2013 MS&T Conference Proceedings

A Study of Inclusion Modification with Different Calcium Sources in Grade J55 (API 5CT)

Analysis of Residence Time Distrivution (RTD) of Fluid in a Four Strand Delta-Shaped Tundish, Operating Under Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Conditions

Characteristics of stamp charging cokes with different reactivity to CO2

Comparative Evaluation of Properties of a Traditional Quenched and Tempered Steel and a New, Microalloyed Bainitic Steel as well as Processing Concepts for Forged Components

Damage Reason Analysis of Copper Stave

Deep Cryogenic Treatment og H11 Hot Working Tool Steel

Design and Development of a Four-Cavity Die Mould for the Production of motor-Cycle Piston in Sedi-Enugu Nigeria

Development and Practice of Blast Furnace Hearth Deadman Core Temperature Calculation Model Based on the New Theoretical Combustion Temperature Calculation Model

Development of High Chromium Ferritic Steels Strengthened by Intermetallic Phases

Development of Microalloyed High Strength Dual Phase Steels

Effect of Ti on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure in Nb-Bearing Dual Phase High Strength Sheet Steels

Effect of Time Gap Between Roughing and Finishing Stages on Mean Flow Stress (MFS) for HSLA Steels During Hot Strip Rolling

Effects od Carbon and Niubium on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Strength Steel

Effects of Microstructure on Stretch-flange-formability of Dual-Phase Type Cold-rolled Steel Sheets

Electric Arc Furnace Operation With Electromagenetic Stirring and Hot Wheel

Evaluation of Recovery and Recrystallization in Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel by Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Measurements

Experimental Research on the Scale and Corrosion Inhibition of the General Prescription for BF Cooling

Fatigue Properties of Nitrogen Added Ultra High-Strength Low Alloy TRIP-Aided Steels

Functionally Graded Material: Carbon Gradient on IF steel

Heterogeneity and Microstructural Features Intervening in the Ductile-Brittle Transition of Ferrite-Pearlite Steels

Homogenous Quality Differentiates in Challenging Steel Markets

Hot Deformation Behavior of Ti-Containing Steel Cp800 During Hot Rolling Simulation Tests

Hot Galvanized Steel for Direct Hot Press Forming Process

Influence of Hot-strip Coiling Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Ultra-low C Ti-bearing Enamel Steel Produced by Ultra-fast Continuous Annealing

Influence of Sheared Edge on Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance in Ultra-High Strength Steel Sheets

Investigation on the Dual Influence of Pansteel Pulverized Coal Combustion Process by Coal Quality and Particle Size

Iron Works Advance 1750-1920 in Central Canada, Contrasted with those in Scotland and U.S.A.

Low alloy steel materials parsed new technology - spark spectroscopy analysis of oxide inclusions

Mathematical Modeling for Multiport Nozzle Optimization in a Round Billet Mold

Mathematical Modeling of Burden Distribution in a Blast Furnace

Microstructural Changes of a Construction Steel Caused by Hot Deformation

Microstructure Phase Characterization of MMFX2, Steel Alloy by Electron Backscatter Dfraction (EBSD)

Modification of steelmaking slag by additions of salts from aluminum production and calcium carbide

Optimizing the Process of Desulfurization by Powder Injection in RH by Commercial Test

Phase Field Simulation of the Dependence of Cementite Spheroidization on Alloy Elements

Phosphorus Distribution Ratio between Red Mud Based Fluxes and Hot Metal

Predicting Combined Operational and Residual Stress Fields and Critical and Allowable Flaw Size Distributions as Well as Their Variations Due to Roll Regrinding in Backup Rolls of Hot Strip Mills

Process Research of Ladle Free-Opening Rate for High Aluminum Steel in Continuous Casting

Research on Manganese Distribution Between Slag and Hot Metal

Research on Microstructures and Properties of 780MPa Grade Super High Strength Engineering Machinery Steel

Rolling-Sliding Contact Fatigue of Gear Steels Subject to Various Carburizing Treatments

Spinel (MgAl2O4) Reactivity in Molten Steel

Stainless Steel Plate Flaws Testing and its Metallurgical Physical Chemistry Analysis

Static and Dynamic Property Relationship of Medium Mn Steels

Study on Fluid Flow in a Twelve-Strand Tundish under the Operation of Strand Closing

Study on the Evolution of Nonmetallic Inclusions in 12Cr1MoVC Steel During RH Refining Process

Surface Microstructure Control during Continuous Casting of Micro-Alloyed Steel

The Dynamic Wetting Characteristics of Ladle Slags on Spinel

The Effect of C on the Hardenability of A 1.2 Mn - 0.25 SI - 0.20 Cr - 0.0030 B Steel

The Influence of Specimen Fabrication Method on the Measured Tensile Properties of Press Hardened Steel

Thermodynamic Analysis for Developing Strategies for the Productin of Low Phosphorous Steel Grades

Turbulent and Transitory Flows Through SEN Ports and Its Effects on the Integral Flow Patterns Inside the Slab Mold

Water-Simulation for Optimizing Inner Structure of Special-Shape Tundish with Gas Curtain, Retaining Wall and Retaining Dam