2014/10 AIST Iron & Steel Technology October

Increased Productivity of API-X Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Products by Reducing Sources of Hydrogen During Melting and Refining

Investigations on Internal Crack Propagation in High-Niobium Steel Slabs During Cooling and Reheating at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

MicroNiobium® Steelmaking Alloy Approach in 1080 Wire Rod

Study of the Optimum Condition for Dephosphorization of Hot Metal

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Inclusion Formation and Nozzle Clogging During Slab Casting

Toward Interrelationship of Microstructural Evolution and Yield Strength Anisotropy in High-Strength Line Pipe Steels

TWIP+TRIP Plasticity-Enhancement Effect in Ultrahigh-Strength Multi-Phase Steel