2006 New Developments in Long & Forged Products: Metallurgy

A Multi-Scale Model of Intergranular Fracture and Computer Simulation of Fracture Toughness of a Carburized Steel

A Potential Graphitization Route to Improved Machinability of Carbon Steels

Advanced Material and Process Development for Steels for Automotive Applications

Application of High Strength Microalloyed Steel in a New Automotive Crankshaft

Automotive Steel Needs for the Future - An Industry Perspective

Carbon Dependent On-heating and On-cooling Transformation Kinetics and Dilation in a Modified 8620 Steel

Development of Ultra Fine Austenite Grain Steel

Effects of the Conditions of Nb Carbo-nitride Precipitate on Abnormal Grain Growth in Nb Added Case Hardening Steels

Evaluation of Fatigue Properties of Microalloyed Forging Steels

Grain Refinement in Heavy Section HSLA Steels: Role of Particle Stimulated Nucleation (PSN)

Hot Workability and Machinability of New Eco-friendly Free Cutting Steels

Increasing Strength and Impact Toughness of Forged Medium Carbon Steels by Microalloying and Thermomechanical Processing

Micro-Alloy Steels; Designing for the Application

Niobium Microalloyed Low Carbon Bainitic Steels for High Strength Components

Niobium Microalloyed Steels for Long Products

On the Rate and Mechanism of Interface Migration during Austenitization of 4118 Steel

Q&P Processing of High Carbon Bar Steel

Removing Slot Marks in Long Products with Additional Electric Heaters

Some Process and Physical Metallurgy Aspects of Niobium Microalloyed Steels for Heavy Structural Beams

Steels For High Performance Diesel Engines

Study on the Hydrogen Delayed Fracture of High Strength Bolt Steels

Technology Development for the Production of Steel Bars with Ultrafine Grained Ferrite Structure through Multi-pass Warm Caliber Rolling

The Effect of Microstructural Factors on the Machinability Behavior of Seamless Steel Tubing

The Effect of Segregated Manganese Band Spacing on the Jominy Hardenability of 5140 Steel

The Induction Hardening Response and Fatigue Properties of Ferrite and Pearlite Banded 4145 Steel

The Procedure of Determination of a Maximum Rolling Pressure in the Continuous Plugless Tube Rolling Process

Thermomechanical Processing of Ti Microalloyed Near-Net-Shape Long Products