2010 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings

3D Microprobe Analysis of Dendritic Structures in Steel

A dislocation substructural consideration on work hardening and resistance to SCC of Ni-based alloys

A Lower-bound Strength Model for AISI 304 SS

A Review of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of a Cast High Strength and Lightweight Fe-Mn-Al-C Steel

A Study of Corrosion Mechanism of Steel in Refractory Matrix

Application of Electro-Spark Deposition as a Joining Technology

Applications of Thermodynamic Databases to Steelmaking Processes

Assessment of Dissimilar Metal Interfaces for Sub-Sea Application under Cathodic Protection

Characterization of Microbes Influenced Corrosion of Oil Linepipe Steels Using rRNA Gene Sequencing

Chemistry and Processing Considerations for Production of API-X80 Plates at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Plate Mill

Combined Effect of Boron, Titanium and Rapid Solidification on Microstructure of Alloy 800

Comparison of the slag rim formation of two different mold powders

Comparison on the graphite particles formed in as cast and commercial hypereutectoid steels after subsequent graphitization treatment

Continuous Galvanizing of Ultra High Strength Martensitic and Complex Phase Steel Sheet

Corrosion Behavior of Laser and GTAW Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel 316L in Lithium Bromide

Corrosion in Biodiesel Production Process Using High Free Fatty Acid Feedstock

Development of conducting polymer-Al2O3 hybrid nanocomposites for corrosion protection of mild steel

Double hit compression test of microalloyed steels in the ferrite region

Effect of Alloying Elements in High-Strength Steels on the Microstructure of Galvannealed Coatings

Effect of Cooling Rate, and Deformation in Ferrite on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Evolution of Microalloyed Steels

Effect of Deformation Parameters on Austenite Transformation and Microstructure

Effect of distribution of carbide particles on accelerated creep rate of tempered martensite for a 0.18C11.5Cr0.29V steel

Effect of Heating Rate on The Kinetics of Austenite Formation in Low Carbon High Strength Steels Annealed in the Intercritical Region

Effect of Microstructure on Lower Temperature Toughness for High Strength Pipe Steels

Effect of Process Variables on the Solidification of Hot-dip Galvanized Coatings

Effect of Thermomechanical Processing and Cooling Rate Conditions on the Austenite Decomposition Behavior in Hypereutectoid Steels

Effects of Multiple Inoculations on the Microstructure and Properties of Ductile Iron

Effects of Retained Austenite Stability and Volume Fraction on Deformation Behaviors of TRIP Steels

Effects of Steel Processing on Property Variations in Eglin Steel

Environmentally-Assisted Cracking Limits of Direct-Aged A286 (UNS S66286) in Petroleum Environments

Experiences with the use of Lean Duplex LDX 2101 for Storage Tanks

Formation of Martensitic Phase on SS-304 Surface by Electrolytic Plasma Process

Improvement of Microcracking Susceptibility in Dissimilar Multipass Weld Metal of Alloy 690 to Type 316L Stainless Steel by using Ce-Containing Filler Metal

Influence of Heat Treatment over the Rresistance against Fragile Destruction of Toll Steels

Investigation of a hybrid cutting tool design for shearing operations of sheet metals

Investigation of the hot ductility trough of Nb-containing steel

Key Considerations for the Design of Fiberglass (GRE) Lined Downhole Tubing

Mechanical Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of Fe-22Mn-C TWIP/TRIP Steels as a Function of C Content

Mechanical Properties Dependence On Microstructures Of Hot Rolled 3rd Generation Advanced High Strength Steels

Metallurgical Challenges in the Development of Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Applications

Micromechanical Characterization of Boundary Strength in Martensitic Steel

Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated Strapping Quality Steels

Newly Developed TRIP-aided Martensitic Steels

Numerical Simulation of Solidification Structure of 60Si2Mn Spring Steel during the Continuous Casting Process

Overview of Joining Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry in Support of Large Capital Projects

Pitting Corrosion Resistance of Type 2507 Duplex Stainless Steel in Synthetic Seawater and Hydraulic Fluids

Predicting A1 Temperature in CSEF Steels

Process and Physical Metallurgy, Applications and Sustainability of Niobium Bearing Steels

Reactive Wetting and in situ Aluminothermic Reduction of Mn oxides in Continuous Galvanizing Baths

Researches on obtaining the tools of high speed steels with different alloy base and improved properties

Role of Mo on Corrosion Resistance of 13%Cr Steels in CO2 Environments

Selective Oxidation and Reactive Wetting of a 1.0% Al 0.5% Si TRIPAssisted Steel

Sheared Edge Performance of DP780 Steels - Conventional vs. Improved Bending and Flanging (IBF) Steels

Short-Term Formation Kinetics of the Continuous Galvanizing Inhibition Layer on Mn-containing Steels

Solving Wind Turbine Tribological Issues with Materials Science

Stress-Strain Curves Description of Steels

Sulfide Stress Cracking in Steels A Review

The Current Situation and Trend of Pickling Line with Online Mill of Hot-rolled Stainless Steel

The Effect of Prestrain Value on Stress-based Forming Limit Curves for Nonproportional Loading Paths

The effects of focus point of the laser beam on the pulsed Nd: YAG laser weld microstructure of AISI 630 and AISI 321 stainless steels

The Effects of Starting Microstructure and Composition on the Fatigue Performance of Induction Hardened Bar Steel

The Evolution of the Stored Energy during the Batch Annealing Process of Two Cold Rolled (Ti-bearing and Nb-bearing) HSLA Steels

The Modeling of Deflected Mode on Strip Literal Surface at Rolling in Passes

Three Points Bending for Spot Welded Hat Section Made of Thin Steel Plate

Ultrafine Grained Dual-Phase Steels Fabricated by Warm Deformation

Welding and PWHT of P91 Steels