2007 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings

A Cellular Automaton Model for Grain Growth

A Study of Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Nuclear Waste Storage Tanks

A Study of The Relationships Between Inclusion Morphology And Reduction Ratio For Bar Products

Advanced Simulation Techniques - Exceeding Reality?

ALEUTEC, a New Zinc Coating for Steel

An Inspection Tool for Tank Car Thermal Protection System

Analysis of Transport Trailer Front End Structures

Application of the life cycle modeling to forging of connecting parts

As-Rolled Plate Product With Improved Yield Strength, Toughness, and Weldability for Pressurized Railroad Tank Cars

Changes in the mechanical properties of galvanized TRIP steels

Characterization of nano-sized precipitates in microalloyed steels

Characterizing Reactive Wetting Kinetics of High-Mn Dual-Phase Steels in Hot-Dip Galvanizing Baths

Choosing Vancron Grades for Cold Work Metal Forming Tools

Critical Review of Hot Stamping Technology for Automotive Steels

Cyclic Plasticity of Steel

Deformation Characteristics of Oxide Scale in Hot Rolling by Scale Transfer Method Using Vacuum Hot Rolling Mill

Development of 780MPa Grade Steel Plates with Excellent Deformability by Microstructural Control through the On-Line Heating Process

Developments In Citric Acid Passivation Of Stainless Steel

Dilatometric Study of the Quench and Partitioning (Q&P) Process

Dispersion Strengthening of ?? Phase in Ferritic and Austenitic Stainless Steels After Hot Rolled

Dynamic Behavior of TRIP and DP Steels in Tension at Different Temperatures

Effect of Aluminum Content on the Mechanical Properties of Dual Stabilized Ti-Nb Interstitial Free High Strength Steel (IF-HSS)

Effect of Continuous Galvanizing Heat Treatments on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Si TRIP Steels

Effect of Mould Taper, Mn/S Ratio and Ems on Quality of Continuously Cast Bloom

Effect of Nitrogen Content and Strain Rate on the Deformation Behavior of High-Nitrogen Austenitic Steel (18Cr-14Mn-4Ni-3Mo-xN) with Various Nitrogen Contents

Effect of Nozzle Port Clogging on the Behavior of Liquid Steel, Slag and Bubble in Slab Mold

Effect of Overaging on the Properties of Dual Phase Steel during Continuous Annealing

Effect of Thermal Cycling on the Corrosion and Microstructure of Plain Carbon Steels

Effects of Alloying Elements on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Microalloyed Steels Undergoing Cool Deformation

Effects of Niobium, Titanium and Nitrogen on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Normalized Tank Car Steel Plates

Effects of Refractory Coatings on the Performance of a Chemically Bonded SandSystem at Elevated Temperatures

Efficient Cyclic Thermal Processing of Materials


Embrittlement Mechanisms at High Temperatures for a C-Mn Steel with High Residuals Content

Enhancing Plastic Mould Steel Tooling Performance with Nimax

Failure Analysis of Automotive Suspension Coil Springs

Failure Analysis of Friction Weld (FRW) in Truck Axle Application

FEM Analysis of Weld Distortion in HSLA-65 Steel for Naval Applications

Formation of ceramic layer on steel strips by combined method of cladding and PEO

Functional Improvement of Automotive High Strength Steel Grades by Niobium Microalloying

Graphical Expressions of Alloying Effects in Fe and Their Analogical Applications

High Strength Air-Hardening Steels for Automotive Applications

In-situ Observation of the Delta-ferrite to Austenite Phase Transition in Fe-C Alloys

Influence of Normalizing Conditions on Electrical Steel Texture Development

Influence of the Casting Conditions on Slab Quality of Low Carbon Steel

Influence of the Chemical Composition on Transformation Behavior of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels under Continuous Cooling

Influence of the edge conditions on the hole expansion property of dual-phase and complex-phase steels

Influence of the Shear Cutting Process on Damage in Laboratory Dual Phase Steels Developed for Automotive Application


Investigation of Temperature and Strain Rate Effects on Material Flow Curve and Microstructure of Aluminum Sheet Metal Alloys

Investigation of the Influence of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on Residual Stresses in HCHC D2 Steels Using X- Ray Diffraction

Limited Hardenability Steels and New Heat Treating Technologies

Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure Characteristics of TRIP Steel Plates under Various Heat-treating Conditions

Mechanical Properties of 3% Silicon Steels During Warm Deformation

Mechanism and growth of dross on the submerged pot hardware in galvalume (GL) bath

Metallurgical Aspects Regarding the Stretching Edge of Advance High Strength Steel

Micromechanical Modelling of the Formability of Dual-Phase Steels

Microstructural Evolution in a Complex-Phase Steel

Microstructural Investigation of Stainless Steel AM350 Pulsed Nd-YAG and Fibre Laser Welds

Microstructure and Properties of Cold-Rolled-and-Annealed Low-Carbon Manganese TRIP Steels

Modeling and Characterization of High Frequency Induction Welds in Advanced High Strength Steels

Modelling of the concentric solidification technique using DICTRATM

Modelling of the oxide film growth and layer restructuring on stainless steels in LWRs

Morphology and Crystallography of Copper Sulfide Precipitated during Isothermal Heat Treatment in Iron Alloy

Multibody Joining: A New Method for Spot Joining of Sheet Materials

NanoTech Surface Treatment Technology?NSTT?RevealsRemarkable Enhancement of Heat & Corrosion Resistance

Prediction of Springback for a Channel Draw Process Using Different Hardening Models

Processing Alternatives for Optimized Strength and Toughness Balance of ASTM A709 HPS 70W Composition

Processing of TRIP Steels in Continuous Galvanizing Lines: Surface and Subsurface Oxidation Study

Properties of Galvanized and Galvannealed High Strength Hot Rolled Steel

Skin-Pass Rolling of Steel Strip Using Liquid Nitrogen

Some Aspects of Thermo-mechanical Properties of High Mn TWIP Steels Investigated by In-situ Infrared Thermography

Sources of Variability in the Fatigue Strength of Spot Welded Specimens

Standardized and Computer Controlled Packing Philosophy (DCPP) for steel

Strain Aging Behavior of Bake Hardening Steel for Automotive Application

Stress Response of Advanced High Strength Steels using Tapered Tensile Specimens and Digital Image Correlation Method

Study of Hot Workability of Free-Cutting Steels by the SKIZ Technique

Study of Intrusion Bending for Steel Tubes with Thin Wall Thickness

Study of the Grain Size Effect on the Deformation Behavior of Microalloyed Steels

Tank Car Steels to Improve Performance

The Effect Of Aluminum On Isothermal Oxidation Resistance Of Austenitic Heat Resistant Steels

The Effect of Heating Rate and Prior Microstructure on Austenitization Kinetics of 5150 Hot-Rolled and Quenched and Tempered Steel

The Influence of Sulfur Concentration Below 0.006% Along With Sulfide Shape Control on the Charpy V-Notch Properties of Normalized and Stress Relieved TC128 Grade B Steel Plate

The Reception of Zinc Coverings in Conditions of Self-propagating Hightemperature Synthesis

The Retrieving of Boronizing Coverings on Steel Received in Selfpropagating High-temperature Synthesis Conditions

The Susceptibility to Shear Fracture in Bending of Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels

Thermomechanical Processing Effects on the Elevated Temperature Behavior of Niobium Bearing Fire-Resistant Steel

Thermomechanical Treatment of Nb-microalloyed Weather Resistant Steel


Use of Metallurgical Analysis to Pinpoint a Brake Problem and the Cause of a Bus Fire

Validity of Heat Transfer Coefficient based on Cooling Time, Cooling Rate, and Heat Flux on Jominy End Quench Test

XRF as a Method for Measuring Coat Weight Thickness of Various Conversion Coatings on Steel or Aluminum