2017 AISTech Conference Proceedings

200 Years of R&D With Perspective of Future Roll Materials

A Compact Mold Powder Diffuser With Built-In Optical Powder Thickness Measurement

A Complex Approach for Secondary Cooling Improvements Using Sophisticated Spray Nozzle Analyses in Various ArcelorMittal USA Casters

A Cost-Effective Approach to the Development of High Strength-High Toughness NbVTi-Based HSLA Steels for the Agricultural and Heavy Transportation Industries

A Detailed Discussion on Arc Flash Hazard Reduction Methods

A Holistic CFD Approach for Standard and Shaft-Type Electric Arc Furnaces

A Journey of Significant Reduction in Coke Rate at Tata Steel Jamshedpur Blast Furnaces

A Kinetic Model to Predict the Rate of Austenitization During Continuous Heating of Electric Steels

A New Cylindrical-Spherical Crossover Bearing for Industrial Applications

A New Experimental Setup for the Simulation of Surface Crack Formation in the Continuous Casting Process

A Novel Approach for Modification of Oxide Inclusions by Calcium in High-Sulfur Al-Killed Steel

A Refined Model for Strip Profile Evolution During Hot and Cold Strip Rolling in 4-High Rolling Mills

A Review of Case Histories in Failure Analysis of Rails and Thermite Welds

A Review of Defects in Beam Blank Casting and the Measures Proposed for Their Elimination

A Study of Residual Stress Patterns in Temper / Roller-Leveled Cut-To-Length Plates

AC Sourced, DC Magnet Control

Advanced Control for Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Tandem Hot Metal Sheet Mill

Advanced Data Mining for Process Optimizations and Use of AI to Predict Refractory Wear and to Analyze Refractory Behavior

Advanced Data-Driven Prediction Models for BOF Endpoint Detection

Advanced Process Control Technologies for Successful Revival of an Old Hot Strip Mill

Advancements in Combustion Control Methods for Regenerative Systems: A Case Study

Advances in Preventive Maintenance for Medium-Voltage Equipment by Continuous Monitoring and Remote Monitoring of Partial Discharge

Advances in Width Measurement Systems and Application

Advantages of Axial Cyclone vs. Inertial Spark Arresters Along the EAF Secondary Ducts: Field Experience and Future Developments Through CFD Analysis

An Efficient Reliability-Based Method for Simulating Sheet Crown in CVC Mills

An Innovative Solution Using Eddy Current Probes for Wear Measurement on Huge Slewing Bearings

An Investigation of a Loss of Center Temperature Profile

An Optimized Ladle Refractory Configuration for Steel Refining and Vacuum Degassing Processes at SSAB Americas

Analysis of International Standards on Concrete-Reinforcing Steel Bar

Analysis of Low Fuel Rate Operation in CSC With Feature Selection Methods

Analysis of Oxygen-Enriched Smelting in 5500-m3 Blast Furnace in Shougang Jingtang

Analysis of Running the NLMK’s Blast Furnaces at Different Intensities

Analysis of Total Cost of Ownership Models for Mill Rolls

Application of a Disposable Steel Level Detection Sensor in a DC Electric Arc Furnace

Application of Chrome-Free Refractory in RH Degasser

Application of EAF Wall Injectors for High-Alloy Steel Production

Application of Kinetic Model for Industrial Scale Ladle Refining Process

Application of Thermodynamic Database to New Mold Flux Design for High-Al Steel Production

Applications of Imaging-Based Surface Inspection Equipment for Monitoring and Control of the Rod and Bar Rolling Process

Applying New Technologies: Stainless Steel Slab Surface Defect Detection Using High-Definition Images and Machine Learning Tools for Classification

ArcelorMittal Industeel in Belgium - The World’s Thickest (355 mm) Austenitic Stainless Steel Slab Ever Cast

Are Conductive Arms Always the Best Alternative? An Engineering Evaluation of Electrode Arm Designs

Assessing Process Impacts of Retrofits for NOx Reduction in Fired Ironmaking Equipment

Automated Inspection Solution for Cold Rolling Tandem Mills

Automation Enhancements to Improve Steel Production, Yield, Quality and Cost at the Burns Harbor Steel Producing Shop, ArcelorMittal USA

Avoidance of Hazardous Substances via Low-Emission MgO-C Technology Shown With the Example of a Ladle Lining Refractory

Back-Up Rolls for Plate Mill: Performance Improvements in Order to Obtain the Best Quality Product

Bearing Fatigue Life: The Detrimental Effect of Carbide Segregation

Benefits of Direct Measurement of Steel Strip Catenary in Pickling Lines

Blast Furnace Hearth Thermal Assessment and Identification of Wear Zones

Blast Furnace Process Monitoring and Control Through the Use of Tuyere Camera Technology

BOF Blowing Process Challenges for High Rate of Iron Ore Pellet Addition — Process Development and Results at tkCSA

BOF Extend Lifetime Bottom Purging at AHMSA, México

BOF Lance Life Improvements at # 3 SP of ArcelorMittal USA – Indiana Harbor

Briquetting of Ferrous Fines – Saving Resources, Creating Value

Calibration and Validation of X-Ray Fluorescence Technique for Mapping Centreline Segregation on Steel Slabs

CanmetENERGY’s Experience on Performing High-Temperature Dilatation Measurements

Careful Control of Refractory Lining Conditions at NTMK-EVRAZ Ensures Intensive Operation and Long Campaign of Titania Blast Furnace

Case Study: Wear in Supersonic Nozzle of Tip Lance in Vallourec Brazil Steelmaking

CFD Modeling of a Pusher-Type Reheat Furnace

Characteristics of Slag Film Sheeting Phenomenon in Continuous Casting Mold

Characterization of Novel Flow Control Refractories for the Continuous Casting Process by Modeling and Simulation

Characterization of the Formation and Growth of Carbides in Low Temperature Tempered (LTT) Advanced High-Strength Low- Alloy (HSLA) Steels

Coal Gasification Selection for the Production of DRI

Cold Coal Agglomeration for Increasing Coke Plant Productivity

Collaboration in Energy Savings

Comparative Evaluation of Electromagnetic Breaking on Fluid Flow and Turbulence Between a Reduced- Scale Liquid Metal Mold and a Full-Scale Industrial Mold

Construction of Green Steel Manufacturing System for Shougang Jingtang

Continuous Process Versus Batch Process Power Demand Management

Control System and Motor Upgrade at the ArcelorMittal Number 4 Steel Production Facility

Converting to Sealed Work Rolls

Critical Temperatures of Interstitial-Free Steel (Tnr, Ar3 and Ar1) Evaluated by Hot Torsion Test

CSN LLC Temper Mill Modernization

Cyber Security for Steel Mills

Damage Modeling for Designing High-Performance Roll Materials

Danieli Cold Mill Complex for a Challenging Project Made Simple

Danieli Intelligent System: A Leap Forward Toward the Intelligent Plant

Danieli Universal Endless DUE® — SGJT Selects the First-Ever Universal Solution for Flat Products

Defining the Role of Slag in the Longevity of EAF Equipment

Demonstration of a High-Throughput Treatability Technique for Evaluating the Physicochemical Treatment of Wastewater and Tailings

Destruction of Carcinogenic Materials Through Direct Combustion in the Heating Process in Steel Casting Ladles

Detection, Measurement and Characterization of Inclusions Using Automated SEM Techniques Part 1: The Effects of Pixel Spacing, X-Ray Collection Time and Accelerating Voltage

Developing a Basic Project Plan: Scope, Schedule, Budget 101 for the Maintenance Engineer

Developing Heat Treat Equipment for Third-Generation AHSS

Development and Application of a Multiphysics Mold Simulator for the Continuous Casting Process

Development and Application of Advanced Refractory Systems for Improved Mechanical and Corrosion Resistance in Iron and Steel Environments

Development and Application of Burden Distribution Model on Bell-Less Top of Blast Furnace

Development and Application of Burden Distribution Model on Bell-Less Top of Blast Furnace

Development and Application of Fiber Bragg Gratings for Slab Casting

Development of a Caster Scheduling Model for Process Optimization

Development of a High-Basicity Exothermic Starter Mold Powder for the Prevention of Strand Surface Cracks at Cast Start

Development of a New Grade for Rear Finishing Stands Based on Modeling and Evaluation of Specific Degradations

Development of a Safety Training Simulator for Fall Protection

Development of Advanced 20-High Split-Housing ZR-Mill (HZ-Mill)

Development of CaF2-CaO-Al2O3-MgO-TiO2 Slag for ESR of TiO2-Containing Slag

Development of Double Nozzle Line Burner at the Ignition Furnace of a Sinter Plant

Development of Dual-Phase Steel Using Non-Peritectic Carbon Chemistry for Thin-Slab Continuous Casting Compact Strip Production (CSP) Steel Mill

Development of Fe- 500S Grade Reinforced Bars With Corrosion Resistance at RINLVisakhapatnam Steel Plant, India

Development of High-Quality Grades Production Techniques Using a VOD Plant at voestalpine Giesserei Linz

Development of High-Strength Microalloyed Coiled Rebar

Development of KOBM Selective Slag Coating Practice

Development of Pressure Vessels Grade Plates in 100-mm Thickness at JSPL Raigarh

Development of X60-X70 Pipe Steel TRDR Technology for Low-Temperature Toughness Increasing

Direct Observation on the Oxides Formation Behavior at Bath Surface of Stainless Steel by Top Blowing Ar-O2 Gas

Dry Temper Mill Work Roll Heating and Expansion Just Outside Strip Edge — Analysis of Causes and Solution Results

Dynamic Modeling of Oxygen Steelmaking Process: A Multi-Zone Kinetic Approach

Dynamic Soft Reduction: Advanced Solutions and Results for Square and Round Blooms

EAF Application of SmartFurnace and ZoloSCAN Laser Offgas Measurement Technology at Vallourec Star

EAF Optimization Using Real-Time Heat and Mass Balances at Nucor Steel Seattle Inc.

EAF SMARTrafo Solution

Economics of HBI Addition to North American Blast Furnaces

Effect of Al2O3 Addition to CaO-SiO2-FeO Slags on Dephosphorization Behavior of Hot Metal

Effect of AlN on Hot Metal Desulfurization by Mechanical Stirring Process

Effect of Argon Injection in Meniscus Flow and Turbulence Intensity Distribution in Slab Casting Mold Under the Influence of Double-Ruler Magnetic Field

Effect of Chemical Composition on AHSS As-Cast Microstructure and Properties

Effect of Coal Mineral Type and Size on Coke Strength After Reaction

Effect of Dendritic Structure on the Spot Segregation of Continuously Cast Round Bloom

Effect of EMS on Inclusion Removal in Ladle Furnace for Specialty Steel Production

Effect of H2 Content on Melt-Dropping Properties of Burden

Effect of Hardness on Behavior of Work Rolls

Effect of Homogenization and Austenization Temperatures on Segregation Reduction of Advanced High-Strength Steels

Effect of Insert Depth of the Submerged-Entry Nozzle on the Flow Field of Casting Mold

Effect of Rare Earth Additions on 4130

Effect of Slag Composition on Inclusion Composition in Molten Steel

Effect of Slag System on Steel Composition Variation of G20CrNi2Mo During Industrial Electroslag Remelting Process

Effective Asset Investment Planning for Sustaining Capital Projects — A Case Study for Steel Manufacturing Operations

Effects of Blast Furnace Auxiliary Fuel Injection Conditions and Design Parameters on Combustion Characteristics and Injection Lance Wear

Effects of Oxygen Temperature and BOF Pressure Under Jet Penetration

Efficiency of the EAF With Telescope Roof

Electric Arc Furnace Explosions: A Deadly but Preventable Problem

Electrical Modernization Considerations

Empowering of a 50-Year-Old, 4-Stand Tandem Cold Mill to State-of-the-Art Performance

Energy Efficiency at Steel Plants: Waste to Power

Energy Saving and Process Optimization in a Conventional Hot Strip Mill by Application of the Latest High-Efficient Descaling Technology

Enhanced Roll Grades for Hot Strip Mill Late Finishing Stands

Enhancement of Throughput of Coal Grinding Mill by 33% by Process Optimization at I Blast Furnace, Tata Steel

Environmental Impact of Regularly Produced and Landfilled Iron-Bearing Metallurgical Waste

Establishment of Oil-Air Lubrication System in Continuous Casting Machine

Evaluating the Hot Metal Dephosphorization Efficiency by Computational Thermodynamic Software

Evaluating the Hot Metal Dephosphorization Efficiency by Computational Thermodynamic Software

Evaluation of Strength Mechanical Compression of Coke

Evaluation of Strength Mechanical Compression of Coke

Evaluation of the Life Cycle of the LD Meltshop Process: A Tool of Environmental Management at the Production of Steel

Examples of How Fire-Resistant Grease Improved Work Safety and Reduced Fire Hazard in Steel Plants

Extended Product Range at CSP® Plant at EZDK, Alexandria, Egypt, After Technology and Automation Revamp

Extremely Strong Steels – The Mechanism and Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement

Factors Affecting Coke Bed Permeability

Fast-Track Replacement of an Ore Stacker/Reclaimer

Flexible Deburring Grinding Solutions For Slabs, Blooms and Billets For Continuous Production

Flow Patterns in Mold for Preventing Longitudinal Cracks on Peritectic Steel Grades

Freeboard Combustion Simulation in an Electric Arc Furnace With a Flat Bath

Friction and Surface Microstructure in Steel Cold Rolling Investigated in Pilot Mill Trials

Future-Oriented Sustainable Steelmaking Solutions – Saving Resources, Creating Value

Greasing and Protector/Coupling on Tubes: A Robot Cell Application

Heat Extraction and Droplet Impact Regimes Obtained with Continuous Casting Air-mist Nozzles

High-Performance Taphole Clay – A Key for Blast Furnace Hearth Protection and a Tool for Cost Reduction

Highly Productive, Reliable and Unique Casting at Badische Stahlwerke

Historical Operating Cost Comparson for North American Irona nd Steelmaking Routes

Hot Blast Stove Campaign Extension Repairs At Operating Temperature

Hot Blast Superheating — A Scalable Technology to Reduce Coke Consumption

IEC 61850-Based Protection Systems for Cable and Bus Protection

Impact on Reliability: DGA Monitoring of EAF and LMF Transformer

Implementation of Improved Coal Bulk Density Strategy at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

Implementing a Modern Safety System on an Existing Machine

Improved Descaling Method for Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) Using Fused Conditioning Salt

Improved Technologies for Mill Roll Inspection

Improvement in Direct Rolling Mill Operation

Improvement in Operational Efficiency of I BF by Reduction of Coke Rate and Increase of Coal Rate

Improvement of EAF Performance Metrics Through Optimization of Scrap Charging and Chemical Energy

Improvements in Yield in an All DRI-Fed EAF From Minimization of FeO Generation During Melting as Well as Post-Reduction of FeO From Residual Slag

Improving Bonding Strength of Sinter Body Using Canada Concentrates by Enhancing Effective Liquid Phase Fluidity

Improving Coke Strength Using Solvent Extracted Coal

Improving Encoder Reliability in the Toughest Metals Applications

Improving Granulation Efficiency of Sinter Blend Added With Concentrate by Optimizing Ore Matching

Improving Operational Efficiency and Cost Competiveness of Steel Plants - A Case Study for Electric Furnace Melt Shop and Hot Rolling Mill

Improving Performances and Decreasing CO2 Emissions in Blast Furnaces Installations With High-Carbon DRI/HBI

Improving the Accuracy of Predicting Work Roll Wear in the Hot Strip Mill

Improving the Energy Efficiency of an EAF Air Pollution Control System

Improving the Internal Quality of Hardened Steels Produced in Continuous Casting #1 of Ternium Siderar

Improving the Quality of Inbound Scrap Steel

Impurities Control in Producing Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS): Literature Review of Effects of MnO Concentration in Slag on the Dephosphorization Process

In-Line Measurement of Electromagnetic Parameters and Their Importance for Additional Mechanical and Electromagnetic Material Characteristics

In-Situ Evaluation Method for Reduction Disintegration of Iron Ore Agglomerates by Applying AE Method

Inclusion Evolution and Removal in Ladle Refining

Inclusion Size Distributions After Calcium Addition in LCAK Steels

Increased Plant Availability and Reduced Maintenance Costs by a Smart and Integrative Condition Monitoring System

Industrial Experience for Nitrogen Control in the Production of Interstitial-Free (IF) Steel

Influence of Charcoal Fines in Quality of Metallurgical Coke

Influence of Metallics and EAF Type on Specific Consumptions and Productivity

Influence of Microstructure on the Kinetics of Internal Oxidation in a CMnSi Advanced High-Strength Steel

Influence of Mold Flux Crystallite Film Fracture on Thermal Fluctuations in a Thin Slab Funnel Mold

Influence of Roller Leveler Deformation to Plate Flatness

Influence of Sinter and Pellets on Blast Furnaces Operation

Influence of the Design and Dimensional Characteristics of the Electric Arc Furnace Secondary Circuit to the Working Point and Process Parameters and the Effects on the Productivity and Energy Consumption

Influence of the Heat Transfer Mode on the Transient Temperature Gradient During the Curing of a Coil Coating

Influence of the Magnesite Grain Type on Decarbonization Behavior of MgO-C Bricks

Influence of the Nitrocarburizing Temperature on the Corrosion Resistance of the AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Influence of the Variation of Silica and Alumina Content in Desulfurizing Slags of Pig Iron

Installation and Commissioning of SMART® Segments at SSAB Americas Mobile Facility

Integrated Quality Control Solutions for Hot Sheet Metal Forming

Integration of Midrex Technologies in North America Steel Plants — Evaluation of Economical and CO2 Impacts

Interaction between Molten Steel and Al2O3-Based Lining Refractory

Introduction of Cold Rolling Complex for Tin Plate

Introduction of Laser Beam Welder in JFE Fukuyama No.1 PPCM

Investigation of Boron Segregation in Commercial Steel Alloys

Investigation of Mold Flux Crystallization by Rapid Quenching and Isothermal Aging in Molten Tin

Investigation of Steel Cleanliness on Ti-Stabilized Al-Killed Ultralow-Carbon Steel Grades

Investigation of the Effects of Bubble Initial Diameter and Gas Flow Rate on the Performance of a Steel Ladle With Bottom Plug

Investigation on Lining Erosion and Stave Damage of Large Blast Furnaces at WISCO

Investigation on the Transformation Kinetics From Al2O3 to MgOAl2O3 Spinel

Keeping Your Ladle Cool With a Click

Kinetic Variation of the Composition of Inclusions, Steel and Slag During Refining of Pipeline Steel

Know Your Level: Operational Benefits of Establishing Accurate Mold Level and Control

Laboratory Simulation of Direct Reduction Shaft Furnace — Impact of Temperature

Laser Offgas Measurement Using ZoloSCAN on Two Continents

Latest Choices for New or Modernized Automotive C.G.L.s After Pot Cooling (A.P.C.) Sections

Latest Developments of Küttner’s Pulverized Coal Injection Technology

Latest Progress and Design Optimization of the First HIsmelt Process in China

Latest Progress in Economic Thin-Slab Casting and Rolling Technology for Flat Steel Production

Learnings From Events During Extended Campaign Lives

Liquid Level Measurement in the Blast Furnace and Tapping Strategy Optimization

Liquid Powder for Continuous Casting: Facts and Figures of Industrial Applications

Long-Service-Life, Cold-Start Ladle Shroud

Low-Cost Solution to a Complex DC Drive Obsolescence Problem at ArcelorMittal Coatesville 140-Inch Plate Mill

Lubrication Strategies to Optimize Condition Monitoring

Maintenance Plan for Power Distribution Equipment for Steel Mills — Life Cycle Business

Making Laser Gauges Work in Harsh Environments

Material Tracking System From Billets to Wire Rods

Mathematical Model and Stabilization System for Slag Mode of Blast Furnace Operation

Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Hydrogen Degassing in an Argon-Stirred Ladle

Mathematical Modeling of Mn and Pb Emissions From Electric Arc Furnaces

Mathematical Modeling of Roll Cooling During Continuous Casting of Slabs

Mathematical Modeling of the Desulfurization Process in an Argon Gas-Stirred Ladle: A Parametric Study

Maximizing Partnership Benefits: SDI Columbus–Tennessee Valley Authority

Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Ecological Bricks Produced With LD Steel Slag and Concentrate Waste of Iron Ore

Mechanism of Strength-Toughness of High Manganese Austenitic Hot-Work Die Steel Refined by Electroslag Remelting Continuous Directional Solidification Technology

Mega Super Loads Over Road and Water – Today’s Transportation Challenges and Benefits

Methane Reforming Catalyzed by Direct Reduced Iron

Methodology for Sizing Transformers for Variable Process Loads

Methodology to Estimate Remaining Blast Furnace Service Life

Minimizing Rolling Mill Gap Control Engineering Time Using Commercially Available Motion Control Modules

Minimum Quantity Lubrication MQL® Substitutes Traditional Emulsion Lubrication in Tandem Cold Mill

Modern State of R&D in Stiff Extrusion

Modernization of Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH Slab Caster No. 2

Modernization of the Coil Handling System at Nucor Nebraska for Improved Bar-in-Coil Productivity and Quality

Modernization of the Kroman Wire Rod Mill to Increase Productivity, Utilization and Product Quality

Modernization of TKSE’s No.1 Continuous Caster

New Approach to Avoid Biting Problems During Hot Rolling

New Back-Up Roll System with TQTM Roll Neck Assemblies and Hydraulically Controlled Tension Rod Assembly

New BOF Performance at Gerdau Ouro Branco by Slagless® Technology

New Design of a Compact Mixing Chamber of Hot Blast Stove

New Eco-Friendly Refractories for High Capacity Coke Oven

New Generation Laser Welder and Reference Project Introduction

New Heavy-Gauge Cutter Sampling Station

New Mill Stands Featuring New Products: Mature Revamp Strategy for 50-Year-Old Hot Strip Mill of ArcelorMittal Gent

New Model for Coiling Temperature Control Based on Spatial Division of Steel Strip Path

New Qualitative Challenges for the Provider of Global Refractory Solutions

New Results in EAF Injector Technology that Challenges the Coaxial Jets Reign Since the 1980’s

New Rotoforge Plant Started Up at ABS (Italy)

New Study and Proven Method of High Speed Response for Hot Finishing Mills

New Technologies for Maximizing Operational Flexibility of MIDREX® DRI Plants: Adjusting Product Carbon in MIDREX® DRI Products

New Vision-Based Strip Steering Control for HSM

Next MgO-C for Steel Ladle: Zero Emission Brick

NextGen® Multipoint Offgas Analysis at Steel Dynamics Inc., Butler, IN

Novel Design of Submerged-Entry Nozzle for Steel Continuous Casting

Numerical Simulation for Temperature Field of Chamfered Mold and Solidification Process

Numerical Studies on Molten Steel Flow and Heat Transfer in a Thin-Slab Steel Caster Under Different SEN Designs

Online Torque Measurement to Improve Reliability and Uptime of Hot Mill

Optical Emission Spectrometry of the Arcs During Melting in the EAF

Optimization of Gas-Based DRI Process for Decreasing the Production Cost of High-Quality Steel

Optimization of the Scrap Melting Process in the EAF

Optimizations of Blast Furnace Oxygen Enrichments

Optimized Cost-Effective Production of Structural Hot-Rolled CSP Coils Through Proper Austenite Conditioning

Optimized Steel Grade Transition Practice at JSW Vijayanagar

Optimizing OPEX for Steel Plants – Innovative Products to Reduce Energy Costs and Material Costs, Increasing Productivity and Asset Utilization

Optimum Blast Furnace Slag Composition for Hot Metal Production, Slag Granulation and Cement Use

Parameter Identification of Shape Actuation Influence Functions using Phase Sensitive Detection

Pelletizing With Different Types of Iron Ore Fines

Performance Comparison of Different Blast Furnace Hearth Designs using a Novel Structural Refractory Assessment Methodology

Performance Modules - A Convenient Way to Modernize Hot Rolling Mills

Peritectic Range Study Using Mold Thermocouple Data

Peritetic Contraction in Carbon Steels

Pickle Line Drives Upgrade in Integrated Stages to Minimize Downtime

Pilot Plant Experience Using Stamped Charging of Peruvian and Imported Coal Blends

Pouring Reel Developments for Bar in Coil Outlets

Pouring Reel Developments for Bar in Coil Outlets

Prediction of Specific Surface Gain in the Grinding Rolls by Artificial Neural Network Critical

Preventing Unplanned Shutdowns of Byproduct Plant Equipment - Condition-Based Maintenance

Prevention of Bearing Failures in Slab Continuous Casting Machines

Primer on Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Technology

Product-Driven Project Methodology Put Into Practice: How to Implement a Production Management System for a Plate Mill Within Six Months

Production Aspects of a Large Blast Furnace

Production of Iron Nuggets From the Akpafu-Todzi Iron Ore Using Waste Plastics and Waste Biomass as Reductants

Production of Ultralow-Carbon Steel by Improving Process Control at RH Degasser

Project Management Re-Invest Case EAF Revamp New Foundations and New Tilting Platform

QSP — The Most Advanced Thin-Slab Technology for Coil-to-Coil Production

Quenching and Partitioning of Plate Steel: Thermal Gradients and Microstructure Development During Quenching

Radar Width Measurement in Harsh Hot Mill Environments

Radiant Energy Heat Transfer With Safety Glass and Rolling Blue Shield

Reaching the Benchmark Performance in 2/2 Vessel Operations at Tata Steel (India)

Reactor Bypass Circuit for Improved Start-Up Performances of ENERGIRON Plants

Recent Application Results of Refractories for EAF

Recent Progress of Cokemaking Technology in Japan

Reduction of Coke Moisture at JSPL to Reduce Coke Rate for Blast Furnace

Reduction of Iron-Bearing Wastes in the Temperature Ranges 850-1050oC by Carbon Monoxide

Reduction of Specific Tap Hole Clay Consumption to a New World Benchmark Level at I Blast Furnace

REDUCTOR, a 2D Physicochemical Model of the Direct Iron Ore Reduction in a Shaft

Remodeling the Wire Rod Mill Reheating Furnace

Remote Shotcreting Strategy for Repairing the Refractory of a Blast Furnace Dome

Renewing the EAF Gunning Manipulator

Research and Application on New Green Steel Plant Engineering Design

Research of Structural Porosity Characteristics of Iron Ore Sinter

Research on Explosive Burning Characteristics of Pulverized Coal

Restoration Technology of Blast Furnace Cooling System

Results at Gerdau Monroe Using Tallman Supersonic Carbon Injection System

Results of Carbon Injection System Retrofit at SDI Butler

Revamp of U. S. Steel Gary Works No. 1 Continuous Casting Machine

Revamping Project for Ternium Mexico Churubusco Works HSM

Robotic Assistance System for Ladle Maintenance

Robotic Cleaning Technology

Rolling Into the Future by Digitalization — Long Rolling Control Systems

Root Cause Analysis for Safety

Safety in Meltshop Thanks to Machine Intelligence

Safety Risk Assessment in Six Easy Steps

Saint-Gobain’s Ceramic Cup: an Update

Salamander Tapping Position by Using an Acousto Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Techniques

Savings of Costs and Energy in Tandem Hot Metal Sheet Rolling Using a New Control Method

Sealed Roll Neck Bearings on Mill Stand Work Rolls

Sensitivity of CO2 to DRP-EAF Technological Choice

SHARC – Shaft Arc Furnace With Efficient Scrap Pre-Heating Concept Providing Low Conversion Costs

Simulation and Modeling of the Population Balance of Argon Bubbles in Slab Molds

Soft Sensor for the VSB Grate Kiln

Some Correlation Between Physical and Metallurgical Properties of Iron Ore Pellets

Sometimes Change Is Hard to Achieve Because of Sophisticated Triangulation

Specification of the Main Factor of Corrosion in Open Circulatory Cooling Water System

Splash Generation in Oxygen Steelmaking: What is Known?

Start Up of the First Jumbo Oven Project in the Americas

State of the Art HSS Work Roll for Later Stands (F4-F7) in Hot Strip Mill Finishing Trains

Statistical Analysis of Inclusion Chemistry Distributions in Steels

Status Report of the New Generation Technology: DRIPAX™ - MIDREX® Plant Process Optimization System

Steel Rolling Mill Achieves Target of Reduced Operational Costs via Cooling System Upgrade

Steel Vacuum Degassing Mechanical Pumping System Without Process Gas Filter: Latest Technical Development for Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX

Stelco #1 Blast Furnace Operation and Best Practices for Campaign Extension Into the Next Generation of Ironmaking

Stirring Timing of FEMS in Continuous Casting Bloom in Combination Stirring

Study of Al2O3 Inclusions Before and After Reoxidation

Study of Clogging Deposit Buildup in Al-killed and Ca-Treated High-Sulfur Steels With Focus on the Steel/Refractory Interface

Study of Copper Plate Damage From High Heat Flux in the High-Speed Casting Mold of CEM®

Study of Peritectic Contraction in Carbon Steels

Study of Spray-Cooling Control to Maintain Metallurgical Length During Speed Drop in Steel Continuous Casting

Study on Heat Transfer Process of Dome Combustion Hot Blast Stove

Suitability of Bio-Chars from Different Production Technologies for Direct Blast Furnace Injection

Sustainable Productivity Improvements in Galvanized Auto Body Manufacture

TBM Tuyeres Arrangements and Flow – Comparison Between BOF thyssenkrupp CSA and Cold Model

Technical and Environmental Benefits for Dry Atomization of Stainless Steel and Ladle Metallurgy Slags

Technical Update on the SMS group Automatic Slag Door Condoor®: Lessons Learned and Results Achieved in Seven Years of Experience

Technology Advancements in Blast Furnace Cooling

The Advancement of a Non-Destructive Testing Method for Cooling Staves Thicknesses

The Detailed Forming Behavior of ERW Tube and Pipe Making Process

The Digital Transformation of Steel Production

The Effect of CaF2 and MnO on the Slag-Based Modification of Oxide Inclusions in Si-Mn Killed Steels

The Effect of Mixed Charging of Slabs on Their Rolling Practice and Mechanical Behavior

The Evolution of Crane Technology Committee Ambitions, Membership, and Collaborations

The Formation Mechanism of Inclusions During LF Refining Process of 409L Ti-Bearing Stainless Steel

The Future is Here (Environmental Edition) – How to Achieve A Clean(er) Meltshop

The Industrial Maintenance Organization – A Cultural Change

The New Age of Scale House Management

The New Hot Stove Technology by NSENGI

The Production of Railway Rails in Modern and Efficient Plants – The New ARBZ Rail Mill

The Relevance of Reaction Mechanisms in the CFD Modeling of Blast Furnaces

The Research of Melting Characteristics and Its Influencing Factors of Iron Ores

The Technological Contribution to Cut the Total Energy Consumption by Arvedi ESP

The Use of Steel Slag Leaching to Produce Iron Sulfate and Magnesium Sulfate

The Value of Integrating Power and Process for the Metals Industry

Thermodynamic Modeling of the CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-TiO2-Ti2O3 System

Thermodynamics on Inclusions in Stainless Steels

Tracking and Investigating Hard Pushes on Coke Oven Batteries

Tundish Gate System Having a Function to Change SEN Port Direction Horizontally

Tundish Life Optimization

Tundish Open Eye Morphologies Observed During Trials at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Continuous Caster

Up to 180 t/h: The World Highest Production Capacity for an Endless Welding Rolling System

Upgrading and Recycling “Metallic” Steelmaking Slag Fines

Use of Free Swelling Index for Determining Rate of Desulphurization of Coking Process

Use of Free Swelling Index for Determining Rate of Desulphurization of Coking Process

Use of Machine Learning to Assess Defects in Hot-Rolled Coils

Vacuum Plant Metallurgical Results — Database Analysis

Vibration Analysis of Ladle Gas Stirring Using Cold Model and Plant Data

Waste Heat Recovery for EAF – Innovative Concepts and Industrial Implementation

Wastewater Treatment Operations at Coke Plants: Overview of Specific Operating Strategies and Historical Case Study

Water Leak Detection in EAF Based on Tenova’s Offgas Technology: Recent Developments and Results in Lucchini RS, Lovere, Italy

Wetting and Agglomeration Behavior of Inclusion and Intragranular Ferrite Formation Kinetics in Steel With TiO2 Addition According to Inclusion Engineering

What Are the Tools in Your Bag to Improve the Reliability and Uptime of Your Rotating Equipment?

Workforce Availability: Protecting Your Investment in Productivity and Safety Amid an Evolving Global Workforce

World-Class Performance of EOT Cranes of Steelmaking Plants Through Technology, Innovation and System-Based Maintenance Approach