2011 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings

Accelerated Carbide Spheroidisation and Refinement (ASR) of AISI 1042 Steel

Activated Synthesis and Sintering of Complex Spinel Bonded Basic Refractories

Alloy Design for Fundamental Study of Quenched and Partitioned Steels

An Atomistic Study of Oxidation Initiation on Different Kinds of Fcc Fe-Cr Binary Alloy Surfaces

An Overview of Hot Corrosion in Waste to Energy Boiler Environment and its remedies

Analysis of drying process for castable refractories

Austenite Stability in Multi-Phase Ultrafine-Grained 6 pct Mn Transformation-Induced Plasticity Steel

Carbide spheroidization kinetics in a low alloy medium carbon steel: Relevance of deformation after transformation

Career Opportunities in the Forging Industry

Characterization and Simulation of the Damage Accumulation in the Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) Regime in a Metastable AusteniticStainless Steel Based on the Resonant Behavior

Comparative study of aluminide coatings on mild steel by different aluminizing techniques

Corrosion Behavious of a Newly Developed 10Mn-7Cr-5Cu Alloy White Iron in Marine Atmosphere

Corrosion Study and Influence of Metallic Additives of Zinc Electrodeposition on Mild Steel in Saline Environment

Current Niobium Developments in High Carbon Steel Applications

Development of finite element procedures to model the behavior of ultra-finegrained and nanocrystalline grain structures during Equal-Channel Angular Press (ECAP) processing of metals

Direct metal laser deposition of austenitic stainless steel structures: processing and characterization

Dual-Phase Ultrafine Grained Steels Produced by Controlled Rolling Processes

Effect of Bainite on Mechanical Properties of Multiphase Ferrite-Bainite-Martensite Steels

Effect of boron on the microstructure and hydrogen resistance performance in Fe-Ni based alloys

Effect of Coke Particle Size on Sinter Quality

Effect of Initial Microstructure and Parameters of Annealing of 4% and 6.7% Mn steels on the Evolution of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

Effect of Prestrain and Bake Hardening Heat Treatment on Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance of Two Dual-Phase Steels

Effect of Retained Austenite on Tensile Behavior of AHSS Revisited

Effect of the Strain Rate on the Deformation Mechanism in a 12 pct Mn Austenitic Steel

Effects of cold deformation and annealing on mechanical properties, microstructure and precipitation state of a Ti-Nb AHSS

Effects of Continuous Annealing Process on Microstructures and Properties of C-Mn-Si Bearing Cold Rolled TRIP Steel

Effects of Initial Microstructure of Boron Steel Sheets on Hardenability and Mechanical Property after Hardening

Efficient Energy Absorbing Elements for Crashworthiness Applications in Quasi Static and Impact Loading

Energy Analysis of EAF with electromagnetic stirring

Enhanced corrosion fatigue resistance of AISI304 bellows expansion by modifying the bellows shape

Evolution of Morphology, Size and Distribution of MnS Inclusions in Hot Forging Steel by Heat Treatment

Factors Affecting Gauge Uniformity of Flat Cold Rolled AHSS

Full-Speed Simultaneous EBSD and Spectral Image EDS Acquisitions

Geometrical Modulations of Alloy Phases in Steel Microstructures by Using Spatial Welding

Hydrogen Dragging and Transportation by Moving Dislocation in 316L and 304 Stainless Steels

Hydrogen Embrittlement and Lattice Defect Formation Enhanced by Hydrogen and Strain of High-strength Low-alloy Steel

Hydrogen Interactions with Austenite in Pre-Strained TRIP Steel

Identification of hydrogen trapping sites, binding energies, and occupation ratios at vacancies, dislocations and grain boundaries in iron of varying carbon content

Improvement of Hole Expansion Properties of Micro-Alloyed Dual Phase Steel

In-Situ Repairs of Oil Industry Pipelines, Tanks and Vessels by Welding Using Metal Arc Welding Under Oil (MAW-UO)

Influence of Boron on the Matrix of Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron and Its Counteraction Method

Insulated Sprayed Roll Technique “ISRT” and Solid Shell Resistance of Inner Quality of Continuously Cast Steel Slabs

Investigation on the Inclusions in the first slab of Ultralow Carbon Steel

Investigations on Sheared Edge Damage of Dual Phase 780 Steel

Localization of crack initiation sites during fatigue of an austenitic-ferritic duplex steel in the high and very high cycle fatigue (HCF/VHCF) regime

Localized Attack in FGD Air Pollution Control Vessels

Low temperature plasma assisted carburizing of AISI 420 martensitic stainless steel: Influence of process parameters on the treated surface properties

Lubricated Reciprocating Frictional Properties of Marine Cylinder Liner Materials in Boundary and Mixed Lubrication

Mechanical and Physical Properties of Carbon S-Phase on Stainless Steel, Produced by Carbon Supersaturation

Modified 13Cr Tubulars in Sour Oil and Gas Service – Known Unknowns

Multiscale Modeling of the Deformation Inhomogeneity in the Angular Accumulative Drawing Process

New, Higher Purity Homogenized Bauxite and its Applications

Niobium alloying in grey cast iron for vehicle brake discs

Numerical Simulation of Forming of Heat Resistant 1.4922

Numerical simulation of solidification structure of 28MnCr5 gear steel during the continuous casting process

Optimization of Molybdenum Alloyed Carburizing Steels by Nb microalloying for Large Gear Applications

Predicting Formability of Sheared Holes in a Variety of Sheet Steels

Properties of Low Carbon Steel with Various Microalloying Additions after Particular Thermomechanical Processing

Quantitative Assessment of the Effect of Microstructure on the Stability of Retained Austenite in Multiphase TRIP Steels

Reduction of Delayed Fracture Susceptibility through Increased Si Content and Surface-softening of Tempered Martensitic Steel

Research of Iron Slag Appearance of Blast Furnace Hearth

Strategies for Producing Dual Phase Steel Using Niobium Microalloying

Stress Corrosion Cracking Observation in API G-105 Grade Drill Pipe Steel at 125-175 °C in CO2 Containing Environment

Study of the Ti-Mn-Al-Si-O-S Complex Inclusions Inducing intragranular acicular ferrite

Study on High Temperature Mechanical Properties of 28MnCr5 Gear steel

Study on the Combustion Process of Pulverized Coal and Carbonaceous Matter Dust in BF

Tensile Behaviour and Fracture Properties of X80 Linepipe Steel

The effect of cooling spray flows to finishing mill roll force of high strength steel in 1880mm

The Effect of Microstructure on the Mechanical Properties of X80 Microalloyed Steel

The Effect of Zn-Rich Coatings on the Environmentally Assisted Fracture Performance of High Strength Armor Steel

The Influence of Geometrical Factors of the Deformation Zone on Changing for Deformation Shift Degree for the Axial Zone of Rolled High Bars

The Influence of Modification on Structure and Properties of Rapid Steel

The Influence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Metabolic Reactions on the Corrosion Behavior of API-5L X65 Carbon Steel Pipeline

The Strain Rate Effect on Tensile Properties and Fracture Strain of Advanced High Strength Steels

The Study on Microstructure and Thermal Fatigue Properties of High-Speed Steel Rolls

The Variations of Compressive Strength of Containing Carbon Pellets Preheated Under Reducing Atmosphere

Thermodynamics Analysis and Control of TiN Precipitation During Solidification of Q345EN Steel

Three Dimensional Modeling of Raceway of Dissected Blast Furnace

Tools for generation of digital material representations

Use of Industrial Ink Jet Printers for Controlled Lubrication of Mill Rolls

Wear Behavior of Cu Alloyed Austemepered Ductile Iron