2005 AISTech Conference Proceedings

3d Imaging Based Slab Width Measurement

6-Strand Bloom Caster with VAI DynaGap Soft Reduction Technology

A Major Step Ahead in Caster Safety with Extensive Use of Robotics in Continuous-Casting Technology

A Method for Analyzing the Influence of Wall Activity on Blast Furnace Operation

A Model Study of Slag Eye Formation during Gas Purging at the Surface of a Metal Bath

A Non-Traditional Taphole Repair at L Blast Furnace

A Novel Probe for the Continuous Meaurement of the Temperature and the Level of Liquid Steel in aTundish

A Practical Example of the Benefits of Carbon in HBI and DRI*

A Study on the Population and Chemical Characterization of Non-Metallic Inclusions in the Tool Steel Making Process

ABB Interstand Dimension Control - IDC Improved Tolerances in Profile Mills

Accurate Predictions for the Viscosities of Pure Liquid Metals

Advanced Alternative Coatings for Mold Copper Liners

Aggressive Furnace Practice Effects The Importance of Complete Combustion

Air Knife Coating Weight Models

Aluminum Nitride Precipitation Behavior in Thin Slab Material

An Evaluation Method of Energy Parameter Values in the Cell Model for Slag Thermodynamic Property

An Integrated Approach to Yield Improvement at Mittal Steel Indiana Harbor East No. 4 BOF Shop

An Overview of the Production for Electric Steel

Analysis of Aluminum Deoxidation Practice in the Ladle Furnace

Analysis of Mold Friction in a Continuous Casting Machine of Round Bars

Analysis of Transverse Corner Cracks on Slabs and Countermeasures

Application of Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy to Steel Research

Applying Today’s Technology to Multi Stage Pump - Central Hydraulics Pumps at U.S. Steel Gary Works

Audits of Existing Hydro Mechanical Descaling Systems in Hot Rolling Mills as a Method to Enhance Product Quality

Audits of Secondary Cooling Systems in Existing Casters as a Method to Enhance Product Quality and Productivity

Autopsy of Electrode Breaks

Basic Combustion and its Interrelationship with Criteria Pollutants and EAF Off-Take Configuration

Benefits Derived from the Installation of Non-Contact Measuring Systems on a Hot Rolling Mill

Benefits of LCSiMn in Stainless Steelmaking

Billet Cutting Optimization in a Continuous Casting Plant

Bio-Fuel Injection into the Blast Furnace Concept and Preliminary Analysis

Blast Furnace/Steelmaking Coordination Improvements at ISG Sparrows Point

Blend Design Practice at Mittal Steel Ostrava with Respect to Coals Available for Coke Production

Carbon Injection, Slag Foaming and the Active Reaction Surface Area in EAF Slags

CFD Calculation of Nonmetallic Inclusion Removal by Bubble Attachment in Continuous Casting Mold

Challenges Facing the Steel Industry in Attracting and Retaining Engineers

Chlorination Kinetics of ZnO, PbO and ZnFe2O4 with Cl2

Clean and Reliable Bearing Steel

Co-Injection of Pulverized Coal and Natural Gas into the Blast Furnace

Coal Cost Reduction Using Low Rank Coals

Cokemaking Research for the Technical Support of BMA and BHP Billiton Products

Cold Mills in North America An Overview

Cold Shroud Boosting Converter Performance

Computational Fluid Dynamics - Advances in Technology for Modelling Iron and Steelmaking Processes

Continuous Steel Production from Ore Using Natural Gas

Control and Optimization of Blast Furnace Operations

Control and Optimization of Electric Furnace Operations

Control of Pollutants Emissions and Heat Consumption of the CST’s Coke Ovens

Control System Upgrade for Nucor Yamato Steel Beam Mill No. 1

Conversion from Curved to Straight Mold: New Revamping Concepts and Quality Improvements

Crop Optimization - Beyond the Obvious

Crossover Repairs and Installation of Pressure Equalizing System at POSCO Gwangyang

Cu Enrichment Behavior at Steel/Scale Interface in Cu Containing Steel

DC Drive Upgrade Project of a Seamless Tube Mill

Decision Support Tool for EAF Control

Deoxidation Equilibria of Molten Iron with Calcium and Aluminum Using Oxygen Sensor

Design Criteria for Descaling at Dofasco’s No. 2 Hot Mill

Designing a New Scrap-Based Continuous Steelmaking Process Using CFD Simulation

Desulfurization by Powder Top Injection Process in RH Degasser

Detection of Liquid Steel Fluid Patterns in the Vicinity of the Nozzle of a Continuous Casting Machine

Determination of Transition Slab Weight for Grade Change during Continuous Casting

Development and Advantages of a “Smart” Turret Bearing Technology

Development and Application of the E.S.Z. Method for the On-line Detection of Non-metallic Inclusions in Molten Steel Systems

Development and Implementation of a Setup Model in the SIDOR Temper Mills

Development of a Method of Nano Surface Structure Modification on a SUS 316L Pot Bearing and its Characteristics in a Test Rig and in Industry

Development of a New Steelmaking Process

Development of D2 Tool Steel Trimming Knives with Nanoscale Microstructure

Development of High Quality and High Speed Casting Technology for Round Billet Caster

Development of Inert Casting System for Slab Caster in CSC

Development of Joint Seal Discs for High Value Steel

Development of MgO-C Brick Making Technology and Lining Design for Enhancement of Steel Ladle Life in Rourkela Steel Plant, SAIL

Development of New Dephosphorus Flux Using Two Liquid Slag Phases in the Secondary Refining Process

Development of Next Generation of Metallic and Refractory Materials for Molten Metals Handling

Developments in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

Developments in Roller Leveling

Distribution of Nitrogen between Molten Steel and Slags Containing Titanium Oxide

DRI by Electrothermal Fluidized - Bed Direct Reduction (EFB/DR)

Dynamic Surface Inspection at the Hot-Strip Mill

Effect of H2 and CO on Reaction Kinetics of the Lower Part of the Blast Furnace

Effect of Microstructure on Stretch Flangeability and Fatigue Property in High Strength Hot-Rolled Steel

Effect of Solute Contents on the Entrapment of Gas Bubbles and Non-metallic Inclusions by the Solidifying Shell in Continuous Casting of Steel

Effect of Spray Height, Lead Angle and Offset Angle on Impact

Effect of Temperature on Coke Properties and CO2 Reactivity Under Laboratory Conditions and in an Experimental Blast Furnace

Effects of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen on Casting Parameters and Plate Quality at CitiSteel USA

Electromagnetic Filtration of Steel Melts

Elimination of Copper and Tin from Ferrous Alloys under Reduced-Pressure

EMS Intensity as a Critical Factor in Controlling Segregation in High Carbon Steel Billets

Environmental Issues Associated with the Addition of Selenium-Contaminated Manganese Additions to Molten Steel

Evaluation of Internal Conditions in a Blast Furnace Hearth Using a 3-D CFD Model

Evaluation of Sub Entry Nozzle Design for Bloom CastingBased on Mathematical Modeling

Experimental Designs towards an Understanding of Process Phenomena in Steel Making

Experimental Results of Synthetic Slag Manufacture for Use in Secondary Refining Processes

Experimental Studies of a Heat Pipe Based, High Efficiency EAF Oxygen/Fuel Injector

Experimental Study of Kinetic Processes during the Steel Treatment at Two LMF’s

Extending CSC #2 HSM Campaign Length Based on Low-Frictional Lubricated Rolling Processes

Extending Service Life by Surface Modification of Local Area on Stretch Level Roll in PL-TCM Line

Fast Commissioning of Modernized Loopers Supported by a Hardware in the Loop Test

Fault Zone Analysis Identifying Motor Defects Using the Insulation Fault Zone

Feasibility of an Iron and Steelmaking Process Combining Blast Furnace with Converter - MUSE-K Process

Flow in Tundish and Mold Steel Industry Quality Issues

Fluid Flow Structure in Thin Slab Mold

Formulation on Si Deoxidation Equilibrium of Stainless Steel with Quadratic Formalism and Redlich-Kister-Type Polynomial

Friction Reducing Technologies Fact or “Friction”

Full Line Service Program at Timken Faircrest Plant

Fully Integrated Physical Model to Study Fluid Flow in Continuous Casting Tundishes and Moulds

Genetic Algorithm Based Optimal Location of FACTS Device in a Power System Network

Hearth Modeling Based on Heat and Mass Balance Relations

Hearth Skulls and Hearth Wear Investigation of ISPAT Inland’s #7 Blast Furnace

Heat Transfer Study of Secondary Cooling in Continuous Casting

Heat Transfer Through Slag Film with Crystalline Layer

High Emissivity Coatings for Improved Performance of Electric Arc Furnaces

High Productivity Operation of CSC No. 4 Blast Furnace

High Productivity with Low Stability Coke at Stelco Hamilton No. 5 Blast Furnace

Hot Blast Stove Construction and Repair without Interrupting Furnace Operation

Hot Metal Coordination and Optimization at Ispat Inland Inc.

Hot Metal Optimization by Managing the Blast Furnace / Steelmaking Interface at Dofasco

How the International Steel Industry Attracts, Trains and Retains Talented People

Hydrogen Pickup in Steel and New Methods for Precise Hydrogen Analysis

Identifying and Quantifying a Floating Dead-man State in the Blast Furnace Hearth

Implantation of the Equipment Central Coke Feeding

Improved Decarbur ization Efficiency of No.2RH at Kimitsu Works

Improvement of Secondary Cooling Reliability for Dofasco No. 1 Continuous Caster

Improving Quality of Hot Rolled Sharp-cornered Squares

Improving Temperature Distributions in Steel Slabs and Increasing the Capacity of Pusher-Type Reheating Furnaces with Additional Electric Heaters

Inclusion Characterization and Thermodynamics for High-Al Advanced High Strength Steels

Inclusion Control of Fe-16%Cr Stainless Steel Melts by Aluminum Deoxidation and Calcium Treatment

Inclusion Counter An On-Line Measurement System for Steelmaking

Inclusion Entrapment Location in Solidified Shell of Ultra Low Carbon Steel Slab

Inclusions in the Low Carbon Al-killed Steel Produced by a CSP Thin Slab Casting Process at Handan Steel

Infeasibility of Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SNCR) for Control of NOx Emissions from an Electric Arc Furnace

Influence of Carbonaceous Materials on Slag Foaming Behavior during EAF Steelmaking

Influence of Metal Composition on Slag-Iron Interfacial Tension

Influence of Silicon on Decarburization Rate and Bloating of Iron Droplets in Steelmaking and Direct Iron Smelting Slags

Installation of a Stove Waste Heat Recovery System at U. S. Steel Fairfield Works

Interaction between the Flow Condition and the Meniscus Disturbance in the Continuous Slab Caster Mould

Interaction between Ti and Si, and Ti and Al in Molten Steel at 1873 K

Intercrystalline Stress Corrosion - A Creeping Threat

Interfacial Phenomena between Fluxes for Continuous Castingand Liquid Steel

Interfacial Tension between Liquid Iron and Alumina Single Crystals

Introduction of a Novel, Scrap-based, Fully Continuous Steelmaking Process

Investigation of Tuyere Nose Failures at U. S. Steel Great Lakes Works B2 Blast Furnace

Jisco Steckel Mill Project August 2003 to August 2004 A Year in the Gobi Desert

Ladle Relining Lift Equipment Ergonomic and Technical Design Considerations

Leading with Safety

Liquid/Solid Interactions During Continuous Casting of High-Al Advanced High-Strength Steels

Loop Sensor for Hot Strip Mill in Steel Rolling Process

Lubrication of High-Torque Gear Units

Maintaining and Inspecting Overhead Traveling Cranes

Managing a Controls Integration Retrofit Project

Masroll® - Advanced Wringer Roll Technology

Mathematical Modeling of ESZ Applied to Liquid Metals

Mathematical Modeling of Flows in the Coke-Free Layer of a Blast Furnace Hearth

Mathematical Modeling of the Tecnored Process A Preliminary Approach

Measurement of the Compression Stress of Molten Mold Fluxes

Microstructural Stability of ADI at Sub-Zero Temperatures

Milestones and Challenges in Oxygen Steelmaking

Mobile Solutions for the Metal Industry

Model Experiment on Slip Velocity of Inclusion Particle in Turbulently Agitated Liquid Steel

Model for Optimization of Blast Furnace Iron Production

Modeling of Continuous-Casting Defects Related to Mold Fluid Flow

Modeling of Inclusion Removal in Ladle Refining

Modeling of Metal Forming Processes for the Steel Industry

Modeling of Scrap Melting in an Electric Arc Furnace

Modeling of the Solidification of the Zinc Coating and of the Resulting Morphology

Modelling Shrouded Supersonic Jets in Steelmaking Reactor Vessels

New Fluid Technologies for Water-Free Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

New Method of Evaluating Non-metallic Inclusions and Development of Refining Technology

New Parameter for Quantitative Description of Some Thermophysical Properties of Liquid Metals

New Style Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters for Mill Cooling Water Phase II

New Technologies for Utilizing PCs in Mill Applications

New Technologies for Utilizing PCs in Mill Applications

New Technologies of Magnesia-Carbon Bricks for BOF

New Technology for Injection of Products of Coal Gasification into the Blast Furnace

Nickel Dissolution in Argon Stirred Steel

Nitrogen Removal from Steel by DRI Fines Injection

Novel Advancements in Solid-State Magnet Control Technology

NOx Emission from Electric Arc Furnace Measurement and Modeling

Numerical Investigation of Transient Hot Metal Flows in a Blast Furnace Hearth

Numerical Modeling of Rolling Process Using Longitudinal Slitting Passes

Numerical Prediction and Experiments on Casting Fe-Based Amorphous Strips on a Twin Roll Caster and a Horizontal Single Belt Strip Caster

Numerical Simulation of the Rate of Dross Formation In Continuous Galvanizing Baths

Obtaining Inert Direct Reduced Iron

On the Selection of Materials for Improved Performance of Pot Bearings

On-line Hybrid Roll Force Modeling for Hot Strip Mills

On-line Monitoring of Wall Thickness and Austenite Grain Size on a Seamless Tubing Production Line at the Timken Company

Online Help and SOP Integration

Online Help and SOP Integration

Open Source HMI and MES Applications: Smart Choice for the Future


Operating Technologies for the Manufacture of U-section Beams Using Universal Stands

Optimal Design of Impact Pads for Tundishes

Optimization as a Tool for Process Improvement in EAF Operations

Optimization of BOF Operations at Trinecke Zelezarny

Optimization of Nucor Hertford County’s Consteel and DC EAF Operations

Optimization of Oxygen Steelmaking in Non-Conventional EAF Operations

Optimum Utilization of Hot DRI: An Innovative Approach to Integration with Steelmaking Processes

Optimum Vessel Tapping

Outage Maintenance Cost Savings with Reliability Improvements

Overview of Coating Pots and Induction Strip Heaters in Today's Galvanizing Lines

Overview of Uhde Heat Recovery Cokemaking Technology

Oxide Scale Formation on TRIP Steel Surfaces

Oxygen Removal and Deoxidation Products of an Aluminium Killed and Calcium Treated Steel with Low Sulfur Contents for Premium Quality

Physical Model and Mathematical Simulations of Ladle Draining Operations

Physical Modelling of Flows in the Blast Furnace Hearth

Physical tests: their meaning and relevance to iron ore pellets

Plate Mill Backup Roll Bearings Techniques to Maximize Life and Reduce Outage Time

Portable Acoustic Instrumentation for Blast Furnace Wall Diagnostics

Practical Productivity Gains - Towards a Better Understanding of Air-Mist Cooling in Thin Slab Continuous Casting

Process Modelling of Ladle Desulphurisation by Injectionof CaO/Mg and CaC2/Mg Mixtures in 300 Ton Ladles

Process to Determine Optimal Cooling Pattern Design of Austenitic Stainless Steel Bloom by Continuous Casting

Productivity Improvements in Steelmaking via Sensor-Based Steelmaking Process Control

Pusher Reheat Furnace: Technology Advancement

Quality Improvement Slabs for Sheet in Kakogawa Works

Recent Activities in Electromagnetic Processing of Materials Relating to Steelmaking

Recent Advances in Elastomer Technology

Recent Advances in Lance Technologies for Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

Recent Developments in SESA Energy Recovery Cokemaking Process

Recent Vacuum Degassing Facility Designs and Results

Recycling MgO-C Refractory in the EAF of IMEXSA

Refractory Technology for Improvement of Steel Quality and Productivity

Refractory Wear in the Steel Industry

Regenerative Burners in INI Large Structural Mill Furnace Incheon, Korea

Reliability Analysis of Rolled Strip Exit Profile Considering Random Nature of Critical Rolling Variables

Reliability/Maintenance/Software - A Self Evaluation

Relubrication-free Continuous Caster Guide Rolls

Reoxidation of Ni- and Ni-Fe Alloys by Al2O3-SiO2 Refractory Materials

Replacement of a BOF Suspension Lamella Unit at U. S. Steel Edgar Thomson Plant

Research on Tundish Running for Steelmaking Workshop

Resolving Overhead Crane Skew Problems A Simplified, Field-Proven Approach

Results of CoJet® Technology on Hot Metal Operation at Baosteel, China

Revolutionary New Low Cost Pellet Fines Removal System

Ridge-Buckle Defects in Thin Rolled Steel Strip

Ridges in Hot-Rolled Strip: Microstructural Development as a Function of Temperature Variations in the Strip

Running Steel “Lean” A Proven Method for Achieving World Class Operating Performance in the Steel Industry… Fast!

Rupture Strength of Solid Mould Flux Film

SEN Design Using PIV Technology

Sensors Based on Electrical Technology for Steelmaking and Casting

Separation of Particles by Bubbles from Turbulently Agitated Liquid

Sharing Hot Metal at ISG

SMART® Segments / Dynamic Gap Adjustment (DynaGap) Technology That Makes You Money

Smelting BOF Dust in a Cupola

Stabilization of Blast Furnace, Sampling Station, Wharf And Pilot Oven Cokes from Canadian Steel Mills

State of the Art Electric Arc Furnace Control System - An integrated solution for automation and control systems

Steel Ladle Campaign Improvements at ISG Sparrows Point

Steel Plant A Chain of Unit Processes or an Integrate?

STEEL STRIPS-The Long and Winding Road

Strategic Planning for Asset Management An Overview

Strip Casting of Low Melting Point Alloys in a Single-belt Caster: Heat Transfer Evaluation and Strip Characterization

Study on Character of Many Loops Burden Distribution for Bell-less Blast Furnace

Sublance-based On-line Slag Control in BOF Steelmaking

Susceptibility and Prevention of Weld HAZ Sensitisation and Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in Various 12% Cr Steels

Sustainable Energy Management System

Sustaining Maintenance Improvement Initiatives

Taphole Repair Outage ISG Burns Harbor

TECNORED The First Full Scale Furnace

The Advanced Dehydrogenization Dynamic Control System of RH Degasser at Kashima Steel Works

The Basic Slide Gate Plate for Casting of Ca-alloy Treated and High Oxygen Steel

The Castrip® Process - Direct Casting of Steel Sheet at Nucor Crawfordsville

The Cause and Improvement of Longitudinal Cracks on Continuously Cast Blooms of Welding Rod Steel

The Chinese Plate Mill Boom

The Decrease of Vortexing Funnel and Draining Funnel in Tundish during Casting

The Effect of B2O3 on Dephosphorization of Molten Steel by CaO-based Slag

The Effect of Surface Oxygen Exchange on Deoxidation Rate in Deoxidation Process with Oxygen Permeating Membrane

The Effects of Galvannealing Parameters on the Change of Surface Morphologies and Alloy Phases Ratio of the Galvanneal Coating

The Evaluation of Anti-clogging Materials for Submerged Entry Nozzles

The Evolution in Hydraulics and Hydraulic Fluid Development

The influence of mould flux on the heat transfer in continuous casting

The Influence of Pellet Feed Size Distribution in the Agglomeration Process

The Interaction of Liquid Iron with Oxides and its Effect on Solidification and Heat Transfer

The Numerical Modeling of the Rolling Round Reinforcement Rod and Influence of the Oval Pre-Finished Dimensions on the Height of the Ribs

The Presence of Titanium in Hot Metal and Its Effects on Desulfurization

The Role of Thermal Gradients and Heat Fluxes in the Development of Steel Microstructure

The Theoretical Basis of Mathematical Modeling of Deadman/Hearth Region for Monitoring and Control

The Upgrade of the Tandem Cold Mills at USS Kosice in Slovakia

Thermal Insulation of Torpedo Cars

Thermodynamic Description of Liquid Steels and Metallurgical Slags by a Generalization of the Central Atoms Model

Thermodynamics of Dephosphorization of Molten Steel

Thermodynamics of Inclusions Engineering in Steelmaking and Refining

Time- and Space-dependent Particle Size Distribution for Inclusions in Molten Steel: A Numerical Simulation Approach

Topography Assessment of Surface Imperfections Evolution After Painting in Automotive Sheet Steel

Transport and Entrapment of Particles in Continuous Casting of Steel

Types of Failures of Backup Roll Assemblies

Ultra High Impingement Descaling on Hot Steel

United Taconite’s Iron Ore Pelletizing Production Performance Improvement Project

Upgrade of the Mechanical Drive Equipment in the Roughing Mills at California Steel’s Hot Strip Mill

Upgrading the Automation System in the Structural Mill of Vizagsteel

Upgrading the Automation System in the Structural Mill of Vizagsteel

Using Chemical Coal Flow Aids to Handle High Moisture Coals in a Coking Operation

Vacuum Degasser Control System An integrated solution for different automation levels

VAI Clecim - Tomorrow’s High Productivity Pickle Line

Vessel Slopping Detection

Vortex Growth and Vortex Elimination in a Slab Tundish

Waste Plastics A Resource for EAF Steelmaking

Whither BOF Steelmaking? - A Japanese Perspective

ZEWA—A New Metallurgical Process for the Treatment of Residues Primarily from the Steel Industry to Generate Valuable Products

“MOGUL” Lined Submerged Entry Nozzle