2008 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings


An Attempt to Enhance BOF Productivity - Role of Hot Metal Transfer Ladle Lining at Durgapur Steel Plant

An Investigation of the Relative Quantity of Zeta in Delta on Galvannealed Steel

Analysis of copper precipitates in ferrite matrix in linepipe steels

Blast Furnace Casthouse Refractories Designs

Comparison of Thermal Shock Testing between a Direct Electrical Heating Method and a Water-Quenching Method with Carbon-Containing Refractories

Cost Effective Microalloy Structural Steel Balance of Process Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Delayed Cracking in Ultra-high Strength Automotive Steels: Damage Mechanisms and Remedies by Microstructural Engineering

Design of Rolling Schedules Using an Optimization Tool

Development of high strength formable quality steels at SAIL

Development of MnS and IGF Control in Microalloyed Steels in Baosteel Special Steel Branch

Development of the Online Stelmor Controlled Cooling System

Effect of Aging Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel

Effect of Alloying Additions in the Final Microstructure of Nb-Mo Steels Processed by Thin Slab Direct Rolling Technologies

Effect of Carbon contents on the microstructure and the transformation kinetics of super bainitic TRIP steel

Effect of Galvanizing Heat Treatments on the Microstructure andProperties of Al-Si TRIP Assisted Steels during Plastic Deformation

Effect of Microscopic Deformation Characteristics of MnS Inclusions in Free Cutting Steels on the Development of Built-Up Edge

Effect of MnS Distribution on Machinability in Low Carbon Free-Cutting Steel

Effect of Temperature and Strain Rate on Secondary Phase Formation in 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel under Hot Working Condition

Effect of Thermal Cycling on Hardness of Plain Carbon Steels

Effect of Thermomechanical Processing in the Intercritical Region on Microstructure and Texture Evolution in an Ultrafine Grained Dual-Phase Steel

Effect of Thermomechanical Processing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of API X80 Steel

Effects of Paint Baking on the Axial Crash Performance of Advanced High Strength Steels

Effects of TMCP conditions on tensile strength decrease of 780MPa grade steels by PWHT

Evolution of Phases and Microstructure during Heat Treatment of Aluminized Low Carbon Steel

Finite Element Simulation of Segregation at Complex Interfaces in Dilute Alloys

Formation of Ultrafine Ferrite by Dynamic Strain-Induced Transformation

Hot stamping of ultra high strength steels as a key technology for lightweight construction

Improved Annealing Furnace Control for Fuel Efficiency and Cycle Time Reduction

Influence of Carbonitriding and Nitriding Atmosphere Compositions on the Corrosion Resistance of 38HMJ and 30HN2MFA Constructional Steel Grades

Influence of cooling process after hot rolling on mechanical properties of cold rolled TRIP steel

Influence of thermal exposure on the interfacial microstructure of Stellite 6 coated 9-12%-Cr steels for steam turbine applications


Interfacial Bonding Strength and Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Steel and Austenite Stainless Steel Laminated Plates

Investigation into the Effects of Hydrogen introduced into AISI 8620 Steel Parts during Long Carburization Cycles in Endothermic Atmospheres

Investigation of Hot Deformation Behavior of 1.4563 Super-Austenitic Stainless Steel

Investigation of zinc thermal diffused coatings by solid state diffusion method

IPSCO Development of High Performance Steels for Bridge Applications

Low Temperature Oxidation on Magnesia Carbon Brick

Low Temperature Plasma Nitriding Of Steel With Additional Carburising Gas: Corgon And Propane - Butane

Microstructural Evolution of the Interface in Laminated AISI304/High-Strength Steels during Thermomechanical Treatment

Microstructure characteristics and CO2 corrosion resistance properties of electrical resistance welded (ERW) pipe

Microstructure Characterization of Laser-Consolidated AISI 420 Stainless Steel



Newly-Developed Technique in Evaluation of Resistance to Slag Corrosion for Refractory at High Temperature

Numerical Process Design of Hot Stamping Processes Based on Verified Thermo-mechanical Characteristics

On the Galvanizability of Si-Bearing TRIP Steels

Oxidation behavior of TRIP steels containing Si, Mn, B

Physical Metallurgy of Hot Press Forming Ultra High Strength Steel

Research Into Thermomechanical Processing of TRIP Steels Applied Methods

Specimen Configurations for Gleeble Dilatometry of Steels

Statistical Duplex S-N Characteristics of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel in Rotating Bending in Very High Cycle Regime

Steels for large plastic moulds: microstructures arising during the production cycle

Study on Very High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of High Strength Steel with CFB/M Complex Microstructure

Superplastic Boronizing of Duplex Stainless Steel (DSS): Initial Pressure and Surface Roughness Effect

Texture characteristics of CrMo steel pipes under cross-rolling process

The Effect of TRIP Steel Surface Chemistry on Reactive Wetting during Hot Dip Galvanizing

The Reception of Borized Coatings Eutectic Type on Steel in SHS-Conditions

Thermo-mechanical crack generation and ultra-fine grains formation in carbon steel railway wheels under continuous contact load and repeated heat input

Thermo-metallurgical model for hot rolled strip

Transition of Fatigue Failure Mode of High-Strength Steel in Very High Cycle Regime

Water Based Silanes An Alternate Passivation Treatment for Galvanized Steel Surfaces

Zn-Fe Alloy Coating by Galvanneal Process