slabs in the Steel Mill Environment

Mathematical Model to Predict the Mechanical Properties of an Industrial Hot-Rolled Round Bar Carbon Steel

Mi.DA 4.0: Endless Casting and Rolling Process Empowered by Digital Technologies

Mid-Campaign Salamander Tapping at G-Blast Furnace During Long Shutdown

Mid-Term Repair of D Blast Furnace by Excellent Project Management

MIDREX H2 TM: Ultimate Low-CO2 Ironmaking and Its Place in the New Hydrogen Economy

Mill Stabilizing Device for Reduction of Impact Force, Mill Vibration and Strip Steering Instability

Modeling of Heat Transfer and Phase Transformation Phenomena During Runout Table Cooling

Modeling of Microstructural Evolution and Mean Flow Stress of the Nb Microalloyed Steels for Hot Roughing Mill of the Plain Steel

Modeling of Scrap Preheating by Oxy-fuel Combustion in an Electric Arc Furnace

Modern Plate/Steckel Mills: Recent Developments for New Levels of Flexibility and Competitiveness

Mold Flow Evaluation During Production of IF Steel Grade With an Advanced Multiple Measurement Mold Audit Tool “XMAT”

New Cold Rolling Complex of Tangshan Dedicated to High-End Markets With the Production of AHSS for Automotive Application

New Constructed Hot Strip Mill for Tata Steel Kalinganagar Project in India

New Partition Implement for Sequential Casting of Different Steel Grades

New Perspective on Blast Furnace Optimization and Upset Prevention

New Pulverized Coal Injection System at the Blast Furnaces of Salzgitter Flachstahl, Germany

New RH Installation at thyssenkrupp CSA – Moving to Industry 4.0

New Solutions for the New Normal: Enhancing Competitiveness of Discontinuous Cold Mills and Strip Processing Lines

Nitrogen Removal from Manganese-Alloyed Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) in a Tank Degasser: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Model

Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment With Sphagnum Moss in a Hot Mill

Novel Approach to EAF Melting

Novel Castable Technology for a Safe and Extended Lifetime of Blast Furnace Main Troughs

Novel Methodology to Determine the Critical Strain of Fracture of Oxide Scale in Hot Finishing Mill Conditions

Nozzle Clogging for Si-Killed Steel – Revisited

On-Line Robotic Industrial Tank Cleaning: Clean Cooling Towers On-Line

Operation of a DC EAF-Based Meltshop Connected to a Weak Electrical Network: From Feasibility Study to Operation

Operational Results of a Highly Productive EAF Ultimate, Including Ramp-Up Curve and Commissioning Timeline

Operational Results of the First Tiltable VLB Installation in the US at Outokumpu

Operational Results of the U. S. Steel – Gary Works No. 4 Blast Furnace After Installation of the Compact Bell Less Top®

Optimal Control of Accretion Growth and Quality of Sponge Iron in a Coal-Fired Rotary Kiln at Tata Sponge, India

Optimization of Dephosphorisation Practice in BOF Shops Using Advanced Analytics

Optimization of Fume Suction With Enhanced Pressure and an Asymmetrical Fan

Optimization of Steelmaking Production for API Grades Through EAF and Conventional Caster Route

Optimized Redundancy Using a Special Transformer Design for a Swing Unit to Feed Dirty and Clean Bus Loads at Different Voltages

Optimizing Strip Speed Measurement for Mass Flow-AGC and Elongation Control With Laser Surface Velocimeters

Optimizing Strip Speed Measurement for Mass Flow-AGC and Elongation Control With Laser Surface Velocimeters

Outside Diameter Growth Prediction in Quenching Seamless Pipes of Low-Carbon Steel

Parameter Identification of Shape Actuation Influence Functions Using Phase Sensitive Detection - Part 2: Multi-Input Case

Pelletization -A Sustainable Way of Agglomerating Iron Ore in an Integrated Steel Plant

Performance Optimization of Automated Surface Inspection System

Pickle Line Tension Modeling Using Both Calculated Values and Empirical Data

Planning Boiler Outages at Burns Harbor

Practical Approach of Penetration Index Equations for Use in BOF Blowing Pattern Design

Prediction of Accretion Growth from Dynamic Analysis of Heat Transfer in Coal Fired Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln at TATA Sponge, Joda, India

Prediction of CSR of Coke Made From Australian Low-Volatile-Matter Coking Coals

Process and Input Material Control Using Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence

Process Gas Heater Design Considerations in DRI Applications

Process Window for Pre-Oxidation for a Full Radiant Tube Furnace

Producing Silicon Steel With Solutions From SMS Group and Benefit From E-Mobility Trend

Production of Carbon Steel With Ultrafine Grains by Warm Torsion Test

Production of High-End Steels With the 150 t RH Facility at Big River Steel

Progressing Technology of Roller Leveler for High-Strength Steel Plate

Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) Test Facilities and Methods – Overview and Recommendations

Pushing the Limits of Backup Roll Materials

Q-SYM2: The State of the Art in Scrap Yard and Metal Management and Future Developments

Quality Management Plays a Central Role in Metals Industry 4.0

Quantifying Slab Centerline Segregation: MXRF Eliminates Sample Preparation and Etching Procedures

Reaching the Next Level in Continuous Line Furnaces Control Optimization

Rebuild and Upgrade of a Straight Mold Slab Caster to Improve Reliability

Recarburization of Liquid Steel Using Rubber Tree Bark: Implication for Utilizing Agricultural Waste in EAF Steelmaking

Recent Development to Decrease Spinel-Type Inclusions by Modification of Slag Composition at Ladle Furnace

Recommissioning a Profilometer Gauge a Decade After Idling for the Purpose of Identifying Hot Mill Ridges

Reduction in Chemical Energy Costs for EAF Steelmaking

Reduction in Hot Metal Silicon Through Statistical Analysis at H Blast Furnace, Tata Steel Jamshedpur

Reduction in Unit Fuel Consumption by Updating Ladle Pre-heating Device

Refractory Condition Monitoring and Lifetime Prognosis

Research and Development of 800-MPa High-Strength Rim Sheet Steel

Research and Development of the Copper Staves With Ledge Used for the Blast Furnace

Research and Practice on Inner Profile Design of Modern Blast Furnace

Results From Recent Converter Revamping Projects

Revamping of Skinpass Section for Automotive Products

Risk and Knowledge Management With Blast Furnace Process Optimization Systems

Rolling Mill Bearing Lubrication – An Innovative Grease Technology Helps Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Round Bloom Caster for Rolling Medium-Large Bars

Safe and Successful Blowing Down Up to Tuyere Level at Tata Steel Limited

Safety Maintenance and Reliability of Overhead Bridge Cranes for Steel Works

SDI to Widen Production Range at Columbia City, Ind., USA Plant

Sealing Systems for Oil Film Bearings in Flat Rolling Mills

Simulation of Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition Considering Dendrite Fragmentation During Solidification of Steel

Slag Conditioning of Ti-Stabilized Stainless Steel by Using a TiO2-Rich Calcium Aluminate Flux

Snout Issues and Minimising Their Impact on Quality

Solutions for the Production of High-Strength Steels and/or Thinner Gauges in Cold Rolling

Sophisticated Engineering Upgrades 50-Year-Old Pumps

Start-Up and Highlights of the Big River Steel Cold Mill Complex

State-of-the-Art Ladle Handling

State-of-the-Art Roll Grinder Control and Measuring Technology

Statistical Analysis of Non-Metallic Inclusion Datasets

Steel Corrosion: Experimental Analysis and Computer Simulation

Steel Dynamics Inc.’s Bold Upgrade of Galvanizing Line No. 1

Stelco’s No.1 Blast Furnace Campaign Extension Interim Repairs and Operating Practices

Strategic Capacity and Investment Road Map Planning

Strategies for the Production of Low-Silicon and Low-Sulfur Hot Metal at Vizag Steel

Structural Characterization of Coke Produced From Coal Blends Containing Petroleum Coke

Study of Austenite Formation During Tempering of Supermartensitic Stainless Steel

Study of Metallurgical Coke Stabilization

Study of Slag–Metal Behavior in a Physical Model of a RH Reactor, With Special Reference to Desulfurization

Study on Optimum Coke Layer Thickness for Stable Operation of Blast Furnaces

Study on Proper MgO/Al2O3 in Blast Furnace Slag and Its Influence on Viscosity

Study on Removal of Hexavalent Chromium From Chromium Slag in the Process of Preparing MgAl2O4 Spinel by Electro Fusion

Study on Safety Evaluation Model of Blast Furnace Hearth and Application

Success With Annealing and Galvanizing Lines From SMS group in the NAFTA Region

Successful Application of Electric Actuator On-line Mold Width Adjustment in Ningbo Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. No. 2 Slab Caster

Surface-Critical Defects Analysis in Hot-Rolled Long Products, Wire Rod and Bars With Eddy Current and Artificial Vision Testing

Technological Challenges and Solutions for the Production of State-of-the-Art 2nd- and 3rd-Generation AHSS Grades

Technologies for Smart Rolling Mills

Technology Advancements in Blast Furnace Cooling – Part 2

Temperature Inhomogeneity in a Continuous Casting Tundish

Texture Study of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Ex-Service Pipeline Steels

TGA Technique for Coke Chemical Reactivity Quantification

The AOD Process: 50 Years of History and Technology

The Behavior of Manganese in Oxygen Steelmaking

The Case for Arc-Resistant Medium-Voltage Adjustable Frequency Drive Systems

The Compact Continuous Cold Rolling System for Medium-Scale Produc

The Continuing Development of Modern Steel Products

The Development of VICTURATM Rolls for Hot Strip Mill Late Finishing Stands

The Effect of Grain Size and Cold Work on the High-Temperature Oxidation of Low-Cr Boiler Steels

The Effects of a Hole Through Chute Bottom on Burden Distribution

The Effects of Silicon on Desulfurization in Aluminum Killed Steels

The First Industrial Realization of an AB Cyclone for Minimizing the Pressure Drop on the EAF Fumes Line

The Implementation of a 2D Dynamic Secondary Cooling Model at ArcelorMittal USA’s Riverdale CSP Caster

The Influence of Wettability on Argon Gas Bubble Formation Inside a Tundish Well Nozzle

The Innovative DRI-EAF Route for the Production of High-Purity Pig Iron

The Plate Mill TAF Prediction by Torsional Vibration Model of Main Drive System

The Process of Low Coke Rate Operation Under All Pellets at Kobe Blast Furnace

The Reline of ROGESA’s No. 4 Blast Furnace in 2016: Technical Upgrades Performed During the Revamping Project

The Rolling Mill for Rails and Structural Sections at ARBZ

The Stainless Steel Slab Caster at Fuxin Special Steel

The Structural Design of the Base Ring, Bottom Plate and Foundation Anchoring System Shell On the State-of-the-Art Blast Furnace

The Use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNS) in Order to Improve Siderurgical Process

Thermal Bending in Blast Furnace Copper Staves

Thermal Losses Model At Ternium Brasil Hot Metal Ladle

Thermal Mathematical Model of Refractory Materials Applied to a Steel Pipe Heat Treatment Furnace

Thermography: Seeing the Unforeseen

Thick Strip Cutting and Welding With High-Power Solid-State Laser Technology Breakthrough

Thickness Control During the Galvanizing Process

Three-Dimensional Numerical Model Development for the Investigation of the Gas Jet Wiping Process on the Flow Behaviors Near the Galvanizing Bath Surface

Three-Dimensional Study of Inclusion Morphology and Size Distribution In Mn-Si Killed Steel

Today’s Trucking Regulations and Their Economic Impact on the Industry — Electronic Logging Devices

Toward More Optimized Practices of Roll Gap Lubrication for Improved Operation of Hot Strip Rolling

Transformation of Spinel Inclusions by Calcium Treatment in the Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

TRC® - Total Roll Gap Control – Yield Improvement That Makes the Difference – Examples of Recent Plant Start-ups Using TRC

Turning Reheat Furnace Into Science

Tuyere Burning in Blast Furnaces, Phenomena Understanding and Measures to Control

U.S. Steel Great Lakes Works No. 5 Continuous Pickle Line (CPL) Revamp ??ith iBox Pickling Technology

Understanding Fluid Flow in the Stopper Rod Control System

Understanding the Inclusion Buildup Phenomenon in Ca-Treated Re-Sulfurized Steels

Upgrade Legacy DC Drives to AC Now and Worry About the Motors Later

Upgrades to the Ladle Pre-Heaters in the No. 2 BOF at ArcelorMittal Cleveland

Use of the EBSD Technique to Study High-Temperature Intergranular Oxidation of Inconel 625 Alloy

Use of the Ultrasonic Technique to Evaluate Hardness and Strength of C-Mn Steel During Quenching and Tempering

Use of X-Ray Microtomography to Determine Volume Fraction and 3D Morphology of Inclusion Clusters in Steel

Using Laser Light Sectioning to Combine Profile Measurement and Surface Inspection of Hot-Rolled Steel Products Within One System

Variation of Metal Surface’s Wetting Property by Imprinting Femtosecond Laser Surface Processed Micro/Nanostructure

Varnish Control in Steel Mill Hydraulic/Lubrication Systems

Viability Study of the Use of Iron Ore to Obtain an Aggregate for Civil Construction

Vibration Reduction by Electronic Torque Brakes on Converters (AOD)

Vision System for the Identification of Geometric Defects of Billets, Slabs and Blooms

Water Modeling Quantifies the Complex Role of Argon Flow on Tundish Open Eye Formation

WAVE Mold Results at Nucor Jackson Inc., Mississippi

Wood Waste as a Vector to Intensify the Circular Economy Concept in the Steel Industry

Work Roll Lubrication and Cooling Package for Hot Strip Mills to Produce High-Quality Steel