2008 AISTech Conference Proceedings

25% Increased Reheating Throughput and 50% Reduced Fuel Consumption

3D Numerical Simulation of a Chemical Leaching Tank at ArcelorMittal for Improved Solids Suspension

A Calculation Method Allowing for Variable Heat Transfer Coefficient of Water Cooling of Work Roll

A Cold Mill Setup Model with Finesse

A Comparative Study of Sendzimir Mill Shape Control Responses for Model Improvement

A Faster, More Efficient EAF

A New Architecture for Automatic Gauge Control Systems

A New Innovation in Blast Furnace Charging SIMETALcis Gimbal Top

A New Method For The Rapid Determination of Aluminum Content In Liquid Steel Containing Titanium

A New Sensor Concept for Roll Gap Measurements in Cold Flat Rolling

A New Water Treatment Plant that Guarantees Superior Water Quality

A Structured Approach to EAF Optimization

A Study of Scrap Heating by Burners

A Tool to Evaluate Work Roll Damage Due to Thermal Fatigue in the Hot Strip Mill

AC Replacement for DC Mill Duty Motors

Acciaieria Arvedi: a New Giant Consteel® in Europe

Air Permitting in the Steel Industry: Dodging Potholes in a Deteriorating Road

AIST RAA 2007 Gold: ArcelorMittal Dofasco Steelmaking Maintenance Task Analysis

An Effective Descaling System for Hot Rolling

An Overview of EAF Optimization Strategies

Analysis of the Corrosion Mechanism of MgO-C Bricks by Calcium Aluminates Slags with low Content of Reducible Oxides

Application of Airknives Automation System (Automatic Coating Weight Control )

Application of cold gas dynamic spray on repairing of casting mold

Application of Differential Protection on Electric Arc Furnace and Substation Transformers

Application of Effective VOD for Stainless Steel

Application of EFSOP® Holistic Optimization™ Technology to Oxygen Steelmaking

Application of Low Volume Lubrication and Liquid Nitrogen in the Final Stand of a Tandem Cold Mill

Application of Single-sided Inductive Strip Measurement (EMG VKI) in Rolling Mills -- a Robust and Accurate Method for Strip Position Measurement

Applications of Fast Gas Analysis by Mass Spectrometry to Process Control in the Iron and Steel Industry

Applications of FEA Modeling to Improve Tube Quality at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Tube Mills

Applying RFID Technology in the Steel Industry

Aspects of the Relations between BOF Maintenance and the Productivity of Steelmaking

Asymmetric Multi-phase Fluid Flow and Particle Entrapment in a Continuous Casting Mold

Basic Study of Pre-Reduced Agglomerates Production in Sintering Process

Bearing Repair Provides Valuable Alternative to Bearing Replacement for Heavy Industries

Blast Furnace Productivity and Properties of Raceway Gases

BOF Meltshop Isdemir - Wide-Ranging Modernization with X-Melt Technology

BOF Practice with Quick and Automatic Tapping

BOF Scrubber Enhancement and Secondary Emission Capture at ArcelorMittal USA, Sparrows Point Plant

Bridging the Gap: Communicating Motor Reliability to Management

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration with Steelmaking Slag: Process Feasibility and Reactor Design

Caster Through-Wall Continuous Temperature Measurement

CFD Analysis of a Batch-type Reheating Furnace

CFD Modeling for a Steel Industry Application

Chemical Energy Efficiency: A Comparison Between Consteel and Conventional Electric Arc Furnaces

Chlorine Behavior of Coal and Waste Plastics During Carbonization

Choosing the Correct Front-End Technology for a Low-Voltage AC Drive System

Coke Degradation after Reaction with Carbon Dioxide in a Blast Furnace

Coke Reactivity and Characterisation

Cold rolling technology and automation for the production of advanced high-strength steel grades (AHSS)

Comparative Analysis of Carbon Mass Balance for Integrated Steelmaking and Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking Processes

Comparative Assessment of LD Converter and Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking in Terms of Removal of Undesirable Tramp Elements

Computer Assisted Inclusion Rating

Construction And Early Operating Results Of the First Tecnored Industrial Plant

Control of Gas Bubbles and Slag Layer in a Ladle Furnace by Electromagnetic Stirring

Copper Plating Phenomenon during Pickling of Steel

Cost Saving on Automotive Blanking Lines Thanks to Leveling Technical Support

Cost-Saving Operation and Optimisation on Metallurgical Reactions in BOF Practice

CQE - Controlling Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Coil

Data-Warehouse And Mining Tools For Steel Production Control

Decarburization and Slag Formation Model for Electric Arc Furnace

Decarburization Control through Off-Gas analysis and its Characteristics

Delayed Cracking and Safety Considerations for Forged Steel Work Rolls

Development and Application of High Radioactive Coating Technology in Chinese BF Hot Stove

Development of a Multipurpose Coke Plant for Synthetic Fuel Production

Development of a New Solid-State Joining Process for Endless Hot Rolling

Development of an Energy Conservation Program at Severstal North America, Inc.

Development of An off-Gas/Model Technology to Replace Sub-lance Operation for KOBM End-Point Carbon Control at Dofasco

Development of Blending Control System using PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) and Its Application in Iron & Steel Making Process

Development of High Performance and Environment Friendly Taphole Clay

Development of Low Thermal Conductive ASC brick for Torpedo ladle

Development of Process Control System for Plate Quenching Equipment

Development of Surface Quality Tracking System of Steel Flat Products

Dynamic Lance Furnace for Direct Iron Smelting Reduction

EAF Energy Optimization at Nucor Yamato

Eco-Friendly in the Steel Industry: Being Ecologically friendly can give Economical Rewards

Effect of Coke Minerals and Carbon Structure on Coke Behaviour in the Ruukki Blast Furnace

Effect of Corner Chamber on Fluid Flow Pattern in Mold

Effect of Sulphur on the Deposition of Inclusions at the Surface of Submerged Entry Nozzle Materials

Effect of Sulphur on the Deposition of Inclusions at the Surface of Submerged Entry Nozzle Materials

Effect of the Charging Pattern upon Blast Furnace Performance when a Bell-less Rotary Charging Unit is Used

Effective Ladle Management for a Steel Making Shop Using Data Acquisition in Real Time

Elaboration of the Cell Model for Application to Ladle Metallurgy Slags

Elimination of Crystallinity in Fractured Surface of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel Plates through Process Improvement

Energy Efficiency of Electric Arc Furnaces

Enhancing the Operation of Highly Varying Industrial Loads to Increase Electric Reliability, Quality, and Economics

Environmental Emissions Compliance and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases in a DR-EAF Steel Plant

Environmentally Sustainable EAF Steelmaking through Introduction of Recycled Plastics and Tyres Laboratory and Plant Studies

Experience in Recovery of Chilled Blast Furnaces

Experience with an Innovative On-line Inclusion Determination System for Liquid Steel

Experimental Simulation of Transient Ladle Reactions in Fe-melts Involving Al and Ti

Fixed Installed BOF Laser Refractory Measurement Technology at ArcelorMittal Sparrows Point Plant

Flatness Control Improvement for Cold Temper Mill

Frontline Blast Furnace Hearth Monitoring For Campaign Extension Security

Fully Configurable Level 2 Infrastructure for Metal Rolling and Processing Control Systems

Furnace Technologies for the Tin Reflow Process

Further Developments in Wire Rod and Bar Production Using the 3-roll Technology

High Productivity with Low Emissions: Challenge for Tomorrow

High-added Value Packaged Solutions for Cold Mill Modernizations

High-added Value Packaged Solutions for Cold Mill Modernizations

High-Tech Danieli Fastarctm EAF

Hot Metal Strategies for the EAF Industry

Hot Strip Mill Control System Revamp at SSAB in Borlänge, Sweden.

How People Boost Productivity: An Example at BSW Badische Stahlwerke GMBH

ID Laser Marking of LOD Pipe

Imaging-Based In-line Surface Inspection for Continuously Cast Billets

Improved Heat Removal with Sliding Water Cooled Panels

Improved Lubricant Performance in Backup Roll Bearing Applications

Improvement in Combustion Efficiency and Productivity of Reheating Furnaces of Rail & Structural Mill at Bhilai Steel Plant

Improvement in Linear Ladle Sliding Gate System by Rotation of the Sliding Plate at the Ladle Stand

Improvement of Durability of Zirconia-graphite Materials by Nanotechnology


Improvements in BF 5, the AHMSA Experience

Improvements in External Hot Metal Desulphurization Process in Ahmsa

Improving Productivity using a New Design Porous Plug for Steel Ladles

Improving Quality of Steel Slabs and Billets with Additional Electric Heating Elements

Improving Steel Cleanliness through Slag Refining

Improving the Reliability of Refractory Inductors for Hot Dip Coating Lines

Inclusions and Nozzle Clogging during Steel Continuous Casting Process

Increase of Metallic Yield in the EAF Through the FeO Reduction in the Hot Heel Using 100% DRI

Increasing Productivity of a Continuous Casting Operation

Industrial application of eMASS increasing throughput and reducing zinc consumption in HDG lines

Influence of Straight Nozzles on Fluid Flow in Mold and Billet Quality

Influence of the Mold Wear on the Quality of Continuously Cast Specialty Steel Billets

Innovations in Slag Handling Technology

Innovative RH Metallurgy

Installation and Operation of the New 5A Coke Oven Battery at POSCO

Installation of Oil Lubricated Tube Spindles at NorthStar-BlueScope Steel

Installation of Praxair’s CoJet® Gas Injection System at Sumikin Steel and other EAFs with Hot Metal

Integration Technology at ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.

Investigation of Cracking Mechanism on Non-Water-Cooled Blowpipes

Investigation on the Effects of Leveling Roll Diameter Variation on Coupling Shear Pin Breakage of a Hot Plate Leveler

Kinetic Model of Decarburization and Denitrogenation in VOD Process for Ferritic Stainless Steel

Kinetic Modeling of Iron Ore Fines Reduction with H2-rich Gases in Fluidized Beds at Elevated Pressures: From Hematite to Magnetite

KOBM Ladle Tap-nozzle Sanding Verification via Smart Camera Vision System

Ladle Age Effects on Stirring Intensity during Ladle Refining.

Latest Advances in Off-Line Roll Profiling Technologies

Latest Developments in CVC plus® technology

Latest developments in SBQ Cold Processing and Finishing

LMF Continuous Temperature Measurements: results of first application

Lubrication Assistance: Extreme Thermal and Wear Reduction: The Case for Adopting Nanotechnology – Derived Lubrication Improvement in the Steel Industry

Maintenance Reliability and Lubrication for EAFs

Manganese and Phosphorus Distribution Equilibrium between CaO-FetO-SiO2-MnO-P2O5 Slags and Carbon Saturated Iron

Mathematical Modeling and Validation of Pellet Induration Process in Pot-Grate

Measure Behavior – Measure Success!

Mechanisms of Work Rolls Degradation in HSM

Medium Voltage Drive Application at U. S. Steel - Lorain Tubular Operations – No. 3 Seamless Mill

Meltshop Heat Stress and Ventilation Analysis

Metallurgical Reaction between Top Slag and Sulfur-bearing Molten Steel

Metallurgical, Modeling and Software Engineering Issues in the Further Development of the Steel Mill Level 2 Models

Metallurgy Of Newly-Developed Automotive Steel Sheets in POSCO

Mill Design for Economical Production of Stainless Steel and Ultra high-strength Carbon Steel Strips

Mineral Transformations of Coke in a Laboratory and Experimental Blast Furnace and their Effects on Reactivity

MoB/CoCr Cermet Coatings by HVOF: Spraying Against Erosion Under Molten Zn-55%Al Alloy

Model Based Rolling Schedules for Steckel Mills

Modeling and Analysis of Slag Droplet Formation in Ladle Metallurgy Practice

Modeling Desulphurization in Steelmaking

Modeling of Late Melting of Scrap in an EAF

Modelling Coal Combustion Behaviour in an Ironmaking Blast Furnace Raceway – Model Development and Applications

Modelling of Tundish Slag Entrainment During Ladle Changes

Modelling the Kinetics of Phase Transformation of Bainitic TRIP Steels in Hot Rolling Process

Modernization and Upgrading of Existing Plants - a Decisive Factor in the Fields of Hot Strip Mills

Modification and revamp of BOF converter B at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH

Mold Level System Upgrade at ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s No. 1 Caster

Mold Maintenance Advancements

MRO Critical Spares Management - Maximizing Steel Mill Uptime Performance

Multi-Point System Considerations for H2, O2, and H2O Measurement

Multi-site Sales and Operation Planning at a Major Flat Carbon Steel Producer

New Cooling Concept in Hot-Strip Mills Microstructure Target Cooling

New Energy Saving Electric Arc Furnace Designs

New Inspektor.net

New Material Reassignment Process Increases Yield

New state of the art Slab caster machines for 21st century. Danieli Davy Distington machines in operation in Sollac Atlantique Dunkerque, France (Arcelor Mittal group) and Baosteel Shanghai P.R. China.

New Steering Control in a Hot Strip Mill

New Techniques in Steel Meltshop Air Pollution Control

New Technology for Bearing Steel Bars Production

New Technology for Hot Mill Coil Conveyors

Next Generation Mold Level Control - Development of LevCon 2.0

Non-Recovery Operating Practices from Around the World

Nucor Steel Seattle: Improvements Resulting from the Modernization of the 4-strand Billet Caster

Numerical Analysis on Pulverized Coal Combustion in the Blast Furnace Raceway

On Validation of Mathematical Fluid Flow Models for Simulation of Tundish Water Models and Industrial Examples

Operation Results of the new Waste Gas Treatment Facility at ROGESA’s No. 3 Sinterplant

Opportunities and Challenges in Steel Manufacturing: Engineering a Brighter Future, The AIST 2008 Brimacombe Lecture

Optimization of BOF Productivity Using Pig-Iron in the Metallic Charge

Optimization of Surface Inspection System Performance

Optimizing a Predictive Maintenance Program Using New Technology

Optimizing Strip Quality and Treatment of Degreasing Liquids by using High Gradiant Magnetic Filtration

PC-Based System for “High-Resolution” Weld Data Acquisition, Archival and Analysis

Pellets Size Control in the Pellet Plant of Ternium Sidor Using Image Processing and Expert Systems

Plant Vehicles Tracking with GPS-DGPS-GPRS Technologies

Practice of Improving Blast Temperature of 2500m3 BF

Prediction of Blast Furnace Hearth Inner Profiles

Primary Energy Melting (PEM) – A Hybrid Process using an Energy Efficient Technology

Process and Practice of Reducing the Cr Loss during EAF with De-P Hot Metal Charging Melting Stainless Steel

Process Control of SS-VOD in Stainless Steel-Making

Production of 355 mm Thick Slabs on Voestalpine CC5 Conventional Bow Type Caster with Straight Mold and 10m Radius

Profiling Slab Re-Heat Furnaces Old Problems - New Developments

Quality Aspects of HPH annealed Steel Strip

Radiation Model in a three phase EAF

Recent Developments In Strand Condition Monitoring Devices

Recent World Trends & Developments in Electro Discharge Texturing (EDT) of Cold Mill Work Rolls

Recycling Residues to Metals

Reducing the Impact of Sulfur Emissions from Poly-generation System including Chinese Coke Plants

Reliability Analysis of sustaining frame in Active Segment of Billet Continuous Caster

Repair of Algoma Steel’s BOF Lamella Suspension

Research on Microstructure Refinement of Sulfur in Medium Carbon Microalloyed Steel

Results of the start-up of the new continuous tandem cold mill at voestalpine Stahl for the production of AHSS

Role of Axial Cyclone in Recycle of Blast Furnace Off-Gas Cleaning System Solid Wastes

Roll Defect Management System

Roll Inspection Procedures at the Cold Mill Roll Shop of ArcelorMittal Cleveland


Safety and Efficiency Improvements Utilizing Digital DC Controls

Scrap Steel Haulage: A Look At How Advances in Rear Eject Technology Have Enhanced And Streamlined The Steel Making Process At Mini-Mills

Severstal NA C Blast Furnace 2007 Revamping Equipment Design Transforms C BF into a World Class Operation

Severstal North America, Inc.Modernizing “C” Blast Furnace

Shape – Certifying the Equipment Not the Product

Simulation of Natural Gas and Pulverized Coal Combustion in a Blast Furnace and their Effects on Coke Consumption in the Raceway

Simulation of Plastic Particles Injection into the Raceway of a Blast Furnace

Slab Width Recovery after Single and Multiple Edging Passes

Slag Carryover Control at Arcelor-Mittal Dofasco

Solving the Insoluble - Electrolytic Tinning Lines with Insoluble Anodes

Start-Up Experience and Results of Consteel® at the SOVEL meltshop

Steel Heritage: Preserving an Industrial Legacy

Steel Velocity Measurements in a Stirred Ladle

Stretch Levelers Set-up based on FE Modeling and applied to stainless steel strips at ArcelorMittal Gueugnon

Study on Oxidation Resistance of Magnesia-Carbon Refractories at Various Temperatures

Substantial Recordable Improvement by the use of Elastomeric Couplings in Steel Processing at I/N Tek

SVC for Dynamic Stabilization and Power Quality Improvement of Grid Feeding FeNi Smelter

Synergetic effect of natural gas preheating prior to its injection into a blast furnace

Testwork to Determine the Effect of Varying % SiO2, CaO/SiO2 and MgO/SiO2 Ratios on Iron Ore Pellet Quality Using Design of Experiment Software

The Application of Quasi-Chemical Approach to Optimize the Ladle Slag Recycling

The Applications of the Top and Side Combined Blowing in the AOD of Baosteel

The Arvedi Endless Strip Production Line (ESP) :From liquid steel to hot-rolled coil in seven minutes

The Development and Market Introduction of the Second Generation Chrome-free Passivated Galvanised Steel

The Digit@l Furnace® Technology – Review and Results

The Effect Of Boron Additions On The Solidification Of Steel During Continuous Casting, Part I

The Effect of Pelletizing Burn Zone Temperature on Pellet Quality

The Experimental Project of Rotary Hearth Furnace (RHF)

The Hot Ductility of Al-containing TRIP Steels Melted in Situ

The Improving Method of High-spot Defect of Hot Rolled Strip in Hot Rolling Process

The Interaction of Recrystallization and Transformation during the Reheating of Multiphase Steels

The Process Research on Improvement of Stainless Steel Slab Quality

The Reline and Uprating Operation of Gwangyang No.3 Blast Furnace

The Simetal Ultimate at Colakoglu / Turkey

The Strategy of Coke Oven End Flue Repair in CSC

The Use of Scrap Substitutes like Cold / Hot DRI and Hot Metal in Electric Steelmaking

The Weld Cladding of Foot and Top Segment Rolls to Improve Roll Life

Theoretical Background of Dephosphorization and Preliminary Results using Briquettes in the EAF Steelmaking 1

Theoretical Background of Desulphurization and Preliminarily Results using Briquettes in the EAF Steelmaking Heats 1

Thermal Gradient Characterization of the Snout on a Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

Thermal Mold Level Control at Nucor Steel Seattle Inc.

Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Beam Blank Casting

Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid Ferroboron Alloys

Towards Integrated Ladle Metallurgy Control

Transport of Fluid Flow and Inclusions in Continuous Casting Strands

Understanding Industrial Electric Bills

Uneven Transversal Temperature Distribution in Wide Thin Strip Rolling: a Simple Physical Explanation

Universal Spare DC Motor

Unmanned Automatic Operation System of the Stacker/Reclaimer

Update on Design and Operating Experience of Low Calorie Gas Firing Gas Turbine for Steel Works

Upgrades to Process Water Treatment Systems for Hot End Operations at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor West

Using Nail Board Experiments to Quantify Surface Velocity in the CC Mold

Using Neural Network Technology for Blast Furnace Slag Viscosity and Liquidus Temperature Calculation

Utilization of Sound Signals to Evaluate the Risk of Slopping in Oxygen Converters

Vaccuum Degasser Bag Filter System

Validation and Interpretation of Movable-Wall-Pilot-Oven Results at United States Steel Corporation

Wiping of Oils and Emulsion from Metal Steel Strip in Cold Rolling Mills

World Roll Shop Installations: “State of the Art” Solutions for Modern Roll Shops

X-Melt CONARC® Technology - Metallurgy with Future-oriented Flexibility