2016 AISTech Conference Proceedings

20+ Euro/T Savings by Combining EWR and Spooler Technologies Optimizing Bar Mill Yield for the Lowest OPEX

A Disciplined Approach to Reliability

A New Benchmark of Energy Performance for Energy Management in U.S. and Canadian Integrated Steel Plants

A New Method for Inclusion Modification Using Calcium Carbide

A New Method for Predictive Maintenance for Slow-Rotating Equipment

A New Optical System for Mold Powder Thickness Control by Laser Scanning and Multispectral Imaging

A Parametric Study of Auxiliary Air Knives for the Purpose of Noise Reduction

A Study About Mechanisms of Transverse Crack Formation on Continuous Casting Slab

A Study of the Isothermal Crystallization and Devitrification of Mold Powder Slags

A Study on the Reduction Behavior of Iron Ore with CO-H2 Gas Mixtures in the Fluidized Beds

Acoustic Lance for Immersion Sensors Provides an Alternative to Traditional Wired Lances

Advanced Automation Solution for Steelmaking and Environmental Plants

Advanced Coke Quality Characterization and Cokemaking Techniques Based on In-Depth Understanding of Coke Behavior Inside Blast Furnace: A Review

Advanced Cold Start Submerged-Entry Nozzle (SEN)

Advanced MgO-C Bricks for Optimized BOF Linings

Advanced Seal Development for HAGC, Bending Block and Work-Roll Applications

Advanced Strategies for Plate Production Shown Through the Example of a 5 m Heavy Plate Mill

Advanced Technologies and Financial Benefits of Critical Asset Health Monitoring

Advanced Technology Developments for Improving Blast Furnace Stave Life

Advanced Ultrasound Sensor Technology for Automated Roll Inspection

Advancements in Combustion Control Methods for Regenerative Systems

Advances in Soft Bubbling Technology

Advancing Performance of Nu-Iron’s MIDREX® DRI Plant

Alternative Method for Obtaining an In-Blow Carbon Measurement in the BOF

An Innovative Manufacturing Process of Beams for Gerdau Corsa

An Introduction to Applying Network Intrusion Detection for Industrial Control Systems

An Optimization Method of Scheduling Hot Strip Mills by Roll Force in Proportional Allocation Bases on Row-Action Method

Analysis of Desiliconization Reaction Kinetics in a BOF

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Hot Metal Silicon Content in COREX-3000 Process

Analysis of Nail Board Measurement of Liquid Slag Layer Depth

Application of Oil-Air Lubrication System to JFE Chiba No.3 Hot Strip Mill

Application of Practical Modeling of Microalloyed Steels for Improved Metallurgy, Productivity and Cost Reduction in Hot Strip Mill Applications

Application of Robot Spray Marking and Character Recognition System in High-Temperature Metallurgical Field

Application of Ultrahigh-Viscosity Mold Powder for Small Mold Size Casting

Automatic Cut-in-Length Control System

Automatic Positioning System for Wire on Laying Head

Avoidance of Cobbles in the Hot Rolling Process: EMG hotCAM Optical Strip Position Measurement

Benefits of a Phased Approach on a Hot Mill Level 2 System Upgrade at Nucor Hickman

Benefits of Following Gradual Changes of Features on Slab Surface by Taking Images of Hot Slabs During Casting With the Aid of Reveal CAST

Benefits of Level 3 Quality Rule Processing System

Better Alloy Strip Heat Treatment Yields a Better Bottom Line

Big River Steel’s Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Plant

Big River Steel’s New Universal Annealing and Galvanizing Line

Blast Furnace Above-Burden Infrared Camera

Blast Furnace Burden Distribution Analysis Based on the “3D TopScan” Profilemeter

Blast Furnace Burdening For a Two-Bell Top System

Blast Furnace Cooling Stave Design

Blast Furnace Process Optimization With Closed-Loop Expert Systems – 25 Years of Experience

Bloated Droplet Theory: A New Approach to Understanding Oxygen Steelmaking

BOF Post-Combustion Oxygen Lances – New Advancements and Results From Four Continents

Bridging the Gap: MXRF Technique Rapidly Maps Centerline Segregation

Carbon Transfer During Melting of Direct-Reduced Iron

Carbon-Free Liner Submerged-Entry Nozzle for Slab Caster

Carbonization Conditions and Their Impacts on American Coal Evaluation

Careful Control of Refractory Lining Conditions Ensures Intensive Operation and Long Campaign of Blast Furnace

Case Study of Crane Commissioning Problems

Caster Bearing Concerns and Countermeasures

CFD Modeling of a Ladle With Top Stirring Lance

CFD Simulations of a Laboratory Flash Reactor Relevant to a Novel Flash Ironmaking Process

Characteristics of Spinel Inclusions Formed after Reoxidation of Calcium Treated Aluminum Killed Steel

Characterization and Improvement of Steelmaking Process Steps Influenced by Refractory Products Using Modeling and Simulation Tools

Charcoal and Bio-Oil Production by Using a Microwave-Assisted Pyrolysis Process

Chromite-Based Ladle Well Fillers – The Key to Free Opening

Cleveland Works Maintenance Costs: The Past Settles Its Accounts

Closed-Loop Simulation of the Emergence of Mold Level Oscillations in a Continuous Casting Machine

Closing the Gaps in Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

CO2 From ENERGIRON DR Plants as a Unique, Valuable By-Product

Coal Oxidation and Weathering - Executive Summary of DMT Experience

Cold Model Bath Behavior Study in LD Converter With Bottom Blowing

Cold Start Submerged Entry Shroud for Long Life Application in Continuous Casting

Cold Strip Processing Lines for Automotive Qualities and Multi-Purpose Lines

Comparison Among Mineral Coals to be Injected in Gerdau Blast Furnaces, Considering Chemical Analysis and Combustion Tests

Comparison of the Accuracy of In-Situ Diode Laser Measurements of Carbon Monoxide in Reheat Furnaces Relative to Extractive Techniques

Composite Technologies for Corrosive Fluid Processing Applications

Compressed Air Supply Side Considerations

Conceptual Design of Duplex Converter for Stable Operation

Conceptual Design of the Vibration-Absorbing Suspension System of BOF Converter

Condensable Particulates: Troublesome “New” Pollutants

CONSAFE - Innovative Mold Level Measuring for Open Stream Casters

CONSTIR-MWS – Boosting of Electromagnetic Stirring Results

Continuous Casting Process Automation – Recent Innovations and Advancements

Control of AHSS Coil Cooling After Hot Rolling to Improve Downstream Processing

Control of Non-Metallic Inclusions in a B510L Beam Steel

Conventional Cast Slab Centerline Segregation Rating Benchmark Efforts at ArcelorMittal

Corex® Gas Based DRI Production – Combining the Power of Hot Metal and DRI Production

Cost-Efficient and Modular Process Automation Expert Class System for Long Rolling Plants

Criticality of CO Formation Site for Efficient Consteel Operation

Customized Roll Quality Control in Modern Roll Shops

Danieli Technological Packages Life Cycle Partner for Slab Caster Industry

Danieli Universal Endless (DUE): The new evolution of Danieli Thin Slab Casting and Rolling plant

Descale Header Maintenance, Reliability and Refurbishment Programs

Design and Improvement of a High-Carbon Steel Wire Rod Grade for PC Strand Applications

Determining Liquid Volumes With Irregular Geometries Using Acoustic Parameters

Developing Ideal Deoxidation Practices by Design of Experiment (DOE) Method in Steelmaking Process

Development and Application of Mold Level Stopper Control System

Development of a Simplified Ensemble Model for PCI Coal Selection

Development of a Slab Intermix Model for Casting Dissimilar Steel Grades at SSAB Mobile

Development of an Image Analysis Technique for Quantitative Evaluation of Centerline Segregation in As-Cast Products

Development of Next-Generation Impact Pads for Producing Ultraclean Steel Using Mathematical Models and Plant Trials

Development of Oxide Thermodynamic Database for High-Mn Alloy Steel Production and Application to the Corrosion of Refractory

Development of Predictive Model for Centerline Segregation for Continuously Cast Slabs

Development of Tailored Roll Grade Materials for the Early Stands of Finishing Hot Mills

Development of Tension Leveler for Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS)

Development of the Interactive Steel Manufacturing Visualization Application

Development Orientation of Low Carbon and Greenization BF Ironmaking Technology

Discharge Time of Binary Particle Mixtures Flowing Out of a Wedge-Shaped Hopper

Distribution of Supplemental Fuel and Oxygen Among Furnaces in Blast Furnace Shop

Don’t Let Your Cranes Drop Ladles of Hot Metal

DR Plant Process Optimization System – Status Report of the New Generation

DRI Plant Operation for Steel Mill Sustainability

Dynamic Transformation of Austenite Under Plate Rolling Conditions

EAF Refractory Loss: Mechanisms, Industry Statistics and Impact on the Operation

Effect of Elements on Desulfurization of Hot Metal in Corex

Effect of Microstructure on the Hole Expansion Properties of Advanced High-Strength Steels

Effect of Nitrogen on the Microstructure of AISI M42 High-Speed Steel

Effect of Nozzle Port Angle on Mold Surface Flow in Steel Slab Casting

Effect of Starting Microstructure and Intercritical Annealing Parameters on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Medium-Mn Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel

Effect of Titanium on Continuous Cooling Transformation and Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Automobile Beam Steel

Effective Reduction of Powdered Iron Ore by Methane Gas in Suspension Reduction Process

Effects of Alloying Elements on the Solid-Solution Behaviors and Physical-Mechanical Properties of Fe-36Ni alloy

Effects of Quenching Process on the Microstructure of High-Carbon Martensitic Stainless Steel

Efficient Power Input on EAFs With Optimized HC-Systems by the Finite Network Method (FNM) and a New Generation of Copper-Steel Arms

Electric and Automation Upgrade to Increase Production

Electrode Current´s Physical Components for the Analysis of Electric Arc Furnaces

Electromagnetic Slag Detection System Stabilizes Furnace Slag Carryover and Improves Effective Secondary Metallurgy at Höganäs Atomizing Plant in Halmstad

Empowerment of Cold Rolling Mills for Efficient Operation

Enclosed Crane Cab Air Quality Study

Endpoint Prediction Technology of BOF Based on Flame Information

Energy Efficient Technology to Produce Hot Metal From Titania-Magnetite Ore

Energy Saving: the High-Speed Solutions in Danieli CCMs

Engineering Steels at the Nanoscale for Improved Performance

Equipment Overview and Design Improvement at New Converter Construction

Ergonomic Improvements Applied in a Steel Manufacturing Facility

Establishing Short-Circuit Capability of Furnace Transformer Without Performing Laboratory Test

EVO Roll Master — A Technological Platform for the Modeling and Simulation of Rolling Schedules

Evolution of Inclusions During the Production of Tire Cord Steels

Expanding and Integrating L2 Software Systems Using a New Cooperative DSL Language

Experimental Investigation of Performance Improvement Strategies for Venturi Scrubbers

Explosion Protection Basics – NFPA 68 and 69 Requirements

Exposed Slag Eye Formation: Air and Argon Convectional Flow and Reoxidization

Extensive Automation Upgrade at the JSW Steel Plant at Vijayanagar

Flash Reduction of Magnetite Concentrate Based on Partial Oxidation of Natural Gas Relevant to a Novel Ironmaking Process

Flatness Control in Finishing Stands of the Hot Strip Mill With Primary and Secondary Actuators

Flexible HRM Solutions for Highest Product Quality and Economic Efficiency in a Dynamic Market

Force Balance in an Operating Blast Furnace

Forecasting Coke Quality From mW Power Measurements Recorded During Plastic Layer Advance by a Sapozhnikov Plastometer

Formation of Ferrite Above the Ae3 Temperature During the Torsion Simulation of Strip Rolling

Further Developments in Strip Thickness Measurement: Laser-Based Strip Thickness Measurement With VTLG

HD Mold – A Wide Variety of Caster Assistance Tools for Enhanced Product Quality

HD scan – Ultrasonic Technology for Quantitative Evaluation of the Internal Quality of As-Cast Steel Products

Heads-Up Assisted Lock-Out/Tag-Out (HALT) System

High-Carbon DRI and Its Use and Advantages in EAF Operations

High-Speed Steel Work Rolls: An Update

High-Temperature Oxidation of Advanced High-Strength Steel

Holistic View of Automation for Roll Shops

Hot Blast Air Inlet Main Design Modifications for Improved Campaign Life

Hot Charging Made Easy – Substantial Benefits Generated Through Synchronized Continuous Caster and Hot Strip Mill Scheduling Optimization

HSM Finishing Mill Design to Prevent Temperature Drop at the Condition of Producing Strip Thickness of 1.5mm or Less

i BOF® Technology Improves BOF Process Control, Endpoint Detection and Slop Mitigation

i Box Pickling Tanks for Production Improvement When Revamping From Deep Bath Tanks

iEAF® Technology: Recent Development and Result in IRO, Italy

Implementation of an IDEAL Laser Welding Machine Into an Existing Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line (HDGL) at ThyssenKrupp (TKSE)

Implementation of Continuous Casting Machine at Ovako Smedjebacken by Sarralle Technologies

Implementation of Praxair’s Fluidic Burner for Multi-Directional Flames in an EAF

Improved Refining Slags by Addition of Iron Ore During Converter Steelmaking

Improvement of Sidetrimming Quality Based on Use of Optical Inspection Device

Improvement of the Efficiency of Multi-Refining Converter (MURC) Process at Steelmaking Shop in Yawata Works

Improvement of Wire Hot Charging Ratio

Improving Steel Cleanliness by Optimizing Inclusion Rinse Time at the LMF

Improving the Sheared-Edge Formability of High-Strength Dual-Phase Steel

In-Situ Observation of MgO Inclusions in Liquid Iron

Inclusion Evolution During Continuous Casting – Theoretical and Practical Investigations

Increased Use of Natural Gas in Blast Furnace Ironmaking: Methane Reforming

Increasing Loads: The Hidden Dangers Lurking Within an Overloaded Slewing Ring Bearing

Influence of COG Injection From GGD Pipe on Corex Shaft Furnace

Influence of Delivery-Side Roll Position of Roller Leveler to Plate Flatness

Influence of Silicon and Manganese on the Peritectic Range for Steel Alloys

Influence of Slag Properties on the Alkali Cycle of a Blast Furnace

Influence of the Process Parameters on Rhomboidity in Medium-Carbon Steel Billets

Innovative and Economical Approach for the Production of Mid- and High-Manganese Steel

Innovative Concepts for Surface Grinding and Automatic Inspection of SBQ Products

Innovative Pickling Process for Stainless Steels With High Positive Impact Both on Operational Costs and on Environmental Issues

Innovative Surface Quality Control

Innovative Ways to Solve Difficult Bolting Problems

Insights on Coke Quality Variation Between Heat-Recovery and Byproduct Cokemaking Technology

Installation and Operational Results of LINDARCTM Real-Time Laser Offgas Analysis System at Acciaierie Bertoli Safau – ABS (Italy) Electric Arc Furnace

Installation of the SMS Converter Exchange System at Rio Tinto Fer et Titane, Canada

Intelligent Planning and Scheduling for Minimills and Arvedi ESP Plants

Interactive Training for Fall Protection and Crane Safety

Interfacial Reaction Between Inclusions in Molten Steel and Refractories for Continuous Casting

Investigation of Alternative Reducing Agent Conversion in the Raceway Cavity of Blast Furnaces by Numerical Simulation

Investigation of Dual Lance Designs for Pulverized Coal and Natural Gas Co-Injection

Knowledge Transfer: Training the Next Generation of Steelmakers

KOBM Operation With Low Hot Metal Mn

KPIs Behaving Badly – Rethinking the Drive for Optimum Performance in the EAF

Laser Precision Control for Steel Reheat Furnaces: Quality and Savings with ZoloSCAN

Latest Developments and Rolling Results of HSS Work Rolls for All Stands in Hot Strip Mill Finishing Trains

Latest References of PC-Mill and High-Added-Value Technologies for Hot Finishing Mill

Latest Trends in EAF Optimization of Scrap-Based Melting Process: Balancing Chemical and Electrical Energy Input for Competitive and Sustainable Steelmaking

Lifetime Extension of the Water-Cooled Duct

Low-Carbon Brick Developments for Steel Ladle Applications

Management of DRI Fines to Maximize Iron Yield in the EAF

Management System for Scrap Yard: Mapping and Automatic Bucket Load Handling

Management, Adjustment and Process Control for Rolling Mills

Material Tracking System From Billets to Wire Rods

Mathematical Modeling and Practical Tasks Solution of Blast Furnace Smelting

Maximizing Impact Force From Descale Headers Using CFD Analysis

Measurement and Prediction of Friction Force Between Mold and Solidified Shell

Measuring Wall Shear Stress under an Air Knife Model using Oil Film Interferometry

Mechanism for Carbon Transfer From Magnesia-Graphite Ladle Refractories to Ultralow- Carbon Steel

Method for Simultaneous Sampling of Steel at Multiple Depths in the Refining Ladle

Methodology to Quantify Objectively the Coating Weight Uniformity

MgO Based Inclusions in Aluminum Killed Steels

Microprobe Analysis of Centerline Segregation in Line Pipe Steel

Mill Audit: An Essential Key to Unlock Hidden (or Lost) Mill Potential

Model of Competitive Formation of Inter- and Intragranular Nucleated Ferrite in Microalloyed Steels Casting

Modeling and Optimization of the Electric Arc Furnace With Electromagnetic Stirring

Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Dynamics in a Slab Mold Controlled by a Slidegate Mechanism

Modeling of Solidified Shell Formation in Slab Caster and the Role of Process Parameters

Modernization of Existing Assets to Meet the Growing Demand for Advanced High-Strength Steels

Modernization of Nucor Decatur Temper Mill

Modernizing of CGL No. 1 at Arcelor Mittal Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany

Modular Upgrades for Existing Blast Furnace Automation Systems

Mold Flow Optimization for Casting Narrow Section in CSP® at BPSL – India

MXCOL® DRI Production – Coal Gas and COG Update

Navigating the Skilled Trades Crisis With Operator-Driven Reliability

New Control Method for Improving the Threading Phase in the Tandem Rolling of Hot Metal Sheet

New Degreasing and Quenching Section at Nucor Berkeley, USA

New Developments for State-of-the-Art Crane Rectifier Application

New Improvements for Dry Setting Tundish Mixes

New Ladle Slidegate System for Flow Control

New Micro-Mill Concepts With Belt Casting Technology (BCT®)

New Pseudo 3-D Dynamic Secondary Cooling Model Implementation and Results at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

New Slidegate System for High Refractories Life

No-Filter VTD/VOD Mechanical Vacuum Pump Solution: A Game Changer in Vacuum Technology

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Methodologies for Tube & Pipe Mills

Novel Unburned Alumina-Magnesia Bricks for ULC Steel: Zero-Carbon and Zero-Fume Refractory

Numerical Model for the Nucleation, Growth and Removal of Deoxidation Inclusions

Numerical Simulation of a Walking Beam Slab Reheating Furnace

Numerical Simulation of Single- and Multiple-Slot Air-Knives for Estimation of Final Coating Thickness in the Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Strip Entry Temperature on Continuous Galvanizing Bath Management and Dross Formation

Numerical Study on Radiative Temperature of Pulverized Coal Combustion in Blast Furnace Raceway

On the Formation Potential of Acicular Ferrite Microstructure in Different Steel Grades Focusing on the Influence of Carbon Content

Operating Achievements of the In-line Danieli Rail Head Hardening (RH2) System on 100-m-Long Rails

Operational Excellence of Gerdau Steckel Mill Producing High-Quality Products for End Customers

Operational Results: PL-TCM With Jet Pickling and Crown Control for Tinplate Applications

Operational Success With State-of-the-Art Product Quality Assessment (PQA) Solutions

Optimization of Calcium Treatment and Inclusion Modification

Optimization of Coke Quality for Efficient BF Operations

Optimization of Mold Cooling for Improved Surface Quality of Beam Blanks

Optimizing Blade Gap With Various Sharpness for Plate Shearing

Overcoming Challenges of EAF Offgas Temperature Measurements

Paul Wurth Technology for Coke Oven Hot Repair

Performance Improvements Achieved From Tenova Core’s Upgrade of the Reheat Furnace Controls at SSAB Iowa

Performance Overview of HSS Forged Rolls for Cold Rolling in the Steel Industry

Plastic Deformation Behavior of Weld Lines in ERW Steel Pipe

Porosity of Metallurgical Coke

Practice Test Passed - First Bell-Type Annealing Plant in the World With Fully Automatic Crane Operation

Pre-Finishing Mill Modernization on the Sterling Steel Rod Mill

Pre-Heating Methods Comparison For A Mannesmann Rolling Mandrel

Principal Component Analysis of Vibration Signal in Ladle Metallurgy

Principal Elements of Good Maintenance Practices for Tapered Roller Bearings Used on Roll Necks

Principles for Blast Furnace Refractory Lining Inspection, and Monitoring Using Acoustic and Ultrasonic Technologies

Process Influences on Press-Hardened Steel Microstructure and Impact Performance

Processing Factors That Influence the Microstructure and Properties of High-Strength Dual-Phase Steels Produced Using CGL Simulations

Producing Synthetic Fuel From CO2 and Excess Heat From Steel Facilities

Quality Improvement by On-Line End Surface Grinding Machine Introduction

Quantitative Methods for Evaluation of Centerline Segregation

Raw Material Flexibility in Electric Steelmaking

Real-Time Information for Prompt Process Control in Metallurgy

Real-Time Measurement of Contraction Behaviour of Peritectic Steels During Solidification

Recent BOF Practice and Automation Improvement at Burns Harbor

Recent Developments in Commercial Scale Dry Slag Granulation and Energy Recovery

Recycling of BOF Offgas Solid Wastes by Scrap Relocation

Reheat Furnace Operational Effect on Hot Roll Product Quality

Reinforcing Bar: Hardening Mechanisms and Performance in Use

Reliability Engineered Rolling Mill Drivelines for Maximum Performance

Removal of Phosphorus – Technology Alternatives

Replacing Obsolete Speed and Position Sensors in Metals Applications

Resolution of ID Fan Vibration Issue

Review on Modeling of Coal Blends for Prediction of Coke Quality

Risk Assessment of Furnace Transformers in the Steel Industry

Rizhao Steel Counters the Chinese High-Quality Hot Strip Market With Thin Gauges From the New ESP Lines

Robotic Solution for a Safe Sample Picking in EAF

Rod Mill Modernization at OneSteel Laverton for Increased Productivity, Utilization and Product Quality

Roll Grade Application for HSM to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Rolling Process Optimization Through Flexible Profile Measurement Between Rolling Stands With Calipri Hot

Rotary Reheat Furnace Hearth Refractory and Mechanical Design Considerations

Safety-Based Ignition Furnace Control System of Sinter Plant

Segregation and Banded Structure Characterizations in Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades

Simulation of Hot Metal Temperature Variation During Tapping of Blast Furnace

Single-Bucket Charge Conversion at Nucor-Yamato Steel: Planning, Design and Results

Slab Reheat Furnace Models Developed at U. S. Steel Corporation

Slag Modeling for Increasing Ladle Life at Integrated Steel Mill - Brazil

Slag Modeling for Optimizing the Use of Fluxes in a DRI-Based Steelmaking Operation

SmartFurnace and ZoloSCAN Laser Technology in NSBSL EAF Shaft Furnace

Softening-Melting and Dripping Properties of Ferrous Scrap as FINEX Burden

Source of Titanium in Silicon Steel During Manufacturing Process

Special Tool Steel Rolls for Special Applications Technical Comparison of Cast and Forged Tool Steel Rolls Development of New Casting Material GP4M®

Stainless Steel and CRA Seamless Tubes Production

State-of-the-Art Developments in Hot Flat Product Surface Inspection

Status and Recent Developments of Thin Slab Casting and Rolling Technology in a Challenging Market

Strip Processing Burner Technology

Study of Injection Natural Gas Into Blast Furnace

Study of Spinel Inclusions Formed From Deoxidation and Reoxidation in Al-Killed Steel

Successful Application of the Off-Line Computer Models for Rolling Mills

Successful Revamping of Sublance Manipulators for the LD Converters at voestalpine Stahl GmbH: Operational Experience Gained in the First Year

Surface Chemistry-Based Defects on Steel Sheet, Investigated by SEM/EDS

Surface Selective Oxidation, Hot-Dip Galvanizing and Coating-Related Properties of Advanced High-Strength and Ultrahigh-Strength Automotive Steel Grades

Surge Protection for Ladle Melt Furnaces

Sustainable EAF Steelmaking Through The Use of Polymer Technology

Synthetic Water Soluble Fluids for Sensitive Environmental Situations

Technical Development for Increasing the Amount of Production at Fukuyama Steelmaking Plant

Technological Developments of ENERGIRON Direct Reduction Process: Latest Operating Results

Technology and Applied Results of Glaze-Coated Refractory Block for Coke Oven Doors

The Application of Benchmark Models for EAF Energy Efficiency With a Focus on Process Improvements by EAF Gas Purging

The Bearing “Forensic Laboratory”

The Effect of Auxiliary Fuels Injection in the Operating Parameters of Blast Furnaces

The Effect of Surface Built-Up Defect on the Coating Process of Automotive Sheet

The Importance of Filter Drag to the Economics of Fabric Filter Air Pollution Control

The Increase of EAF's Operational Reliability and Availability by Use of Double Side Panel Technology

The Influence of an Enhanced Runout Table Cooling on the Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Alloy Savings

The Latest Evolution of MULPIC® Plate Cooling Technology for Enhanced Performance and Flexibility

The most powerful hot strip mill in the world US specialty metals producer ATI commences operation of its new hot rolling and processing facility (HRPF)

The Potential for Biogas Projects in the CDM in Brazil

The Use of Electrical Technologies in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

The Vision of a Fully Automated Mini Mill

Thermochemical-Statistical Approach for Charcoal Blast Furnace Thermal Control

Thermomechanical Behavior of the Solidifying Strand in Secondary Cooling

Thickness and Width Upgrade for Nucor Steel Berkeley Division Push-Pull Pickle Line No. 2

Thin Hot Strip – Two Approaches to Pickling and Galvanizing

Thyristor-Based AC Arc Furnace Power Stabilizer Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Transformation of Alumina Inclusions by Calcium Treatment in the Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

Transient Inclusion Kinetics: Effect of Steel and Slag Composition on the Inclusion Modification of Si-Mn-Killed Steels

Tundish Open Eye Formation: What is the Effect on Liquid Steel Cleanliness?

Tundish to Mold Flow Improvement for Extending Casting Sequences in a CSP®–

Ultrasound-Assisted Lubrication – Condition-Based to Time-Based

Understanding EAF Harmonics

Understanding Transient Composition of Inclusions in Ladle Furnace: Modeling Approach

Upgrade of TAMSA Round Bloom Caster by SARRALLE Equipos Siderurgicos

Use Of Fiber Optics To Determine Local Thermal Resistance Of Casting Flux And Optimize Narrow Face Taper Adjustment

Use of Radar Technology to Determine Freeboard in Steel Ladles

Using Mettop’s Ionic Liquid Cooling Technology – A Breakthrough Technology

Using SmartFurnace and ZoloScan Laser Offgas Information to Optimize DRI Melting at Nucor Hickman

USS Gary Works' No. 4 Blast Furnace Top-Charging System Conversion From a Two-Bell Top to a Compact Bell-Less Top

Utilization of Non-Linear Model Predictive Control to Secondary Cooling During Dynamic Variations

Utilizing Advanced Computer Simulation to Improve Occupational Safety and Health within Electric Arc Furnace Shops

Variability of Energy Recovery Benefits for Different EAF Process Configurations

Verification and Review of Rist Diagram for the Practical Heat- and Mass-Balance Calculation in a Modern Blast-Furnace

Vision System for Slag Identification

voestalpine Texas – A New Market for Hot Briquetted Iron

VOITH FlexPad – Systematical Wear Protection for Roll End Sleeves by Intelligent Power Flow

Waste Heat Recovery Valorization With ORC Technology

Wastewater Management With an Innovative Activated Sludge Process at a New Coke Plant in China

Wealth of Knowledge Frozen in Time: Innovative Breakout Shell Autopsy

Wet to Dry: Mechanical Vacuum Pump Systems for Steel Degassing

What Motors Like

Yieh Phui PLTCM: Technology and Filed Results From the Latest Danieli Cold Rolling Installation

YMS and ASRS for Total Safety in Material Handling for Steel Plants and Warehouses

Zero Make-Up Water Solutions in EAF