2006 Steel Properties & Applications Conference Proceedings

A New Generation of Tool Steels for Shaping AHSS and UHSS

A New Method of Characterizing and Quantifying Complex Microstructures in Steels

A Numerical Dilatometric Analysis of Steels Considering the Temperature Gradient in Specimen due to Induction Heating

A Research Study on the Production of Advanced High Strength Steels to Heavy Chassis of FH 12 Applied in Auto Structural parts for the Optimization of Auto Fuel Performance

Abnormal Grain Growth in Fe-1%Si Driven By Stored Energy Differences

Alloy Films Deposited by Electroplating as Precursors for Protective Oxide Coatings on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Metallic Interconnect Materials

Analysis of effective ways to recycle the dispersed iron-bearing metallurgical wastes

ASSET Technology Update for Analyzing and Predicting Corrosion in High Temperature Gases

Carburization Issues In Black Liquor Steam Reforming/Gasification

Castable Refractories For Sinter Plant And Mills

Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials with Respect to Mold Powder Design for Continuous Casting of Steel

Characterization of Microstructure and Fracture Surface of Ultra Low Carbon Steel with Very High Toughness

Characterization of Nb-rich Phase Precipitation near Internal Cracks in Continuously Cast Slabs

Comparison of Final Properties and Microstructures between Conventional TRIP and Tempered Martensite Assisted Steels (TMAS)

Contribution of Dynamic Recrystallization to Microstructural Refinement of As-Cast Grains in Nb Microalloyed Steels

Correlation Between Metallurgical Properties and Hydrogen Permeation in Carbon Steels: A Neural Network Model Approach

Corrosion Behavior of Nb-Bearing Austenitic Stainless Steels in NaCl Solution

Deformation Behavior of Dual-Phase Steels under Various Loading Conditions; Mechanisms Leading to Failure

Determination and Prediction of Austenite Grain Size in Relation to Product Quality of the Continuous Casting Process

Determination of Transformation Diagrams for Cast Superaustenitic Stainless Steels

Development of heat treatable steel having high formability

EBSD Characterization of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior in Austenitic Stainless Steels

Effect of Alloy Modifications on HAZ Microstructure and Properties of HSLA X80 Pipeline Steel

Effect of Cooling Rate on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Nb-Microalloyed Steels

Effect of Deformation in the Vicinity of the Solidus Temperature on the Recrystallization Behavior of In-Situ Melted microalloyed steels

Effect of Friction Stir Welding Process on Tribological Performance of High Carbon Steel

Effect of Microstructural Characteristics on Corrosion Behaviour of Microwave Sintered Stainless Steel Composites

Effect of new ferrite on strength – ductility balance of a high strength water quenched dual phase sheet steel

Effect of Protective Coatings for Alloy Interconnect on Oxidation and Cr Vaporization

Effect of Redundant Strain and Accumulated Strain on the No-Recrystallization Temperature of Low Carbon Microalloyed Steel

Effect of Redundant Strain on Flow Behavior and Transformation Temperatures in Nb–Microalloyed Steel

Effect of Strain Rate and Temperature on the Mechanical Behavior of TRIP and TWIP steels in tension and compression

Elimination of Crystallinity in fractured surface of medium carbon low alloy steel plates through process improvement

Expanded use of vanadium in new generations of high strength steels

Experimental Analysis of the Influence of Specimen Geometry on the Tensile Hopkinson Split Bar Test Results of Sheet Steels

Experimental Evaluation of Apparent Dynamic Coefficient of Friction between Rotating Rod and Metal Plate

Formation of Coarse Particles in Steel as Related to Ferroalloy Dissolution Thermodynamics Part I: Ferroalloy Melting, Dissolution and Microstructures

Formation of Coarse Particles in Steel As Related to Ferroalloy Dissolution Thermodynamics Part II: Crystallographic Study of Ferroalloys and Coarse Particles

Friction Stir Welding of 5mm Titanium 6Al-4V

High strength cold drawn seamless steel tubes with improved toughness at low temperature in transverse direction

High Strength Steel Rock Bolt for Underground Mine Application

High Temperature Behavior during Solidification of Peritectic Steels under Continuous Casting Conditions

Hybrid Welding Technology of Advanced High Strength Steel

Improvement in Galvanising Line Productivity through Annealing Simulation

Influence of ceramic powders on structure and properties of the hot work tool steel alloyed with the high diode power laser

Influence of chemical composition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of multiphase TRIP-assisted steels, processed using thermal cycles compatible with continuous hot-dip galvanizing

Influence of Coke Combustion Processes on the Dynamic Changes of Cupola Melting Furnace

Influence of Frictional Constraints between the Combined Stresses and the Continued Deformation and Densification of Sintered High Carbon P/M Steel during Cold Deformation

Innovative Method of Bonding Portland Cement Concrete to Steel using a Porcelain Interface

Joining of Superaustenitic Stainless Steels: A New Approach

Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of TRIP Steel

Managing Raw Materials Compositional Uncertainty: Chance Constrained Modeling for Alloy Production

Material Application of Low Carbon Steel with Residual Boron for Hydroforming Operations

Microhole Machining by a Modified Electrical Discharge Machine

Micromechanical Characterization of Hard Phases in Tool Steels

Microstructure and Properties of Rapid Heat Treated and Galvanized Dual Phase Steel

Microstructure Control for High Strength Structural Steels using Lower Bainite

Microstructure Engineering of Hot-Rolled Advanced High Strength Steels

Microstructure Sensitive Design of a Two-phase Rotating Steel Disc

Modelling Material Properties Leading to the Prediction of Distortion during Heat Treatment of Steels

Modelling of High Temperature Mechanical Properties and Density Change of Steels during Solidification

Numerical Simulation on Solidification and Thermal Stress of Continuous Casting Billet in Mold based on Meshless Methods

On the Fractal Nature of Acicular Ferrite, and V(C,N) Precipitation in Medium Carbon Microalloyed Steels

On the Massive Transformation from Ferrite to Austenite in Laser Welded Mo-Bearing Stainless Steels

Options for Gas Quenching

Oxidation of Materials in Supercritical Water Environment

Precipitation Behavior of Vanadium in a High Nitrogen and Vanadium Bearing Steel Treated with TMCP

Precipitation in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys Modified with Sc and Zr During Aging

Predictive Model to Aid Selection of Heat Treating Process Parameter for Alloy Steel Forgings

Processing of 8mol% yttria stabilized zirconia coatings on 316 stainless steel substrates by dip coating

Refractory Corrosion by Slag under an Applied Voltage

Relation between Fatigue crack initiation and propagation, Toughness and Microstructure in Large Blooms for Automotive Plastic Molds

Removal of Inclusion Particles from Molten Steel in a Tundish with a Spinel Coated Zigzag Channel Insert

Save one-half the electricity on the induction heater, with a concentrator that will last for tens of thousands of parts

Spot Friction Welding of High Strength Automotive Steel Sheets

Steel Superstrengthening Phenomenon as a Basis for Designing New Technologies

Strength and Fatigue of Laser Butt Welds for IF, HSLA, and Dual Phase Sheet Steels

Submicron and Nanoscale Structure of an Ultra-High Strength Precipitation Hardenable Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment of T91 Steel Through Diffusion Coatings

The Comprehensive Diagram Showing Characteristics of All Alloy systems (5)-Diffusion Coefficient

The development of a new test rig to study thermal shock/fatigue resistance of tool steels

The Effect of Colossal Carbon Supersaturation on Stainless Steels of the Type PH13-8Mo and AL-6XN

The effect of hydrogen on a transition of internal/external oxidation in high temperature oxidation of Fe-Cr alloy at 1073 K

The Effects of the Precusors Preparation Technology on the Performances of Stainless Steel Foam with 3-D Open Cells Networks Structure

The Role of Non-metallic Inclusions in stimulating the Intragranular Ferrite (IGF) Nucleation in Heavy Steel Sections

The Transformation and Strengthening Behavior of V-N Steels during Hot Strip Mill Simulation

The Use of Doloma Refractories for the Prevention of Alumina Clogging for Continuous Casting of Aluminum Killed Steel

The Use of Porcelain Enamel Coatings on Reinforcing Steel to Enhance the Bond to Concrete

Thermal Embrittlement Characterization of Metallic Alloys in High Temperature Hydrogen Environments

Thermo-metallurgical model of the cooling table for a flat product hot rolling mill

Two-component refractories automatically pressed in one single working cycle

Using process-based cost modeling to determine the effects of product family decisions and development costs on material selection

Wear Characteristics of Spur Gears made using Fe-C-Cu + MoS2 Sintered Alloys