2009 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3-D Numerical Study of Impinging Water Jets in Run Out Table Cooling Processes

30% Increased Capacity in Capacity of Metal Coating Lines at ThyssenKrupp Steel

3D Numerical Simulation of a Chemical Leaching Tank at ArcelorMittal for Improved Solids Suspension, Part II

A Comparative Study of Isothermal and Non-isothermal Modeling of Flows in Tundishes

A Comprehensive Simulation of the Raceway Formation and Combustions

A Design Approach for Sizing a Closed-loop Cooling System

A Graphical Approach to Resolving Scheduling Conflicts of Melt Shops and Rolling Mills

A Mechanism of Post-rolling Deterioration in Hot Band Flatness during Coiling

A New Development for Coiling High-strength Tube Grades with Large Thickness

A New Technology for Automatic Handling of Work Rolls with Chocks

A Novel FEMS System for Continuous Casting of Steel Billets and Blooms

A Novel Thermal Spray Coating for Galvanizing Rolls

A Rolling Mill Renewal

A Study of Desulfurization in a Kanbara Reactor through Physical and Mathematical Modelling and Plant Assessment

AC Drive Cable Selection

Achieving Good Quality Tar at Hamilton Works

Activated Carbon Injection Optimization Study for Controlling Mercury Emissions at Haverhill North Coke Company

Adding Value by Reducing the Electrical Scope of Mechanical Mill Suppliers

Advanced Blast Furnace Bosh and Stack Systems

All Bright Stocks are Not Created Equal; Formulating Fluids to Meet the MORGOIL® Advanced Lubricant Specification Revision 2.4

An Investigation of Hot Metal Desulfurization by Mg

Analysis and Simulation on the Secondary Cooling during Steel Bloom Continuous Casting

Analysis of Crush Failure in Pipes and Countermeasures to Reduce the Defect

Analysis of Data from U. S. Steel Canada Hamilton Works E and Wuhan Iron and Steel Company No. 1 Blast Furnaces

Application of Model Predictive Control in a Dynamic System: An Application to BOF Steelmaking Process

Applications of Computer Modeling Techniques to Process Gas Analyzer Design

ASRS: Automatic Storage and Retrieval System for Steel Plants and Warehouses

Automatic Width Direction Differential Thickness Control of Hot Strip Mill Finisher

Bar Code Identification of SeverStal Slabs

Basics of an Effective Crane Inspection Program

Beam Me Up The New Medium Section Mill at Steel Dynamics, Columbia City

Biological WWTP for Coke Battery Wastewater Discharge: Design, Construction and Start-Up Challenges and Solutions

Blast Furnace Blow-down Minimizing Environmental Emissions

Blast Furnace Circumferential Process Symmetry: The Effect of Flow Distribution In Hot Blast Systems

Blast Furnace Hearth Protection by Simultaneous Injection of Pulverized Coal and Synthetic Titanium Dioxide Products

BOF Endpoint Prediction Modeling and Results at U. S. Steel Canada - Hamilton Works using EFSOP® System Technology

Bonded Particulate Iron-based Melting Materials

Carbon Dissolution in Steelmaking Process – Recarburization using Waste Plastics

CFD Modeling of Nos. 2 and 3 Slab Casters at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor No. 2 Steel Producing Shop

Challenges and Best Practices for Efficient Steel Mill Lubrication

Coal Mineral Transformations during Carbonization and Gasification

Comparing the Accuracy of Acousto Ultrasonic-Echo (NDT), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Drilling When Obtaining a Blast Furnace Refractory Lining Wear Profile

Comparison in Maintenance Practices Between a Consteel® EAF and a Conventional EAF

Composition Change of the Non-metallic Inclusions during the Secondary Refining of Low Oxygen Alloyed Structural Steels

Construction of a Web-based Tutorial for 3-D Visualization of Ternary Phase Diagrams

Contamination Control Pays Big Dividends

DC Arc Furnace Pin Electrode Modeling and Development

Decreasing Maintenance Costs Through Contract Lubrication Program

Demand Response: How Facilities Can Be Paid a Recurring Revenue Stream to Improve Grid Reliability and Lower Wholesale Electric Prices

Design Approach for Removing Oil, Grease and Fine Particles from Rolling Mill Contact and Non-contact Water

Design, Development and Installation of a System for Addition of Oil-water Emulsion on Coal Blend at Coal Handling Plant

Determination and Application of Stribeck Curve in Development of Steel Cold Rolling Lubricants

Development and Introduction of New Coal Preparation Technologies for Improvement in Coke Quality in SAIL Plants

Development of Melting Technology for Ultra-low Sulfur Steel

Development of Model-intensive Web-based Rolling Mill Applications

Development of New Generation High-strength Hot-rolled Steel Sheet for Automotive Components

Diamond Pass Design for Single Family Bar Rolling

DOE’s Industrial Technologies Program (ITP): Assessment Efforts to Improve Energy Efficiency, Carbon Footprint and Profit in the U.S. Steel Industry

Drive System Upgrade at DJ Galvanizing

Driving Value through Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management

EAF Water Detection using Offgas Measurements

EAF-Foamy Slag in Stainless Steel Production: A New and Extremely Efficient Technology Easy-to-Handle and Cost-efficient

Eco-friendly Slide Gate Plate Minimizing Volatile Matter

Effect of Charcoal Physical Parameters on the Blast Furnace Powder Injection1

Effect of Coal Inertinite Size on Coke Strength

Effect of Initial Tundish Flux Addition Timing on Steel Cleanliness

Effect of Initial Tundish Flux Addition Timing on Steel Cleanliness

Effect of Steel Substrate Roughness on GA and GI Coating Roughness during the Gas-jet Wiping Process

Effect of the Use of Bell-less Rotary Charging Unit upon Blast Furnace Performance

Efficient and Cost-effective Transport of Hot Slag With Off-highway Trucks

Eliminating Process Downtime Caused by Speed and Position Sensors

Energy for Arc Furnace Melting – Characteristics and Importance of Sources

Energy Saving Advances in CSP Tunnel Furnace Rolls

Energy Savings and CO² Reduction for Hydraulics

Erosion of Runners in Ingot Casting

Evaluation of the Use of Mixtures of Charcoal and Rice Rind for Its Injection In the Tuyeres of Blast Furnaces (1)

Evaluation of the Wear of Blast Furnace Hearth Refractory by Thermal Modeling

Experience of Burden Distribution Trial on United States Steel’s Granite City Works ‘B’ Blast Furnace

Experimental and Mathematical Studies of Impinging Gas Jets on Liquid Surfaces

Fault tolerant SVC ArcComp System for DC Arc Furnaces

Fluid Flow and Mold Slag Entrainment in the Continuous Twin-Slab Casting Mould

Fluid Flow and Steel Cleanliness in Argon-stirred Ladles

Foaming and the Rate of the Carbon-Iron Oxide Reaction in Slag

Furnace Draft Control Improvements: Tuning of Important Factors

Further Process Improvements at Severstal Sparrows Point via New Technology Implementation - Moving the Bottlenecks

Galvanize Processes Utilizing Surface Inspection to Improve Quality and Manufacturing Methodology

Gas Phase Reactions of Coke Blends with Plastics for Chemical Energy Input into EAF Steelmaking

Gauges to Reduce Energy Consumption

Heat Transfer and Solidification of Steels during Slab Continuous Casting Process

High-speed Stainless Steel Casting at Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless Steel/China with Excellent Slab Quality Results

Hot Strip Mill Models and Control for 1/4 Standard Gauge

How Proper Risk Assessment, LOTO/Alternative LOTO and Machine Guarding Contribute to Increased Production

How Technology Can Be Used to Support Detailed Reporting ~ Assuring Compliance on Inspections

Hydrogen and Nitrogen Control in Steelmaking at U. S. Steel

i EAF® Technology: Dynamic Process Control for the Electric Arc Furnace

Implementation of High-capacity Continuous Annealing Line in P.R. China

Implementing Dynamic and Offline Scrap Optimization at a Basic Oxygen Furnace Facility

IMPOCpro - Increasing Production Yield by On-line Measurement of Material Properties

Improved Execution of Major Annual Outages Using Outage Management Process Tools and Techniques

Improved SVC Performance for Flicker Mitigation of an Electric Arc Furnace

Improving Caster Hydraulics Reliability and Reducing Costs with New Synthetic Fire-resistant Fluid

Improving Equipment Uptime: Composite Seals Meet the Challenge

In-line EMAT Ultrasonic Weld Inspection for ERW Tube Mill Using Guided Ultrasonic Waves

Inclusion Characterization - A Tool for Measurement of SteelCleanliness and Process Control

Increase of Casting Speed of Hypo-peritectic Steel at Kashima No.3 Caster

Incremental Migration of DCS to PLC Case Study: BF Stoves Migration

Industrial Experiences from Flameless Oxyfuel Operation in Walking Beam Furnaces

Industry Implementation of Mathematical Models: Examples in Steel Processing, Howe Memorial Lecture, 2009

Initial Study on the Effect of Mold Copper Thickness on Sticker, Flux Entrapment and Bleeder Events at U. S. Steel

Innovations in Steel Mill Material Handling Applications Continuous Transport Systems – “CTS”

Innovative Carbon-Carbon Roll for Continuous Annealing Line in the Steel Industry: Design, Manufacturing and Testing in Operation

Innovative Offgas Cleaning and Recovery Solutions for Steelmaking

Innovative, Rule-Based QES (Quality Execution System)

Installation of a 145 MMBtu/hr Oxyfuel Firing System on the #2 Reheat Furnace at ArcelorMittal’s 84 Hot Strip Mill

Integrated Solutions for a Fully-automated Grinding of Surface Flaws on Semi-finished Products

Interaction Between Steel and Distinct Gunning Materials in the Tundish

Investigation of Carbon Blocks Used for Critical Blast Furnace Area

Investigation of Hot Strip Mill 4 Hi Reversing Roughing Mill Main Drive Motor Thrust Bearing Damage

Investigation on Ladle Nozzle Clogging during Steel Pouring Process

Kinetics of Carbon Reaction with Electric Arc Furnace Slags During Slag Foaming

Kinetics of Gaseous Reduction of Iron Ore Concentrate for Ironmaking with Low CO2 Emission and Energy Requirement

Ladle Metallurgy at SIEMENS VAI MT – New Technologies and Trends

Legacy Computer Systems MigrationLegacy Computer Systems Migration

Level 2 Model Improvements at Evraz Oregon Steel Mills

Life-cycle Management at the Continuous Caster in Avesta/Sweden

Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Two-phase Flow in a RH Degasser

Maximizing Productivity in the Plate Mill

Measures to Improve Oxide Cleanness in Continuous Casting

Measuring Roll Alignment as a means of Preventive Maintenance in Coil Coating

Merkel Counter Surface Parameters affecting seal performance in hydraulic cylinders

Mesabi Nugget: World's First Commercial ITmk3® Plant

Methodology to Monitor Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Microstructures of Annealed Hot Band in Electrical Steels

Migrating from PLC-5 to ControlLogix without Changing Level II Applications

Mitigating CO2 Emissions in the Steel Industry: A Regional Approach to a Global Need

MMK – ATAKA?: Welcome to the Most Modern Cold Mill Complex in the Mediterranean Area for Flat Products

Modernization of CSP® Thin Slab Casters Realized Concepts and Experience

New Approach for the Control of Fluoride Induced Corrosion in Continuous Caster Components

New Developments in Bell-less Top® Charging Technology of Blast Furnaces

New Developments in Slab Surface Inspection and Conditioning of Specialty, Stainless and Carbon Steel Grades

New Developments to Achieve Environmentally-Friendly Sinter Production

New Fault Detection Technology for Electric Arc Furnace Electrical Systems

New Galvanizing Line Coupled with High-Speed Painting Line at Marcegaglia's Ravenna Plant, Italy

New Greenfield LD Steelmaking Plant AMK Alchevsk, Ukraine

New Process Simulation Tool for Long Product Rolling

Numerical Simulation of a Direct Fired Preheating Furnace

Old Pickling Lines Get New Life with Plastic Tanks

On-line Preventive Maintenance System for Water Cooled Cables TELEMASTER

On-line Superheat Control Model for Continuously Cast Slabs and Billets

Operational Experience with the MULPIC Accelerated Cooling System

Opportunities and Technologies for Energy Recovery in Minimills

Optimization of Ladle Preheating and Steel Stirring Practices to Improve Ladle Refractory Performance

Perfect Circle The New Small Diameter SBQ Finishing Line at The Timken Co., Canton, OH

Performance of the New VLB Burner System at CMC Steel South Carolina

Pizo Process Start-Up on EAF Dust in Arkansas

Plate Mill Thickness Control Upgrade at Bluescope Steel

Prediction of Grain Size, Precipitation and Crack Susceptibility in Continuous Casting

Predictions of Blast Furnace Hearth Corner Erosion Profile

Process Design of Inclusion Modification in Cast Steel using Automated Inclusion Analysis

Production of Ultra Low Carbon IF Steels by RH-TOP Process

Production Preparation Process (3P): Lean Concepts for Project Planning

Profile and Flatness - Non-interactive Control Concepts and Design

Pulverized Coal Injection at SeverStal North America C Blast Furnace Using Acquired Pulverized Coal

Putting VPP Principles into Practice: Leading with Zero Incident Techniques

QTB Plus: Better Control for Mechanical Properties of Quenched and Tempered Bars

Quench Sensitivity of Cast Fe-30Mn-9Al-1Si-0.9C-0.50Mo Lightweight Steel

Rebar Hopping A Review of the High Productivity Mills in Europe and Asia

Recent Developments and Experiences in Modular Dry Mechanical Vacuum Pumping Systems for Secondary Steel Processing

Recent Developments with Ultra-thin Cast Strip Products Produced by the CASTRIP® Process

Recycling Alumina-carbon Refractory Waste in Steelmaking: Mechanisms of Refractory Degradation

Reduction in Energy Consumption through Optimization of Oxygen and Carbon Injection

Reduction of N2 Pick-up and Increase of Metallic Yield Thanks to Consteel® EAF Practice

Research on Rational Collocation of LF in Medium and Small Size BOF Process

Research on the Technology of Plate Thickness Control

Results of Gerdau Ameristeel Jackson EAF Operation with PTI, Inc. LimeJetTM Injection System

Revamping of Treatment Furnace with Tenova FlexyTech® TLX Burners

Roll Life Extension Using Short Chord Technology

Rolling of API Grade Steel on KISC Twin-stand Steckel Mill

Safe, Economical Coil Storage: A Case Study

Safety Integrated: Systematic Integration of Safety Considerations into the Design of the Complete Roll Shop System, from Machine Components to Automation Systems and Code

Scanning Pyrometer Study at Granite City Works No. 2 Caster

Siemens VAI Sintering Selective Waste Gas Recirculation System: Meet the Future’s Environmental Requirements Today

Siemens VAI's Next Generation Casting Technology for Ultimate Productivity and Flexibility

Significant Market Success Result of a Powerful and Integrated System Design for PLTCM

SIMETALCIS EAF with Hot DRI – Worldwide Benchmark

SIMETALCIS FDI: Fault Detection and Isolation or From Data to Information

Slag Analysis Using XRF Capabilities and Limitations

Sliver Reduction at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Steel Producing: An Operational Perspective

SMART MOLD TECHNOLOGY: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?

Some Considerations in Process Design for Better Ladle Metallurgy Practice

Spreadsheet Design: Simple Steps for Turning User-vicious into User-friendly

STAR DRIVE - The Latest Technology of 3-roll Stretch Reducing Blocks (SRB) for Tubes

State-Of-The-Art in Modeling of Continuous Casting

Steel Mill Filtration Design and Pricing

Steel Mill Saves Nearly 60% in Energy Costs with Direct Steam Injection Heaters

Steel Plant Capital Expansion Planning at Severstal NA, Dearborn via Dynamic Computer Simulation

Steel Quality Improvement Using EMBr at the Continuous Casting Mold: Modeling and Practice

SteelPlanner Direct Charging and Mini-Mill Scheduling Solution, SigmaPlanner

Strategies for Energy Reduction in Today's World Low Cost/No Cost Basic Things that May Have been Overlooked in your Oven or Furnace Operations

Stretching the Boundaries of Bloom Mold Operation with Castcoat®

Strip Bending Curve and Leveler Roll Gap Setting

Study on the Relationship between the Cooling Condition in Width and the Centerline Segregation of the Slab

Successful Blow-in of Essar Steel Algoma Blast Furnaces 6 and 7

Successful Modernization of the Converter Information System at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Germany

Suspension Reduction Technology for Ironmaking with Low CO2 Emission and Energy Requirement

Technical Evaluation of Recycling Powder From EAF

Technology & Programs to Help Relieve Material Handling Dust Problems

THE 300-ton Jumbo Size Fastarc EAF at MMK Iskenderun New Danieli Minimill Complex (Turkey)1

The Activity of Blast Furnace Hearth and Improving Measures

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) Home of the Certified Equipment Manager and the Equipment Triangle

The Behavior of Non-metallic Inclusions during Ladle Refining

The Commercial Introduction and Validation of EPS (Eco Pickled Surface): An Environmentally Advantageous Replacement for Acid Pickling

The Danieli Large-size Round Bloom Caster at Jiangsu Huaigang, P.R. of China

The Development of Wide Plate/Coil Capabilities for Linepipe Production at Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren, LTD. India

The dissolution behaviour of titanium in liquid steel under varying convection conditions and analysis of the reaction zone development between titanium and the solidified steel shell

The Effect of Boron Additions on the Solidification of Steel during Continuous Casting, Part II

The Effect of Core Material Microstructure on Accelerated Rougher Work Roll Neck Wear

The Effect of Nozzle Operating Conditions on the Droplet Flow and Heat Extraction Characteristics of Air-Mists

The Effect of Ti and N on Hot Deformation and Recrystallization of Low C, Low Mn Steel

The Effective Modification of Spinel Inclusions by Ca-treatment in LCAK Steel

The Finite Element Analysis of the Slab Sizing Press with Consideration of Camber Effects in Hot Strip Mill

The Impact of Compound Plant Solutions and Cross Process Optimization on Energy and Environmental Care for the Iron and Steel Industry

The Maintenance Quality Inspection Team (MQIT)

The MoldExpert - Much More Than Breakout Prediction

The New Danieli Slab Caster for Stainless Steel in ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni (Italy)

The New Generation of Continuous Casting Process Optimization

The Newly Developed Blast Furnace Charging Technology Z&J’s “No – Bell Top”

The Power Coiler – an Innovative Solution for Reliable Coiling of Heavy-gauge High-strength Hot-rolled Steel up to X100 Pipe Grades

The Production of Steels Applying 100% DRI for Nitrogen Removal, The Experience of ArcelorMittal Lazaro Cardenas Flat Carbon

The Project Delivery System Rating Index (PDSRI) – An Integrated Scoring Tool for Assessing Project Readiness

The Quality Improvement in Structural Round Bar

The Root Causes of and Solutions for Sliver Defect on Long Products at CSC

The SIMETALCIS Gimbal Top® Putting it Through it’s Paces

The Successful Conversion of the Bell-less Top Gearbox at Baotou Steel's No. 4 Blast Furnace To a Modern Hydraulic Distributor

The Thermal Behavior Analysis in Tap-hole Area

Thermal Shock Testing of Furnace Roll Coatings for Extended Life

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of SEN Clogging during Continuous Casting of Al-killed Steels

Thermographic Temperature Monitoring and Cooling Zone Control in Continuous Casters

Training Crane Operators to their Crane Drive Systems

Transformer Explosion Prevention

Transient Fluid Flow Phenomena in Continuous Casting Tundishes

Transition From Koppers Minus 10 to Odd-Even Pushing Schedule at DTE Shenango Coke Battery

Tuning and Deployment of Surface Inspection System

Tuyere Life Improvements and Operating Enhancements on Great Lakes B-2 Blast Furnace

Use of Low-silicon Alloys for Composition Charge Correction into the BOF (1)

Using Airless Tires on Large Capacity Fork-lifts

Validating and Identifying Continuous Casting Events Using Downstream Feedback from Automated Surface Intelligence SystemsTM (ASIS)

Virtual Reality Visualization of Typical Processes in Blast Furnace

Winning Technology for State-of-the-Art Medium / Heavy Section Mills

World’s First High-capacity Granshot® Iron Granulation in Operation at SSAB Oxelösund

Wrapper Roll Development at Corus Strip Products UK– Port Talbot works

XpertManager™ - A Tool for Improving the Management of Mill Operations in Real Time – Experience with Implementation

Zero Clogging at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor – A Success Story