2014 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3D Hearth Wear Model – Theory and Operational Practice

A Large Capacity 3-Level IEGT Inverter for Rolling Mill Application

A Method of Activating the Deadman Region in Blast Furnace During Operation

A Method to Characterize Multi-Pass Frequency Content and Improve AGC Performance

A Model for Slag Solidification

A Model for Strip Profile and Roll Crown During Flat Rolling in Hot and Cold Mills With Special Emphasis on Innovative Work Roll Materials

A New Generation and a New Process: An Application That Can Do for Technicians What CAD Does for Engineering

A New Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System

A Numerical Test Bench for Supersonic Oxygen Nozzles and Its Application to the BOF Process

A Scenario for Integrated Sustainability: Application of the TRS® for the Integrated Blast Furnace Steel Industry

A Unified Spatial Curvature Framework for Coordinated Pass Scheduling, Shape Targeting and Mill Setup

Accelerated Depreciation Policy to Promote Management Systems of Energy in the Brazilian Steel Industry - Case Study of the Furnace Gas Use in Integrated Steel Mills to Electric Energy Generation

Accelerating Threats to Supply Chain: Globalization, Climate Change, Natural Disasters, Transportation, IT Security and Financial Stability

Advanced Chromium-Free Coating for Electrical Steels

Advanced Control Solutions for Flying Shears and Practical Application on Existing Equipment

Advanced Dry Gas Cleaning for Iron- And Steelmaking

Advanced Electrolytic Tinning Line With Insoluble Anode System

Advanced In-Line Surface Inspection of Hot Beams, Rails and Special Profiles Full Range

Advanced Model-Based Controls for Steel and Aluminium Hot Strip Mills

Advanced Technology of Process Control for Compact Hot Strip Mills

Advancements in Vibration Monitoring

Advantageous Optimization of the VOD Process With Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Advantages of Using 3D Virtualization in the Metals Industry

Affirmative Abrasion: Advancements and Innovations in Industrial Braking Systems

Aligning Rolls Using Gyroscope and Optical Technology in Conjunction

An Experience of Plant Control in RIVA Group Using Operator-Independent Technology

An Integrated Approach to Radioactive Source Detection at Steel Mills and Scrap Yards

Application of Hot Rolling Lubrication on a Reversing Coil/Plate Mill

Application of Sol-gel Bonded Pumpables During Short Shut-Down, To Replenish and Renew Refractory Linings in Lieu of Conventional Relining

Application Results of Mill Stabilizing Device for Reduction of Mill Vibration in Hot Finish Rolling

Applying New Technologies: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Applied to the Iron and Steel industry From Training to Commissioning, SCADA and Plant Simulation

ArcelorMittal USA Blast Furnace Gas Flare Capture Project

Artificial Neural Networks Model to Predict the Sulfur Percentage at the Hot Metal in the Blast Furnace

Back Pressure Correlation—A Method to Determine Gas Flow Status at LMF

Benefits of Installing a Side-stream Filter on an Electric Arc Furnace Non-Contact Cooling System

Best Practices for Electrical System Reliability

Bireflectance Studies of Plastometer Semi-Coke Residues

Blast Furnace Casthouse Refractory Maintenance Optimization

BOF Converter Slag Valorization

BOF Refractory Linings: Balancing Brick Life and Gunning/Hot Repairs to Maximize Performance

Carbothermic Reduction of Titanomagnetites With Char

Case Study: Failure Analysis of a Bulged Blast Furnace Blow Pipe

Casting of Flat Products – Latest Developments for Modernization and New Installations

Ceramic Bearings for Electric Motors

CFD Investigation of the Effects of Iron Ore Reducibility and Coke Reactivity on Blast Furnace Operation

CFD Modeling Study of the Blast Furnace Raceway With Direct Injection of Auxiliary Reducing Agents

CFD Simulation of Batch Annealing Process to Evaluate the Effects of Increased Impeller Speed

CFD Simulations for Water Flow in Lance to BOF

Changes in the Phase Composition and Slag Viscosity of the Reduced Iron Ore in the Temperature Range 1350-1400o C

Coal Stockpile Moisture and Cokemaking

Cogeneration With ORC at Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi EAF Shop

Complementary Use of ThermoElectric Power, Internal Friction and Calorimetry for the Study of the Microstructural Evolution of a Pearlitic Steel During Cold-Drawing and Static Strain Aging

Component Improvements on Lifting Equipment

Concept and Operating Results of a Higher-Level Automation System for the new C-Battery at the U. S. Steel Clairton Plant

Considerations in Software Application Development for Adaptability and Maintainability

Continuous Casting of High-Carbon Alloy Steel Billets with Modulated Stirring at a Later Stage of Solidification

Continuous Slab Casting Superheat Control at SSAB Mobile

Conversion Behaviour by Multiple Injection Into the Blast Furnace Tuyere

Copper Stave Cooled Blast Furnace: Bell-Less Top and Process Models as Key Tools for Efficient Operation and Long Campaign

Copper Staves Wear — Ternium Siderar BF2 Experience

Correlation for Mold Heat Flux Measured in a Thin-Slab Casting Mold

Creative Maintenance Strategy: Applying Low Cost and Innovative Ideas to Improve the Performance Steel Rolling Mill

CSP® Plant Expansion Projects in the United States

Cutting Edge Technologies for Meeting the Growing Demand of Premium Connections

Cybersecurity for Industrial Plants: Threats and Defense Approach

DaInox Bright® and Ecological Pickling: Danieli’s New Solutions for the Stainless Steel Strip Market Restarting

Danieli New 4.0 MT/Y Semi-Continuous Hot Strip Mill at Baosteel Meishan - All Records Broken Just a Few Months After Startup

Danieli to Upgrade the 150-Ton EAF at Ferriere Nord - Osoppo Successful Start-Up of the New Danarc EAF Right on Sched

De-Oiling of Oily Mill Sludge and Scales

De-phosphorization in the DRI-EAF Steelmaking and the Effect of Alumina

De-Phosphorization Strategies and Modelling in Oxygen Steelmaking

Design of Hot Blast Stoves: Development Trends

Design of No-Twist-Mill Parameters for Minimized Geometric Variation in the Hot Bar Rolling of Steels

Design, Construction and Application of 5,500 m3 Blast Furnace at Shougang Jingtang

Developing a Third-Generation Advanced High-Strength Steel With Two-Stage TRIP Behavior

Development and Application of the Integral Digital Operating Platform for Blast Furnace in China

Development and Improvements to the CasTemp Continuous Temperature Measurement in Liquid Steel

Development of a Corrosion Inhibitor for the Closed-loop Cooling Water System of Blast Furnace

Development of Al-Si Based Coatings for Hot Stamping Application

Development of High-Efficiency Refining Process in Stainless Steelmaking Plant at Wakayama Steel Works

Development of Plate Roller Quench Unit and Uniform Cooling Technology

Development of Roughing Mill Work Rolls at Arcelormittal Tubarão

Development of Surface Defects Prevention Technology in Continuous Galvanizing Line: The Defects Originated From Zn Oxides Adherence in the Snout

Development of TGA Technique for Carbon-Type Characterisation in Blast Furnace Dust

Direct Use of Magnetite Concentrates in the Fluidized-Bed Reactors of FINEX®

Drastic Reductions in Energy and Water Consumption in Large Iron and Steel Metallurgical Complexes

Dry Slag Granulation With Energy Recovery: Pilot Campaign at ROGESA

Dry Slag Granulation With Heat Recovery

Dynamic Load Characterization of Basic Oxygen Furnaces Using Random Vibration Analysis

DynaPhase: Online Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties During Continuous Casting

EAF Process Improvement Through Application of Tools for Process Monitoring and Simulation

Earliest Leak Detection (ELD): A New Concept of Security in Water Leak Detection in Electric Arc Furnaces

Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) Technology Update: Commercial Experience and Design Evolution To Enhance Performance

Economic Benefits of Producing DRI to Displace Purchased Scrap in the BOF

Effect of Coal Oxidation and Weathering on Coal Coking Properties and Coke Quality

Effect of Cryogenic Uniform-Deformation on Strengthening of High-Carbon Steel Wire

Effect of Ladle, Tundish and Mold Design on Melt Flow Parameters

Effect of Nickel, Copper and Chromium on Stacking Fault Energy in FCC Iron

Effect of RE Oxide Grain Refinement on the Heat Treated Properties of 1030 Steel

Effect of Roller EMS on Slab Quality and Linepipe Plate Properties

Effect of Slide-Gate Opening on Mold Flow Structure

Effect of Steel Cleanliness on the Clogging of the Submerged Entry Nozzle During the Casting of Titanium Bearing Stainless Steel

Effect of Steel Cleanliness on the Clogging of the Submerged Entry Nozzle during the Casting of Titanium Bearing Stainless Steel

Effect of Surface Tension on Flow Behaviors of Liquid Iron and Slag in Coke Bed

Effect of the Backup Rolls Wear on Hot Bands Flatness and Crown

Effect of Usage of Sinter in BOF Steelmaking as a Replacement to Iron Ore as Coolant for Thermal Balance

Effective Internal Quality and Chemistry Controls for the Production of Sour Gas-Resistant Pressure-Vessel Quality Steels

Effective Use of Condition Monitoring in Tracking Large Gearbox Bearings

Electric Arc Furnace Process Improvement and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Electric Arc Furnace Process Improvements and Lining Concepts

Electro Slag Rapid Remelting (ESRR®) — A Novel Technology for the Production of High-Quality, Near-Net-Shaped Billets and Blooms

Electromagnetic Bath Level Measurement System Improves EAF Melting Process Control

EM Inspection of Microstructure During Hot Processing: The Journey From First Principles to Plant

End-Point Prediction Technology of BOF Based on Flame Information

Energy Recovery Pilot Coke Oven Design

Enhanced Accuracy of Descaling Nozzle Arrangements With New, Complementary Measurement Methods

Enhanced Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions -- New Approaches for Switchgear and Motor Control Centers

Enhanced Surface Inspection of Long Products With Pseudo-3D Techniques

Enhancement of Steel Industry Safety Training Through Incident Visualization

Enhancing the Competitiveness of Plate Mills — Services That Can Make a Big Difference From a Small Investment

Ergonomic Assessment for Steel Manufacturing Workers

Evaluation of Air Emissions in Steel Plants With Focus on Heavy Metals Emission

Evaluation of the Influence of Drilling in the Lifetime of a Blast Furnace

Everything You Want to Know About Overhead Crane Hoist Brakes

Experience With A Revamped VD-VOD System With Dry Mechanical Pumps

Experience With Unique IR Vision System at GKN Hoeganaes LMF

Experiences Standardizing Optimal Operational Practices at Nucor Steel–Arkansas EAFs

First SPLC to Stabilize Active Power for a 3 Electrode 90 MW Arc Furnace

First Successful Pulverized Coal Injection Start-Up in Russia at Evraz NTMK

Flexible Cost Effective BMS Design Using Safety PLC

Fluid Flow Related Transport Phenomena in Continuous Casting Electromagnetic FC-Mold Strands

FLUR® – New Fast Lock/Unlock Ring System for Wire Rod Finishing Blocks

Formation Mechanism of CaO-CaS Inclusions in Pipeline Steels

Frustum Hood and FTP at Ovako

Fume Treatment Plant for a Steelmaking Facility: Overview of the Main Factors That Affect the Final Choice, Including Interaction With the Water Treatment Plant

Functional Safety of an Electrical and Automation Control System Applied to a Plate Rolling Mill Plant

Fundamental Study on Interaction Between Top-Blown Jet and Liquid Bath

Furnace Transformer Protection Against High-Frequency Switching Transients

Fused Quartz Tundish Nozzles Stop Clogging and Clean Existing Clog, Eliminating Ladle Shroud Removal

Generating Added Value to Steel Mill Offgases

Guarding Equipment

Heating Induction Power, New Paths for Improved Efficiency and Flexibility in the Rolling Mills for Steel Long Products

Herkules MACHtechnology — Superior Grinding

High Carbon Grades for Wire Rod Lines - The Core of Danieli Technology

High Rate Coal Injection on a Large Blast Furnace

High-Availability Wireless Networks for Industrial Applications

High-Efficiency Operation at Ternium Siderar’s Blast Furnace No. 2 With the Process Optimization System for Blast Furnaces

High-Performance Hot Strip Mill — Introduction of Technologies Applied to the New No. 2 Hot Strip Mill at USIMINAS Cubatao

High-Performance Solutions for Rolling of Advanced High-Strength Steel Grades in Hot Strip Mills

High-Precision Numerical Simulation for Effect of Casting Speed on Solidification of 40Cr During Continuous Billet Casting

High-Production, Environmentally Friendly Steelmaking at BSW

HiSection Plus: New Intelligence in Rolling Process

Hot Blast Stoves Assessment and Optimization

Hot Briquetted Iron: Raw Material for Steelmaking and Ironmaking

How Efficient is Your Hydraulic System? How Can You Tell?

How Lift Truck Innovation Can Improve Your Bottom-Line

Identification and Reduction of Unsteady Bulging in Continuous Casting

Immersed Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) With Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Technology for Coke Oven Wastewater Treatment

Impact of Activated Nut Coke on Energy Efficiency in the Blast Furnace

Impact of Argon Injection Through Tundish Upper Nozzle on Mold Fluid Flow at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's No. 1 Continuous Caster

Impact of Coking Conditions on CSRP

Impact of the Natural Gas Revolution on the North American Steel Industry New Technologies That Will Maximize the Natural Gas Benefit

Implementation of 350-T BOF Converter at ArcelorMittal Poland

Implementation of High-Turbulence Roll Cooling at ArcelorMittal Dofasco's Hot Strip Mill

Implementing an Accurate, Reliable Measurement System for Improving Mass Flow Automatic Gauge Control in Rolling Mills and Related Processes

Improved Concave Lining Design for the Bottom of RH Degassers

Improved Quality and Safety in Coil Yard Operations Through Accurate Coil Tracking

Improvement in Blowing Parameters by Modification in Lance Tip Design

Improvement in Performance of BF No. 2, BSL With Increased Amount of Prepared Burden

Improvement of Product Quality and Plant Availability With the SMS Siemag Integrated Plant Monitoring System

Improvement of Rolling Oil of Cold Rolling Mill in JFE Fukuyama Works

Improving Steel Cleanliness Through Deoxidation Practice on EAF Tapping

Improving Surface Quality of Hot- and Cold-Rolled Strips - A Case Study

Improving the Reliability of Blast Furnace Blowpipes

In-Process Separation of Zinc From Blast Furnace Offgas Solid Wastes

Increased Productivity of API-X Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Steel Lázaro Cárdenas By Reducing Sources of Hydrogen During Melting and Refining in DRI Fed EAFs

Increased Use of Natural Gas in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Increasing Productivity and Safety in Railroad Operations at Steel Plants by Implementing Railroad Management System (RMS)

Inert Gas Control Systems for the Steel Industry

Influence of Drafting Schedule in High Speed Drawing of High Carbon Steel Wires on Their Structure and Mechanical Properties

Influence of the Coil Temperature Uniformity in BAF on the Thickness Variation of Cold Rolled Strips

Innovation and Application on High Blast Temperature Technology of Shougang Blast Furnace

Innovation in EDT (Electrical Discharge Texturing) for Rolls

Innovative Approach to Improve the Thermal Performance of Beam Blank Molds through FE Modeling

Innovative Solutions for Improvements in Seamless Tube Production

Innovative Waste Heat Recovery Solutions

Integrated Approaches to Enhance Width Performance At Hot Strip Mill

Integrated Condition Monitoring Can Play a Significant Role in Reduction of Electrical Power Consumption of Plant Machinery

Integrated Equipment Maintenance Technology in China Steel Corporation

Integrative Condition Monitoring System for Metals Industry

Intermediate Repair of the Bosh Cooling System of ROGESA’s Blast Furnace No. 5 in Dillingen/Germany in 2013

Interplay Between Grain Size and Austenite Stability on the Deformation Behavior of High Strength-High Ductility Combination Austenite Stainless Steels

Interval-Based Chock Maintenance Programs

Interval-Based Chock Maintenance Programs

Introducing Power System Event Report Data Into Plant Historian Systems

Investigation of Stopper Rod Tip Wear on a Thin-Slab Caster

Investigation of the Anisotropic Mechanical Property Phenomenon in SPFH590 Hot Rolled Steel Strips

Investigation on the Working Activity of Hearth and the Wear of Hearth Wall for Large Blast Furnace

Investigations on Internal Crack Propagation in High-Niobium Steel Slabs During Cooling and Reheating at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

IRONARC: A Coke-Less Ironmaking Process

Isothermal Transformation and Precipitation Behaviors of a Microalloyed High Strength Steel Under Ultra-Fast Cooling Condition

Jet Process for Highest Converter Input Flexibility

Latest Enhancements In Mold Powder Thickness Control As A Result of A New Propulsion System Implemented in Flux Feeding

Latest Improvements in Quality and Process Control of New BAR-IN-COIL Lines

Leveraging Cloud, Mobility and Wireless in Steel Plant Operation

Life Prediction in Industrial Equipment

Magnetite Pellet Oxidation: Effects of Water Vapor and Non-Isothermal Reaction

Maintenance Basics in conjugation With Integrated Condition Monitoring Is the Simplest Way of Enhancing Machine Reliability and Availability

Maintenance Improvement, Change and People's Mindsets

Maintenance of Your Electrical System for Maximum Reliability

Manual Bar Code Tag Identification for Steel Applications

Manufacturing Steel Safely: Remotely Operated Tap Hole Sander

Meltshop Yield and Heat Size Improvements at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor-Long Carbon- Part II

Merits of Rack Supported, Automated and Safe Steel Warehouse

Metallurgical Analysis of Annealed Steel Strip By Transverse Flux Induction Heating (TFIH)

Methodology of Water Modeling and Submerged-Entry Nozzle (SEN) Design for Bloom Casting with Mold Electromagnetic Stirring (MEMS)

MicroNiobium® Steelmaking Alloy Approach in 1080 Wire Rod

Microstructural and Precipitation Analysis of Conventional Roughing Stand Work Rolls using Thermodynamic Simulations and Advanced Characterization Techniques

Mineral Matter Transformation in Small-Scale Coke Oven for Evaluation of CSR/CRI

Mini-Mill Burdening for Maximum Efficiency and Yield?

Modern DC Drive Retrofits Improve Efficiency and Availability in the Iron and Steel Industry

Modernization of Ddusting Plants for EAF Steelmaking Shops to Increase Productivity and Improve Environmental Efficiency

Modernization of Mill Power Systems for Better Control and Visualization

Modernization of Steckel and Plate-Steckel Mills for 1-in. X80 and Other High Strength Products

Modification in Bath Heating Technique for Increased Efficiency of Pickling Line

Monitoring of Copper Cooling Components in Furnaces Using Leak Detection and NDT Methods

Natural Gas Injection Maximization on C and D Blast Furnaces at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Near-Roll Dross Particle Interactions in a Galvanizing Bath

New Cokemaking Plant for Bhushan Steel Ltd. in Meramandali Works

New Developments in Automatic Defect Detection for Slabs and Billets for Total Quality Control

New High-Performance Roll Materials for Hot Rolling of Steel

New Opportunities for Process Control and Quality Assurance Using Laser Profile Gauges for Thickness and Width

New PL-TCM (Pickling and Tandem Cold Strip Mill) in Vietnam

New PRO-TEC CAL — Ultrahigh-Strength Steels for the Automotive Industry

New Seal Design Improves Vertical Edger Roll Bearing Performance

New Spraying Process Development on the Inlet Deflector Roll of the Recoiling Line

New Trends in Video: From Traditional Security to Advanced Operational Monitoring for the Metals Industry

Newly Developed Universal Crown Control Mill “HYPER UCM” for Rolling of High-Strength Steel

Next Arvedi ESP installations in China – High-quality, ultra-thin strip to enter new market segments

Next-Generation Reheat Furnace Control: ZoloSCAN Laser Combustion Diagnostics

Novel laboratory Lubrication Tests for Cold Rolling Emulsions

Novel Recycling of Automotive Waste Glass and Plastics Through Their Chemical Transformation Into Ferrosilicon

NU ENERGY™: Cokemaking Technology for Current Challenges

Numerical Investigation of Slag Entrainment in Continuous Casting Molds

On the Formation of Coarse Niobium Particles in Microalloyed HSLA Steels

On the Mechanism of Mechanical Soft Reduction and Macrosegregation Quality Criteria of Continuous Casting of Steel

On the Optimization Procedure of Rolling Mill Design – A Combined Application of Rolling Models

Operating Experience at a 170-T EAF With EPC® Scrap Preheating System

Operating Results of Goodfellow EFSOP® at Tenaris Siderca, Argentina

Operational Results of the Process Technology International LLC Slagdoor

Optimization of Argon Stirring at Hadeed Ladle Furnace by Application of Trustir Technology

Optimization of the EAF Injection Systems

Optimization of Thermo-Mechanical Rolling for the Production of API 5L Steel Strips in QSP Thin Slab Rolling Plant

Optimized Performance on BOF Converter Automation

Overview of Heat Treat Leveler for ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Partial Substitution of Co for Ni in Stainless Steels

Perspectives on Industry/University Partnerships to Support Innovations in the Steel Industry

PERT Tailor-Made Solutions for the Finishing Blocks: Three Different Types of Blocks for 1- or 2-Strand Rolling

Physical Ladle Tracking

Practical and Research Experiences on Hot Stoves Operation at SSAB EMEA No. 4 Blast Furnace

Precipitation and Effects of Carbonizing Inclusion During Solidification for Low-Carbon Al-Killed Steel

Precipitation Strengthening of Nanoscale Cementite in 0.17% Carbon Steel During Ultra Fast Cooling (UFC)

Predictive Maintenance for Automated and Manual Overhead Bridge Cranes

Predictive Tools in Evaluating Re-Entrainment of Exhausted Particulate in Different Ventilator Configurations for Different Heat Process Applications

Predikto Analytics Case Study: Predicting Delays and Production Yield in a Steel Manufacturing PlantPlant

Preserving Copper Staves and Extending Blast Furnace Campaign Life

Pressurized Cooling System – A New Asset for Bell-Less Top® Chute Transmission Gearboxes

Preventing Fires in Pickle Lines

Prevention of Tie-Rod Failures and Battery Top Damage With Thermal Imaging Program

Preventive Maintenance Strategies for Power Distribution Systems

Process Optimization Cuts Operating Costs – Results of the Cooperation Between Alfa Acciai and Tenova

Process/Quality Opportunity Improvements Through Integrated CC/Wire Rod Tracking Coupled With Hot Eddy Current Wire Rod Data

Product Development and Flow Optimization in the Tundish by Modelling and Simulation

Proposed IEC Standard for AC Adjustable Speed Rolling Mill Main Motors

Pulverized Coal Injection Technology in Large-Sized Blast Furnace of SHOUGANG

Q-PULSE, the New Tool to Determine the End of Solidification Point in Continuous Casting

Quality Data Management System at ThyssenKrupp Steel / USA

Quantitative Estimation About Gas Permeability of Softening Sinter Considering Liquid Slag Generation

Radio-Based Distance and Position Measurement for Cranes and Mobile Equipment Operating in Harsh Environments

Rail Steel Production at Evraz Zsmk With MSR

Re-Examination of Generalized Rolling Model Using Von Karman Equation on Elastic Foundation With Work Hardening Curves

Real-Time Water Detection Technology at ArcelorMittal Coatesville

Recent Applications of a Heater Cover in Stelmor Cooling System

Recent Developments in Laying Head Technology for High-Speed Rod Rolling Mills

Reduce Baghouse Operating Costs While Assuring Environmental Regulatory Compliance With Smart Integrated Baghouse Controls and Sensing

Reduced Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel Using Next Generation Disposable Tundish Lining

Reduction Kinetics of Self-Reducing Pellets of Iron Ore

Reduction of Carbon Deposits Formation at No.6 Coke Oven Battery of ArcelorMittal Dunkerque

Reduction of Pinch Point Hazards in Vertical Tensile Machines

Reduction of Wear on Backup Rolls in Skinpass Mills

Reliable BOF Endpoint Prediction by Novel Data-Driven Modeling

Removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) from Coke Oven Wastewater

Replacement Transformer Selection for TATA Aldwarke – Key Parameters and Benefits

Research and Application on Blast Furnace Gas Dry Cleaning Technology of Huge Blast Furnace

Research of Advanced Cooling System for High Performance Steel Plates

Research on the Model of Reblow Process for Small- and Middle-Capacity Converters

Resistance at High Temperature and Binders Influence on Self-Reducing Pellets

Restoring a Classic Caster – Making the Caster You Have Better

Results of a Powdered Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) System to Control EAF Mercury Emissions

Reversing Cold Mills – Trend-Setting All-Rounder for a Wide Range of Applications

Review and Modeling of Energy Efficiency in American Steel Foundries

Revisiting the Standard Operating Practices Related to Slab Casting Fundamentals

Robot-Aided Automation for Powder Feeding in Continuous Casting

Robotic System for a “Zero-Operator” Continuous Casting Floor

Robust EAF Laser Gas Analysis System — ZoloBOSS™

Rod Mill Finishing End Modernization at Sterling Steel

Rolling Simulation Using Finite Element Analysis

SAFESTAR – Safety Improvements In Any Industrial Environment

Safety Practices for Capital Projects

SAIL RSP Blast Furnace No. 5: A Greenfield Project in a Brownfield Optimization Context

SDI Butler Cold Mill – Modernizing a High-Production Mill on the Fly

Seamless Pipe Heat Treatment Line Revamping: Furnace Production Increase and Energy Consumption Optimization

Search the Economic Destination of Steel Mill Slag

SEN Structure to Improve Steel Quality for Small-Size Molds

Shandong Taishan Group Co. Ltd. — Technological Upgrade of Steckel Mill

Shipping of DRI – The Nu-Iron Experience

SIMETAL Heatopt at SDI Roanoke – The Intelligent and Holistic Center of Steelmak

Simulation of the Center-Line Segregation Generated in a Tapered Face Mold by the Formation of Bridging

Simulations of Slag-Metal Entrainment in Ladle Metallurgy

Smart Safety Design to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Solutions for the Increased Usage of DRI in the Electric Arc Furnace

Source and Transport Mechanism of Exogenous Inclusions in Vacuum Poured Ingots: Part I Identification of Sources and Fluid Flow in Pony Ladle (Tundish)

Source and Transport Mechanism of Exogenous Inclusions in Vacuum Poured Ingots: Part II — Fluid Flow and Solidification in the Mold

Split Ends During Long Products Rolling: Billet Quality or Rolling Process?

Spontaneous Emulsification of a Metal Drop Immersed in Slag Due to Dephosphorization: Surface Area Quantification

Start-up and Commissioning of a 165-Ton Twin Tank Vacuum Degasser with a Dry Mechanical Vacuum Pumping System for Nucor Hertford’s Plate Mill

State-of-the-Art Gas Cleaning and Utilization for BOF Gases — Operational Results and Benefits

State-of-the-Art Pickling Lines Tandem Cold Mills — Insight Into Latest References

Steam Ejector Versus Mechanical Vacuum Pumps

Steel Desulphurization Using Sintered Synthetic Slag

Steel Mill Safety & Health: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Steel's Contribution to a Low-Carbon Europe 2050 Technical and Economic Analysis of the Steel Sector's CO2 Abatement Potential

Stepless Reform Technology for Wire Rod Mills

Strategies Against Reoxidation of Liquid Steel in Billet Casting with Metering Nozzle

Strength Evaluation and Toughening of Drive Spindle of Hot Strip Mill

Stress Testing Mill Stands and Drive Train - A Comprehensive and Cost Effective Condition Assessment Technique Using Signal Analysis, Dynamic Modeling and the FMEA Matrix

Study of the Optimum Condition for Dephosphorization of Hot Metal

Study on Kinetics of Tar’s Separation From Coals Used in COREX

Successes and Challenges of Upgrading a Complete Mold Level Control System at NorthStar Bluescope Steel

Syngas Cleanup for Direct Reduction Demonstration Testing of TRS®

Teamwork at Its Best With Marcegaglia: High-quality Production After Record-Time Horizontal Strip Annealing Furnace Upgrade

Technical Advances in Ladle Gate Design

Tempering Response of TRIP-Aided Low-Carbon Steel

The Challenge of Using Mechanical Pump Systems for VOD Operation

The Challenges and Solutions to Integrate Multi-Facility/Buildings Disparate Management Systems across a Steel Mill Plant

The Deformation and Migration Behaviors of Inclusions During Multi-Pass Hot Rolling Processes

The Effect of Coiling Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of Ultrahigh-Strength 700 Mpa Grade Processed via Thin-Slab Casting

The Effect of Steel Composition on the Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficients for the Secondary Cooling Zones in a Continuous Caster

The Effect of STF Steel in Beam Mill Vertical Edger Bearings

The Importance of Hot Rolling Microstructural Evolution Obtained by Hot Torsion Tests With Mathematical Modeling

The Importance of the Water Treatment Plant for the Performances of a Rolling Mill

The Improvement of Transverse Crack on Slab for Plate Products

The Improvement on the Strip Deviation of the Horizontal Degreasing Section of CAL

The Influence of Oxygen-Enriched Burner Systems on the Scale Formation of Steel Alloys During Heating Processes

The Influences of EMBr on the Flow and Solidification of Molten Steel in the CSP Mold Using Different Submerged Entry Nozzle Angles

The ISO 50001 and Potential Impacts for the Steel and Metals Industries

The Latest Available Technologies in Designing Modern Roll Shops

The Micro Module: Targeted On-Site DRI Production for the U.S. Market

The Most Advanced PLTCM With New iBox Design and 6-Stand UCM-Mill For High-Strength Automotive Steel

The Next Generation of Chemical Energy Application of Badische

The Optimized SIS Injector for EAF Application

The Surface Quality of Casting Defect Detection System

The Use of DRI in a Consteel® EAF Process

The Use of Steel Mill Waste for Removal Si in Recyclable Austenitic Stainless Steel

Thermodynamic Analysis for Enhancing Phosphorus Removal in Steelmaking

Thermodynamic Database for P2O5-Containing Slags and Its Application to the Dephosphorization Process

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Inclusion Formation and Nozzle Clogging During Slab Casting

Thermodynamic Evaluation of the Slag System CaO-MgO-SiO2-Al2O3

Thermomechanical Processing Simulation of Mill Deformation of High Carbon Wire Rod

Three-Dimensional CFD-VOF Simulation of Interaction Between Top-Blown Oxygen Supersonic Jets and Bath in BOF Steelmaking Converter

Three-Dimensional Determinations of the Non-Metallic Inclusions in Different Ferroalloys

Three-Stand PLTCM: Technology and Field Results From the Latest Danieli Cold Rolling Installation

TMCP - Temperature and Microstructure for Cast Products

Topographic Surface Inspection System For Slab And Heavy Plate

Toroidal Roller Bearing in Continuous Casters Improves Reliability

Toward Interrelationship of Microstructural Evolution and Yield Strength Anisotropy in High-Strength Line Pipe Steels

Transient Model of Preheating a Submerged Entry Nozzle

Tuyere Failure Analysis and Improvement Through CFD Simulation

Understanding the Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid Selection Puzzle

Understanding Torque Amplification Factors (TAFs) and Their Effect on Drivetrain Maintenance and Reliability

Update on Tenova’s Intelligent i BOFTM Technology and Slop Detection System (SDS)

Use of Biomass As Renewable Energy Source in Electric Arc Furnace

Use of Computational Thermodynamic Software in Study of Desulfurizing Mixtures of Hot Metal

Vision-Guided Robotics Provide a Flexible, Automated Billet Tagging Solution

Waste Heat Recovery from High Temperature Off-Gases From Electric Arc Furnaces

Water Distribution Assessment Applied to Mathematical Model of Continuous Casting of Steel

Why Are My Continuous Caster Bearings Failing?

Work Roll Cooling Operation and Design Optimization Based on Mathematical Modeling and Heat Transfer Principles

Work Rolls Behaviour Through the Stands of Hot Strip Mills

Zone Modelling Coupled With Dynamic Flow Pattern for the Prediction of Transient Performance of Metal Reheating

Özkan D.Ç. VTD performance and SMS Concast Vacuum Pump Supermodule