2010 AISTech Conference Proceedings

30 Million In the Hearth of Blast Furnace No 5 at AHMSA Mexico

A Lean Supply Chain Manufacturing Model

A Method for Roll Alignment By Means of Inertial Technology Using PARALIGN®

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Reducing Electricity Costs in the Steel Industry

A New Architecture of Control and Operation Information System-PRM in the New Campaign of a Blast Furnace

A Nondestructive Inspection System for Measuring Mechanical-technological Properties of Steel Grades

A Novel Steady-state Technique for Measuring the Heat Extracted by Secondary Cooling Sprays

A Study on Supersonic Coherent Jet Characteristics Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

A Targeted Approach to Optimizing a Plate Mill

AC Variable Frequency Drive with Static Stepless Simulation Software Outperforms Traditional Static Stepless Crane Control

Achieving Carbon-free Emissions via the ENERGIRON DR Process

Adding Value to the Hot Rolled Coil Business at Burns Harbor by Reducing the Number of Unplanned Roll Changes While Sharing Technical Experiences on the ArcelorMittal Group

Addressing Climate Change - A Novel Greenhouse Gas Carbon Abatement Process (G-CAP™) for the Iron and Steel Industry

Advanced and Reliable Drive Systems for the Rolling Mill Industry

Advanced Inside-furnace Monitoring Techniques Implemented on the New Large Blast Furnace of Shagang

Advanced Revamping Solutions for Long Product Casting

Advanced Technologies for Residue Treatment - Successful Start-up of the PRIMUS® Plant of Dragon Steel in Taiwan

Advanced Technologies for Skin Passing of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Advances in Bearing Reclamation

AHMSA’S Blast Furnace No. 4 Operation With Low-grade Raw Materials for Highest Productivity

An Industrial Power System Management for High-quality Uninterrupted Power Supply at Tata Steel

Analysis of edge buildup on aluminized steel strip using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and metallography

Analysis of Edge Buildup on Aluminized Steel Strip Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Metallography

Analysis of the Economy and Emissions of Blast Furnace Operation with Top Gas Recycling

Analysis of Ti-, Mg-, and Zr-bearing Inclusions in Ultra-low and Low Carbon Steels

Application of an Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System In the Iron and Steel Industry

Application of New Coke Oven Battery Technologies on the World Market

ArcelorMittal Dofasco #2 Blast Furnace Stove Repairs

Arvedi ESP (Endless Strip Production) First Thin Slab Endless Casting and Rolling Results

Asymmetrical Power Control of AC-EAFs by Structure-Borne Sound Evaluation

Automated Material Tracking via RFID Technologies

Avoiding Sloppy BOS Process Behavior

Bar Width Change in Finishing Stands of the Hot Strip Mill

BOF Gas Cleaning: 2nd Generation of Dry-type ESP and Hydro Hybrid Filter Technology

Brick Rubble Removal from the Base of an On-line Battery Stack at ArcelorMittal Dofasco

Burden Descending and Redistribution in a Blast Furnace

Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Fluids

Cash for Clunkers in the Reheat Furnace World

Cast in Time and Quality: Energy Savings Through Integrated Heat Temperature Forecast and Scheduling Model

Caster Nozzle Protection

CFD Simulation of Co-Injection of Plastic Particles and Oil into a Blast Furnace Raceway

Characterization of the State of LKAB Experimental BF Hearth

Chemical Removal of Internal Scale From HCl Pickle Liquor Pipeline

CIVS - Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation

Clean and Efficient – Optimization of EAF Dedusting Systems

Coke Oven Gas Desulfurization – State of the art

Combustion Rate Evaluation for Tires Blends Considering their Injection into the Blast Furnace Tuyeres (1)

Comparison of Byproduct and Heat-recovery Cokemaking Technologies

Correlation Between F-value and Sliver Index for Ultra-low Carbon Steel Grades at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Continuous Caster

Cost Optimization in the Production of Stainless and Special Steels in the AOD Converter by Using Oxidic Alloys

Danieli Maintenance Management System

Decreasing MTTR using Split Seal Technology

Degassing 101

Descale System Design

Description of a Simulation Method for Evaluating the Thermal Properties of

Detection of Internal Defects Prior to Value-added Processes to Minimize Final

Development of a Comprehensive Model for Oxygen Steelmaking

Development of a Validated 3-D Thermal Model for Arcelormittal Dofasco’s No. 2 Continuous Caster Mold to Evaluate Design Improvements for High-speed Casting

Development of Burden Distribution Technology at U. S. Steel Canada’s Hamilton Works ‘E’ Blast Furnace

Development of Nano-size Precipitation Strengthening Hot-rolled Automobile Steels

Development of Self-braking Nozzle for Steel Slab Continuous Casting Process

Developments and Results at TenarisDalmine, Italy

Developments on a Web-based Metal Technology and Metal Information Network

Direct Injection of Biofuel in Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Don’t Let Your Money Go Up the Chimney

Drive Selection for Rolling Mills

Dynamic Modeling of the BOF for Endpoint Prediction Using EFSOP® Technology Results and Implementation at Riva Taranto

EAF Foamy Slag in Stainless Steel Production: Industrial Experiences and Further Development

EAF Optimization: Efficient Use of Energy in the Electric Arc Furnace

Easy Access To Everything - or How the Web Can Bring It All Together

Eddy-free Tuyeres for a Blast Furnace

Effect of Blending Rangal Coal on High-temperature Behavior of Cokes

Effect of Cerium on the Inoculation of Acicular Ferrite in Hot-rolled Fe-Mn-Al-Si-C Steel

Effect of Ladle Shroud Alignment on Steel Quality in a Four-strand, Delta-shaped, Tundish

Effect of Melting and Casting Parameters on the Hot Ductility Behavior of Nb-bearing

Effect of Preheating Temperature on the Melting and Decarburization Behavior of DRI in Steelmaking Slag

Effects of Continuous Cast Section Size on the Torsional Fatigue of 1050 Steel

Effects of FC Mold on Slab and Final Product Qualities at Low Throughputs

Effects of Some Operational Parameters upon Degasification Rate, Mixing Time, Splashing and Skull Development in a Combined-blow Converter during Steelmaking Refining: A Physical Model Approach


Electric Arc Furnace Tap Changers

Entrapment of Inclusions in Continuous Casting Billet: Industrial Observation and Modeling

Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas Direct Reduction

Experimental Remarks on Supersonic Jet Behavior in High-temperature, Reactive Ambient in Connection to Steelmaking

Experimental Study on Heat Transfer Behavior through the Mold Flux Film Between the Solidifying Shell and Mold

EXPERT 5i – Quality Software Modules in the EPROMI Architecture for Increased Steel Production Efficiency

Factors to Consider in the Selection of a Mill Grease

Fault Tolerant SVC ArcComp System for DC Arc Furnaces

Fine Grain Practice - Revisited

Fit for the Future by Modernization – Latest Solutions for Tandem Cold Mills

Flue Gas Flow Optimization for Energy Efficiency and Clean Operations in Integrated Steel Plants

Formation of an Impromptu EAF Process Team at CMC Steel Texas

Graphical Tool for Bottleneck Identification and Productivity Improvements in Galvanizing Lines

Heat Recovery for the EAF of Georgsmarienhütte, Germany

High Conductivity Copper in the Blast Furnace

High-impact Computer Integrated Meltshop Management Systems – Effective Implementation With Sustained Success

Highly Durable Refractory Slide Nozzle Plate for Continuous Casting of Steel

HSS Work Rolls for Hot Mill Finishing Stands :

Hybrid DC-DC-AC Main Drive for ILVA, Taranto Finishing Mill


Implementation Experience of DANIELI-CQE at Hot Strip Mill

Implementation of In-service Key Parameters of HSS Work Roll Grade Dedicated to Advanced Cold Rolling

Improved Temperature Uniformity in Batch Reheat Furnaces with Praxair's Dilute Oxygen Combustion (DOC) System

Improvement in Strip Temperature Control for High-strength Steel in a Radiant Tube Furnace

Improvement of the Periodical Mold Level Fluctuation in a Slab Caster and Relevant Sliver Defects on Hot-rolled Coils

Improvement of Wire Rods Processing Technology

Improving Centerline Segregation Control on X70 Products

Improving Ladle Stir Reliability and Service Life Using New Design Purge Plug

Improving the Galvanizing Process – Electromagnetic Strip Stabilization and Complementary Solutions: eMASS, eWIPE, eBACS

In Process Measurement of Organic Coating Thickness Using a Full Spectrum Infrared Sensor

Inauguration of IRIS, Institute of Research of Iron and Steel, for Sha Steel in China

Increasing Casting Speed without Mold Level Hunting Risk

Increasing the Refractory Wear Profile Control on the Steel Ladles at the V&M do Brazil

Influence of Plume Eye Area on Surface Reaction Rate of Oxygen-water System Under Bottom Bubbling Condition

Influence of Wall Surface Unevenness on Coke-pushing Force

Innovative Design of New Laser Based Thickness Gauges for Inline Measurement of Strip Thickness

Innovative Drop-in Sensor System at Essar Steel Algoma

Innovative Methods for Integrating Utility and Production Automation Systems

Integrated New Downstream Facilities at Acciaieria Arvedi, Italy

Intercritically Austempered Steel

Interpretation of UT and EC Results in Roll Testing

Investigation Into an HSM Finishing Stand Defect which Generated FeO Type Lamination

Investigation of Related Factors of Blast Furnace Slag Fluidity and Its Application

Ironmaking Technology Selection for Site Specific Conditions

Jets in Steelmaking Units: The Source of Information about Physical and Chemical Transformation into the Steel Melt

JSW Steel No.3 Blast Furnace: An Introduction to India’s Largest Blast Furnace

Kinetics of Reduction of FeO in EAF Steelmaking Slag by Metallurgical Coke and Waste Plastics Blends

Line Differential Protection Systems Using Low-power Current Sensors Applied to EAF Circuits

Low-cost Hot Metal: the Future of Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Lowering Exhaust Gas Losses and Emissions with Newly Developed Recuperative and Regenerative Burners

Manufacturing and Characteristics of Modern Silica Brick Material for Coke Ovens

Maximized Asset Reliability and Performance Connected to PDA Inspection

Mechanical Properties and Development of Hot-dip Coated Solid Solution Strengthened Low Carbon Steels for Automobiles

Mechanical Study for Reducing Shell/Core Bond Separation of Duplex Cast Work Rolls for a Hot Strip Mill

Microalloy Precipitation in Hot Charged Slabs

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Comparison of Direct Quenched vs. Reaustenitized and Quenched Plate

Mill Level 2 Model in Improvement of Product Quality and Productivity

Mitigation of Triboelectric Charging in Industrial Hydraulic and Lubricating Fluids- Case Studies in

Modern Process Models to Improve Product Quality on Plate Mills

Modernization of Hot Strip Mills – Concepts, Implementations and Results

Modernization of the Heavy-plate Rolling Mill at Dongkuk

Mold Flow Modeling of ArcelorMittal Riverdale and POSCO Thin Slab Casters

Mold Technology for the Future

Near-net-shape Casting of Steel - Belt Casting Technology

New Approaches to Meltshop Offgas Heat Recovery

New Developments in Drive Trains for Roughing and Plate mills

New Electrolytic Tinning Line and Tin Free Steel Line for BAOSTEEL, China

New Process and Application for Biogas in Metallurgy (1)

New Stands for New Duties

New Zinc Recovery Process from EAF Dust by Lime Addition

Next Generation Sintering Technologies Latest Developments to Achieve Real Cost-efficiency in Sinter Production

Novel Polyalkylene Glycol Based Hydraulic Fluids

Nozzle Design for ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Continuous Caster for Minimizing Sliver Defects

Numerical Investigation and Optimization of a Venturi Scrubber

Numerical investigation of air knives with multiple-impinging slot jets in continuous hot-dip galvanizing

Numerical Investigation of Air Knives with Multiple-Impinging Slot Jets in Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Numerical Modeling of Scrap Heating by Burners

Numerical Simulating the Effects of High-radiative Coating on Heat Transfer Process in Regenerator of BF Hot Stove

On-line Monitoring of the Ladle Stirring

One Year Casting Experience for Rounds of High-quality Steel Grades at the Nucor Memphis

Operating Principle and Plant Design of the VD/VOD Facility at ThyssenKrupp ACCIAI Speciali Terni (TK AST) for the Production of Superferritic Stainless Steel

Operation Results of the New Waste Gas Treatment Facility at ROGESA’s No. 2 Sinterplant – the EFA™ Process

Operational Benefits and Design Considerations for a Stationary Electric Furnace for Continuous Steelmaking

Opportunities for Increasing Productivity and Lowering Operating Costs While Reducing GHG Emissions in Steelmaking

Optimization of a Submerged Entry Nozzle Design to Reduce Non-metallic Inclusions in Line Pipe Steel

Optimization of Offgas System Performance at Hamilton Specialty Bar

Optimization of Surface Quality through Mold Thermal Monitoring

Optimization Results at Ferriere Nord Using EFSOP® Technology

Optimized Material Flow in Plate Plants by Integration of Scheduling and Warehouse Management

Optimizing Indirect Production Cost

Oscillation Measurement and Multiphase Flow Simulation of the AOD Process

Oxygen Enhanced Ladle Preheating Systems: Improved Tap-to-tap Cycle Time and Operating Cost Reductions

Oxygen/Carbon Injection System at Charter Steel Cleveland Facility, Project Description and Operational Results

Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Transient Thermal and Liquid Flow Inside a Blast Furnace Hearth during the Tapping Period


Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) – A Third–Party Independent Review Conducted at the Start of the Project in Preparation for Certification Upon Conclusion

Process Integration as a Tool for Decision-makers in the Steel Industry

Production Improvement of No. 2 BOSP at ESAI

Production of Fine Grained As-rolled Structural Plate Steels

Productivity Optimization at Duferco Farrell’s 60 Hot Strip Mill

Project Management Models for Long Product Rolling Mills

Proven Practice and Future Prospects of Blast Furnace Reductant Injection

Quality Improvement in Bloom for SBC Steel

Quality Performance Report Improves Mill Operation

Quench and Tempering: An Unfamiliar Process in North America

Quenched and Self-tempered Rebar – Process Overview, Layouts, Operational Parameters and Cost Savings

Quick Direct Tap at United States Steel Corporation’s Gary Works Q-BOP Shop

Radiation Protection — An Investment for the Future

Rating Inclusions in an As-cast Carbon Steel

Raw Materials for Blast Furnace

Recent Steel Research at the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy of RWTH Aachen University

Recovery of Phosphorus and Manganese from Steelmaking Slag

Reducing Carbon Footprints with Green Hot Mill Lubricants

Reducing Refractory Cost Using New Al2O3-SiC-C Bricks for Hot Iron Transport

Reduction of Blast Furnace Ironmaking Carbon Footprint through Process Integration

Regulatory Impact on Diesel Engine Emissions

Requirements on Standard Tests of Radial Shafts Seals for the Heavy Industry


Robotic Solutions for EAF — First Performance Review

Role of the Industrial Engineer in Today’s Steel Producing Environment

Rotary Seals for Heavy-duty Applications – Technology Meets Customer Requirements

Running Your Maintenance Department as a Business

Safety and Material Handling

Secondary System Mechanical Resonance in New Tall-shell SDI-Butler Arc Furnaces: Detection and Solutions

Severstal L-Blast Furnace Hearth Refractories Findings and Repair at Sparrows Point

Shape Improvement in Cut-to-length Line with an In-line Quarto Skinpass Mill

SIMETAL Corex Prepared for Present and Future Ironmaking Challenges

Simulation of Strip Lateral Dynamics on Continuous Processing Lines

Single Charge EAF Modification: Installation and Experience

SIROLL CM- Upgrading of Cold Rolling Tandem Mills to Continuous Operation

SIROLL HM Work-roll Lubrication for Electrical Energy Reduction and Strip Surface Improvement

Slab Caster Revamping – The Approach to Excel in the Market

Slide Gate Mythology

Solidification and Dendrite Growth of Stainless Steel during Continuous Casting


Start-up and Results of the EAF Consteel® Plant of Celsa Nordic — Mo I Rana (Norway)

STATCOM for Powerful Flicker Reduction from Electric Arc Furnace Operation

Staying Ahead of the Curve – Beating the Commissioning Schedule for Continuous Slab Casters

Steel Degassing Operations Using Mechanical Vacuum Pump Systems

Steel Liquidus Temperature Estimation From Thermodynamic Calculations

Steel Mills: Energy Costs and the Green Planet

Strategic Demolition Impact Analysis – A Plan for Ageing Infrastructure

Strategies for Flexible Hot Mill Modernizations -

Strategies for Use of Superheated Steam During Stainless Steel Refining in Converters

Strip Cleanliness, Extracting New Data From the Rolling Oil TGA Burn-off Curve

Study of the Use of Steel Industry Fuel on Coking Operations

Study on the Influence of Secondary Cooling Water Coverage Area of Bloom Surface on Cooling Effect in Continuous Casting of Gearing Steel


Taking Batch Annealing Optimization to the Next Level

Technological Upgrades of Slab Casting Plants: The Danieli Davy Distington Experience for Plant Renovations and Performance Improvements

Tenova FlexyTech® Regenerative Flameless Burners

Tenova FlexyTech® TRGX Burner Modeling and Testing

The 750,000 stpy SBQ Rolling Mill, Part of the Complete Minimill at Nucor Steel Memphis Inc., USA

The ArCOS Furnace Automation Concept - Much More than a Simple Electrode Control System

The Design and Installation of a Video Camera Line up system for Oven machines At DTE Energy Services EES Coke Battery No. 5 Detroit Michigan

The Effect of Hydrogen on Mold Heat Removal in Continuous Casting

The Future of Hot Blast Stoves

The Gimbal Top Goes On Line A New Era For Blast Furnace Charging

The Influence of Temperature and Aluminum Content on Galvannealed Coating

The McGill Metals Processing Centre; A University-Industry Partnership for Process Metallurgy

The McMaster Steel Research Centre, A Model for Industry-University Collaboration

The Mill Revamping of Chubu Steel Plate

The Nature of Internal Defects in Continuously Cast Steel and their Impact on Final Product Quality

The New TATA Steel “H” Blast Furnace: Design Concept, Project Development and Operating Results

The Plate Mill as a Metallurgical Tool

The Sophisticated Air Mist Nozzle for Secondary Cooling of the Continuous Caster

The UGR* process: The Danieli Innovative Process for a Low Cost Production of Seismic Concrete Reinforcement Steel

The Working Group “Continuous Casting: Metallurgy and Materials (M²CC)” at Leoben University, Austria

Thermal Efficiency Optimization of the Hot Stove System

Thermodynamic Modeling of the CaF2 Containing Slags and Its Applications to Steelmaking Process

Thermodynamic Modeling to Improve Foamy Slag Practice in the EAF

Time Based Scheduling System For Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Production

Totally Controlled Safety System with Zero Impact on Productivity for a Bar Rolling Mill

Tuyere Life Improvements and Operating Enhancements on Great Lakes B-2 Blast Furnace

Two Hundred Years of Rolling on the Brandywine

Ultra-low NOx Flat Flame Burner Application for Steel Reheat Furnaces

United States Steel Corporation Fairfield Works Coal Grinding Facility

Use of High Chrome Rolls in Cold Mills

Utilization of Non-DR Grade / BF Grade Low Fe Pellets for Direct Reduction and Melting Application

Utilization of Waste Plastics in EAF Steelmaking: High-temperature Interactions between Slag and Carbonaceous Materials

Utilizing High-definition 3-D Laser Scanning Technology to Obtain As-built Information to Streamline Retrofit Improvements

Value Creation Through R&D at ArcelorMittal

Vapor Pressure Measurements of Zinc and Lead Chlorides from Slag System

VIP 08 Flatness Measurement System

Visualizing the Future in Steel Manufacturing - The 2010 AIME Keynote and J. Keith Brimacombe Memorial Lecture

Waste Gas Cooling Plants with Evaporation Cooling

Water Modeling of Stirring and Braking Processes in a Slab Caster Mold

Water Treatment Chemistry Impact on CSP Mill Product Quality and Production Rate

Work Roll Temperature and Thermal Crown Measurement to Improve Roll Cooling Efficiency

World-class Crane and Runway System for the 21st Century

Your Employees Use Fall Protection, but Are They Really Safe From Harm?

“The House of the World’s Longest Billet” - The New Micromill Danieli (MI.DA®) at CMC Steel Arizona - An Innovative Process for the Most Competitive Production of Rebar Product