2006 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3-D CFD Analysis for Blast Furnace Hearth Wear

3-Dimensional Piping

3D Mathematical Modeling of Flows in the Deadman/Hearth Region of a Blast Furnace

A Diagnostic Method for Predicting Maintenance Requirements in Rotating Equipment

A Novel Double-stand 12-high Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

A Process Model for EAF Steelmaking

A Research Study on Processing New Steel Chemistries,Production of Advanced High Strength Steels Applied in Heavy Chassis of FH 12

A Sensor Based Process Modeling Approach to Increase the Reliability of Hot Bar Rolling

Achieving Enhanced Caster Performance by Utilizing Accurate and Reliable Continuous Temperature Measurement

Alloy Dissolution in Argon Stirred Steel

Analysis of Liquid Level and Profile Inside the Hearth of a Blast Furnace

Analyzing and Controlling Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steel by using “6 - Sigma” Principle

Application of Specialty Mold Coatings for Conventional, Medium, and Thin Slab Casting

Automatic Surface Inspection for Galvanized Products at IMSA MEX

Basic Tundish Powder Evaluation for Continuous Casting of Clean Steel

Behavior of DRI and HBI in the Upper Blast Furnace Shaft: Evolution of Morphological Structure of Iron

Best Practice Are Mini-mills Comparable?

Blast Furnace Bosh Design and Repairs

Blast Furnace Efficiency Gains and Medium BTU Gas Production Using FASTOX Technology

Blast Furnace Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for Defect Detection and Refractory Thickness Measurements

Blast Furnace Optimization - The Next Generation

Blast Furnace Performance and Tuyere Practice at Stelco Hamilton No. 5 Blast Furnace

BURS Roll Designed for Nonquadratic Waves

Calcium Carbide as a Deoxidant During the EAF Tapping in Mittal Steel Lázaro Cárdenas to Improve the Aluminum Yield

Calcium: Toy, Tool or Trouble?

Cast Floor Robotics Concept and Test Results

CFD Study on Slag-Steel Interaction in an Argon Bottom-Stirred Ladle

Chromium-free Passivation of Various Metallic Coated Steels

Cold Shroud Oxygen Blowing for Improvement in Converter Productivity

Combustion Control of Carl Still Coke Oven CST’s Experience

Commissioning and Optimization of the Roll Gap Lubrication System at the CSP® Plant ANSDK in Egypt

Condition Monitoring Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring the Development of Aquilla AE PRO, A Fixed System

Continuous Casting Experience with W-bearing Steel for High Temperature Service

Control Blast Furnace Pulverized Coal Injection to Increase PCI Rates

Cooling Rate Effect on Geometric Measurement Accuracy in Hot Strip Rolling

Corporate Mass and Energy Simulation Model for an Integrated Steel Plant

Correlation Between Pellet Reduction and Some Blast Furnace Operation Parameters

CSP Production Planning System

Dechlorination of PVC Injected Into Blast Furnace and Environment Protection

Design and Development of Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor with Embedded Control

Design, Development and Installation of a System for Addition of (-) 10 mm Lime Fines to Improve the Productivity at Sinter Plant II, Durgapur Steel Plant, India

Development and Assessment of Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) Models in the Steel Industry

Development of a Laser Welder For The Steel Industry

Development of an Electromagnet Based Slab Gap Detection Sensor for Identifying Slabs over Roll Tables in Steel Plants

Developments in Blast Furnace Structural Design

Developments on Fluid Flow and Heat Flow Theories in the Continuous Casting Mould

Digital Drive Crane Hoist Conversion

Digital Furnace Control

Digital Microscopy Applied to Metallic Iron Quantification in Self-Reducing Briquettes

Digital Visual Inspection of Coils

Dofasco’s No. 1 By-Products Sulphur Filtration Improvements

Doing Business Chinese Style

EAF Performance Improvement at Nucor Steel Auburn using Goodfellow EFSOPÿ

Effect of Bending Nozzle on Swirling Flow in a Centrifugal Flow Tundish

Electric Arc Furnace Sidewall Fixed Injectors Developments and Operational Results

Eleven Basic Rules to Follow to Attain R & M Excellence

Elimination of Contamination during Repairs or Modification To An Existing Hydraulic Piping System

Emissions Control Evolution At CSTˆS Sintering Machine Stack

Energy Consumption in the EAF with 100% DRI

Energy Savings at V&M Star with Microporous Insulation

Enhancement of Blast Furnace Reaction Efficiency through the Use of Highly Reactive Coke

Environmental Technologies

Evaluating Strength and Toughness Properties of Laser Weldment by Dynamic Testing

Evolution and Results of a Fully Digital Electrode Regulator

Evolution of Artificially Induced Slab Imperfections through Hot and Cold Rolling

Experience of Operating a Rotary Charging Unit (RCU) at the Bhilai Steel Plant

Flameless Oxyfuel for Highly Visible Results

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis in a Cooling Stave of Blast Furnace Hearth

Fluid Flow and Inclusion Motion in Continuous Casting Strands: Water Model, Numerical Simulation and Industry Measurement

Fuel Savings for Slab Reheating Furnaces through Oxyfuel Combustion

Fundamental Understanding of Carbonaceous Materials’ Influence on Slag Foaming Behavior during EAF steelmaking

General Review of the Operation Technique for the Past Decade in Sinter Plant at China Steel

Getting the Best of Both Worlds in Reversing Mill Recoilers at Nucor Steel-Berkeley

Heat Transfer Analysis of Molten Steel in Ladle

Heat Transfer, Devolatilization and Combustion of Injected Coal Before Entering Raceways

High Accuracy In-line Inspection Systems for Ultrasonic Testing of Heavy Plates With 100 Percent Coverage

High Efficiency Production Practice of a 100 tDC EBT EAF

High Emissivity Coating Technology Improves Annealing Furnace Efficiency

Holistic Approach to Process Optimization for EAF Steelmakers

Hot Metal Process Improvement at Mittal Steel Sparrows Point via Technology Implementation Including a Sensor-based Sulfur Sampling System

Hot Strip Mill Back Up Roll Spalling Reasons and Remedies

IH-3 Blast Furnace Control System Migration

Implementation of a Dynamic Furnace Controller for Electric Arc Furnaces: Initial Results

Implementation of New Process Control Architectures in Continuous Production Plants

Implementation of the Bath Agitation Process on BOS Vessels

Implementing Reliability Excellence

Improved Design of Bricks for Intermittent BOF Operations

Improved Lubrication System for Overhead Cranes

Improvement of COG Pipeline Life Expectancy

Improvement of Coke Oven Process for Increasing Productivity

Improvement of Performance Reduction of Operating Costs for Back Up Roll Grinding in Chocks

Improvements at Mittal Steel Sparrows Point in Tundish Draining through Direct Bath Height Measurement

Improvements in BOF Process at Algoma Steel Inc.

In-situ Observation of Sulfide Precipitation in a Low-carbon, Titanium Alloyed Steel

In-situ Observations and Thermodynamics of the Chemical Reaction Between AlN Particles and Molten Slag

In-Situ Study of Scale Formation Under Finishing-Mill Operating Conditions

Increasing Capacity through Improved Reliability Dofasco Case Study

Industrial Application of Supersonic Lance: The KT System Numeric Simulation, Operating Practice, Results and Perspectives

Industrial Building Design -- Seismic Issues

Influence of Sulphur Content and Molten Steel Flow on Entrapment of Bubbles to Solid/Liquid Interface

Innovative Control Methods to Overcome Periodical Disturbances on Continuous Caster Mold Level

Innovative Project Solutions for Fast Caster Upgrades

Installation and Start-up of an Electro-Discharge Roll Texturing Machine at California Steel Industries

Instrumentation for Measuring Air/Gaseous Flow in Hot Dusty Process Streams

Integration of Automation and Maintenance Systems with VAI.Safe “Service Automation for Excellence”

Introduction of Alumina Magnesia (AM) Spinel Forming High Alumina Castable in VAD Ladle

Investigations on the Reduction of FeO from Liquid Slags in the Temperature Range from 1220o to 1420oC

Iron and Steel Mills Use Sand-Ballasted Settling Technology to Improve Water Treatment Results

Kinetics of Resulfurization in Magnesium Desulfurization Process of Molten Iron

Latest Continuous Casting Design for Increased Production, Extended Product Mix and Optimum Quality

Lower Costs by Optimum EAF Tapping

Maintenance Troubleshooting Help Using an Intranet

Mathematical Modeling of Burden Distribution in the Bell-less Top Blast Furnace

Mathematical Modeling of the Deadman/Hearth Region by Heat and Mass Balances Field Application BF No. 2 Siderar S.A.

Mathematical Modeling of Thermal-Fluid Flow in the Meniscus Region During An Oscillation Cycle

Mathematical Simulation on Refining Process of 300 tons LF Stirred by Argon in Baosteel

Matrix equation and its applications of flatness control for strip mills

Measurements of Spray Water Cooling Heat Transfer Coefficients Under Oxide Scale Formation Conditions

Mechanism of Edge Splitting during Coil Slitting

Mechanism of Hook Formation in Ultra-low Carbon Steel based on Microscopy Analysis and Thermal-stress Modeling

Metallurgical Modeling of Annealing of Nb-Ti High Resistance Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Micromechanical Evaluation of Intergranular Crack Growth Under Continuous Casting Conditions

Mineral Phase Transformations of Metallurgical Cokes and their Implications

Minimizing the Cost of Arc Flash Evaluation Studies

Mixed Burden Softening and Melting Phenomena in Blast Furnace Operation

Mixed Grade Model Development and Implementation at Dofasco

Mn Control at KOBM Steelmaking

Model Experiment on Inclusion Entrapment in Solidified Shell under Oscillating Magnetic Field

Modeling of Gas Flow and Burner Heating in an Electric Arc Furnace

Module Cast Block The Future of Coke Oven Repairs

Monitoring and Diagnostic Applications with Chordal Roll Micrometer Technology

Morphology and Precipitation Mechanism of Copper Sulfide in Strip Casting of Low Carbon Steels

New Coal Charging Car Installation at Dofasco's No. 3 Coke Plant

New Descale Nozzle Technology Greatly Enhances the Removal of Scale While Reducing the Consumption of Electricity and Descale Water Through Which Energy is Saved

New Opportunities for Inline Paint Applications in Galvanizing Lines

New Sensor Improves Productivity and Quality

On the Causes of Hearth Problems

Operating and Environmental Benefits from the Production and Use of Hot Briquetted Iron

Operational Overview One Year after the Implementation of a 3-Roll Reducing and Sizing Block at NUCOR NORFOLK DIVISION

Optimization of a Five Strand Billet Caster With an Unshrouded Tundish-to-Mold Stream

Optimization of the Roll Design Parameters and Deformation Schedules in the Continuous Plugless Tube Rolling Process

Optimizing BOF Slag Control through the Application of Refractory Darts

Oregon Steel Mills: A Systems Approach to Mill Drive Modernization Engineered Reliability

Oxidic Dross: Theoretical Approach and Practical Verification

Passive Dust Control for Steel Mills - Control Dust Without The Use of Baghouses or Suppression

Performance of the Regenerative Burners in BaoSteel 2050 Hot Strip Mill Furnace Baoshan, China

Performance-proven Insulation of a 60 t Steel Ladle with Skamol VIP-12 HS

Performances Evaluation of High Speed Steels for Hot Rolling by Wear and Thermal Fatigue Tests

Physical Modeling of Vacuum Decarburization in an RH Degasser

Physical Modelling of 3D Flow in the Blast Furnace Hearth

Pickle Section Replacement at CORUS, Port Talbot

Planning Concept for Logistic Solutions

Prediction of Strip Temperature on the Run Out Table Of A Hot Strip Mill Using A Neural Network

Pressing, Cooling and Coiling China Steel HSM #1 Major Upgrade Project

Problems in Measuring the Temperature of the Melt in Metallurgic Units

Process Improvement in Sintering by Bed Humidification

Progress in Past Ten Years and Looking Forward to the Future for Baosteel Branch Ironmaking Technology

Pushing the Boundaries of Mould Plate Coatings

Recent Arc Furnace Revamps for Improved Performance

Recycling of Ladle Slag in the EAF: A Way to Improve Environmental Conditions and Reduce Variable Costs in the Steel Plants -- The results of Stefana SpA (Italy)

Recycling of Waste Plastics for Slag Foaming in EAF Steelmaking

Reducing Crane Wheel Failures at the Midwest Plant of U.S. Steel

Reduction of Emissions during Coking Application of PROven® for Conventional Coking - An Alternative to Heat Recovery Coking?

Reduction of Iron Ores with CO-rich and H2-rich Gases: A Detailed Evaluation for Industrial Fluidized Bed Processes

Reduction of Surface Defects on 0.25% C Hot Band at Nucor Steel - Crawfordsville

Research and Development of BRP Technology at Baosteel

Research on Service Performances between Different Textured Cold Rolls

Roll Alignment with Inertial Technology

Roll Gap Lubrication - Evolution and Development in CST Hot Strip Mill

Selecting Test Results for Best Lubrication Results

Semi-Metal Production in an EAF to Supplement Hot Metal Supply to BOF

Sequestration of CO2 from Steelmaking Offgas by Carbonate Formation with Slag

Setup Model for the Roughing Mill of Hot Rolling of SIDOR, C.A. Venezuela

Shutdown Delivery Management System

Simulation of BOF Barrel Shell Growth

Simulations of a New Continuous Steelmaking Process

Six Sigma in the Steel Industry

Smart-Gas A New Approach to Optimizing EAF Operations

Some Technological Aspects of the Thin Slab Casting Process at Very High Speed

Spindle Lubrication Discovery on #2 RCM at Nucor Steel Berkeley

Steel Industry and Universities Working Together: The Tenaris Experience

Steel Mill Flooring--An Eight-Year Case Study at Mittal IH7 Blast Furnace

Strand Surface Cracks The Role of Abnormally Large Prior Austenite Grains

Structure of Turbulent Flows in Slab Molds

Study of Casting Issues using Rapid Inclusion Identification and Analysis

Study on Aging Phenomenon of Mechanical Property on Pearlitic Steel Wire Rods with Large Diameter

System for Automatically Deciding the Optimal Material-conveying Rout

Technical and Operational Auditing of Blast Furnace Ironmaking Units

Techniques for the Successful Commissioning and Tuning of Level 2 Models

Techno Economics on Integrated Automatic Packing and ASRS Modules for Steel Plants and Service Centers

TECNORED Ironmaking Process The Present and The Future

Temperature Stability in Galvanizing Pots as a Function of Power Supply Technology

The Application of Very Large, Weld Fabricated, Carburized, Hardened and Hard Finished Advanced Technology Gears in Steel Mill Gear Drives

The Control and Comprehensive Utility of Ironmaking Solid waste

The Development of a New Approach to Deoxidation at Nucor Steel - Hickman

The Effect of Low Thermal Expansion Raw Material on Microstructure and Spalling Resistance of the Slide Gate Plate

The Effect of the Number of Leveling Rolls on the Straightening Process

The Evolution of Modern Blast Furnace Plant and Equipmentand the Introduction of Knowledge Engineering

The Introduction and Implementation of Ceramite® into Republic Engineered Product sLorain, Ohio Blast Furnace over the Last Two Years

The Metallurgical Study on the ESR Process for Homogeneous 10% Cr-Nb-W Steel Ingots

The Minimill Story The AIST 2006 Brimacombe Lecture

The Reduction of Iron Oxides by Volatiles in a RHF Process

The Results of Four Years of Commercial Operations for Praxair’s BOF CoJet® Gas Injection System

The Shortest Strip Cleaning System

The Use of Hot Metal in the Consteel® EAF at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel

The Utilization of Iron-bearing Sludges in the Iron Ore Sintering Process

Thinking Outside the Storage Box

Three Dimensional Simulation of Local Shape Defects in Continuous Cold Rolling

Today’s Challenge on Customer Perspective Project Management in the Steel Industry

Treatments of AOD Slag to Produce Aggregates for Road Construction

Ultra High Chemical Power EAF

Ultra Modern Coiling Temperature Control at Sollac, Lorraine

Understanding Modern Infrared Thermometers for Demanding Steel Mill Applications

University-Industry Interaction in the Metals Industry: The Foundry Education Foundation Model -- Its Advantages and Upcoming Development Opportunities

Unsteady State and Inclusion Control during Steel Continuous Casting

Using Dynamic Order Fulfillment to Generate Dynamic Routes and Work Orders in a Complex Metals Environment

Utilization of High Phosphorous Hot Metal in BOF Steelmaking

VAI Fuchs Refining Combined Burners - An Innovative Oxygen Injection Technology

Water Modeling of Fluid Flow Dynamics of Vortex Formation in a Tundish During Steady and Unsteady State Operations

When to Change Descaling Nozzles and How to Interpret Board Tests

Yield and Productivity Savings Using Goodfellow EFSOPÿ at MacSteel Arkansas

Zero-Downtime, Phased Drive Upgrade of Mittal Steel USA-Coatesville’s 140? Plate Mill

“Spinel Bonded” MgO-C Refractories for Steel Ladle Applications