2015 AISTech Conference Proceedings

#1 Battery Collecting Main Replacement and Roof Repair Project

20 Economical Ways to Improve the Performance of a Baghouse Dust Collector

25 Years of Refractory Development for Thin-Slab Application

A CFD Model for Estimating Refractory Erosion and Skull Buildup in the Blast Furnace Hearth

A Comparative Study of Test Material and Castings to Predict Mechanical Properties of Steel Castings and Design of Heat Treatment Cycle

A Comparison of the Electrical Performance of Turn and Strand Insulation Systems Before and After Rapid Thermal Cycling

A New Consteel® With iRecovery®: Better Performances in Steel Production With Heat Recovery for District Heating and ORC Turbine Power Generation

A New Generation Optical Flatness Measurement Systems

A New Method to Evaluate Particle Size Distribution of Inclusions

A New Process of Oxidation Roasting-Gas-Based Direct Reduction/Electric Furnace Smelting Separation for High-Chromium Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite

A New Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System

A Novel Test of Catalyst Activity

A Numerical Study of Oxygen Blast Furnace Operation

Acceleration of Quicklime Dissolution Into Slag by Internally Formed Gas

Achieving Tighter Control Over Slidegate Proportional Valve

Adjustment of Cold Mill Capability by Intelligent Modernization — Latest References of SMS Siemag

Advanced Technologies for Heat Treatment of Steel Plate

An On-Line Model of Work Roll Temperature with Variable Cooling Rate Along the Roll Length

Analysis of Influencing Factors of the Carbon Content of the Blast Furnace Offgas Dust

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Silicon Content in Hot Metal From COREX Process

Analysis of Pulverized Coal and Natural Gas Injection in 5500-m3 Blast Furnace in Shougang Jingtang

Analysis of the Carbon-Saving Potential for Blast Furnace With the Injection of Gas Made From Coal

Analysis of the Root Cause and Consequences of Extreme Overheating of Dry Rolls in a CSP Tunnel Furnace

Analysis of Transient Processes in Blast Furnace

Anatomy of Circulating Oil Systems for Lubrication

AOD Mouth Cleaning Results in APERAM South America Using Slagless Clean Up®

Application of Lower Cost Gas to a Laser Welder

Application on HIsmelt Smelting Reduction Process in China

ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor No. 2 Continuous Caster/Bitop Conversion

ArcelorMittal IH-7 Blast Furnace Stave Circuit Failure Remediation Techniques

ArcelorMittal Tubarăo Blast Furnace #1 First Campaign: Historical Results, Main Issues on Its Reline, Technological Updates, First Results of Second Campaign and Perspectives

ArcSave®, Innovative Solution for Higher Productivity and Lower Cost in the EAF

Assimilation Behavior of CaO Source in the Sintering Process

Automatic EAF: Technological Improvements for a More Accurate Process Control

Automation Upgrade of Outokumpu Avesta Steckel Mill Accomplished Within Regular Production Stops

Bearing Failures in Steel Mill Applications

Behavior and Benefits of High-Fe3C DRI in the EAF

Behavior of Carbonitride (Ti,Nb,V)(C,N) Precipitating on Oxide Inclusion in AISI H13 ESR Tool Steel Modified With Niobium

Belt Casting Technology — Experiences Based on the World’s First BCT Caster

Beneficiation of BOF Steelmaking Converter Slag Fines With Weak Magnetic Separation


Billet Defects: Pinhole and Blohole Formation, Prevention and Evolution

Blast Furnace Banking and Blowdown: A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Preparing for an Extended Outage and Start-Up

Blast Furnace Cyclone Development at Primetals Technologies

BOF Slop Detection — Savings Potential With Real-Time Slop Detection and Mitigation Technology

Capacity Enhancement at Emirates Steel: Continuous Improvement in EAF Performance With Hot DRI Charge

Carbonization of Coal and Wood and Rate Enhancement Effect of Semi-Char and Semi-Charcoal in Composite Pellets

Carpenter Technology Athens Operations Program Project & Construction Management Analysis

Case History for Upgrade of the Biological Wastewater Treatment System at a Coke Plant in China

Case Studies of 23 Workplace Accidents and Their Causes

Cavity Profile Induced by the Jets Impinging Onto Liquids Surface in BOF Steelmaking

CFD Analysis of Hot Metal Desulfurization Process for Improved Mixing in a Torpedo Vessel

CFD Analysis of Lining Erosion Phenomenon at the Outlet of Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove

CFD Analysis of Oxygen Steelmaking Kinetics and Slag Foaming Using IMPHOS Pilot Plant Data

CFD Modeling to Simulate Gas Stirring Process Using Bottom Plugs in a Steel Ladle

Challenges of Leveling Heat Treated Plate

Characteristics of Fujico Co. Ltd. CPC/HSS Rolls for Hot Strip Mills and Long Bar Mills and Its Application Results

Characterization of DR Pellets for DRI Applications

Characterization of MnS Inclusions in Heavy Rail Steels

Characterization of Wetting Behavior Between Calcium Ferrite Series Melts and Al2O3, MgO Substrate

Chemistry vs. Morphology vs. Reducibility — Some (Non-) Existing Correlations

Chemistry, Structure and Quality of Iron Ore Sinter

Chock Deflection and Bearing Life

CHR® — Clean Heat Recovery From EAF Hot Fumes Into Electric Energy, With Consequent Fuel Saving and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Cleveland No. 6 Blast Furnace Hearth Campaign Extension

Coal Gasification-Based DRI Production: Start-Up and Operation of JSPL’s Angul I MXCOL® DRI Plant

Coal-Gas Co-Injection in Blast Furnaces: Are There Hidden Benefits?

Coke Oven Life Prolongation - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Collaborative Creativity Spurs State-of-the-Art Descaling System

Combined Blast and Supplemental Fuel Injection Is the Major Way to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Blast Furnace

Command Execution in Automated Systems From Procedures Created by Maintenance and Process Engineers Through the Use of a CNL and a Knowledge Base

Comparison of Rolling Mill Driveshaft Concepts

Comparison of Temperature Measurement in Copper Elements in the EAF

Comprehensive Utilization of Boron-Bearing Iron Concentrate Based on Carbon Composite Pellet Iron Nugget Technology

Condition to Suppress Spinel Formation in Ladle Treatment Predicted by the Kinetic Simulation Model

Consequences of Heat Loss in the Lower Furnace

Construction and Operation of NSSMC Kashima 1E Coke Oven Battery

Continuous Developments at the Steel Plant 1 Usiminas Ipatinga Through Slagless® Technology

Controlling Electric Arc Properties in an Industrial AC EAF: Simulations and Experiments

Conversion to the World’s First Top-Exchanged DC Fin-Type® Anode at SSAB Iowa

Criteria to Evaluate Cokemaking Strategy for an Integrated Steel Plant

Crushing and Grinding: How to Turn the Iron Ore Processing More Economic and Efficient

CSP® Casting Technology — 25 Years of Success

Current Status and Future Perspective of Japanese Ironmaking Technology for Environmental Solution

Danieli Power Mould: Key Technology in Evolution for High Productivity, High Quality and Energy Savings

DEM Simulation of Particle Size Segregation of Binary Particle Mixtures in a Quasi-2D Model

Density Functional Theory Study on the Interaction Mechanism of CO and FeO Surface

Detection and Resolution of Adverse Meltshop Conditions Through the Use of the GrafTech ArchiTech System

Determination of End of Coking in Byproduct Recovery Cokemaking

Determination of Maximum Admissible Stress on Coke Oven Walls

Determination of Stress and Strain Fields in Cast and Heat Treated Bimetallic Rolling Mill Rolls

Determination of Thermal Contact Conductance Based on Unsteady Temperature Measurement

Developing and Manufacturing Larger-Diameter P110 Seamless Tube at TMK-IPSCO

Developing New Technologies to Meet Environmental Control Challenges

Developing the MIDREX® Direct Reduction Process — Technological Innovations and Process Enhancements

Development and Application of Automatic Surface Inspection System in Cold Rolling Production

Development and Production of High-Density Silica for Coke Ovens

Development of Electrical Discharge Coating (EDC) as Chrome-Free Alternative for Increasing Campaign Length of Temper Mill Work Rolls

Development of Looper Shape Meter in Hot Rolling

Development of New Mash Seam Welder (Cross Seam Welder, CSW) Compatible with Continuous Rolling of Steel Sheets at Thicknesses up to 6.5 mm

Development of Nut Coke Activation for Energy-Efficient Blast Furnace Operation

Development of Visualizing System of Blast Furnace Operation and Application to Operation

Developments in Ironmaking in South America

Differences in Surface Lead Concentrations in a Steel Mill

DR Grade Pellet Quality and Supply

Drain Rate and Liquid Level Simulation in Blast Furnace Hearth

DRI Production Using Coke Oven Gas (COG): Results of the MIDREX® Thermal Reactor SystemTM (TRS®) Testing and Future Commercial Application

EAF ID Fan Energy Efficiency Upgrade Retrofit Process

EAF Quantum – First Results From TYASA

Economical Feasibility of the Use of Biogas in Iron- and Steelmaking

Economical Flux Addition in the Pellet Plant, DR, and EAF Production Stream

Economics and Value-in-Use of DRI in the USA

Effect of Coke Breeze Distribution on Coke Combustion Rate of the Quasi-Particle

Effect of Conveyor Angle on Particle Size Segregation in Parallel-Hopper Bell-Less Top by Discrete Element Method

Effect of Flux Addition From Furnace Top on Blast Furnace Operation in Meishan Steel

Effect of Heating Condition on Carbothermic Reduction Behavior of Coal-Containing Composite Pellets Packed in Tall Bed

Effect of Hydrogen-Enriched Gas on Reduction-Disintegration and Reducibility of Sinter

Effect of Lime Coating Coke on Decreasing NOx Emission From Sintering Process

Effect of Mg-Al-Fe Alloy Deoxidation on Inclusions in Hot Work Die Steel H13

Effect of Mill Scale Adding Methods on NOx Emission of Coke Combustion During Iron Ore Sintering

Effect of Mn and Heating Rate With Short Soaking Time on the Continuous Cooling Transformation of 42CrMo Steel

Effect of Olivine Fineness and Thermal Profile on Oxidation-Sintering of Magnetite Concentrate Pellets

Effect of Rare Earth Oxides on the Rolling Performance on Grain Refined 1030

Effect of Simulant Ash on Wetting Behavior of Liquid Iron on Carbonaceous Material Substrate

Effect of SiO2 on Compressive Strength and Hot Abrasion Resistance of Self-Reducing Pellets Bonded With Portland Cement

Effect of the Low- and Mild-Carbon HSLA Steels on Hot Rolling Parameters Under Precipitation Temperatures

Effects of CaO/CaCO3 on the Carbothermic Reduction of Titanomagnetite Ores

Effects of Coke Mixed Charging Ratio on Softening-Dripping Performance of Vanadium-Titanium Mixed Burden Smelted in Blast Furnace

Effects of Gangue Minerals and Temperature on Reduction Behavior of Fe2O3 Using Coke as a Reductant

Effects of Non-Metallic Inclusions and Their Shape Modification on the Properties of Pipeline Steel

Effects of Thermomechanical Processing on Microstructure and Shear Properties of 22SiMnCrMoB TRIP-aided Martensitic Steel

Electrowinning of Iron From Waste Solutions

Elimination of Mill Chatter Vibration in Cold Rolling — Successful Pilot Installation

Endpoint Prediction Technology of BOF Based on Flame Information

Energy Optimization of High-Energy Pumps

Energy Savings in the System Pickling/Acid Recovery: The New ECOmode

Enterprise Central Control System -- A case study of remote monitoring, diagnostics and information exchange for steel operations

Environmental Improvement for Steelmaking Plant at Funabashi Works

Ergonomic Interventions for Steel Manufacturing Workers

Establishment of Minimum Mold Heat Removal and Control for Continuous Casting

ESW's Research and Development: A Combination of Trials and Simulation

Evaluation of Hydration Characteristics of the Lime Used for Iron Ore Sintering Based on the Constant-Temperature Calorimetric Method

Evaluation of PCI Coals in New Injection Facility at CanmetENERGY-OTTAWA

Evaluation of Surface Defects in High Strength Hot-Rolled Strips – A Case Study

Experimental Analysis of the Interfacial Wetting Phenomena Between Slag and Coke Surface Under Simulated Conditions of the Bosh Region of Blast Furnace

Experimental Research and Thermodynamic Calculation on the Precipitation Behavior of Second-Phase Particles in Ti-IF steel

Exposed Panel Surface Production Process: Understanding the Contribution of an Annealing Furnace in Achieving Exposed Surface Quality Requirements

Fan Reliability Improvement

FEM Simulation and Industrial Validation of Void Closure in a Large Cross-Section Hot Rolled Low-Alloy Steel

FeSi Residuals and Their Effects on Steel Cleanliness

Finite Element Analysis and Hot Compression Studies of High-Speed Steel Work Rolls

Flammability Limits of Off Gas (CO-H2-H2O-CO2-N2 Mixtures at Elevated Temperatures) and Pressure Rise Rate in Case of Deflagration Inside of ElectroStatic Precipitator (ESP)

Flash® Bainite: Cold Stampable 1500-MPa Sheet Metal for B-Pillars

Flexibility in EAF Operations at Nucor Steel–Arkansas with DRI

Flexible Spray Cooling Heat Transfer for Long Product Casting

Floating Chemistry Aims Based on Grade, Reduction Ratio and Residuals

Fluid Lubrication and Insert Wear in the Thread Cutting of High-Strength Pipe Materials

Full Recovery of Steelmaking Waste Streams in a Dedicated Plasma Reactor

Full-Scale Treatment of a Coke Oven Wastewater Using Immersed Membrane Biological Reactor Technology

Fundamental Analysis of Passing Behavior of Powder Particle Through Packed Bed by DEM

Fundamental Coke Kinetic Studies Using a Coke Analogue

Fundamentals of Iron Ore Concentrate Agglomeration Using Alternative Binders

Fundamentals of Steel Complex Deoxidation with Multiple Deoxidizers

Gas Purging Benefits in the BOF: A Focus on Material Efficiency and CO2 Emission Reduction

GearLink – A Quantum Leap in Drive Technology for the Next-Generation Heavy Plate Mills

General Mathematical Model of Adjusting Blast Volume of Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Give Me Five – Rizhao Steel Counts on Arvedi ESP for High-Quality Hot Strip Production

Herkules MACHtechnology: High-Speed Correction Grinding With Carbon Fiber Grinding Wheels — A Milestone in Grinding Technology

High-Carbon Hot DRI Production and Use: ENERGIRON Results and Performances in Operating Plants

High-Manganese Steels — A Promising Material for Automobile Industry and Structural Application in Future Generation

High-Performance Abrasive Cutoff Machines for Forging Applications

High-Performance Ladle Brick

Highlights of the New EAF and FTP at Republic Lorain

HIsarna — Highly Energy-Efficient Ironmaking

Hot Deformation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution Characteristics of a Super Duplex Stainless Steel During Double-Pass Compressive Tests

How Do We Know If Our Steel Plant Is Safe Enough?

Hydrogen Batch Annealing, Performance Comparison of Convection Systems

Hydrogen Removal Efficiency

HYDROPRIME® Gas Generators Provide Low-Cost, Reliable Hydrogen for Steelmaking

Impact of Different Heat Capacity Functions on Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling of the Basic Oxygen Furnace

Impact of Yield Strength and Work Hardening on the Efficiency of Shape Setup in the Tandem Cold Mill

Implementation of Innovative Advanced Mold Tubes at Hadeed SPLP-I

Improved Methodology for Automated SEM/EDS Non-Metallic Inclusion Analysis of Mini-Mill and Foundry Steels

Improved Reliability and Cost Avoidance at ArcelorMittal Steel Through Root Cause Failure Analysis

Improved Sealing Solutions for Rolling Mill and Caster Applications

Improvement Activities for a Hitting Ratio of Direct Production in JFE Fukuyama No.4 CAL

Improvement of a Bell-less Type Charging System for Lower Coke-Ratio, CR, Operation at the Blast Furnace

Improvement of Blast Furnace Performance by Applying a High-Efficiency Expert System

Improvement of EAF Process and Refractory Consumption by Advanced Slag Modeling

Improvements in Control Process and Hearth Maintenance in BF No. 5 at AHMSA

Improvements in the Operation of Coke Plants Through Alignment Process Optimization

Improving Hot Metal Desulphurization Process Performance– A Case Study

Improving Operations, Maintenance, and Reliability by Improving Employee Engagement and Ownership

Improving Safety and Productivity by Using State-of-the-Art Control System in Material Handling Equipment

Improving Spheroidization Effectiveness of Medium-Carbon Alloy Wire Rod

Improving the Castability and Increasing the Sequence Length of IF-TiSULC Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas and Tubarao

In the Hot Spot of the OCTG Market — The Vallourec 7-Inch OD Seamless Pipe Mill Plant in Ohio

Increasing the Value-in-Use of Magnesium Silicate Fluxes: Tailor-Made MgO/SiO2 Ratio for Each Application

Industrial Study on Coal Handling Bulk Density Control

Influence of Burden Softening and Melting Properties on Cohesive Zone Shape and Gas Flow in Blast Furnace

Influence of Chemical Compositions on Liquid Fluidity of Ferrite

Influence of Iron Ores on the NOx Emission of Coke Combustion in the Sintering Process

Influence of MgO, Al2O3 and CaO/SiO2 on Viscosity of Blast Furnace-Type Slag

Influence of Slag Properties in the Steel Dephosphorization Efficiency

Injecting Different Types of Biomass Products to the Blast Furnace and Their Impacts on the CO2 Emission Reduction

Innovation and Application on Pelletizing Technology of Large Traveling Grate Induration Machine

Innovations in Blast Furnace Charging

Innovative 2D

Innovative and Safety-Oriented Approach to Blast Furnace Revival From Chilled Hearth

Innovative Flow Control Refractory Products for the Continuous Casting Process

Innovative Gas Cleaning Solutions and Utilization of BOF Gases: Operational Results and Benefits

Innovative Vacuum-Tank Degassing Technologies: Well-Established Metallurgical Performance Figures Achieved by Using Dry Mechanical Pumps

Insulation Life Diagnosis for Large Industrial Motors

Integrating Width Measurement in Thickness Gauges With Range-Independent Precision, Using Laser Profile Sensors

Intelligent Energy-Saving Technology for Steel Industry

Interaction Between Injected Waste Plastics and Coke Bed in the Blast Furnace

Interactive Incident Visualization for Steel Industry Safety Training

Investigation Into the Reduction Behavior of Iron Ore Fines in Multi-Stages Fluidized Bed Reactor

Investigation of Co-Injection of Natural Gas and Pulverized Coal in a Blast Furnace

Investigation of Coking Behavior of Coals Using an Automated Plastometer

Investigation of High Rate Natural Gas Injection through Various Lance Designs in a Blast Furnace

Investigation on Work Roll Corrosion and Oxidation Mechanisms in a Hot Strip Mill

Investments Facilitating Ironmaking at Reduced Cost

Ironmaking in North America

Ironmaking in South Korea — Beyond the Blast Furnace

Ironmaking in Western Europe — Status Quo and Future Trends

Ironmaking Increase of the Sinter Basicity Through the Insertion of Partially Inert Magnesium Silicate Mini Lumps With Mineralogically Stable Interphases

Kinetics of Dephosphorisation and the Interfacial Oxygen Potential for Bloated Metal Droplets During Oxygen Steelmaking

Kinetics of Phosphorus Migration During Coal-Based Reduction of Phosphorus-Containing Oolitic Iron Ore

Kocks KRM — An Innovative New Method for Cross-Roll Elongation of Seamless Tubes

Laboratory Method for Coking Pressure Determination

Ladle Refractory Cost Reduction

Ladle Shroud and Collector Nozzle Design to Improve Sealing and Lower Nitrogen Pickup

Latest Developments in Abrasive Cutting and Grinding of Large-Scale Cast and Forged Products

Latest Developments in Gas Purging Systems for EAF

Lime Dissolution in Cr2O3-Containing Converter Slags

Liquid Absorbability of Limonite and Its Influence on the Sinter Indexes

Local Heat Transfer Through Mold Flux Film and Optimal Narrow Face Taper Adjustment

Longevity Technology Research and Practice of Baosteel No. 3 B

Macrostrength and Pore Structure of Coke Subjected to Gasification and Annealing under Blast Furnace Conditions

Maintenance of Your Electrical System for Maximum Reliability

Managing a Blast Furnace Operation During Abnormally Cold Weather

Mechanism and Control of Hydrogen-Induced Sticker During Continuous Casting of Steel

Melting Acceleration of Iron Ore Composite Using Two Kinds of Carbonaceous Materials

Metallurgical Behavior of the Ultra-Wide Slab Continuous Casting Mold

Micro Module: The Optimum Approach for Small-Scale ENERGIRON DR Plants

Micro-CT Analysis of Coke and Its Relationship to Coke Quality Indicators

Microstructure and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Fe-0.08C-18Mn-2.6Si-3.4Al-0.03Nb Alloy

Migration of Erosion and Relationship Between Bottom and Hearth Temperature of Blast Furnace

Mill Stand Replacement and New Automation for Special Steel Plate Mill VDM Metals Siegen GmbH

Mineralization of Iron Ore Fines in the Process of CAP

Mobile Technologies for Plant Maintenance and Compliance Applications

Model for Dehydrogenation During Secondary Steelmaking

Modeling Approach for the Analysis of Energy Recovery Benefits Applied in EAF Process for the Case of Elbe Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH

Modeling of Inert Gas Shrouding for a 12-Tonne, Four-Strand, Delta-Shaped Tundish, Under Different Operating Conditions

Modeling of Non-Isothermal Melt Flows in a Tundish

Modern Logistics: Case Study on Jindal Steel Works’ CRM2 Total Automatic YMS and ASRS

Modern Wastewater Treatment in Cokemaking Plants — A New Way for Water Recycling!

Modernization of Six-Strands Caster at OVAKO Smedjebacken

Modernization of the one stand 3,500 mm Heavy Plate Mill Handan Iron & Steel, Handan, P.R. China

Modernized Lock Ring Design Optimizes Roll Assembly Process

Mold Flow Optimization in a Wide Slab Caster Through Water Modeling Experiments

Mold Heat Transfer Behavior at High Casting Speed over 7.0 m/Minute in the CEM®, POSCO

Monitoring of Stave and Castable Refractory Wear in Blast Furnaces

Motion Analysis for Determining Behavior of Automated and Manually Operated Cranes

Multi-Phase Flow Simulation in Blast Furnace by MPS-SMAC Coupling Model

Myths and Realities of Charging DRI/HBI in Electric Arc Furnaces

Natural Gas in Ironmaking: On the Use of DRI and LRI in the Blast Furnace Process

Near Miss Reporting to Enhance Safety in the Steel Industry

New Approaches for Vacuum Degassing Plants VD/VOD and RH/RH-OB

New Burner Technology of Badische for Higher Energy Efficiency, Improved Reliability and Less Refractory Wear

New Coiling/Uncoiling Technology for Steel Industry

New Control Technique for Reducing the Likelihood of Cobbles in the Tandem Rolling of Hot Metal Sheet

New DanJoint High-Performance Oil-Lubricated Gear Spindles for Essar Steel Algoma’s DSPC

New Developments in Dynamic Soft Reduction in Continuous Casting of Blooms for Rail and Stainless Steels

New Extra-Large 350-mm-Thick x 2 6-m-Wide Slab Caster at Yingkou

New Method to Measure Metallurgical Length and Application to Improve Computational Models

New Surface Textures Developed for Cold Rolling Mills

New, State-of-the-Art Roller Hearth Furnace for Stress Relieving, Annealing and Normalizing of Steel Tubes at Michigan Seamless Tube

Next Steps in High-Speed Billet Casting in Ege Celik

Next-Generation Advanced Level 1 Reheat Furnace Control Using ZoloSCAN Laser Technology

Next-Generation EFSOP® Offgas Analysis Technology: A Hybrid Extractive-Optical Solution With Water Detection Capability

NFPA Combustible Dust Standards and Cokemaking — How These Regulations May Affect You

Novel Refractory Plate Sealing Technology

Novel SVC Switchyard Configuration to Increase Steel Plant’s Availability, Productivity and Efficiency

Numerical Analysis of Injection of Liquid Hydrocarbons, Processed Waste Plastics and Pulverized Coal Into Blast Furnace Raceways

Numerical Analysis on Operation Parameters Optimization of Shaft Furnace With Different Areal Gas Distribution Pipe Arrangement

Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Electromagnetic Brake on Steel Flow in the Mold of Thin Slab Caster

Numerical Simulation on Migration Behavior of Inclusions Accompanied by Voids Formation and Evolution During CSP Hot Rolling Process

Numerical Solution of Von Karman on Elastic Foundation With Loading and Unloading Processes in Material Work Hardening Curve

Numerical Study of a Basic Oxygen Process Hydrodynamics

Numerical Study on Combustion Process of Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove

Oil Condition Monitoring

On the Mechanism of Microalloying and Macrosegregation Coupled Phenomena for Interdendritic Longitudinal Midface Surface Crack in Continuous Casting of Steel

On-Line Conveyor Belt Elemental Analyzer for Sinter Feed Chemistry Control

On-line Laser Detector for BF Burden Surface Profile Measurement

Online Data Collection at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Operating Experiences at JSPL, BF-II (India) - Achieving Higher Performance Indicators With Inferior Raw Materials

Optimal method for renewal sintering exhaust-gas treatment system

Optimal Mixing Condition for Top Stir Gas Injection at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Optimized Blast Furnaces Operation With Integrated Burden Control

Optimized Waste Gas Recirculation Layouts for Environment-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Sintering of Iron Ores

Optimizing Capacity and Growing Your Business Through Supply Chain Virtualization

Optimizing Fe Yield in an All-DRI-Fed EAF

Optimizing Speed and Quality of Automated Inclusion Analysis

Optimizing Your Mechanical Draft Fans for Energy Efficiency

Ore-Blending Optimization Expert System Based on the High-Temperature Characteristics of Iron Ores

Origin and Migration Behavior of Zinc in Blast Furnace Hearth Brittle Layer

Oxygen Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (O2 VPSA) Systems Enhance Steel Making

Perfect SBQ Production With Optimized Machinery Design and Process Parameters of the 3-Roll RSB SCS®

Performance Experience of the MultiROB at BSW — How Safety, Productivity and Accuracy Go Hand in Hand

Performance of the New Alloys in Direct Reduction Processes

Perspective and Challenges of Ironmaking in China

Pickling and Tandem Cold Rolling Technologies for TERNIUM Mexico

Plate Shape Prediction by Using Thermo-Mechanical and Metallurgical Model During Water Quenching

Possibilities and Limitations of Free Size Rolling With Respect to Size and Temperature Variations of Different Materials

Practical Applications of Surface Inspection System at the Hot Mill

Practical Results of the Next Generation Eddy Current Technology for Roll Inspection Systems

Predictive Advanced Condition Diagnostics of Processing Equipment and Process With Acoustic Emission Technology — Practical Applications and Cases

Predictive Model for Blending Coking Coals - Part 2: U.S. Coals

Preparation of Wustite by Decomposition of Hydrous Ferrous Oxalate or Redox Between Ferric Oxide and Iron

Preventive Maintenance Reconsidered

Primary Slags Formation Behaviors of Pellets in Cohesive Zone of Blast Furnace

Process Model for Phosphorus Reaction in EAF Steelmaking: DRI, Scrap and Mix Cases

Proper Methods of Adding MgO-Bearing Flux in Blast Furnace Process

PT Krakatau POSCO’s Gas Treatment Plant in Cilegon, Indonesia

Pusher Furnace Bottom Side Tearing at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor 84” Hot Strip Mill

Q-REG+: The Innovative Approach to Electrode Regulation

Q-Robot ROLL — Vision-Based Automatic Deburring Robot for Cold Billets

Q-VID: A Revolutionary Approach to Vision-Based Measurements and Control

Q3Intelligence: An Integrated Data Acquisition, Analysis and Problem Solving Platform Ready for Insertion Into Existing Plants

Qualified People — It Is a Safety Thing

Quality and Classification of Metallurgical Coke

Quality Improvement and Cost Savings With Modern Roll Grinding Technology

Reaction Behavior During Heating of Tokadeh Magnetite Ore With Carbonaceous Material Generated From Waste “Pure Water Sachets”

Reaction Characteristics of Carbothermic Reduction With Tall Pellets Bed

Reason Analysis of the Low Reduction Index of North African Lump

Recent Experience in Commissioning Two Full Sets of Coke Oven Machines: Plant Features and Project Organization

Recovery of Gallium From Secondary Vanadium-Depleted Ferrous Slag by Alkali Fusion

Reducing Fire Hazards in Hot Strip Mills With Fire-Resistant Greases

Reduction of Slags and Refractories by Al in Steel and Inclusion Modification

Reduction of Sticker Formation During Batch Annealing Cooling

Reduction Roasting of Boron-Bearing Iron Concentrate for Boron and Iron Recovery

Reliability of Electrical Systems: From Testing to Monitoring

Reoxidation of Inclusions After Aluminum Deoxidation and Calcium Treatment

Replacement and Start-Up of New Third Hot Stove for Kokura No. 2 Blast Furnace

Research of Comprehensive Regulation Technology for Hearth Protective Layer of Blast Furnace Longevity

Research on After-Reduction Compressive Strength of Preheated Carbon-Bearing Pellets With Different Coal Size

Research on Blast Furnace Operation With High-Alumina Slag in Meishan Steel

Research on Gas-Solid Reduction Reaction Characteristics of Packed Bed in COREX Melter Gasifier

Research on Metallurgical Properties of Different Types of Titanium Resources

Research on Pelletizing Dynamics of Iron and Steel Plant Metallurgical Dust

Research on Precipitation Behavior of Primary Carbides in 8Cr13MoV Martensitic Stainless Steel During Electroslag Remelting

Resolving Complex Shape Distortions on Narrow, Thin Gauge Strip Having an Asymmetric Transverse Thickness Profile

Revisiting Slag Eye in Molten Steel

RH Field Experience With Mechanical Vacuum Pump System

Role of an Engineering Consultancy in the Transformation of a Technology Idea to a Working Process Plant

Roll Loadings and Their Effects on Stresses and Strains in Big Work and Backup Rolls for Plate and Strip Mills

Rolling Mill Bearing Failures and Their Causes

Safe and Efficient Slag Door Maintenance Unit

Scrap Inventory Management

Selective Hydrometallurgical Extraction of Zn/Pb From Blast Furnace Sludge

Simple Bending Fatigue Life Behavior of a Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope for Cranes

Simulation and Modeling of an Air Separation Unit in China Steel Corp.

Simultaneous Metallization and DRI Carburization Kinetics in DR Shaft Furnaces

Six Weeks: Cold Mill Engineering to First Coil

Sizing The Opportunity The New 14” Mill with PSM® Precision Sizing At Steel Dynamics Engineered Bar Division, Pittsboro

Solution for Continuous Caster DC Motor/Encoder Failures

Special Technologies and New Developments to Improve Slab Quality

Stable Blast Furnace Operation by the Application of Predictive Process Models

Start-Up and Commissioning of the DRI Handling System for Nucor Hertford’s EAF

Statistical Data Analysis for Process Improvements at Emirates Steel Abu Dhabi

Status and Start-Up of United Steel Co. (SULB) MIDREX® Combination CDRI/HDRI Plant

Step Milling as a Tool for Characterizing Defects in Slabs at ArcelorMittal

Stockhouse-Based De-Icing, Drying and Pre-Heating of Coke and Pellets

Strategies for Implementing Direct Reduction Technologies in an Integrated Steel Plant

Structure–Property Relationships for Conventional and Enhanced Indefinite Chill Work Rolls

Studies on Multi-Gravity Separator for Iron Enrichment and Zinc Rejection From the BOF Sludge

Study on Assessment of Solidification Structure and Solidification Process in High-Carbon Steel Billet Continuous Casting

Study on the Lubricating Performance of Nano-TiO2 in Water-Based Cold Rolling Fluid

Study on the Modification and Crystallization Behaviors of Blast Furnace Smelt Slag for Mineral Fiber Material

Studying the Sintering Behavior of Oxidized Magnetite Pellet During Induration

Surface Microstructure of Normal and Defected Cold Rolled Sheet, Investigated by SEM/EDS and Surface Profilometry

Systematic Study on Recycling of Waste Materials in an Integrated Steel Site

Taphole Free Opening Optimization in the EAF Through Monitorized Grain Size Distribution Control of the EBT Filler Sand: Laboratory Testing and Industrial Application

Technological Developments for the Production of High-Strength Steels

Technological Improvements to Increase Intensity of Operation of Titania-Magnetite Blast Furnace

Technological Progress and Prospect of 5500-m3 Blast Furnace in Shougang Group

Technology-Based Crane Monitoring and Diagnostics

The AHMSA Plate Normalizing Line

The Aluminum – Oxygen Equilibrium in High Al Steels

The Application Progress of High Radiative Coating Technology in Ironmaking Industry

The Cause and Countermeasures of BF Blowpipe Wearing Out at Tangsteel of HBIS

The Deformation Behavior of Different Inclusions for Super-Clean Steel Wire During Drawing Process

The Design and Operation of a Dust Tower for Studying the Dustiness of Raw Materials for Ironmaking

The Effect of Burden Distribution Modes on Gas Distributions Inside COREX Shaft Furnace by Numerical Simulation

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The Self-Curability and Explicit and Implicit Heritability of Shape Defects in Cold Rolling

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Theoretical Analysis of Al2O3 Behaviors in Blast Furnace Ironmaking and Proper MgO/Al2O3 Ratio in Slag

Theory and Practice of Carbon Composite Brick Applied in Blast Furnace Hearth and Bottom

Thermal and Mechanical Parametric Study for Copper Staves in the Blast Furnace

Thermal Deformation and Stress Analysis of Blast Furnace Copper Stave

Thermal Operation of Ladle Furnace With Gas Bubble Blowing

Thermal Profile and Energy Level Calculation for a Mannesmann Rolling Mandrel Using the Finite Differences Method

Thermomechanical Behavior of a Wide Slab-Casting Mold

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