2012 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings

A Mathematical Model of Solute Distribution During Solidification of Continuous Casting Steel

A Study of Galvanizing Reactions of Hot-Rolled-In Scale on a Mn/Si DP Steel Sheet

Analysis of Cleanliness of 12Cr1MoVG Steel During LF+RH Refining Process

Ausform Finished Powder Forged Gears - A Process Capability Study

CFD Simulation of a Batch Anneal Furnace

Characteristics of Hot Ductility Behavior and Fracture Mechanisms in Nb-Microalloyed Steel

Characterization of a 100-Year-Old Forged Weld From a Locomotive Boiler

Characterization of Microstructure Formation and Mechanical Behavior of an Advanced Medium Mn Steel

Computational Weld Mechanics of Hot Crack Nucleation in Nickel-Based Welds

Configuration of a Laminar Cooling System Using a Branch and Bound Optimization Methodology

Continuous Galvanizing of a C-Mn-Si-Mo Complex Phase Ultra High Strength Steel for Automotive Anti-Intrusion Applications

Control of Carbide Distributions by Modifying Heating Rates in Induction Tempering Treatments

Crystal plasticity modeling on single crystal and polycrystal of a ferritic steel sheet

Development of API X70 on a Thin-Slab Casting and Rolling Mill

Development of Third Generation Pipeline Steel in China

Effect of Alloying Elements on Reverse Austenite Grain Size from Martensitic Microstructure of Low Alloy Carbon Steel

Effect of Bainite Transformation on Grain Boundary Character Distribution and DBTT in High-Strength Linepipe Steel

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Deformation Behavior During Cold Rolling of Medium Mn Steels

Effect of Mo, Cr on Corrosion Behavior of Low-Carbon Weathering Steels

Effects of Cold-Rolling and Annealing Conditions on the Properties of Bake Hardenable ULC Steels

Fe-Al Interfacial Layer Formation Kinetics During the Continuous Galvanizing of Mn-Containing Steels

Ferrite-Martensite Duplex Microstructure and Mechanical Property of a HSLA Steel

Fracture Toughness of a 1.5 Gpa Grade C-Si-Mn-Cr-Nb Trip-Aided Martensitic Steel

Heat Treatment of Reactor Vessel Steel 08CH18N10T

High-Speed Friction Stir Spot Welding of Advanced High-Strength Steel

High-Strength Dual-Phase Steel Structure Evolution During Hot Rolling

High-Strength Tubular Steel for the Construction of Cranes

Homogenous and Carbon Graded Fe-22Mn Alloys: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistances of Alloying Elements Adding Ultrahigh-Strength Low-Alloy TRIP-Aided Steels

Improvement of Low-Temperature Toughness and Resistance to Hydrogen Cracking of HB500 Class Abrasion-Resistant Steel by Grain Refinement

Influence of Austenite Stability on Steel Low Cycle Fatigue Response

Influence of Microstructural Features on the Propagation of Microstructurally Short Fatigue Cracks in Structural Steels

Influence of Purification on Mechanical Properties of CLAM Steel

Investigation of Surface Grains Evolution During Deep Drawing of Aluminum

Investigation of Transient Flow in Slab Continuous Casting of Steel With EMBr and Evaluation Using Nail Dipping Measurement

Mechanical Properties of a Vanadium Microalloyed Air-Cooled Forging Steel With Various Aluminum Additions

Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Fe - 31Mn - 2.4Si - 3.8Al TWIP Steels

Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Fe-30Mn - 2.3Si - 5Al TWIP Steels

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of GMAW Weld Metal of 890 MPa Class Steel

MMFX2 Steel Alloy Material Characterization Study

Modeling Solidification Microstructure of Steel in Twin-belt Caster

Modification of Microstructure of 100CrMn6 Steel by Accelerated Carbide Spheroidisation Process

Nose/Agio Shape Control of Slab During Heavy Plate Rolling

On the Decomposition of Austenite in a High-Silicon Steel During Quenching and Partitioning

On the Origin of Ultra-Hardness in Bearing Steels: Two-Step Bainite Transformation Processes

One-Step Q&P of Seamless Tubes Made From 42SiCrB

Operational Metallurgy Practices to Minimize Abnormal Austenite Grain Growth During the Reheat Furnace Process

Optimization and Characterization of a Quenching and Partitioning Heat Treatment on a Low Carbon Steel

Optimization of the Ti Addition in Nb-Bearing Linepipe Steels

Optimizing Pouring Process of Bimetal Composited Pipe Fittings Produced by Investment Casting

Precipitation and Abnormal Grain Growth in Low Alloy Steels

Production of API HIC Steels for Sour Service Oil and Gas Transmission Pipelines

Recent Niobium Developments for High-Strength Steel Energy Applications

Steel Cleanliness Control During Protective Gas Electroslag Remelting of H13 Die Steel

Steel Plate Processing for Line Pipes in Oil and Gas Transport -- A Manufacturer Perspective

Superplasticity of Ultrafine Grained Low-Carbon HSLA Steels

The Alloy Design and Processing of High-Strength Dual-Phase Steels for Production on Continuous Galvanizing Lines

The Application of Automatic Surface Inspection System on Hot-Dip Galvanized Automobile Steel Sheet

The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on 4X40 Steels

The Effect of Silicon on The ? ? ? Ttransformation in Ultra-Strong Spring Steels

The Effects of Nb and V Microalloying on Hardenability and Age Hardening in Ultrathin Cast Strip Steels Produced by the Castrip® Process

The High Cycle Fatigue and Final Fracture Behavior of Alloy Steel 9310 for Use in Performance-Sensitive Applications

The Influence of Composition and Processing Parameters on the Drop Weight Tear Test (DWTT) Property of High-Grade Linepipe Steel

The Research of Influence Alloying Elements on Processes Structure Formation in Stamp Steel

The Study of Improvement of Toughness for High-Strength Steel Straps

Thermodynamic Model-Assisted Evaluation of Phase Transformations in Subcritical Austenitic Nitriding

Ultrasonic Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of High-Strength Austenitic Stainless Steels