2011 AISTech Conference Proceedings

2011 AIST Howe Memorial Lecture: Dual-Phase Steels: A Look Back with an Eye to Advanced High-Strength Sheet Steel Innovations

2nd Reline of ROGESA’s Blast Furnace No. 5 in Dillingen/Germany

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Enhance Performance of Cooling Water System in Continuous Casting and Hot Rolling Operations

A Laboratory Study of Factors Affecting Sulfide Shape Control in Plate Grade Steels

A Model for Slag Eyes in Steel Refining Ladles Covered with Thick Slag

A Modern Approach in Cokemaking: Experience and Know-how Combined with the Most Advanced Engineering Tools

A New Model for Energy and Carbon Dioxide Calculations: Model Development, Assumptions, and Applications to EAF Steelmaking

A Novel Membrane Technology for the Treatment of Caustic Alkaline Bath Fluid Used for Degreasing of Steel Surfaces Prior to Galvanization

A Review of the Production of Ferromanganese in the Blast Furnace

Advances in Coil-to-Plate Stretch Leveling Line Technologies

Agricultural Wastes — A Resource for EAF Steelmaking

An Analysis of Circulation and Mixing Phenomena in Gas-stirred Ladles

An Experimental Perspective on Praxair’s Hot Oxygen Technology to Enhance Pulverized Solid Fuel Combustion for Ironmaking Blast Furnaces

An Innovative Method of Repairing Damaged Blast Furnace Hearth Applied Successfully at Baosteel Stainless Business Unit

An Investigation of Unstable Blast Furnace Operations Caused by Stockpiled Iron Ore Pellets

Analysis of 30 Years of Using a Runway Beam

Analysis of Meltshop Operating Data at North Star BlueScope Steel to Quantify the Expected Benefits of Increased Furnace Bottom Volume on EAF Operations

Analysis of Mold Flow Structure at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor No. 1 Slab Caster

Analysis of Potential and Specific Problems of Heat Recovery in Steel Plants

Analysis of the Continuous Casting’s Stopper Rod Sticking

Analytical and Numerical Approach for Inclusion Removal in the Continuous Casting Tundish

Application of the Intelligent Lubrication System on the 4300mm Heavy Plate Hot Rolling Line

Application of the Nano/Micrometer High Radiative Coating Technology on No. 2 and No. 3 1750m3 Blast Furnace Hot Stoves in Jigang Group Co., Ltd

Approach to Achieve Compliance With Wastewater Discharge Regulations for Byproduct Coke Plants

ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill Achieves Nearly $2.3 Million in Savings Through the World-class Equipment Reliability Program

Automatic Compact and Mobile BOF Gunning Manipulator for Hot Vessel Repair

Automatic Slab and Thick Plate Surface Inspection

Backup Roll Failures

Baosteel Flatness Control System Used on 6-High Skinpass Mill in 2030 New Continuous Annealing Line

Bar Code Identification of SDI Bars

Benefits of Dunite as MgO Addition for Sinter and Blast Furnace

Best Flatness and Best Crown Alternative Strategies for Finishing Stands Setup

Best Practices to Implement Complete Revamping of Obsolete Plants

BFXpert™ — Improvements in Blast Furnace Operation Using Paul Wurth’s Integrated Level 2 System

Biofuel Use in Ironmaking From a Life Cycle Analysis Perspective

Biofuel Use in Ironmaking From a Life Cycle Analysis Perspective

Calcium Treatment of Molten Steel With an Innovative New Calcium Wire: Hi-Cal®

Carbon Injection Rate for Optimum Electric Arc Furnace Slags Foaming

Carbon Prediction Model Using the Offgas Analysis at ArcelorMittal (Indiana Harbor No. 2 Steel Producing) BOF Shop With No Bottom Blowing and Suppressed Hood Combustion System

CarboniteTM Continuous Cokemaking Technology

Carbothermic Reduction and Carburization Behavior of Iron Ore Carbon Composite

Cemented Carbide Rolls for Rolling SBQ Bars

CFD Modeling and Applications of Pulverized Coal Injection in Blast Furnace

CFD Simulation of a Spray-cooling System at a Blast Furnace Top

CFD Simulation of Liquid Level in the Blast Furnace Hearth

Challenges in Reliable Electrical Testing of Rotating Machines

Characterization of Mixtures of Sugarcane Bagasse and Charcoal for Injection Through Tuyeres of Blast Furnaces

Characterization of Mixtures of Sugarcane Bagasse and Charcoal for Injection Through Tuyeres of Blast Furnaces

Characterization of U.S. Coking Coals by the Sapozhnikov and G Caking Index

Checkered Plates Production Costs Reduced by Repeated Groove Milling Technology

Clean Steel Technologies for the Production of 316L Stainless Steel Ultrafine Wires

Cleanliness Evaluation for 27SiMn Steels Produced by BOF-LF-Billet Casting Process

Coal Blend Modeling and Coke Quality Prediction Studies – GIKIL’s Success Story

Coke Oven Gas Desulfurization Process Overview

Combustibility of Charcoal for Direct Injection in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Combustibility of Charcoal for Direct Injection in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Comparative Study of the Inclusion Size Determination by PDA-OES and Inclusion Extraction Technique

Comparison of Advanced Technologies for Desulfurization of Coke Oven Gas

Comparison of Maintenance Strategies Between ArcelorMittal South Africa and ArcelorMittal USA

Continuously Improving BOF Technology at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor – Operating Practices Based on Theoretical Understanding

Control Method for Low Oxygen Concentration of Waste Gas in HSM Reheating Furnace

Control Method for Low Oxygen Concentration of Waste Gas is HSM Reheating Furnace

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Reliability

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Reliability

Danieli CMS – Condition Monitoring System

Decarburization Efficiency in EAF With Hot Metal Charge

Decrease in MgO Content of Spinel Inclusions During Calcium Modification

Decrease of Fume Emissions in the Converter by New Process for High Silicon and Phosphorous Hot Metal

Densities Changes of Coke in a Blast Furnace

Design and Installation of In-Duct Peak Temperature Control System at CMC Steel South Carolina

Design Evaluation of BOF-linings with the Aid of Thermomechanical Simulation

Design of a Greenfield Integrated Steel Plant Using Dynamic Computer Simulation

Designing SAFE Instruction: The Use of 3D Animation for Safety Training In a Forklift Safety Module

Development and Application of a Quantitative Tool to Assess Casting Behavior

Development and Experience with In-chain Caster Measuring Systems

Development of a Numerical Model of Flow in an Iron Ore Drying Bin

Development of a Numerical Model of Flow in an Iron Ore Drying Bin

Development of a Simulation Model for BOF’s Scrap Yard Logistics

Development of a Three Dimensional Mathematical Model for Real-time Simulation of Continuous Reheating Furnace Operations

Development of Grain Refiner Alloys for Steels

Development of the New Top Lance Nozzle at No. 3 RH Degasser in Kashima Steelmaking Plant

Direct Steel Sheet Production from Solid Pig Iron - Gaseous Decarburization of White Cast Iron

Dragon Steel Corp. in Taiwan Boosted 150-Ton EAF Twin Shell by Continuous Hot Metal Charging Process

Driving Process Optimization via the Energiron Advanced L2 Control

Dry Slag Granulation — The Environmentally Friendly Way to Making Cement

EAF Processes and Equipment: Some are Lost, But Not Forgotten

EcoStar – A New Generation of Cost-saving and Long-life Rollers

Effect of Mold Flux on Reheating Scale — Austenitic Stainless Steel Slabs

Effect of Nozzle Clogging on Surface Flow and Vortex Formation in the Continuous Casting Mold

Effects of Calcium Treatment on Magnetic Properties of High Efficient Non-oriented Silicon Steel sheets

Electrical Maintenance Practices that Impact Safety

Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions for Alternate Ironmaking Technologies

Enhanced Slag Door for Electric Arc Furnace

Enhancing Coke Production Energy Efficiency While Reducing Emissions

Enhancing Personnel Safety through RFID Technology and a Personnel Safety System

Environment-Friendly Taphole Clay Application at Hyundai Steel #1 5250m3 Blast Furnace

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Coil Handling in Process and Storage Areas

Environmentally-friendly Solutions for Coil Handling in Process and Storage Areas

Evaluation of the Use of Mixtures of Coal and Rice Rind for Injection in the Tuyeres of Blast Furnaces

Exchange of Converters at voestalpine Stahl Linz, Austria

Experience of Operation, Blowdown, Overhaul and Blow-in After Reconstruction of the Blast Furnace, Effective Volume 2700m3 at ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih

Experience with Expert System at AHMSA’s Blast Furnaces and Latest Automation Technology at New BF 6

Experience With Expert System at AHMSA’s Blast Furnaces and Latest Automation Technology at New Blast Furnace 6

Experimental Study on Splashing Phenomenon in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

Field Data-based Mathematical Simulation and Optimization of a Complex Construction Activity

Fluid Flow and Steel Cleanliness in a Continuous Casting Tundish and Mold

Fluid Flow Behavior Delivered to a Tundish via a Dissipative Ladle Shroud (DLS)

Formation and Modification of MgO·Al2O3-Based Inclusions in Alloy Steels

Formation of Intragranular Acicular Ferrite in C-Mn Steel by Ti-Al Complex Deoxidation

Formed Coke from Biomass Char

Fulfilled Environmental Specifications by a Comprehensive Coke Plant Operation Management System

Gearboxes See Double-the-Life by Replacing Conventional Recirculating Oil System

Grain Refinement of Austenitic Manganese Steels

High-Efficiency Dephosphorization Technique With FeO Dynamic Control in Top and Bottom Blowing Converter

Hot Stoves — More Than 50 Years of Experience — Design Optimization and Future Concepts

How to Evaluate a Process for Clean Steelmaking and Quality Control

Hybrid Way EAF Offgas Heat Recovery — ECORECS

Hyundai Steel Company’s New Dangjin Works Blast Furnace No.1 – A Success Story!

i-TAP: Performance Improvement of the BOF Tapping System at ArcelorMittal USA, Burns Harbor, IN

iCSMelt® Applications to EAF Operating Practice Optimization

Identifying Energy Efficiency Opportunities for the Steel Industry — The Production Energy Optimization Concept

Implementation of Coke Stabilization at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Improvements in Control Process and Hearth Maintenance in Blast Furnace No. 5 at AHMSA

In-Process Separation of Zinc From Offgas Cleaning System Solid Wastes

Inclusion Characterization of Titanium Stabilized Ultra Low Carbon Steels – Impact of Oxygen Activity at Deoxidation

Inclusion Compositions Before and After Calcium Treatment Measured Using Automated Inclusion Analysis Methods

Increase of Pulverized Coal Capacity at ROGESA

Influence of Annealing Process on the Selective Oxidation Behavior of Cold Rolled Dual-phase Steel

Influence of V(C, N) Precipitation Potential on Recovery Annealing Response of Microalloyed Sheet Steel

Innovative Approach to the Use of Offgas Heat for High-efficiency Green Power Generation

Insulating Firebrick — Maximizing Energy Savings in Iron and Steel Applications Through Product Selection

Integrated Optimized Steel Plant Under Basic Oxygen Process

Integrated Roll Shops for Heavy Plate Applications

International Sourcing of Ironmaking Plants and the New Approach of TKCSA for the Management of its Construction and Commissioning

Intrinsic Periodic Changes in Operating Conditions in Blast Furnace

Introduction of Slidegate Plate Technology Contributing to Reducing Environmental Burden

Introduction to Dangjin No. 1 Blast Furnace of Hyundai Steel Company

Ironmaking in Western Europe

iSteel®: A New Approach to Reduce Transformation Costs and Environmental Impact

Kinetic Model of Steel Refining in a Ladle Furnace

Large Capacity Motor Drives

LiquiRob - Improved Safety and Systematic Procedures on the Casting Floor Using Advanced Robotics

Live Tracking of Billet Inventory

Mathematical Modeling of Stirring for an Optimized Ladle Furnace Process

Mathematical Simulation of Blow-Through Supersonic Nozzles

Mathematics Modeling of Thermal Shock in Refractory Linings

Mathematics Modeling of Thermal Shock in Refractory Linings

Measurement of Spray Cooling Nozzle Impact Pressure Footprints and Its Applications in Continuous Casting

Measures to Reduce CO2 and Other Emissions in the Steel Industry in Germany and Europe

Mechanism of Enhanced Cr2O3 Reduction by Liquid Fe-C in Steelmaking Slags

Microtexture Evolution on Grain-oriented Electrical Steel

Mill Bay Crane Runway 110T-120T Upgrade

Model of Microalloy Precipitation During Continuous Casting and Reheating

Modern Approaches and CFD Simulation in the Ventilation of Hot Process Buildings

Modern Crane Works Safety Technology

Modification of Inclusion Composition in Steel During Secondary Metallurgical Ladle Treatment – A Comprehensive Process Simulation Model

New Analysis- and Simulation-features of the Microstructure Monitor and First Results from Plate Mills

New Continuous Hot-dip Galvanizing Line DVL3 at Tata Steel, Netherlands

New Developments and Technologies for Strip Guiding Applications

New Products for Improved BOF Performance

New Trends in Hot Strip Mill Roughing Mills: Characterization of High Chromium Steel and Semi-HSS Grades

Next Generation Metallic Iron Nodule Technology for EAF Steelmaking

NISCO Plate/Coil Mill Level 2 Force Model improvements

Nonrecovery/Heat Recovery Cokemaking: A Review of Recent Developments

Numerical investigation of air knives with multiple-impinging slot jets in continuous hot-dip galvanizing

On the Path Towards a Sustainable Ironmaking Technology

On-line Quality Data Warehouse for Metallurgy

Operation Benefits at ArcelorMittal Contrecoeur Ouest Using EFSOP® Technology

Operational Results from Automatic Steel and Temperature Sampler Installed at the EAF

Optimization of the Bottom Tuyere for a 150-ton Vanadium Extraction Converter Using Water Modeling

Optimum Lining Performance for Particular Process Slags in Metallurgical Vessels Supported by Thermochemical Modeling

Oxycup® Furnace -Smelting Steelmill Fines, Dust and Sludge to Liquid Hot Metal and Slag

Pelletizing the Magnetite Concentrate Ore With the Addition of Steelmaking Sludge

Pilot-oven Evaluation of Biomass Usage for Metallurgical Cokemaking

Prediction of the Cohesive Zone in a Blast Furnace

Preparing Your Company for the Future Energy Management Systems Requirements Like ISO 50001

Process Control and Automation Systems Advancements for Reheat Furnaces

Process Diagnosis on ULC Steels Cleanliness and Redesign of the Tundish at ArcelorMittal LC

Production of High-strength Low-alloy Bridge Steels

Project Planning and Execution of the Twin Shell EAF Revamp at North Star BlueScope Steel

Prolonging the Service Life of Shear Pins in the Flange Yoke Assembly of Stainless Hot Rolling Mill by UNSM Technology and Other Applications for Fatigue and Wear Life Extension

Protecting Intellectual Property – Patent or Trade Secret?

Pulverized Coal Injection at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques for Evaluating Manganese Segregation in Advanced High-Strength Steels at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Continuous Caster

Quality Assurance Improvement by Remodeling Inspection-line Layout

Quality Improvement in Replacing Universal Mills and Changing Pass Schedules

Real-time Phosphorous Measurement Using Sublance TSO-Probe

Realization of the Coexistance of Energy Savings and Environmental Measures in the EAF - Concept of ECOARC ™

Realization of the Coexistence of Energy Savings and Environmental Measures in the EAF Concept of ECOARCTM

Rebirth of CPC Roll with HSS Material for Hot Strip Finishing Mill

Recent Cost Reduction Developments in the Heating of Steel

Recycling Waste Polymers in Iron Oxide Composite Pellets for Ironmaking

RedIron: The Best Available Cost-Effective Solution for Recycling Iron-Bearing Wastes From Integrated Iron and Steel Plants

Reduce Maintenance Time and Save Costs for Hot Metal Crane

Reducing Energy Demand and Environmental Emissions in Secondary Steel Processing by Using Modular Dry Mechanical Vacuum Pumping Systems

Reduction of GHG Emission Through Implementation of Curtain Flame Ignition System in Sinter Plants

Reliability Achievement Bronze Award: Spares Consolidation at USS-POSCO Industries

Reliability Achievement Gold Award: Reliability-Based Approach to the Combustion Process

Reliability Achievement Silver Award: ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill Achieves Nearly $2.3 Million in Savings Through the World-Class Equipment Reliability Program

Reliability-based Approach to the Combustion Process

Results of the Coinjection of PCI and Synthetic Titanium Dioxide Products for Protection of the Hearth of ROGESA No. 5 Blast Furnace After Stop for Relining

Risk Assessment of ATEX (Atmosphere Explosive) for Chemical Storage and Spraying System by Using FMECA Method

Roll Consumption Reduction at Arcelor Mittal 80 Burns Harbor Hot Strip Mill through Roll Shop Grinding Practices and Mill Stability Improvements

Rolling Mill Main Drive Spindles

Rugged, Verifiable, In-situ Oxygen Analyzers for Combustion Optimization in Steel Reheat Operations

Sample and Temperature Manipulator for BOF Converter

SiC Content Influences on Properties of BF Casthouse Castable

Siemens VAI solutions for energy saving and environmental protection in a PLTCM.

SIMETAL EAF Quantum ™ -- The Future Approach for Efficient Scrap Melting

Simetal EAF QuantumTM — The Future Approach for Efficient Scrap Melting

SINAMICS High Efficiency Drive Technology for Rolling Mills

Slag Module for 3D Visualization of Ternary Phase Diagrams Tutorial

Slagless® Lance Recent Results at BOF Steel Plants Have Shown a Better Flexibility in Oxygen Blowing

Smart Crane Control — Improving Productivity, Safety and Traceability

SMS Siemag BOF Process Model: Stable and Optimized Performance Under Suboptimal Conditions

Spares Consolidation at USS-POSCO Industries

Special Features of Blowdown, Conducting the Repair of the Lower Stack, and Blow-in of the 3200m3 ArcelorMittal Temirtau Blast Furnace

Start-up Experience of the New 32-ton EAF of Gerdau Siderperu

STATCOM for Maintaining Power Quality in a Grid Feeding a Steel Plant

State-of-the-Art Cold Setting Working Lining Mixes for Tundish

Steel Defect Arresting Device (S-DADTM) for Improving Steel Quality

Steel Industry: Improving Efficiency by the Use of the Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Steel Process Fans Energy Efficiency Upgrades: The Right Way, the Only Way

Strategic Energy/CO2 Model for ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor

Study of Contact Fatigue Phenomena Influence on Backup Rolls Rolling Campaign Duration and Grinding Operations

Study of Post-Stirring Technique and the Involved Mechanisms

Successful Development of a New Steel Product — Importance of Process Modeling and Dynamic Logistics Simulation

Sustainable Plate Manufacturing

Technological Innovations for the KOCKS 3-roll Reducing and Sizing Block

Technological Review of the Start-Up of a New Jumbo Bloom Continuous Caster for Specialty Steels

Test Methods for Hydraulic Med

Test Methods for Hydraulic Media

Test Methods for Hydraulic Media

Testing of Flame-Retardant Fabrics at United States Steel Corporation

The Application of the High Radiative Coating in Coke Oven

The Application of Triplex Process for Stainless Steel at Baosteel

The Challenge of Heat Recovery in Integrated Steel Plants

The Development and Manufacture of Ultra-thin Cast Strip Steel Products with High Residual Element Levels via the CASTRIP® Process

The Development of Wind Turbine Bolt Steels in China Steel Corp.

The Effect of Silicon on Desulfurization of Al-Killed Steels

The Effects of Concentrate Source and Particle Size on Oxidation Behavior of Magnetite

The Effects of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Local Ductility

The Evaluation of EAF Performance —Operational Results

The Evolution of Preheating and the Importance of Hot Heel in Supersized Consteel® Systems

The Future of Dezincing Plants — Why? What? When?

The Future of Green Bearing Protection

The Future of Green Bearing Protection

The Globalized Initiatives of Occupational Health and Safety — To Discuss the Development Strategy of Occupational Health and Safety

The Hydraulic Distributor (HD™) Conversion at Sparrows Point “L” Blast Furnace

The Latest Technology of the Heavy Plate Leveler

The New VIZAG Blast Furnace-3: Design Concept, Erection and Commissioning for a State-of-the-Art Ironmaking Unit in India

The Performance of LKAB’s Experimental Blast Furnace in Modern Ironmaking

The Real Cost of Maintenance: Production Quality and Output Yield Enhancements of Industrial Laser Metrology for Continuous Process Lines

The Specific Production Rate of Blast Furnaces: How to Calculate it Correctly

The Steering of a Drifting Blast Furnace

The Timken ADAPT Bearing for Slab Support Rolls in Continuous Casters

The Weld Cladding of Foot and Top Segment Rolls to Improve Roll Life

Thermodynamic and Experimental Study on the Modification of Nonmetallic Inclusions Through the Contact with CaO-Al2O3-MgO Slags

Thermodynamics as a Guide to the Selective Oxidation of Manganese During EAF Refining of Ferritics

Total Cost and CO2 Emission Reduction Using Apollo® Electrode System at ArcelorMittal Differdange DC Arc Furnace

Transformation of Silicon-bearing Coke Minerals in Blast Furnace

Tuyere Failures – Cause and Effect

Two World-Class, Super-Sized, Modern Blast Furnaces Blow-In and Operation Results

Two World-Class, Super-Sized, Modern Blast Furnaces Blow-In and Operation Results

Use of High Percentage Quality DRI in EAF and Its Benefit in Cost Reduction

Use of Hot Metal with High Phosphorous Content in Combined Blowing BOF Converters

Use of MBR Technology to Treat Effluent from Coke Oven Byproduct Plant

Use of Oxy-Gas Burner to Restart Non-chilled Blast Furnaces

Use of Plastics and Charcoal for Injection Into Blast Furnaces

Using Water Hydrogen Instead of Reducing Gas in the Production of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

Waste Gas Heat Recovery System — Technology and Economic Experiences to Reduce the Operating Expenditures of a Blast Furnace Shop

Wettability and Mechanical Properties Assessment of Nano TiO2 and Armco Iron System

What’s New in Fall Protection, Hazard Analysis and Rescue Planning

Wireless Technology: A Revolution in Temperature, Oxygen and Carbon Measurements in Molten Metal

“State-of-the-Art” Cold-Setting Working Lining Mixes for Tundish