2007 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3D Sprays Dynamic Secondary Cooling with Continuous Spray Width Adjustment

4 Secrets to Building a Successful Reliability Program

A Compact X-Ray System for Direct Replacement of Existing Isotope Radiation Thickness Measurement Systems

A Determinative Responsibility Model for Weather Delay Analysis by Fuzzy Logic

A New Characterization Test for DR Pellets Reflecting the Higher Temperature of Modern DR Furnace Operations

A New Characterization Test for DR Pellets Reflecting the Higher Temperature of Modern DR Furnace Operations

A New Era for the Continuous Scrap Charge: the Definitive Success of Consteel® Technology and Its Expansion in Europe From a Productivity and Environmental Perspective

A New Large Bloom Caster for High Grade Steel at Pohang Works of POSCO

Advances in Non-Contact Length and Speed Measurements with Zero Speed and Automatic Direction Detection For Process Automation

Advantageous Numerical Simulation of the Converter Blowing Process

Air/Oil Advantages and Disadvantages

Algorithms for Dimension Measurement of Hot Rolled Steel Products using CCD Camera

Application of Acoustic Emission Techniques to Condition Monitoring within the Steel Industry

Application of CFD Modeling to the Design of Fume Control Systems in the Steel Industry

Application of Furnace Automation System

Application of Thermographic Slag Detection System in Baosteel

Applications and Advancements for Vacuum Degassing

Applications of Automatic Screen Filters in the U. S. Steel Industry

Arc Flash Study: The 6 Steps

Automatic Combustion Control of the CSTˆs Coke Oven Batteries

Automatic Inspection of Surface Quality in Modern Roll Grinding Machines

Automatic Surface Inspection as a Productivity Tool for Hot and Cold Mill Shops

Bar Code Identification of Hot Mill Products

Basic Slag Generation in Steelmaking Processes with Special Reference to the BOF

Behavior of Spitting during Blowing in BOF

Blast Furnace Bottom and Hearth - Expansion Considerations

Blast Furnace Cooling The North American Experience

Blast Furnace Dust Characterization from the Dust Catcher and Some Experiments for Its Use

BOF Post Combustion Oxygen Lances as a Production and Maintenance Tool

Calculation of Coke Replacement Ratio

Calculation of the Peritectic Range for Steel Alloys

Case Study: Arcelor Mittal - Burns Harbor 160” Plate Mill Descaling Pumps Worthington 6WC135 5 Stage Barrel Pumps Cost Reductions through Life Cycle Improvements

Caster Steel Yield Improvement by Enhanced Ladle Bottom Design

CFD Analysis on Behavior of Slag - Steel Interface in an Argon Gas Stirred Ladle

Characterization of Steelmaking Production Methods by Extreme Values Statistics and High Frequency Ultrasonic Testing

Charge Optimization In EAF Steelmaking - Recent Developments

Chemical Interpretation of Tuyere Drill Cores from the Ruukki Blast Furnaces - Coke and Fines

Clarification of the Mechanism of Aluminothermic Reduction of MgO

Coke Oven Gas Condensate Hazardous Waste Issues

Combustion of Organic Waste Materials for Their Utilization in EAF Steelmaking

Computer Modeling of Blast Furnace Raceway Formation Kinetics

Continuous Casting Technologies of Stainless Steel At POSCO Stainless Steelmaking Plant

Continuous Success of DC EAF Power Supplies

Control of Chromium Slagging in Stainless Steel Production at EAF

Conversion of Finishing Roll Stand from Grease Lubrication to Oil/Air

Countermeasures Against On-line Defects in Continuous Casting of GA Auto Steels

Cracking Breakouts Susceptibility Function CBSF New Technique to Control the Productivity and Quality in Continuously Cast Steel Slabs

CST Arcelor Brasil HSM Tail-end Crashing Reduction Using Six Sigma Methodology

CST Arcelor Brasil No. 2 Blast Furnace - 10 Million Tons

Custom made Roll Shop Management Systems for Optimized Roll Organization

Dawes Lane Coke Ovens, Corus UK Recovery from Catastrophic Loss of Services

Definition of a New Parameter for Flatness Control in Hot Rolling Thin Metal Strip Production

Deriving Quality Improvement Using Automated Surface Intelligence SystemsTM

Design and Implementation of a Real-time Spray Cooling Control System for Continuous Casting of Thin Steel Slabs

Design and Operation of a Gimbal Top Charging System

Design, Installation and Operation of the Nucor Auburn Electric Arc Furnace Replacement

Detection of Mold Events Using Thermocouple Measurements

Development of Alloy Addition Apparatus for the Reduction of Melt Reoxidation in Stainless Steelmaking Ladle at POSCO

Development of an online moisture measuring system for a sinter plant

Development of Lance Clamping Device for BOF at Rourkela Steel Plant of SAIL

Development of Ultra-Thin Cast Strip Products by the CASTRIP® Process

Developments towards an Intelligent Electric Arc Furnace at CMC Texas using Goodfellow EFSOP® Technology

Devolatilization and Cracking Behaviour of Australian Lumpy Coals at High Temperatures

Drive and Automation System for Thachin Steel-Thailand New Bar Mill

Dynamic Soft Reduction of Continuously Cast Slabs

EAF Energy and Material Balance Modeling

Eco Pickled Surface: An Environmentally Advantageous Alternative to Conventional Acid Pickling

Economic and Operating Benefits of the Hatch CRISP Process - A Logical Innovation in Electric Steelmaking

Economic Production on Bar and Wire Rod Mills

Effect of Coal Pre-treating Technology on Coke Strength

Effect of Different Configurations of Gas Injection Systems in a RH Degasser on Melt Circulation and Decarburization Kinetics

Effect of Iron-bearing Minerals on Gasification Behaviour of Coke

Efficient Blast Furnace Cooling for a Long Campaign

Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication in Rolling Geometries

EPA’s Urban Air Toxics Strategy and Minimills

Evaluation and Suitability of MgO-C Refractory for RH Degasser Lower Vessel Application

Every Project is a New Invention of the Future

Evolution of Rolling Parameters for Hot Rolled Non-Oriented Electrical Steel

Evolution of the EAF Gunning Practices

Experiences Implementing the Smart Furnace Control System

Experimental Probing of Temperatures in Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Factory Acceptance Testing

Fast Tracking for Flexibility

Fine Charcoal Agglomeration and its Feasibility for Blast Furnace and Energy Generation

Fluid Flow Effect on Inclusion Removal in a Tundish with a Swirling Ladle Shroud

Foaming Slag in more dimensions A new detection method with carbon control

Gas Cleaning Systems in Ironmaking Blast Furnaces

Gas stirred ladle: Multi-phase-species mathematical model

Gasification and the MIDREX® Direct Reduction Process

Getting More Steel from Less Hot Metal at Ternium Siderar Steel Plant

Getting the Best of Both Worlds in Reversing Mill Recoilers at Nucor Steel-Berkeley

Hi-QIP, a New Iron-making Process

High Productivity Slab Casting of Peritectic Steel Grades

High-temperature Performance of Al2O3-SiO2-SiC-C Refractory While Using Al and BN Additives

High-temperature Shaftless Hot Air Stoves with Long Service Life for Blast Furnaces

Hot Band Profile Irregularities Related to Thermal Contour of Work Roll

Hot Mill Furnace Optimization with Beta Planner for Optimal Mill Scheduling

How Do You Mend a Broken Hearth?

Implementation of a Supply Chain Optimization System at a Plate Producer

Implementation of Surface Inspection Technology on Noisy Surfaces

IMPOC®: Online Mechanical Properties Measurement - Reducing Processing and Material Problems

Improvement in Performance of the Tapping System at Port Talbot Steelworks

Improvements to porous plug system at SDI, Butler

Improving Liquid Steel Production at Rocky Mountain Steel by installing a high capacity Electric Arc Furnace with SIEMENS VAI ULTIMATE EAF Technology

Improving the System Life of Basic Oxygen and Electric Arc Furnace Hoods, Roofs and Side Vents

Influence of Accumulated Stress in Austenite During Hot Rolling on Ferrite Grain Size of a V-Microalloyed Steel

Influence of Coal Blend and Charging on the Productivity of the Ruukki Coke Ovens

Influence of Different Additions on the Behavior of Mold Fluxes

Influence of Structure and Parameters of a Machine on Its Technical Productivity

Innovative Methods and Probe for Continuously Measuring Liquid Steel Temperature and Slag Thickness

Innovative solution minimizing the thickness variations in cold rolling

Innovative Solutions for Differential Protection of Electric Arc Furnace Transformers

Integrated Process Director: a real-time integration between EAF fumes and injection

Introducing World’s First LCI Driven Variable speed Electric Blowers for New Blast Furnace -H at Tata Steel

Investigating Galvanneal Reactions on Pot Hardware Materials

Investigating Mould Heat Transfer in Thin Slab Casting with CON1D

Investigation of influential parameters on BF operations and wear conditions of No. 5 blast furnace after its inner volume enlargement

Investigation on Nozzle Clogging during Steel Billet Continuous Casting Process

Kinetic Model of Nitrogen during AOD Refining Process of Stainless Steel

Kinetics of Iron Oxide Formation under the Condition of Oxygen Top Blowing for Dephosphorization of Hot Metal in the Basic Oxygen Furnace

Large PWM Inverters for Rolling Mills

Laser Off-Gas Analysis with Closed Loop Control Improves EAF Optimization

Laserplus Oy improves quality assurance process with the laser technology: Automated specimen manufacturing system for material testing production

Latest Design Aspects of the AOD Steelmaking Converter

Less TROUBLESHOOTING, Reduced MAINTENANCE cost and Improved AVAILABILITY in casting and rolling operations

Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emission Comparison of Steel Products with Other Materials

Main Drive Power Supply Interactions with the Power System

Maintenance at Mini Mills Effective, But Also Efficient?

Managing Tar and Liquor Quality

Mathematical Model of the Failures Rate Parameter of the Machine as a System of Various Service Life Elements

Mathematical Model to Predict Potential Damage to Blast Furnace Cooling Staves Based on Measured Thermocouple Data

Measured Residual Stresses in Large Steel Rolling Components

Mechanism and Intensity of Zinc coatings layer formation by Electromagnetic Hot Dip Zinc Galvanizing

Medium-Thick-Slab Casting Technology Bridging the Gap Between Conventional and Thin-Slab Casting

Meeting Coal Quality Challenges for Global Coke Demand: A Supplier’s Perspective

MEROS® Sinter Off-gas Cleaning Meeting Future Environmental Demands Now!

Metallurgical assessment of two HSS rolls grades for Hot Strip Mill

Method and Results of Numerical Modeling of Physico-Chemical Processes in Radial Annular Cross-Sections Along the Blast Furnace Height

Method for Development of New Steel Grades

Micromagnetic Testing for Rolled Steel

Model based evaluation of sustainability indicators in integrated steelmaking: A Swedish case study

Model Of Radial Distributions In The Blast Furnace Shaft

Model of Thermal-Fluid Flow in the Meniscus Region During An Oscillation Cycle

Modernization of a 50 Year Old Heavy Plate Mill at Erdemir

Modification of a Five Strand Bloom Caster for Implementation of Siemens VAI Dyna Gap Soft Reduction Technology

Modification of Reheat Furnace Practices through Comprehensive Process Modeling

MoldExpert 2.0 — New and Improved Features for Mold Monitoring

Monitoring Ladle Eye Dynamics using Multivariate Statistical Methods

New Application to Improve Shear Cut Cycle Control

New Blast Furnace Hearth Erosion Computer Model Development and Application at U. S. Steel

New challenge in the casthouse operation at Thyssen Krupp Steel

New Developments and the Versatility of High-Hardness Nickel-Alloy Coatings for Mold Liners

New Giant Generation EAF

New Strong Strand Stirrer Boosting Quality for Ferritic Stainless Steel

New Welding Technology for Banding Machines at the Nucor Steel - Berkeley - Beam Mill

Non-Woven Rolls for Fluid & Strip Control Understanding the fundamental function, differences, strengths, and weaknesses of non-woven fabric rolls using practical experiences.

Novel Industrial Trials Demonstrating The Use Of Plastics For EAF Slag Foaming

Numerical Analysis on the Coke Combustion Inside Raceway

Numerical Simulation of Coal Combustion in the Raceway under Different Injection Conditions

Numerical Study of Pulverized Coal Injection with Natural Gas Co-Injection in a Blast Furnace

Observations on Mold Corner Temperatures Measured using Thermocouples

Oil Film Thickness Measurement Online

On The Concept of “Permanent Lining” for the Prolongation of Blast Furnace Campaign Life

Online Fault Analysis of DC Motors

Online Roughness Measurement in a Coil Line

Optimization of Slab Centerline Quality Using Dynamic Soft Reduction

Optimizing Heat Recovery Coke Plant Siting

Ovako, Hofors Works - 13 Years Experience of Using Oxyfuel for Steel Reheating; Background, Solutions and Results

Pelletizing and Pellet Quality at Cleveland-Cliffs Operations

Pig Iron Nuggets: How Good Are They?

PIZO Furnace Demonstration Operation for Processing EAF Dust

Practice and Analysis of Power Consumption in EAF With De-P Hot Metal Charging for Melting Stainless Steel

Prediction of the Inner Profile of a Blast Furnace Hearth

Preventing EAF’s Transformers Failures

QCM’S Direct Reduction Grade Pellet Quality Development

Quantitative Determination of Phase Fractions in a Galvannealed Coating Using XRD Spectrum

Rapid Process Troubleshooting in Steel Production

Recent Developments in the Application of Refractory Darts for BOF Slag Control at Mittal Sparrows Point

Recycling Ladle Slag as Slag Former for EAF Steelmaking A Study of Foaming Behavior

Reduction Kinetics of Coarse Hematite in Pressurized Fluidized Beds

Reheat Furnace Fuel Switching

Reline and Upgrading of ROGESA Blast Furnace No. 4 in 2003

Remote Machinery Monitoring at Nucor Hickman

Repair of a BOF Trunnion Ring and Llamellas Units at Ternium Siderar Plant

Replacement of the No. 1 Coke Plant Quench Tower at Dofasco

Review of Coreless Coating Pots and Galvannealing Technology

Revolutionary Approach to Consistently Obtain the Cleanest and Most Representative Steel Samples from Molten Metal

Roll and Overlay Technologies to Improve Operational Performance

Roll Grinding Products and Techniques for Reducing Grinding Costs

Roll Performance in the Hot Strip Mill using Proven Welding Technology and Specially Developed Welding Materials to Reduce Operational Costs and Maximize Productivity

Roll Shop Management Systems

Secondary Dedusting Systems with High-Performance Gas Cooling and Explosion-Proof Design

SeqiOlivine Improves the Sintering and Pelletizing Performance of Iron Ore

Service Life Extension of the Alkaline Degreasing Bath Fluid in the Steel Galvanizing Line at Arcelor-Mittal Steel plant at Genk, Belgium

Siemens VAI Ultimate EAF - Various Operational Results

Siemens VAI’S Fully Integrated Hot-Strip Mill For the Production of High-Strength Steel

Siemens VAl Mini Mili Technology - Next Generation Long Product Plant Performance

Simulation for the Dynamic Behavior of Strips Running on Hot Run-Out Tables

Simulation of Austenite Grain Growth in Continuous Casting

Simulation of the Hearth Draining Process and Thermal Stress of a BF Hearth

Sintering Properties of Marra Mamba Iron Ores

Slab surface optimization utilizing fixed minimum negative strip time

Solutions for Dusts and Sludges From the BOF Process

Sponge Iron - Utilizations Of High Ash Coal and Poor Quality Iron Ore For Making Quality Sponge Iron

Spout and Eye Formation on the Bath Surface in Ladle Metallurgy Practice

State-of-the-Art Abrasive Cutting Machines to Improve the Operation of Modern Rolling Mills

Steel coil lifting using synthetic slings ´with Dyneema®’: Reliable, Economic, Safe

Steel Degassing Vacuum Systems - Operation, Design and Maintenance Considerations

Steelmaking dust collector Three-piece Auger Conversion to One-Piece: A Way to Save on Environmental and Maintenance Costs

Sterling Steel Improves Asset Performance and Maintenance Effectiveness - A Case Study

Stirring strategies to meet highest metallurgical requirements in the BOF process

Successful Slab Caster Design For Wide Slabs

Sunsetting: A Solution Framework to Revamp and Integrate the Level-2 Process Control Software

Sustainability by having Zero Accidents and Zero Down Time

Sustainable Compliance with Clean Bulk Solids Handling

Tangshan Guofeng 1450 mm Hot Strip Mill (P. R. China) Start Up and First Operational Results

Technology to Produce Low-activation Steel for the Reduction of Radioactive Waste

Ternium-Siderar Blast Furnace # 2: End of Campaign

The Effect Of Aluminum On Isothermal Oxidation Resistance Of Austenitic Heat Resistant Steels

The 2006 Reline of Corus IJmuiden Blast Furnace No. 7

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Incorporating A Fourth Stove Within an Existing Blast Furnace Stove System

The CASTRIP® Process An Update on Process Development at Nucor Steel’s First Commercial Strip Casting Facility

The Control of Blast Furnace Operations through Tuyere Practice Based on RAFT or HTR

The Electric Arc Furnace of Tenaris Dalmine: from the Application of the New Technologies of Digital Electrode Regulation and Multipoint Injection to the Dynamic Control of the Process

The Envirolube air grease lubrication system

The Fluid Dynamics of Air-Mists used for the Secondary Cooling of Thin Slabs

The Influence of Some Key Casting Parameters on Surface and Internal Quality of Slabs

The Leap to Reliability Excellence Where to Start and Where it Can Take You

The Mechanical Properties of High-strength Interstitial-free (IF) Steel for Automotive Applications

The Methods, Aims and Practices (MAP) for BOF Endpoint Control

The Modernisation of the Hot Strip Mill at JSW Steel’sToranagallu Plant: Modernisation Project Case Study

The New Steelmaking Plant for SBQ Steels at Charter Steel, Cleveland, Ohio

The Number 2 Blast Furnace Casthouse at Dofasco

The practice of Carbon Injection and Post Combustion in order to achieve a metallic yield recovery in the Electric Arc Furnace: the experience of Amsteel Mills (Malaysia)

The Rise of the Non-Welded Hydraulic Piping System

The Rolling of Universal Channels at Nucor Steel, Jewett

The Theory And Practice Of Blast Furnace Hearth Management At Corus Scunthorpe

The Use of Steelmaking Slag for Mineralogical Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide - Aqueous Processing

The VM2 EAF Remote Scoreboard: Four Years of Experience

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Lance Skulling and Slag Foaming in BOF Vessels

Three-dimensional Microstructure of Frozen Meniscus and Hook in Continuous-cast Ultra-low-carbon Steel Slabs

Timken Faircrest Radiation “It Could Happen To You”

Tools for Foaming Slag Operation at EAF Steelmaking

Torpedo Car Hot Spot Sensing

Train Transportation Coal Losses A Wind Tunnel Study

Tundish Sequence Increase Through the Reduction of Alumina Clogging Occurences

Turnkey Revamp of the LD (BOF) Steelmaking Plant at U. S. Steel Kosice, Slovakia

Under the Hook “A Closer Look”

Up-to-date Measurement Devices for Continuous Casters

Upgrade of the Kicks Reducing & Sizing Block (RSB) at Charter Steel Cleveland Division

Upgrading Legacy Level 2 Systems: Techniques and Trials

Upgrading of Highveld Electric Iron Furnaces to Partially Open Bath Smelting

Upgrading Stainless Steel Slags with Borate

Use of Dynamic Computer Simulation for Optimal Melt Shop Logistics

Use of Higher Levels of Canadian Coal in Blends With a High Percentage of Semi-soft Coals, Part2: Industrial Scale Trial

Use of Higher Levels of Canadian Coal in Blends with High % Semi-soft Coals Part 1: Lab and Pilot Scale Studies

Using GIS Technology for Document and Asset Management

Using Simulation Modeling to Predict the Impact of Operational or Equipment Changes in Steel-Making Process

VAI-CON Tap The Missing Link in Converter Steelmaking

Validation of an Accurate and Rapid New Model for Strip Crown

Valve Stand Paranoid to Perception

Visibility Control of Main Stack Plume at CST Arcelor Brasil Sinter Plant: A Scientific Approach

VOC Treatment Technology at BET

Wasteload Allocation and TMDLs

Web-based data gathering, automatic reporting and schedule generation for coke plant automation.

Width Variation Behavior During Hot Rolling

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Cooling Tower Treatment at CSI