2015 Galvatech Proceedings

'Galvanized in Europe' - An actual Status and Challenges for the Future

A Mathematical Model of a Combined Direct- and Indirect-Fired Strip Annealing Furnace

A Study on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy of Galvannealed Phases

Accelerated Corrosion Study of Various Galvanized Coatings

Alloy Spike Growth Mechanism in 316L Pot Hardware in 55%Al-Zn Alloy Coating Bath

Alloying of Zn-Al-Mg Coatings for Corrosion Stability Improvement

Analysis and Improvement of Rust Defect on Chromate Coated Galvannealed Steel Sheet

Analysis of Oxide Defect Formation on GI Exposed Outer Body Automotive Panels During Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing

Analysis of Whitening Defect on Environment Friendly Passivated Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet

Ancillary Benefits of the High Performance of Danieli X-JET

Application of Automatic Surface Inspection System in Automotive Sheet Production

Assessment of Coil Coated Steel Materials After Long-Term Exposure in Different Natural Weathering Sites Worldwide

CAL and CGL Metallurgical Specifications for AHSS and Associated Furnaces for Automotive Deliveries Since 1970 and for the Future

CFD Studies of Dross Particle Tracking in a Galvanizing Bath

Characterization of a New Air Knife Design for the McMaster University Galvanizing Simulator

Characterization of Bearings for aluminizing Bath Hardware

Characterization of Galvanized Steel With Post-Treatment Application for Improvement of Forming Properties

Characterization of the Fe-Al Intermetallic Phases Formed in Hot-Dip Al-Zn-Mg Coatings

Comparison of New Thin Organic Coatings for Zinc Coated Steel

Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing of a Third Generation (3G) Advanced Steel

Corrosion and Fuel Resistance of Zn-Ni Electrodeposits With Different Ni Contents

Corrosion Monitoring in Accelerated Corrosion and Exposure Test

Corrosion of Zinc and Zinc Alloyed Coated Steel and Coil Coated Materials in Animal Building Environments

Corrosion Protection of Galvanized Press-Hardening Steel: Main Influencing Factors and Mechanisms

Corrosion Resistance of Mg-Added 55%Al-Zn-1.6%Si Coated Steel Sheets

Cross Section Polishing: A powerful Tool for Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process Optimization and Failure Analysis

Cut Edge Corrosion Behavior of Zn-11%Al-3%Mg-0.2%Si Coated Steel

Development Efforts to Make REACH-Compliant Ppot Roll Coating Solutions

Development of an innovative Force - Torque Model to Predict the SkinPass Rolling Forces on AHSS

Development of Electrical Discharge Coating (EDC) as Chrome-Free Alternative for Increasing Campaign Length of Temper Mill Work Rolls

Development of Hot-Dip Galvannealed Steel Sheet for Automobile Outer Panel

Development of Mg-Added 55%Al-1.6%Si-Zn Coated Steel Sheets

Development of Mg-containing 55%Al-Zn Coated Steel for Building Applications

Development of Multi-functional Chromate-free Coated Steel Sheets for Electrical Appliances

Diffusion of Zinc and Magnesium in Physical Vapour Deposited Thin Films at 175°C

Economical Hot Strip Galvanizing

Effect of Continuous Annealing Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a Hot Dip Galvanized Steel of the 800-Mpa Strength Class

Effect of Copper on Oxidation Behavior of C-Si-Mn Steels under Different Dew Points

Effect of Cr on the Oxidation of Advanced High Strength Steels during Annealing Prior to Galvanizing

Effect of Galvanizing Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a 6Mn-1.5Si Third Generation Advanced High Strength Steel

Effect of Internal Oxidation Layer Formed During Annealing Process on Selective Surface Oxidation Behavior and Galvanizability of Si, Mn Added Steels

Effect of Steel and Zinc Coating Thickness on Edge Creep of Coil Coated Materials

Effect of the Atmosphere Dew Point of Continuous Annealing Furnaces on the Quality of GA Coating on Dual Phase Steel

Effect of the Dimension of a Spot and Line Type Surface Imperfection on its Visibility after Automotive Painting

Effect of Zinc Pot Designs on Flow and Temperature Distribution in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process

Effects of Annealing Conditions on Galvanizing Behavior of Extra-Advanced High-Strength Steels

Effects of POSTEX? Texturing Parameters on the Surface Morphologies and Roughness Changes of Galvanized Steel Sheets

EMG-VIVALDI®: Industrial Proof of the New Paradigm for Strip Guiding in Furnace Atmospheres

Energy Efficiency Improvements in Processing Lines

Estimation of the Fe-Zn Intermetallic Layer Thickness in Galvannealed Coating through Electrochemical Route

Evaluation of Electrochemical Characteristics and Corrosion Performance of Arrowhead Defect on ZODIAC GI Full Finish

Evolution and Measurement of Iron Oxide Growth During HDG Annealing Conditions and the Impact on Galvanizing Behavior of AHSS

Experience of ArcelorMittal Dofasco in Automotive Exposed GI and GA Production

Experimental Study of Skimmings Generation in Galvanizing Baths With Variable Al and Mg Compositions

Experimental Validation of Computer Simulation of Aluminum Pickup and Iron Dissolution in Galvanneal and Galvanize Production

Five-Year Atmospheric Corrosion Test of Various Zn-Al Coatings in a Severe Marine Environment

Fives Stein Virtuo®, Enhanced Customer-Oriented Furnace Level 2 for Galvanizing Lines

Focus on XPS Investigations of Zn and Zn-alloy Coated Steel Sheets: a Study on Radiationand Sputter-induced Influences for a Reliable Analysis of Industrial Samples

Formation Behavior of Dross Particles in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Bath

Formation of Fe-Zn Intermetallic Phases in Galvannealed Mn-Si TRIP Steels

Formation of GA Streaky Defects Simulated by Using Lab Hot Dip Simulator

Frictional Behavior of Galvannealed Steel Sheet Depending on Tool Material

Galvanizing of a Hot Rolled Steel With a Tensile Strength of 780 MPa for Stretch Flanging Applications

Galvanizing-Related Surface Properties of Mn-Alloyed Third Generation AHSS

General View on Korean Zinc and Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

High Temperature Oxidation Behavior And Alloying Reaction Of Hot-Dip Zn-Al Coating

High-Pressure Transformation of Fe-Zn Intermetallics at Room Temperature

Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line at ARVEDI Producing AHSS Over 800 Mpa

Importance of Si/Mn Ratio on Galvanizability of Next Generation Advanced High Strength Steels

Importance of the Zinc Film Modeling for Gas Jet Wiping Simulations

Improvement of Corrosion Resistance on Arc Welded Areas of Automotive Chassis by Water Repellency Coating

Improving the Strength-Ductility Balance in High-Strength Dual-Phase Steels Through the Addition of Vanadium

Influence of Carbon Content on Oxidation Behavior of Si Containing Steel

Influence of Dew Point Shift during Heating on Selective Oxidation of Si-containing Steels

Influence of Dew Points on Galvannealing Properties of a Dual-Phase Steel

Influence of Gas Atmosphere Oxygen Partial Pressure on the Selective Oxidation during Intercritical Annealing of a 6Mn-2Si Advanced High Strength Steel

Influence of Initial Iron Content in Zinc Bath on the Dissolution Rate of Iron From Steel During Hot-Dip Galvanizing Process

Influence of Nozzle Tip Angle on Jet Wiping Ability

Influence of Sn on the Selective Oxidation and Reactive Wetting of CMnSi TRIP Steel During Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Influence of Steel Chemistry and Bath Aluminum Content on the Integrity of the Inhibition Layer

Influence of Temperature of Continuous Annealing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Galvanized Dual Phase Steel (DP980)

Inhibition Breakdown Kinetics of Dual Phase Steels

Installation and Operating Experience With a Spooner After-Pot Strip Cooler and Stabilizer at DJ Galvanizing

Interest of New Generation Zn-Al3.7-Mg3.0 Coatings for the Industry and Construction Market

Investigation of “High Spots” Defects in Galvannealed Automotive Outer Pa

Investigation on Selective Oxidation of Boron in BH Steel Sheet

Investigation on the Characteristics of Hot-Dip Zn-3%Mg-2.5%Al Alloy Coated Steel Sheets

Ion Permeability of the Artificially Synthesized Zinc Corrosion Products and Magnesium Corrosion Products

Lab Free Pot Chemistry Monitoring: LIBS Brought to the Next Level

Liquid Oxide Annealing for Surface Preparation of HSS

Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Inhibition Layer Breakdown in the Case of Ti IF Steel Grades Galvanized in GA Baths

Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Zn-Mg Alloy Coatings

Mill Applied Pretreatments: The New Paradigm

Modeling of Interfacial Layer Growth Kinetics on Mn-Containing Steels during Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Morphology and Texture of High-Speed Galvanized Coatings on Interstitial Free Steel Sheet

Morphology of 55% Al-Zn coating and the Al-Zn coating with Mg Addition

New Coil-Applied Coating for Press-Hardening Steel

New Procedure for Mass Loss Corrosion Testing of Magnesium-containing Coated Steel Products

North American Zinc-Based Sheet Steel Coatings Technology: Production and Product Performance Update and Challenges

Numerical Analysis of the Modification of Flow Using a Pumping System in the Galvanizing Bath

Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Coreless Pot

On Optimizing the Zinc Coating Surface by an Improved Temper Rolling Process

Online Quality Monitoring of IF and High Strength Steels on Continuous Galvanizing Lines Controlled by Furnace Mathematical Model

Oxidation-Reduction Behavior of Si, Mn Added Steel Sheet

Parametric Study of Wall Shear Stress Developed by an Impinging Planar Jet for Coating Weight Models used in Continuous Hot-dip Galvanizing

Pot Roll Rotation, a Challenge for High Line Speeds

Practical Experiences with Novel Non-Contact, Online, Surface Cleanliness Measurement System

Pre-oxidation of Advanced High Strength Steels: Influence of Temperature, Reaction Time and Oxygen Concentration on Oxide Thicknesses

Prepainted With Enhanced Performance in High-Corrosion Environments

Radiant Tube Life Improvement for vertical Galvanizing Lines

Reduction of the Specific Steam Consumption at JFE Fukuyama No. 3 CGL

Research and Development of Cold Rolled Hot-dip Galvanized DP590 Steel with Low Cost

Selective Oxidation of Fe-Si Binary Alloys

Simulation of Physical Phenomena inside a Molten Zinc Bath by using Computational Fluid Dynamics Method

Solubility of Different Steel Grades in Zinc-Alloy-Baths (Zn-Al-Mg vs. Zn-Al) Showing Different Iron Dissolution Kinetics/Mechanism in a Zn-Al-Mg Bath

Study of the Fe-Zn Phases Formation During the Galvannealing Treatment of Coatings With Different Aluminum Contents

Study on Microstructure Transformation of GI Coating During Heat Treatment

Study on Stamping Properties of Galvalume Coating

The Development of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Coating Chemical for Galvanized Steel Sheets

The Development of New Inorganic Chromium-Free Chemical for Galvanized Steel Sheets

The Diffusible Hydrogen Management During the Annealing and Overaging Steps of Galvanized Dual Phase Steels

The Effect of Al Content in the Coating on the Flaking Resistance of GA IF Steels

The Effect of Auxiliary Jets on Excited Tones in Gas Jet Wiping

The Modeling Scheme to Investigate the Influence of Galvanneal Coating on Fracture Properties of AHSS Steels

The Process Control of Phosphating Galvanized Plate With High Surface Quality

The Study of Anti-Corrosion Properties of Free-Chromium Composite Coatings on Hot-Dip 55%Al-Zn Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

The Study of Optimized Thermal Treatment Condition of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) on Galvanized Steel as Pre-Coated Metal (PCM)

The Study of the Steel Sheet on the Chipping Resistance in Low Temperature for Automotive Body

Tilted Wiping : Promising new practice or Wrong trail

Unique Technology for Production of New AHSS and UHSS Grades by Using the Zinc Bath as a Quenching Medium

VacuRolls for strip drying after Skin Pass Mill

Water-based Chromate-free Lubricating Film for Galvanized Steel Sheet

XPS and EELS Characterization of Mn2SiO4, MnSiO3 and MnAl2O4

XRD-measurements of Coating Formation of Hot-dip Galvanized Steel during Press Hardening

Zn-Mg-Al Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings for Exposed Parts in the Automotive Industry