2008 Intl. Conf. on New Developments in AHSS

A New Method to Study the Effect of Cooling Rate on the Decomposition of Austenite in Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels

A Study of Springback in the Sheet Metal Forming of Advanced High Strength Steel

AHSS Edge Formability in Sheared-Edge Tension

AHSS Steel Grades: Strain Hardening and Damage as Material Design Criteria

Alloy Design for Enhanced Austenite Stabilization via Quenching and Partitioning

An overview of Microstructural Evolution in Vanadium Microalloyed Steel and the Final Properties of Hot Rolling Product

Application of In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction to the Study of the Tensile Behavior of TRIP Steel

Compact Cooling as an Alternative to Alloying for Production of DP/TRIP Steel Grades

Considerations in the Application of the “Quenching and Partitioning” Concept to Hot-Rolled AHSS Production

Development of Cold Rolled Martensitic Electrogalvanized Steels

Development of High Manganese TWIP Steel with 980MPa Tensile Strength

Dual Phase Flash Bainite Created in 3 Second Thermal Cycle by Water Quenching

Effect of Annealing Cycle on the Properties of Hot Dip Galvanized TRIP600 Steels

Effect of Hot Band Annealing on Mechanical Properties of Galvanized Dual Phase Steels

Effect of Mean Grain Size on Tensile Properties and Dynamic Collapse Properties of TWIP Steel

Effects of the Al-addition on the Martensite Transformation for TWIP Steel

Experimental Investigation of Quenching and Partitioning on Two Low-Carbon Steels with Different Silicon Contents

Formability of a 590 MPa Dual Phase Steel Compared to Two HSLA Steels with Similar Yield and Tensile Strengths

Fracture Toughness Characterization of Advanced High Strength Steels By Means of the Essential Work of Fracture (EWF)

Kinetics of Phase Transformations during Q&P Processing

Laser Assisted Roll-forming and Laser Welding of AHSS

Mechanical Performance of Tools in Cold Forming of High Strength Steels

Mechanical Properties Comparison of DP, TRIP, Q&P Steels as a function of Heat Treatment Condition

Metallographic Characterization of Bainitic Microstructures

Microestructural Effects on the Fatigue Resistance of Cold Work Tool Steels for Shaping AHSS

Micromechanical Modeling of the Formability of Advanced High Strength Steels

Microstructural Analysis of Pre-Strained TRIP Steel after Fatigue Testing

Microstructure and Tensile Properties of TRIP-aided CR Sheet Steels: TRIP Dual and Q&P

Microstructure Formation at the Initial Steps of the Continuous Annealing of a Dual Phase Steel

New Developments in Grain Refinement in Plain Low Carbon Steels

New Tool Steel for Hot Stamping of UHSS

Nitrogen as Interstitial Alloying Element in TRIP Steels

Precipitation Behavior in 780MPa Grade Ti and Mo Bearing Hot-rolled Steel during Temper Treatment

Progress in Implementation of Advanced High-Strength Steels into Vehicle Structures

Reduction of SiO2 Surface Oxides by Solute Carbon to Improve the Galvanizability of Si Alloyed AHSS

Stretch-flangeability of C-Mn-Si-Al-Nb Ultra High-strength TRIP-aided Cold Rolled Sheet Steel

Stretch-flangeability of TWIP Steel

Tempering and Mechanical Properties of Low-Carbon Boron-Containing Martensitic Sheet Steel

The Influence of Dynamic Strain Aging on the Tensile Behavior of High Mn TWIP Steel

Thermo-mechanical Analysis of Hot Press Forming of AHSS