2007 International Conference on Microalloyed Steels Proceed

A New Approach for Modelling Strain-Induced Precipitation of Nb(CN) in Austenite During Multi-Pass Hot Rolling

Analysis of the influence of rolling conditions and Nb microalloying on the final ferrite microstructure in steels processed by TSDR route

Compositional Design Concepts Using Al and Si as Alloying Elements in TRIP Steels

Current Challenges in Implementing Advanced High Strength Steels

Current Topics in Galvanizability of Advanced High Strength Steels

Development of Higher Strength Ultra-Thin Strip Cast Products Produced via the CASTRIP® Process

Development of the 590 - 780 - 980 Nb-Bearing Dual-Phase Steels For Production on Continuous Galvanizing Lines

EBSD-IQ: A New Method of Characterizing and Quantifying Complex Microstructures in Steels

Effect of Alloying Elements on the Microstructure and Properties of Copper and Boron Bearing Very Low Carbon Steels Treated with DQ/T

Effects of aluminum on microstructures and mechanical properties for hot-rolling TRIP steels

Fatigue Resistance comparison between Microalloyed High Strength and Dual Phase Steels

High Temperature Processing and Accelerated Cooling of X65 Linepipe Steel on a 4000t Plate Mill

Hot Deformability Behaviour of Microalloyed Steels

Increasing the non-recrystallization temperature of Nb microalloyed steels by Mo addition

Influence of Chemical and Processing Variables on Annealing Response of Cold-Rolled Microalloyed Steels

Metallurgical Aspects and Latest Process Technological Development In Accelerated Cooling and Direct Quenching of Heavy Plate

Metallurgical Modeling of Recrystallization of Cold Rolled Nb-Ti Steel Strip for Structural Applications

Microstructure and Properties of HSLA Steels with/without Boron Addition for Thermomechanical Processing

Nano-scale Microstructural Characterisationof Modern High Strength Steels for the Automotive Industry

Nb Precipitation Kinetic in the Austenitic Range in Microalloyed Steels

New Concepts in Microalloyed Forging Steels

Niobium in Structural Steel and Long Product Applications

Precipitation during Thin Slab Casting and Rolling of Microalloyed Steels: Formation and Effect of Microalloying Precipitates

Producing High Quality Skelp for X-70 API ERW Pipe Using the CSP Process at Nucor Steel Berkeley

Production Experience with New Heavy Plate Grades for Bridges and Shipbuilding Using Microalloying

Quantitative Characterization of the Microstructure of Bainitic Linepipe Steels

Softening Kinetics of Microalloyed High-Strength Steel Grades During Hot Forming

Strain rate dependency of the dislocation substructure formation in HSLA and IF steels

The Effect of Composition on Phase Transformation Temperatures and Hardenability in Direct Quenching

The Effect of Nb-V Combined Microalloying on Medium Carbon Steels under Hot-deformed Conditions

The Influence of Ti-oxidation on Microstructure Evolution in Low Carbon High Manganese Steels