2013 Intl. Symposium on New Developments in AHSS

Adapting AHSS Concepts to Industrial Practice

Advanced High Strength Steel - Recent Progress, Ongoing Challenges, and Future Opportunities

Advanced Metallurgical Concepts for DP Steels With Improved Formability and Damage Resistance

Advanced Ultrahigh-Strength TRIP-Aided Martensitic Steels for Automotive Applications

Anisotropy Effects in the Axial Crash Behavior of Advanced High-Strength Steels

Austenite Stability Study by Micro-Tensile Testing of Q&P Steel

Automotive Body Press-Hardened Steel Trends

Coil-to-Coil Joining With Laser Welding in Particular for “Sophisticated Steel Grades”

Correlation Between Deformation-Induced Martensitic Transformation and Mechanical Properties in TRIP Phenomenon

Crystallographic Features of Hydrogen-Related Fracture in Martensitic Carbon Steels

Dependence of Mechanical Properties on Annealing Parameters in Medium-Mn TRIP Steels

Development of TBF Steels With 980 MPa Tensile Strength for Automotive Applications: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Medium Manganese Steels

Dynamic NanoPhase Strengthening in New Class of Advanced High Strength Steels

Effect of Annealing Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Phosphorus Alloyed 16%Mn-TWIP Steel

Effect of Microstructure on Stretch-Flangeability in 980MPa Hot-Rolled Steels

Effect of Microstructure on the Work Hardening Mechanisms of Dual-Phase Steels

Effect of Silicon in As-Quenched and Quenched & Tempered Low Carbon Martensite

Effect of Strain Path on the Microstructural Evolution of a Fe-22Mn-0.6C Alloy

Effect of Strain Rate on Hydrogen Embrittlement in Low Carbon Martensitic Steel

Effect of Thermomechanical processing schedule on Interphase Precipitation and Nano Clusters formation in Titanium-Molybdenum Steels

Evolution of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) to Meet Automotive Challenges

Industrial Application of Q&P Sheet Steels

Industrial Production of Quenching and Partitioning Steel

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) for Third Generation Advanced High-Strength Steels: A New Four-Year Project

Local Deformation Analysis in Low-Carbon Dual-Phase Steel Composed of Ferrite and Martensite

Material Breakthroughs Leading Toward Next Generation AHSS

Microstructure Engineering of Dual-Phase Steels

Novel Alloying Design for Press Hardening Steels With Better Crash Performance

Perspectives in High-Strength Steels: Interactions Between Non-Equilibrium Phases

Pretreatment to Prevent Coating Liquefaction in Aluminized Sheet Steel During High-Rate Austenitization for Press Hardening

Relationship Between Low-Temperature Embrittlement and Microstructure of Martensite in Low-Carbon Martensitic Steel

Retained Austenite Effects on Hole Expansion of Ultra-High Strength Steels

Role of Microstructure on Edge Flangeability of Dual Phase 780 Steels

Static NanoPhase Refinement in New Class of Advanced High Strength Steels

Supporting the Development of AHSS by Online Measurement of Material Properties With IMPOCpro

Tensile Properties Obtained by Q&P Processing of Mn-Ni Steels With Room Temperature Quench Temperatures

The Alloy Design and Processing of Dual-Phase 980 Steels for Zinc-Coated Applications

The Evaluation of the Edge Ductility of High-Strength DP Steel and Improvement by NbC Precipitates

The Intervariant Crystallographic Plane Character Distribution in a Lath Martensite

The Mechanical Properties of 10-12% Mn Steels

The Path to Industrial Processing of Advanced High-Strength Steel in Continuous Galvanizing Lines

Thermodynamic Modeling of the MnO-B2O3-SiO2 System for the Oxidation of High-Strength Steels Containing Boron

TRIP Behavior of Austenite and ?-Martensite Microstructures

Wet Flash Cooling®: A Flexible and High-Performance Quenching Technology for Improved AHSS